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Jay -> Rose Pajamas (5/22/2020 22:22:00)

Rose Pajamas

Location: The Shears -> Up -> Right -> 2 Up Right -> Into the building -> Left -> Up -> Sir Leon -> Quests -> Sanctuary's Return -> Rose Pajamas
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Oculus Tower and Tournament of Champions Part 2 / (Easy)
Release Date: May 22nd, 2020

Objective: While you may not be at Espina Rosa anymore, your Rose buddies still are! Wonder if anything's changed about the daily routine...
Objective completed: Some things, unfortunately, do change...

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(3) Groggy Pajamahunter
(4) Groggy Pajamahuntress
(1) Caffeine Deprived Rose Soldier - Boss

Private Bradley
Rose Soldier

Rose Pillow (I-VII)

Access to RPJS Loot for DCs.


*You and Leon have escaped the Rose research facility with the captive, and are now standing by the secret boulder entrance.*

Leon: *Huff* *Huff* We have to make it back to The Shears before nightfall!
Leon: More Rose are bound to come around here soon enough... We shouldn't stay near this place.
<Character>: ...
Leon: <Character>?

*You pause to contemplate the Rose Agent's point of view.*

Leon: Are you still reeling from what that Rose soldier said? I can understand that not being pleasant, but...

*You realise it doesn't do well to dwell on the past.*

<Character>: ...I'll pull through.
Leon: Good to hear.
<Character>: That said, this reminded me of some other Rose members I know...
Leon: Oh?
<Character>: Yeah.
<Character>: I... kinda wonder what they're up to these days.

  • Equips Sam.

    *Meanwhile, back in Espina Rosa, Private Bradley sounds an alarm at 5:00, awakening all of the recruits.*

    Gildippe: Ooooo... My head...
    Rose Soldier: What in Khazri's Four Winds is that awful noise?!
    Milam: Sounds like Justin's up and hasn't had his morning tea yet!
    Sam: *Grunting noises*
    Rose Soldier: ...What's going on? Are weird people trying to run up to the Fortress again?
    Private Bradley: *Sigh* Look... You all know I have to do this for the Chief, right?
    Private Bradley: I am sure you all had plenty of fun last night, but that's no excuse for not waking up at the mandated time!
    Milam: Awwww... Come on, Bradley! Give us a rest!
    Sam: Mmrrrrr...

    *Sam awakens, sitting upright in his bed.*

    Gildippe: Yeah! You can't possibly expect us to wake up this early today... That's madness!
    Private Bradley: No... this is Espina Rosa. This is the daily morning drill. You know that perfectly well!
    ???: Grrr... ZAAARDBERRYY!
    Boscobel: Ha ha! Livia's at it too!
    Sam: Z...ardberry?
    Private Bradley: If you don't want to follow orders... I guess I'll just have to report to the Chief.
    Gildippe: NO!
    Rose Soldier: DON'T TELL SOFIST!
    Private Bradley: My finger is hovering over the call option...

  • Battle! - begins/continues gauntlet.
  • Drink Zardberry Tea - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • Run Away! - returns to The Shears.

    *You battle a gauntlet of groggy, pillow-wielding Rose soldiers.*

    Private Bradley: Alright. Let's try and finish the roll call... normally, shall we?
    Private Bradley: Milam!
    Milam: Prrresent!
    Private Bradley: Milam, here...
    Private Bradley: Boscobel?
    Boscobel: Here and ready to go!
    Private Bradley: Good, good.
    Private Bradley: Justin?

    *Justin's bed is seemingly empty.*

    Private Bradley: Where's Justin?
    Gildippe: He probably left and went for the nearest source of caffeine already... So probably Zardberry at the Mess hall.

    *Private Bradley stares at Gildippe.*

    Private Bradley: Gildippe.

    Private Bradley: Your hair is on fire.

    *Gildippe glances upwards.*

    Gildippe: So it is.

    *Private Bradley continues to stare at Gildippe.*

    Private Bradley: The Culinary Yaga's curse again?
    Gildippe: Still cooking...
    Private Bradley: You really should get that checked by a Magus. The Wards won't do anything about your loss of ubiquitous kitchen luck it seems.
    Gildippe: Oh, sure... More magic.
    Private Bradley: And I guess Livia's–
    Livia: Grrrr...
    Private Bradley: Alright then...
    Private Bradley: Livia and Justin...

    Private Bradley: Morning Zardberry.
    Private Bradley: Gildippe...

    *Private Bradley glances up at Gildippe once again, who returns a thumbs up, hair still aflame.*

    Private Bradley: ...Slightly grilled.
    Vince: Ugh.
    Private Bradley: ...Is something wrong, Vince?
    Vince: Yeah, my hair's a complete mess this morning...
    Private Bradley: Your... hair?
    Vince: I mean, it's all over the place! See for yourself...
    Private Bradley: T-that's fine, Vince. I believe you.
    Vince: Thanks.
    Private Bradley: Vince... Morning Bald Head.
    Vince: HEEEY!
    Private Bradley: That only leaves...
    ???: Phew... Well, THAT was one way to wake up...

    *Everyone stares at Sam.*

    Sam: Hey guys... *yawn* Time for the morning run, right?

    *Everyone is shocked to see Sam without his helmet.*

    Private Bradley: Sam... Your hair...
    Vince: ...It's colossal.
    Boscobel: Ha! Vince used vocabulary!
    Vince: Shut it, Boscobel!
    Sam: Yeah... My hair's always awful in the morning.
    Sam: Frankly, I just like to keep my helm on all the time. Waaay less of a hassle...
    Private Bradley: S-Sam...
    Private Bradley: ...Morning Afro.
    Boscobel: Ha, ha, ha! Congrats, Sam! You've got the best entry on Bradley's attendance this morning!
    Sam: Hehehe...
    Private Bradley: Well, that takes care of the whole attendance!
    Private Bradley: Let's head out for the morning warm-up, everyone!

    *Everyone appears reluctant to begin the morning warm-up just yet...*

    Private Bradley: Is something the matt–
    Milam: Bradley, aren't you forgetting someone?
    Private Bradley: I don't think so. That was the entire–
    Gildippe: ...Would it be too much to ask?

    *Private Bradley knows who they are referring to.*

    Private Bradley: ...It wouldn't exactly be typical protocol, no.
    Boscobel: Yeah... Guess not.

    *Private Bradley decides to read the last name on his list...*

    Private Bradley: *Sigh* All right...
    Private Bradley: Edd...
    Private Bradley: Indefinite medical leave.

  • Complete Quest
  • Loot for DCs - opens RPJS Loot for DCs shop.

    Other information
  • Chronologically, it is recommended to complete the quest Gorillaphant Warfare before this quest.

    Next Up: Morning's End

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