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The Crossroads (Books 1 and 2)

Access Point: Lymcrest (Books 1 and 2) -> Down,
Access Point: Stoneheart Fall (Books 1 and 2) -> Right,
Access Point: Surewould Forest (Books 1 and 2) -> Upper-left hand corner,
Access Point: Verteroche Crossing -> Right,
Access Point: Warlic's Zone -> from the portal head Left -> Down,
Access Point: Willowshire (Town) -> Down Left
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: December 17th, 2010

Quests Available




Cinandor: Daggers! I swear this pack gets heavier with every step...
Cinandor: Stupid horse-eating dragon... *mumble*
<Character>: Did you say... Horse-eating dragon?
Cinandor: Oh yes. In the mountains surrounding Willowshire dwells this fearsome beast. Ate a whole battalion's horses, it did!
<Character>: What?!
Cinandor: That's right. The guardians don't like to talk about it, but there is a good reason they don't use mounts along the outer borders of Willowshire.
Cinandor: I donated my horse to them to aid their cause, but with every step I regret it more...

Caylan and Rin

Caylan: Hail, <Class>.

  • Talk
    Rin: You on your way to Willowshire as well?
    <Character>: Actually I'm just looking for some adventure. You say you two are heading there?
    Caylan: Aye. It is the place of my birth, and yet I have not been back to visit since my youth.
    Caylan: Mom got mad.
    Rin: I'm just along for the ride. Caylan says there is a really nice library there.
    <Character>: I see. So.. Willowshire is east of here, correct?
    Rin: You got it. Past Lymcrest, it's a straight shot through the woods to Coldfall Barrens and then Willowshire. Just head East and you'll get there.

  • Coldfall Barrens?
    <Character>: What is Coldfall Barrens?
    Caylan: A dark valley, surrounded by cruel cliffs. There is no way down. Anymore, anyway.
    <Character>: Was there at one point?
    Caylan: I read a book on it... The writer believed that it had once been inhabited. It was so long ago, I don't remember anything else about it.


    Birnan: Excuse me, traveller. You don't happen to know which way to Oaklore, do you?

  • Sure do!
    <Character>: I do. Oaklore is to the...

    • South-East
      Birnan: Hmm. Looks like my suspicions were correct, then. I should've known better than to trust that old coot. Thank you, <Class>.

    • South-West
      Birnan: Oh wow, so I am heading in the right direction after all. Thanks! I hope I get this medicine to Cratlina in time.

    • North-East
      Birnan: Hmm. Looks like my suspicions were correct, then. I should've known better than to trust that old coot. Thank you, <Class>.

    • North-West
      Birnan: Hmm. Looks like my suspicions were correct, then. I should've known better than to trust that old coot. Thank you, <Class>.

  • Nope. Gotta run.
    Birnan: Oh, well thanks anyways.

    House along path to Dragesvard

    <Character>: *Knock* *knock* *knock* ...

    <Character>: Hmm, nobody home.


    Vorst: Need a ride to Dragesvard?
  • Let's Go! - takes you to Dragesvard

  • Talk
    Vorst: What, you never heard of it?
    Vorst: See that giant glacier over there? That's Dragesvard. Don't forget to dress warm...
    Vorst: The only way to get there is by gryphon, or a boat if you had one.

    North-East gate to Willowshire

    Edmund: I'm sorry, traveler. The Northwest gate to Willowshire has been barricaded.

  • Talk
    <Character>: What is going on here?
    Edmund: Willowshire is under attack by the Dravir. It is too dangerous to enter from this gate right now.
    <Character>: Isn't there any way in?
    Edmund: If you must enter, my men will escort you around to the South Gate. It is under heavy guard, but I will send word to let you pass.

  • Horses?
    <Character>: So.. are the rumors true?
    Edmund: You'll have to be more specific, <Class>.
    <Character>: I was told you were attacked by a dragon, and it ate some of your horses.
    Edmund: Don't believe everything you hear.
    Tari: Oh, y--
    <Character>: Touchy subject, eh?

  • Go to South Gate
    <Character>: I would like to go to the Southern gate, please.
    Edmund: Very well. Johnson?
    Johnson: Sir?
    Edmund: Arm your battalion and sweep the outer wall for Dravir. The <Class> will accompany you until you reach the Southern gate.
    Johnson: Aye, sir. Come, <Class>.

    South Gate outside Willowshire

    Traman: The way is dangerous, so I will have my men escort you to the North-East gate.

    Kolt: All of us are on edge. Please, forgive the other guardians if they seem annoyed. War is taking its toll.

    Hoji: Willowshire is under siege. It is no place for travellers right now, unless you have come to help.


    To enter the well, go to Verteroche Crossing -> Right -> Up. Move the bush and you'll see a well which is hidden within. Climb down and open the chest lock using Tap Wiggle Nick Tap. You'll obtain a note with the hint to Gem Shop.

    An aged note:
    Purest light, she waits in silence. Call her, and she will answer. Holy Escutcheon. Illumina.

    Other information
  • The Crossroads is an intersecting footpath that connects to various towns, including Surewould Forest, Verteroche Crossing, Warlic's Zone, Lymcrest, Stoneheart Fall, Dragesvard and Willowshire.

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    The Crossroads (Book 3)

    Access Point: Elemental Foothills from the portal head Left -> Down,
    Access Point: Lymcrest (Book 3) -> Down,
    Access Point: Stoneheart Fall (Book 3) -> Right,
    Access Point: SureWould Forest (Book 3) -> Upper-left hand corner
    Level/Quest/Items required: None
    Release Date: April 27th, 2018

    Quests Available

    Louis Philippe



    Rudyard: Hello, <Character>! I've heard so much about you and your travels!
    <Character>: Hi, little guy. All good things, I hope?
    Rudyard: Yep! Mostly.
    Rudyard: What can I do for you?

  • Moglin?
    <Character>: Aren't moglins extremely magical creatures? What are you doing working with the Rose?
    Rudyard: We are! And it's true the Rose has been doing some... mean things to magical creatures, but it's only for their safety!
    Rudyard: I want to help save people from bad magic too! I help out with healing the injured. But...
    <Character>: Is everything okay?
    Rudyard: Yep! I just haven't been able to make many friends, even though we're all supposed to be working together.

  • The Rose
    <Character>: Does the Rose have a strong presence in the area?
    Rudyard: Yep! This area is under the combined watch of the Rose and the Guardian Order!
    Rudyard: A lot of places have been having issues with elementals and other scary magical things, so please be careful!
    <Character>: Is there anything you can tell me about these scary magical things?
    Rudyard: I'm not too familiar with the situation myself, but I've heard the Dwarves of Lymcrest have started moving elsewhere...
    Rudyard: ... and Willowshire is now completely uninhabitable. But we're doing our best to reclaim what we can!
    <Character>: I see, I'll keep an eye out!
    Rudyard: Be safe!


    Opulaster: Halt! No one is permitted to enter Verteroche Crossing for the time being. There has been a murder in the Caravan Express.

    Louis Philippe

    Louis Philippe: It's really boring out here. I wish SOMETHING would happen.


    Rarli: May Father Lore guide me, may Mother Core bless me. May Father Lore guide me, may Mother Core bless me.
    <Character>: I shouldn't intrude, she seems to be praying.


    Spiraea: Leave me alone, if you don't want to end up with an arrow in your knee, honey.
    <Character>: That's not a very nice thing to say to a stranger...
    Spiraea: Well, I am not a very nice woman.
    Spiraea: I'm a member of Lady Jaania's elite huntress group, the Pleasant Scents. The name should tell you everything there is to know.
    <Character>: Pleasant indeed...
    Spiraea: I'm on a hunt for particularly vicious Minx Fairy. If you can point me in the right direction, I can compensate you.
    <Character>: I'm afraid I'll have to decline.
    Spiraea: Then scram, honey.


    Frowein: This is some nice wood, all sleek and smooth...
    Frowein: It would be a shame if... someone were to cut it up and...
    Frowein: *drools*
    Frowein: ...
    Frowein: Calm down, Frowein. Don't touch the wood.
    Frowein: Remember what the Brigadier General told you after you reduced that watchtower into a pile of firewood...


    Delfror: This is a nice and quiet retreat for all travelers moving east and west of the Kingdom... Take a rest, but don't cause trouble.

    Cascabel & Fournas

    Cascabel: So, did you hear?
    Fournas: ...I think I'm going to regret asking, but no. What is it now?
    Cascabel: They say Espina Rosa is empty...
    Fournas: Oh, come on. That's rich, even for you.
    Cascabel: I swear. My cousin's been garrisoned there from the get-go and...
    Cascabel: You won't hear this out in the open...
    Cascabel: ... but he hasn't seen the Sanctuary imprisoned there for years now.
    Fournas: The Sanctuary?
    Cascabel: Haven't you been enrolled for several years now?
    Fournas: No, I've just two... I thought you knew that.
    Cascabel: Huh. Well, I guess that one went over your head then...
    Fournas: I figure I've probably had had enough of your tall tales for the day anyway...


    Vorst: Hail, <Class>. I'm afraid I can't give you a ride to Dragesvard.

  • Talk
    Vorst: What, you've never heard of it?
    Vorst: Dragesvard is a city built on a giant glacier. However, because of the unusually strong currents as of late, it's started to drift too much to the west
    Vorst: I believe the Rose is preparing giant chains to anchor it to the land, before it sails into the open seas.


    Celsiana: I thought I saw something in the trees over there. Must have been seeing things.


    Edmund: Sorry, Hero, but you can't go into Willowshire. We're... it's not really a place to live anymore, if I'm being honest.
    Edmund: The last few disasters have driven many people to leave Willowshire in search of less troubled areas.
    Edmund: Can't say I blame them.
    Edmund: There are still a few people out there, but there aren't particularly looking forwards to a visit right now.
    Edmund: It seems like where people have left, elementals have up and decided to take up residence and fill the void.
    Edmund: I guess that might just be nature's way of doing things, but it's causing lots of issues for anyone still there.
    Edmund: Who knows? Perhaps we'll need a good hand when we figure out what to do with the place...

    Pop-up headlines in the area;

  • A small moglin in... Rose gear?
  • The old well is boarded up. Oh well.
  • An unsupervised snapping camel. Tsk tsk.
  • I wonder who does it belongs to?
  • A solid dwarven house cart.
  • Dragonclaw Rock!
  • It's a very pointy rock. Doesn't really look like a dragon's claw.
  • Maybe it was named by people who never saw a real dragon.
  • What would happen if someone knocked it over?
  • A small, brown rock, shaped like a poop! How quaint!
  • The Sleepery Slope Retreat
  • Where is the slope?
  • Is the slope slippery enough to sled down?
  • Huh... you can't see Dragesvard anywhere.
  • Did something happen?
  • Clad in Dragesvard garb.
  • He looks somewhat on edge.
  • Coldfall Barrens... It looks like the effects of the elemental dissonance are still present here.
  • Glowing a menacing red is not usually a good sign.
  • The proud emblem of the Guardians and the Rose.
  • Guess it's really serious if they're working together.

  • Hover-over text that appears if your cursor is on a certain object;

  • This way to Verteroche Crossing.
  • This way to Lymcrest.
  • This way to Falconreach.
  • An empty gryphon alcove.

  • Other information
  • The Crossroads is an intersecting footpath that connects to various regions and towns, including Surewould Forest, Verteroche Crossing, Elemental Foothills, Lymcrest, Stoneheart Fall, Dragesvard and Willowshire.
  • Verteroche Crossing, Dragesvard and Willowshire are currently inaccessible.

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    Thanks to
  • Occavatra for original Book 3 entry.
  • Dratomos for additional pop-up headlines.

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