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Friday the 13th Interlude

Other name: Interlude

Location: Friday the 13th Invasion - Black Winter -> Interlude
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of It Begins...
Release Date: January 13th, 2017

Objective: Head back to Falconreach and talk with your comrades.
Objective completed: It's bound to get worse... before it gets better!

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0


Guardian Kain



*You arrive on the path in front of the Mana and Health Potion Shops where your comrades and allies have gathered while they assess the current situation of the war with heavy weights on their shoulders.*

<Character>: I'm here.
Ash: <Character>, Willows-
<Character>: I know. I was there... when it was lost. I got as many people as I could out of there.
<Character>: You're fortunate you didn't see it... the entire area swallowed by Darkness as thick as Chickencow heavy cream...
Dove: Sounds absolutely delicious and horrible at the same time.
<Character>: ... What are you doing here? Why aren't you helping Alina and Reens?

*Dove's facial expression turns blank and stern. His lower arm become elemental light and he punches an injured guardian in the chest. The latter is then enveloped in light that cures his wounds immediately.*

Dove: There. Happy?
Dove: Now go, Mr. Random Guardian! Get hurt so I can heal you again!

*Your eyes widen in amazement upon witnessing Dove's healing technique, but you immediately turn your attention back to the rest of your comrades to resume the discussion.*

<Character>: It wasn't only Willowshire. Part of Sho'Nuff Island was covered in Darkness, too.
<Character>: And... Sunbreeze Grove.

*Elysia turns around to look at you.*

Elysia: Covered in Darkness. Not destroyed. Hope is not lost.
Ash: Precisely. We can get it back, once we deal with the source.
Symone: <Dragon>.
<Character>: Caitiff.

*A brief silence leaves Symone regretful for you, knowing how sensitive you might be about the loss of your dragon.*

Symone: I'm sorry, <Character>. Caitiff.
<Character>: Yes, I know. <Dragon> is part of the... problem. But I...
<Character>: We can do this!
<Character>: Not alone, you were right. I shouldn't go and try to save everyone alone.
<Character>: We will do this together!
<Character>: There is still no sight of <Dragon>, though... but we all have heard-
Cinquefoil: <Character>! Everyone! *pant* Something terrible is happening!
<Character>: Of course it is...
Cinquefoil: The people!
Cinquefoil: *pant*
Cinquefoil: The fallen soldiers!! They are...

*Meanwhile, while Cinquefoil recaps what he witnessed, Caitiff is accompanied by Doom Weapons floating wherever it goes. One by one, they stab the bodies of soldiers who fought against it so the dark spirits can each have a host body just like it does, however, its own host body begins to deteroriate as it grows stronger still. Back in Falconreach, you are greatly horrified.*

<Character>: This is...
Symone: Sick!!!
Dove: Weeeeell, if you ask me, that's pretty clever. People's morale would decrease exponentially, if they now had to fight their dead frien-
<Character>: No one asked you for your opinion!!!
Dove: ...
Dove: Avvys... I'm just saying.
<Character>: How close are they?
Cinquefoil: They are... here. Everywhere.
Guardian Kain: Our friends... family... fighting against us... can we help them?! Is there anything we can do?!
Amadeus: I'm pretty sure it's too late for that.
Amadeus: Treat them like you would any monster. They are just dead bodies, being used by Doom. Nothing more...
Amadeus: So stop getting emotional, get it together, and do your job.

Nythera: Blunt, but true.
Nythera: They are not your friends or close ones anymore. They died, and were brought back as tools.
Nythera: Don't let Caitiff get to you.

*After a brief silence, you regain your composure in order to get back into action.*

<Character>: Alright! Now! Let's-

*A rift is torn open next to Dove and you and the others on the same end as you turn around to look at it. This annoys you.*

<Character>: Why am I being interrupted so much!?

*Alz'ein, an old ally from Atrea, jumps through the rift while it closes behind her right away.*

Alz'ein: Oh, good, finally. It only took, like, 13 tries.
<Character>: Alz'ein?!
<Character>: Oh no... is there something wrong with Atrea now?!
Alz'ein: No.
Alz'ein: Ayar Lat'quah is keeping us safe.
Alz'ein: I just thought I'd join.
Alz'ein: We owe you, after all. Kind of. Sort of.
Alz'ein: You helped us, we'll help you. Well, I'll help you, at least. Others are busy.
<Character>: This is... thank you! Thank you, Alz'ein, this means a lot!
Alz'ein: To be honest, I was simply bored. Don't take it the wrong way.
Alz'ein: Catch me up on the events.

*Fades to black. Meanwhile, Caitiff continues its stroll through the forest, but is stopped by your dragon's loud roar.*

Caitiff: Not yet.
Caitiff: They... he/she needs to be broken.

*Your dragon impatiently roars, pushing Caitiff over the edge.*

Caitiff: You will listen to me, dragon.
Caitiff: You know what will happen otherwise. I am a being of my word...

*Fades to black, showing nothing, but its glowing, red face before it, too, fades away.*

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