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Seed Spitter

Location: Save The Mill!, The Root of All Sneevil, Dementon's Treat, Circuit City, Choose Your Own Adventure Quest, The Map Room, Reforged, Escort From Verteroche, Reagent Race, Swordhaven Fields, Forest Gate, Forest Primeval, Wild Wood, Red Riding Hood, Monster Mill, Surewould, Oculus Tower, Oculus Shards, Search for Refugees, Purple Day, CulinExtraordinary, Prison Brawl, Impersonator, Hide n' Seek, Yulgars First Date Part 2, Proof of Innocence, The Dola, Oaklore Forest, Unbound, A Lincoln Log to the past, The Nest, The Nest - Epilogue, Keep Up, Return to the Garden

Level: 3 / Scaled
Element: Nature
Damage: 5-11 / Scaled
Damage Type: Melee

HP: 37 / Scaled
MP: 0 / Scaled

Stats: STR: 0, INT: 0, DEX: 0, END: 0, CHA: 0, LUK: 0, WIS: 0
Defenses: Melee: 5 / Scaled, Pierce: 5 / Scaled, Magic: 5 / Scaled, Parry: 0, Dodge: 0, Block: 0
Offenses: Crit: 0, Bonus: 0 / Scaled, Boost: 0%

Resistances: None

Attack Type 1 - Whips you with its tentacle for 1 hit of 100% Melee Nature damage.
Attack Type 2 - Spits a seed at you for 1 hit of 100% Melee Nature damage.

Gold gained: 1 / Scaled
Experience gained: 15 / Scaled

Other information
  • Seed Spitter previously appeared in the retired quests Battle Arena and Unbound.

    Chained Appearance
    Lucky Day 2014 Appearance
    A Lincoln Log to the past Appearance

    Thanks to
  • Stephen Nix for image, chained appearance image and additional information.
  • Dread97 for Lucky Day 2014 image.
  • Occavatra for A Lincoln Log to the past alternative image.
  • Sagrym for attack type images.
  • DropkickMurphy for entry information.
  • ILmaster13 for entry rewrite.
  • Jay and Robofire2 for location link.
  • AndrewX and Enzik for information.

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