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Remnants at Rest

Location: Book of Lore -> Remnants at Rest, Falconreach (Book 3) -> Up -> Left -> Uaanta -> The Maleurous -> Myalos -> Remnants at Rest
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Angel's Tomb
Release Date: November 13th, 2020

Objective: Far from civilization, a relic of another time stirs.
Objective completed: While Lock and Key hold off Remthalas, it's time to find out what Myalos wants.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(9) Awakened Annihilator
(9) Awakened Sapper
(5) Crazed Verdant Tog
(1) Pileus, Eater of Mushrooms - Boss


Mechanical Ring (I-VII)

Access to RaR Loot for DCs.


*Somewhere on Lore, during a seemingly peaceful day, a giant mechanical hand extends upwards from the ground and through the treetops, crashing down with a very loud thud; presumably later, in the Firmament, you and Uaanta have once again been summoned by the Avatars.*

Haeos: Thank you for your time, Champions.
<Character>: Didn't have much of a choice.
Uaanta: Shh!
Kyanos: One of the Maleurous has revealed itself, and now poses an imminent threat to Lore.
<Character>: We couldn't have just been summoned for tea or snacks, could we?
Uaanta: It is an honor to serve you, Makers.
<Character>: Or maybe a friendly game of moglinball?
Uaanta: ...Is that actually a sport?
Voidstar: Imminent. Threat.
<Character>: Right, right.

<Character>: So, what are we dealing with?
Fiamme: The active Maleurous this time is Myalos. An ancient... spirit.
Temblor: When we first sealed it away, we destroyed its physical form, save for a small mechanism that served as the core of its being.
Celeritas: Through whatever means, its core appears to have taken control of a massive, up until now, derelict, weapon.
Voidstar: A titanic weapon that, should it achieve full control and functionality over, threatens to crush all of Lore.
Khazri: You've encountered something of the sort before, <Character>. In your search for the Wind Orb.
<Character>: Oh, so this Myalos is a magic illusion-thing like Kordana? And it's activating a giant construct...
Haeos: Correct. Your experience in the matter should aid you in your task.
Neso: We trust that you will stop Myalos and whatever it is planning.
Uaanta: It will be done.
<Character>: Hmm.
Kyanos: Are you ready to go?
Uaanta: Yes, my Makers.
<Character>: Uh, sure. Thanks for–
<Character>: –asking.
<Character>: At least they asked this time.

*You and Uaanta have been, once again, teleported mid-sentence to an unknown location to face an unknown threat.*

Uaanta: The Makers seemed to believe you've dealt with something similar to Myalos before.
Uaanta: What are we up against?
<Character>: Well, as was with Kordana, this looks to be a remnant of some ancient civilization.
<Character>: I didn't exactly understand the strange magic that kept Kordana alive. She was quite odd and spoke a lot of nonsense...
<Character>: But she was friendly!
<Character>: Who knows, maybe there's a good chance we will be able to speak to Myalos and reason with them as well.
Uaanta: I see. Let's go then, <Character>.

*Fight your way through various togs and mechanical creatures until you locate what appears to be the sealed entrance of the construct you are searching for.*

<Character>: Alright, now we just need to find a way in.
<Character>: Kordana's construct had a handy damaged portion that I could crawl in through, but this seems to have weathered a lot better.
Uaanta: Hmm, maybe I could try making a hole–
???: Please wait a moment, Uaanta Fayt.
???: You are looking for Myalos, we can assist.
Uaanta: Who goes there?

*You and Uaanta both turn around to find Lock and Key; this is presumably Uaanta's first known interaction with the duo.*

<Character>: Oh no, what are you two doing here?
Lock: We are Lock.
Key: We are Key.
<Character>: Yeah, I remember.
Uaanta: You know them, <Character>?
<Character>: They're uh...
Lock: Acquaintances.
Key: Associates.
<Character>: We have history.
Uaanta: Are they going to be a problem?
<Character>: Are you going to be a problem, Lock and Key?
Lock: We are no problem.
Key: We heard you are here to...
Lock: ...Stop Myalos.
Key: According to plan.
Uaanta: I don't like these two, <Character>.
<Character>: We're listening.
Lock: Myalos poses no threat to you.
Key: Or the Avatars.
<Character>: The Avatars seem to think otherwise. You say Myalos isn't a threat, but it's clearly awakening this construct for some purpose.
Lock: The purpose is to draw the attention of the Avatars.
Key: To bring you here.
Lock: The champions of the Avatars.
Uaanta: This is the most talkative ambush I've ever been a part of.
Key: You misunderstand. We require your aid.
<Character>: Nope. Nope. Not happening. Let's go Uaanta. Bust a hole through that metal. Let's go!
Lock: Wait.
Key: This is not the same as the previous time.
Lock: Myalos wishes to be free.
Key: We are assisting it in that process.
Lock: We brought Myalos here, so that it may draw the attention of the Avatars.
Key: And now that we have, you can help Myalos.
Lock: We can open the way.
Uaanta: These two seem to know Myalos quite well.
Key: We are designated Maleurous by the Avatars, just as it is.
Lock: But we are not a threat.
<Character>: Oh no...
Uaanta: Wait... you knew this, <Character>? I don't remember you telling the Makers about a strange pair of... whatever these are.
<Character>: Well, I tried before, but then the Avatars did their teleport thing...
<Character>: ...and then the whole Myalos situation seemed like a bad time to interject, since it was pretty urgent...
Uaanta: You are a champion! And you've been... consorting with these Maleurous, just as the Makers warned you against!
<Character>: Just give me a moment. I can explain!
Lock: Hold.
Key: Another comes.

*With an inverted flash, Remthalas' presence can be felt; Lock and Key extend their arms, casting a dome around themselves, you, and Uaanta, protecting you all from Remthalas' manipulation.*

???: Of course.
???: Of course it would be you two who would interfere.
Lock: Dreamfarer.
Key: We are in the middle of something.
Remthalas: I heard that our dear friend Myalos is getting its body back together.
Remthalas: I thought I'd pay it a visit, maybe... greet my new friend, <Character>.
Remthalas: And who should I find but you. Not only interfering with our goals, but twisting <Character> to your own designs.
Remthalas: I've worked so hard to cultivate this one. To sow the seeds, to plant the dreams...

*Remthalas pauses, happily spinning his Maleurous mask upon a single fingertip.*

Remthalas: I will warn you once.
Remthalas: Do not test me, dreamless ones.
Remthalas: Do your... thing. Give the champions a pleasant gap in their memories. I can take it from here.
Lock: We are not subordinate to you.
Key: We are free, as are you.
Lock: We choose to help Myalos.
Key: We choose to protect the investment.
Lock: We will not be threatened.

*Remthalas processes Lock and Key's fortitude; he changes his tactic.*

Remthalas: I... apologize for my rudeness. I only wished to spend some quality time with <Character>.
Remthalas: I'm afraid I may have come across as... aggressive.
Remthalas: But <Character>.
Remthalas: You find yourself in quite the predicament.

Remthalas: I can help free you from it.
<Character>: No thanks. I'm plenty free enough as it is.
Remthalas: But you are not! Are you not beholden to the Avatars? You follow their every whim, you pursue their every order–
Remthalas: And beyond that, are you not bound by your morals?
Remthalas: I can show you true freedom. To do what you will, to go where the currents of existence take you!
<Character>: Am I not free to choose? Do you think I'm doing this, helping the Avatars, because I'm forced to?
<Character>: If this is my path in life, am I not free to pursue it?
<Character>: The Avatars may be overbearing and weirdly inconsistent at times, but at least they're trying to do what they think is best for Lore!

*Remthalas appears to disapprove of your response.*

Remthalas: A pitiful existence.
Remthalas: They could do so much more if only they weren't bound. If only you weren't chained.
Uaanta: <Character> is most certainly not following the exact orders of the Makers, but we will not give in to you. We will not be shaken by your words.
Uaanta: Maleurous, begone, or I will make it so.

*Remthalas seems even less enthused by Uaanta's interjection.*

Remthalas: You're not interesting.
<Character>: Why are you interested in Myalos anyway?
Remthalas: The dreamless pair hasn't told you everything, as usual.
Remthalas: Myalos is not some... entity to be pitied. It is a tool. One that can be used to release many... so many... from their shackles.
Lock: Myalos has no interest in your schemes.
Key: Leave us, Dreamfarer.
<Character>: For someone obsessed with freedom, you seem awfully eager to use another for your goals.
Remthalas: I told you. It is not "another".
Remthalas: It is not alive. It does not dream.
Remthalas: It is a tool to be used, just as this 'Lock' and 'Key' are.
Remthalas: Let me in, <Character>. Let me show you the world of possibilities.
<Character>: Lock, Key, if Uaanta and I go find Myalos, how long could you hold off Remthalas for?
Lock: We will withstand as long as it takes.
Key: We cannot be tempted.
Lock: We are secure.
Key: Go, champions of the Avatars.
Lock: Myalos awaits.

*The entrance to Myalos' construct opens, presumably thanks to Lock and Key; this infuriates Remthalas.*

Remthalas: Traitors. Broken tools. I will return.

Remthalas: With... reinforcements.
Remthalas: We shall see how long your tricks last then!
Lock: We are unafraid.
Key: We.
Lock: Are.
Lock, Key (in unison): Free.

  • Complete Quest
  • Loot for DCs - opens RaR Loot for DCs shop.

    Other information
  • The red mushroom acts as a healing source during the quest (Do you want to eat this oddly colored and totally safe mushroom to recover HP/MP?).
  • Pop-up headline during the quest:

  • Looks like eating random flora worked... this time!

  • Next Up: Myalos

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