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The Empress

Location: Book of Lore -> The Empress, Song of the Ateala -> The Empress
Level/Quest/Items required: None Completion of A Petal Falls
Release Date: May 24th, 2019

Objective: Have you arrived in time to help the Ateala? You've arrived before the Vind forces, but what now?
Objective completed: It's time to hold off the rift invasion until The Empress can finish her ritual. The Ateala are counting on your help.

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0


The Empress
Spire Sentinel



*Atrea is being shielded by a giant hexagonal bipyramid forcefield from the ongoing elemental snowstorm. Meanwhile, somewhere inside, Yashta, Nirios, Alz'ein, Etaos, and Isiri appear to be surrounded by cloudy blue skies all around, an open door visible a distance from where they are standing.*

Isiri: Ayar Lat'quah, is it time? Time for us to flee once again?
Alz'ein: No! I'm against it! We should stand our ground and fight!
Nirios: I can't hold the barriers much longer. The only saving grace is that I don't have to shield Atrea and keep the black prism afloat.
Alz'ein: No more running away!
Etaos: This is no Wargoth, but the threat is as real as ever.
Alz'ein: The only way is to fight the invaders, not leave!
Etaos: Retreat is the only optio—
Alz'ein: Yashta, back me up!
Yashta: ...
Yashta: Ayar Lat'quah, what is your command?

*Alz'ein glares back at Yashta for not supporting her will to fight, and the others for wishing to flee.*

The Empress: We await one more.
Alz'ein: One more?
Alz'ein: There are no other Unaels!
Spire Sentinel: My Empress! A human occupant of this planet is request—
The Empress: Let her/him in.

*You enter through the doorway and stand before the Atealans, then look up to see The Empress; a "moglin", seemingly made of stars and space itself. You kneel before her.*

<Character>: Greetings, Empress of the Ateala. It is an honor to meet you.
<Character>: I come here with aid, on the behalf of King Alteon of the Kingdom of Greenguard and Kara of the Vind.
The Empress: We know.
The Empress: We have already met you through the eyes of our children.
The Empress: Arise.

*You return to a standing position, the Ateala now circling you.*

Yashta: Master., Alz'ein: Hey., Etaos: Jatiw, <Character>., Nirios: We meet again., Isiri: Greetings, <Character>!
<Character>: If I may cut to the chase, we believe that this rift was created by the Magesterium.
<Character>: They are a foreign power set on stopping Jaania and the Rose from achieving its goals.
<Character>: But it seems you've been caught in the middle of our conflicts yet again.
<Character>: However, the threat is real, and what power is behind this is still unknown.
<Character>: Duat and the Rose have already been evacuated.
<Character>: I'm here to help you evacuate as well.
The Empress: Evacuation is not needed.

The Empress: We will close the rift.
Isiri: My Empress?
The Empress: We have come to appreciate the stars here.
The Empress: They are kind.
The Empress: We have withdrawn one too many times.

The Empress: The time has come for us to be part of the events.

*The Empress pauses momentarily, allowing the importance of her words to be fully realized.*

The Empress: All we ask of you is to give us this time.

The Empress: Do not let Atrea fall.
Alz'ein: It will be as you command!
The Empress: We shall sing.
The Empress: Sing to you of our history, our glory.
The Empress: We shall drown out this 'Magesterium' with the song of the Ateala. The song of the stars!

*Back in the Spire, you and the Atealans discuss a plan of attack.*

Alz'ein: Alright!
Alz'ein: Isiri, you and your Ascendants will be on the walls, shooting down anything that comes in contact with the barrier.
Isiri: Certainly.
Alz'ein: Twins, you and your Cryptics take the center of the city and empower the barrier as much as you can.
Etaos: Very well., Nirios: Acknowledged.
Alz'ein: Me and my Riftwalkers will be on the ground, fighting the threat head on, as it should be!
Alz'ein: Yashta, you...

*Yashta simply looks at Alz'ein, awaiting his command.*

Alz'ein: You just... do whatever you do.
Yashta: Yes.
Alz'ein: Let's do this!

*Scene dramatically cuts to black.*

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