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Location: A Friendly Contest -> To the War! -> RECLAMATION
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Revelation, 100% War Meter
Release Date: March 24th, 2021

Objective: With Myalos fully charged, Notha forces yet another confrontation.
Objective completed: Time for a break.

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(1) Twisted Amalgam - Boss


(1) Twisted Amalgam EX - Boss



Access to DRGN Loot for DCs.


*After all of Notha's minions have been defeated, Notha appears once more behind Key, Lock, you, and Uaanta, outside Myalos' construct.*

Notha: Oh! Oh! I see what you're doing now! Myalos is planning to activate the ruins!
Notha: ...They can still be activated?
Uaanta: That's none of your business.
Notha: Very interesting.
Notha: Well, that makes me even more curious, so I hope you'll excuse me this... additional challenge.
<Character>: You're still not finished?
Notha: Whatever gave you the impression that I was?

*Notha summons a strange creation before you and Uaanta; you both appear very alarmed.*

Notha: This one is a project I've been working on for a while now.
Notha: Do you mind giving it a test run?

  • Battle! - begins battle with Twisted Amalgam.
  • Battle Extreme - begins battle with Twisted Amalgam EX.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • Run Away! - returns to A Friendly Contest.

    Notha: Well done! It's a pity to lose so much work, but... such might...
    Notha: No wonder the Avatars–
    Lock: Interruption: Myalos is ready.
    Key: It is time.
    Notha: Oh? This should be interesting!

    *Myalos' construct activates and rises from the ground, revealing its true form as a dragonoid.*

    Myalos: None will control my destiny but myself.
    Myalos: Thank you, heroes.

    Myalos: Thank you, Lock and Key.
    <Character>: Is that... a dragon?!
    Uaanta: Incredible!
    Notha: Fascinating!

    *Myalos, the Dragonoid, flies directly upwards until it reaches outer space, powering down to drift through its final destination.*

    Uaanta: That's the end, then.
    <Character>: I wish there was something more we could do for them.
    Lock: We did all we could.
    Key: Did we?
    <Character>: I don't think we were going to change their mind.
    Uaanta: I know I wasn't about to force Myalos to stay against their will.
    Notha: Yes! That's it! Precisely!
    Notha: That is the balance we make for ourselves.
    Notha: The balance that the Avatars fear.
    Notha: We make our own decisions. We consider our own Good and Evil.
    <Character>: And does that include you finishing off Sinnocence? Was that balance?
    <Character>: And what about Remthalas destroying Mr. Nameless?
    Notha: Good questions, <Character>! First, regarding Remthalas...
    Notha: Well, I can't speak for him, but if I had to guess... He may have slightly overreacted.
    Notha: I imagine he saw Mr. Nameless as entering into servitude of the champions of the Avatars.
    Notha: It's not my place to share his story, but at one point, he too served the Avatars. And then, in his time of need, they were absent. Abandoned him.
    Notha: As for Sinnocence... That... Well, I did that for you.
    Uaanta: We had it under control.
    <Character>: What do you mean you did it for us?
    Notha: As I'm sure you know, Sinnocence was suffering. His end was inevitable, whether at my hands, or yours.
    Notha: But if I let you follow through with your orders from the Avatars, you'd have just been fulfilling your pre-ordained role.
    Notha: You would have merely been another obedient, unflinching pawn.
    <Character>: I was already asking questions! Your actions only caused more confusion!
    Notha: Which I can imagine only led to even more questions. More doubts. Sounds like a success to me.
    Notha: Questions are important. Seeking answers is vital. That is how we grow.
    Notha: But the Avatars don't ask questions. They only impose their will.
    <Character>: We told you, they're learning! At first, they demanded that we only destroy the Maleurous.
    <Character>: But now, they're willing to let us talk and reason with them. To... "neutralize" them.

    *Notha pauses before responding to your claims.*

    Notha: An interesting proposition. It is undeniable that they are allowing you some autonomy.
    Notha: But perhaps it is out of fear. Perhaps they know that were you to oppose them, they wouldn't be able to stop you.
    Notha: And how long do you think they'll remember these "lessons"?
    Notha: How long until they "forget" and begin fighting amongst themselves again, with the people of Lore suffering at their whims?
    <Character>: Why not ask them yourself? They let Lock and Key speak.
    Notha: And for my risk receive only secretive half-truths and denials?
    Notha: No. They must be eliminated. There is no other certainty. The laws and decrees of flailing imposters are beyond worthless.
    Notha: Should you wish, my invitation is ever open.
    Notha: To be a hero on your own terms.

    *You glare at Notha before declining.*

    <Character>: No.
    <Character>: There's nothing left for you here. Not us, not Myalos, not the ruins.
    Notha: Okay, okay! I can tell when I'm not... wanted.
    Notha: I have urgent business elsewhere, anyway.
    Notha: See you around, champions of the Avatars!

    *Notha teleports away.*

    Uaanta: I really don't like her, <Character>.
    <Character>: I just... I wish we could all sit down and talk this out.
    <Character>: But in the end, it seems like it's spiraling down to conflict.
    Uaanta: There is hope yet, <Character>. My faith in the Makers will not be shaken, but you've shown me there are other paths than destruction.
    <Character>: Aww, Uaanta!
    Lock: The magic stirs. Prepare yourselves.
    Key: We are being summoned.

    *Key, Lock, Uaanta, and you are summoned to the Firmament.*

    Neso: The Maleurous presence has faded.
    Voidstar: Yet the threat has not been neutralized.
    <Character>: Well, we managed to save Myalos. Notha isn't exactly easy to catch.
    Kyanos: But you are our champions. You will find a way.
    Celeritas: That you repelled the Maleurous is praiseworthy, but she is still out there.
    <Character>: We actually had some conversations with her.
    Khazri: We have made it clear before! You are not to–
    Uaanta: Makers, please–
    <Character>: No.
    <Character>: Why didn't we stop her? She has this really bad habit of teleporting around.
    <Character>: Besides, Notha brought up some good points. I've heard her perspective, and I want to hear yours.
    <Character>: Avatars, why do you insist on keeping control?

    *The Avatars all back away slightly, surprised by your question.*

    Fiamme: It is... our duty.
    Haeos: We must maintain balance between the elements.
    Temblor: Lore must be kept in balance.
    <Character>: And why must that fall to you? Why not leave it to the people who inhabit the world?
    Khazri: There is too much instability. Unpredictability.
    Voidstar: Disorder, chaos, Evil. Doom.
    Haeos: We cannot merely trust things to work themselves out, lest all of Lore fall to ruin and destruction.
    Temblor: We bring Destiny. Order. Balance. Good.
    <Character>: But what you're doing...
    Uaanta: It's worked for Lhe'Shyiac.
    <Character>: But not everywhere.
    Kyanos: We understand... that our methods need refining.
    Neso: We are willing to learn.
    Fiamme: We have... made mistakes.
    Celeritas: Lock and Key will assist us.
    Lock: Acceptable.
    Key: We have much to share.
    Uaanta: Is that safe? They are- sorry, were, Maleurous.
    Khazri: We have given it much thought. Have confidence in our ability to defend ourselves.
    Voidstar: While they still radiate a Maleurous presence, they may provide much needed information. And we will be on guard.
    <Character>: It's good to hear that you're up for changing your methods. Just...

    *You glance away from the Avatars briefly.*

    <Character>: I think... I think I need a break.
    Temblor: You are deserving of rest. Go, champions.
    Celeritas: We will call you when you are next required.
    Kyanos: Are you ready?
    Uaanta: I am.
    <Character>: Thanks for asking.

    <Character>: Yes. Please.

    *You and Uaanta are returned, but Lock and Key remain in the Firmament; elsewhere in space, Myalos continues to drift aimlessly, when suddenly Notha teleports into Myalos' construct.*

    Notha: That was easier than expected!

    *Notha closes her eyes, presumably examining the breathability of the air inside.*

    Notha: So there are life support systems.

    Notha: Yes. Yes, fascinating!
    Notha: Such intriguing mechanisms, perhaps older than... No, most certainly older than even the Exalted! Ah, how wondrous!

    *Myalos appears to sense Notha's presence and reactivates.*

    Myalos: You!
    Notha: Me!
    Notha: Hello, Myalos!
    Myalos: No... This... This does not comprehend.
    Myalos: You are going back on your deal with the heroes! Deceiver! Liar!
    Myalos: You are not welcome here!
    Notha: I said I'd leave that place if I lost. I didn't say I'd leave the ruins.
    Notha: Although... these are hardly ruins now are they?
    Notha: I don't suppose you'd be kind enough to help me figure some of this stuff out?
    Myalos: I have no interest in being of assistance.
    Notha: Ah, no problem. I'll manage one way or another.
    Myalos: And if I shut off air and power?
    Notha: Is that a challenge? Ooh. You should try that sometime when I'm distracted!
    Myalos: Regardless, power levels are quickly falling. When depleted, this shell will be of no use to you.
    Notha: Another puzzle to fix then. Power... Power... Hmm, I may have a potential solution for that. Ah, this is going to be so much fun, Myalos!
    Myalos: ...
    Notha: I truly don't mean you any harm, you know? In fact... this... "body" project you were so invested in...
    Notha: It would certainly be an intriguing exercise to start with...
    Notha: All I need is your cooperation. What do you say?

    *Scene cuts to black.*

  • Complete Quest
  • Loot for DCs - opens DRGN Loot for DCs shop.

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