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Location: Frostvale 2006, Icemaster Yeti's Cave, Chilly's Secret, Frostval 2007, We Three Spirits, Frostval 2008, Prologue, Slay Bells Ring, Holiday Visit, Cookies!, NoX-Mas, You Never Asked, In the Mountains...., We're Gonna Need More Fire..., Frostval 2010, Frostval Fallout, The Factory, Frostvale Defense, Breaking In, Frostval 2011, Pallors Plan, Frostval 2012, Friday the 13th - Frostval the 13th!, Zealot, The List, Making Candy!, Chilly and the Candy Factory, A Tale of Two Timelines, Frostval 2014, Ice Cream Invasion, Frostval 2015, The Nec-snow-mancer, Snowfang the Dragon, What REALLY Happened, Trouble in the Woods, Jack and Lumberjack, Hide and Snowseek, Child's Play, Frostval in Falconreach, The Unboxing, A Quiet Night

Quests given
I Know What You Did Last Frostval
Slay Bells Ring
Holiday Visit
You Never Asked

Shops owned
Frost Moglin helms

Frostval 2006

Icemaster Yeti's cave

Chilly: PAPA!

A Frostvale Tale, Act 2

Chilly: Yeah, Thank you! I'm so happy to be back with my Papa again! You are both heroes!
Chilly: Happy Frostval!

Frostval 2007

Out in the Cold

Chilly: ... Ice monsters began attacking the town! It was scary, just like last year ... but this time we were able to fight them!
Chilly: But we didn't even get to finish decorating for Frostval.
Chilly: There's no way that it was Icemaster Yeti. No way!

Chilly's Secret

Chilly: <Character>, do you think that these monsters will go away in time for Frostval?
Chilly: ...
Chilly: ...I think that I know why.
Chilly: I think I'd better show you instead. It's in my basement... follow me.

Chilly: These are all old supply crates, we store them and use them for firewood during the cold months.
Chilly: It's ok. You can come out. <Character> will help us, I know it.
Chilly: It's ok! He's a good guy now!
Chilly: It's easy! When he had me and the other moglins captive last year we talked a lot. At first he wouldn't listen to me...
Chilly: When he showed up and asked for a place to hide, I couldn't say no, <Character>. It wouldn't have been in the Frostval spirit.
Chilly: I knew there was good in him; Sepulchure hadn't driven it from him fully... So I gave him a warm place to hide.
Chilly: NO! You can't tell Papa! He wouldn't understand... he's still mad at Icemaster Yeti!
Chilly: Well ok. I'll go get everyone.

Chilly: But PAPA!...
Chilly: No, you can't leave him out in the cold with all those monsters after him!
Chilly: NO! *cries*

We Three Spirits

Chilly: Is he dangerous?
Chilly: So you don't plan on fighting him? That's good. If he's as dangerous as you say, you might get hurt.

Chilly: ...
Chilly: ... Did...did Artix just exorcize the ghosts of Frostval Past, Present and Future?
Chilly: ... I can't believe that just happened.

Out in the Cold, Act 4

Chilly: I knew that you and Icemaster Yeti wouldn't let us down! You're both heroes!
Chilly: Happy Frostval! Let's go! Let's go!

Frostval 2008

Lumps of Coal

Chilly: I know that we'll find a way to change everyone back!

  • To Quests!
    Chilly: Good luck out there, <Character>! Remember to stay warm.

  • Talk
    Chilly: I have been keeping everyone safe. It's hard looking after an entire town of statues.
    Chilly: I have to stand on dad's head just to keep the frost pigeons off of him and Maya.
    Chilly: I hope the prototype armor is treating you well. I've been making little tweaks here and there.
    Chilly: I'll keep working hard on it, and maybe it will help you find out a way to change everyone back.
    Chilly: I KNOW that you'll be able to find a way to save Frostvale. You're my hero and I believe in you!

  • Armor Shop
    Chilly: I have been keeping everyone safe. It's hard looking after an entire town of statues.

    Buy Armor
    Chilly: I'm going to need a Slay Bell to power up the armor. If you find any, bring them to me!

    Train Armor
    Chilly: I'll need a few more Slay Bells if I'm going to get this armor up to full strength! Have you found 3 more?

  • Helm Shop
    Chilly: These helms go with the suit. There are a couple of variations so make sure that you get the right one!


    Chilly: Hi <Character>! It's great to see you again!
    Chilly: We wanted you to be the first to see it! Come on!

    Chilly: Aren't they GREAT!?
    Chilly: This is the prototype for a new armor called the Holiday Warrior Frost Moglin Armor Suit.
    Chilly: You BET it is! It was designed to help spread holiday cheer.
    Chilly: There are still a few... wrinkles... to iron out and I have a few ideas in mind that will really make this baby complete.
    Chilly: Considering that the last 2 Frostvals have been nearly ruined by monsters attacks... I want to add some firepower to the suit.
    Chilly: By the time I'm done with it, a hero like you will be able to spread Frostval cheer 1000% more efficiently...
    Chilly: ...and if something gets in your way.... POW!
    Chilly: SHOWING it to you? <Character>, we want you to be the first to WEAR IT... test out the skills!
    Chilly: GREAT! I just need to power it up before you try it on.
    Chilly: Oh yeah, the suit not only SPREADS holiday cheer... it runs on it!
    Chilly: I just need to go get everyone together. This isn't a well known fact but the best source of power on Lore is...
    Chilly: ...HUGS!
    Chilly: It won't need too much power for the first trial run, let me go get Papa and some of the other frost moglins.
    Chilly: You try it on. I'll be right back!

    Chilly: AHHHHHHH! <Character>! Help!

    Chilly: I... I don't know. They've been turned to statues.
    Chilly: N...No *sniff* Everyone in town is the same. We're the only ones left.

    Chilly: I can't believe it. They're all gone...
    Chilly: Everyone. All of them...

    Chilly: Everyone...
    Chilly: Papa, and the rest of the moglins.
    Chilly: ...Icemaster Yeti...
    Chilly: ...Even Loremaster Maya...
    Chilly: ...Everyone...*sniff*... All my family and friends. Everyone that I've ever known. They're all gone.
    Chilly: I'm alone.
    Chilly: *sniff* Together? Really?
    Chilly: Prepared? Hmmmm.
    Chilly: The suit! If you can help me get it running, then you can wear it!
    Chilly: I know it looks a little strange, but don't let that fool you! I just need to make some modifications to it, and power it up.
    Chilly: The suit needs a power source. Hugs won't be enough with just you and me left. We'll have to use Slay Bells!
    Chilly: Slay Bells are another good source of holiday cheer.... although, not as good as hugs...
    Chilly: One of the holiday games we play is called Snow Blind...
    Chilly: We cover our eyes and the Hider hides a Slay Bell in a snow drift and have to guess where it's hidden based on what we heard.
    Chilly: I bet that the Slay Bell is still buried out there in the snow. Bring me that bell and I'll use it to power up the armor!
    Chilly: After that, you'll be prepared for ANYTHING!
    Chilly: I'll go start making the changes to the suit! You go find me that Slay Bell!

    Slay Bells Ring

    Chilly: The Slay Bell shouldn't be too hard to find, Just look for the freshly fallen, sparkling snow mounds.
    Chilly: As soon as you've got it, I will be able to activate the Frost Moglin armor suit for you!

    Chilly: Great! I've made some of the modifications that I wanted.
    Chilly: If you have to battle any monsters, this should really knock their stockings off!
    Chilly: That's good news! In a few minutes I'll be ready to power it up.
    Chilly: When you're ready to try it on, just meet me by the statue of Loremaster Maya and we'll power it up!
    Chilly: Did you find any clues out there while you were looking for the Slay Bell?
    Chilly: The Slay Bell shouldn't be too hard to find, Just look for the freshly fallen, sparkling snow mounds.
    Chilly: As soon as you've got it, I will be able to activate the Frost Moglin armor suit for you!

    Holiday Visit

    Chilly: Cysero, the Mad Weaponsmith, should be in his tower.
    Chilly: I hope he can help us fix this!


    Chilly: So Noxus is who changed everyone into coal? But why? I guess we have to find him first.
    Chilly: You've got to find him, <Character>!


    Chilly: That ice cave is near Icemaster Yeti's old cave!
    Chilly: Hurry, <Character>! He has something terrible planned for our friends... I can feel it.

    You Never Asked

    Chilly: The Life Essence was destroyed! We're back to square one!
    Chilly: I just know what to do!

    Chilly: I know it's not your fault, <Character>. You didn't know.
    Chilly: Maybe, but we have to start all over again with no leads.
    Chilly: Yeah, if we can find a cure before Noxus comes back for everyone.

    Chilly: Hi.
    Chilly: You can!?
    Chilly: But <Character> said it was rare and expensive.
    Chilly: No.
    Chilly: Thanks, <Character>! Now we can change everyone back to normal! Right, Cysero?
    Chilly: PAPA! You're back to normal! I missed you!

    Lumps of Coal

    Chilly: I'm just glad to have everyone back! It was so sad here without you.
    Chilly: Frostval just would have been the same with my family and friends to share it with.
    Chilly: Happy Frostval to one and all!

    Frostval 2009

    In the Mountains....

    Chilly: Um.. What's going on?

    Chilly: l-l-l-a-a-aaalwa--y-ys-won-n-n-dered-wh-a-a-a-at a mass-ss-ss-age would b-be li-i-ke.

    Chilly: I like massageses!

    Chilly: Hiya Mr. Gorillaphant!
    Chilly: Wow you are SUPER snuggly!

    Chilly: Mr Gorillaphant is my friend!

    Chilly: ...!

    Chilly: And squishy.

    We're Gonna Need More Fire...

    Chilly: YAAAAAYY! Let's get out of here!!!

    Chilly: !!!!!!!!!!
    Chilly: Oh my chillies!

    Chilly: Icemaster Yeti!
    Chilly: Yes, us and Mr. Zorbak too!
    Chilly: Where is Mr. Zorbak?
    Chilly: What about Mr. Zadd?

    Frosty Reception

    Chilly: And Mr. Icemaster Yeti is gonna get an EXTRA big hug from me!
    Chilly: Thank you so much for saving us! Merry Frostval from all of us!
    Chilly: Happy Frostval to one and all!

    Frostval 2010

    Frostval Fallout

    Chilly: <Character>'s here!

    Chilly: I'm so glad you're here, <Character>!

    Chilly: Let's sing some Frostval carols!

    Chilly: I like ice cream!

    Chilly: *Yawn* Thank you, <Character>.

    The Factory

    Chilly: What do you mean?

    Frostval Fallout (Rare)

    Chilly: I'm getting really good at Tweatland!
    Chilly: Thank you so much for saving us! Merry Frostval from all of us!
    Chilly: Happy Frostval to one and all!

    Frostval 2011

    Frostvale Defense

    Chilly: But Mr. Rolith...
    Chilly: I'm Chilly.

    Chilly: Oh, it smells so bad.

    Chilly: Please let me out!

    Chilly: Let me out let me out let me out!!!?
    Chilly: I-- I could just walk.

    Chilly: <Character>...

    Breaking In

    Chilly: *sniff*

    Frostval 2012

    Pallors Plan

    Chilly: ...


    Chilly: And Mr. Icemaster Yeti is gonna get an EXTRA big hug from me!
    Chilly: Thank you so much for saving us! Merry Frostval from all of us!

    Chilly: Happy Frostval to one and all!

    Frostval 2013

    Frostval the 13th!

    Chilly: Our beautiful town was invaded, I ran, but everyone else staaaaaaaaayed...


    Chilly: And Frostvale is safe, too!

    The List

    Chilly: We can help!

    Chilly: Why not! I want to help and I know everyone in Frostvale would want to too!

    Chilly: Candy?

    Chilly: Causes what?

    Chilly: We mostly just spend all year getting ready for the annual Frostval Attacks.

    Chilly: Nope!

    Chilly: Awww... ok.

    Making Candy!

    Chilly: We can't eat it, though. We promised!

    Chilly: We promised! We'll get moglinberry cocoa after we're done.

    Chilly: NO!

    Chilly and the Candy Factory

    Chilly: Wha... What happened?

    Chilly: Moglinberry Juice sounds good!

    Frostval 2014

    A Tale of Two Timelines

    Chilly: Icemaster, you look funny!

    Frostvale, Act 31

    Chilly: I'm extra warm now!

    Chilly: Thank you so much for saving us! Merry Frostval from all of us!

    Chilly: Happy Frostval to one and all!

    Frostval 2015

    Ice Cream Invasion

    Chilly: Icemaster Yeti is eating as much ice cream as he can to the north of Frostvale. <Character>, the east side of town needs your help!

    Frostvale, Act 33

    Chilly: They weren't really that dangerous... I even took care of one.

    Chilly: *Urp* Maybe a few more than one....

    Chilly: Awww... Daaaaad....

    Frostval 2016

    The Nec-snow-mancer

    Chilly: Dad, Icemaster Yeti is finally here!

    Chilly: Yup yup!

    Chilly: Umm...

    Chilly: ...

    Chilly: You destroyed all of my snow monsters! Now I'm going to destroy yooou!

    Chilly: Foolish, Hero! Chilly, the Nec-snow-mancer, will not be defeated so easil-

    Chilly: But... I'm not grounded...

    Chilly: But I was-

    Snowfang the Dragon

    Chilly: Rude!

    Knight Chilly: To me, my trusty squire!

    Knight Chilly: Worry not, fair maiden! We shall follow Snowfang and bring back Princess Flake!

    Knight Chilly: No! We've come to end your reign of terror, fiend!

    Knight Chilly: I don't need an army, just me, my blade, and my trusty squire will be enough!

    Knight Chilly: Bring it on, Snowfang!

    Knight Chilly: Because justice will always prevail!

    Knight Chilly: And as long as I'm here, your evil plans won't ever come to fruition!

    Knight Chilly: Let him go, there's nothing he can do right now.

    What REALLY Happened

    Chilly: Soooooo...

    Chilly: The four of us gathered to make our sculptures for this year's contest.

    Chilly: Hmm... I have an idea...

    Chilly: Hmm...

    Chilly: Mhmm...

    Chilly: I was making a snow dragon...
    Chilly: And it...accidentally came to life...

    Chilly: It wasn't on purpose! I was just trying to make it better!
    Chilly: But my hug brought it to life...and then it flew away!

    Chilly: We've gotta go and get it back!

    Chilly: I did... but I'm gonna fix it!
    Chilly: And <Character> will go with me to talk some sense into that dragon!
    Chilly: Right, <Character>?

    Chilly: Then let's go!

    Chilly: I feel really bad....

    Chilly: Yeah, but I should've known better!
    Chilly: My papa says I need to be a good role model for Holly and Tinsel...

    Chilly: Was that a pun?

    Chilly (thinking): If I can just get to Princess Flake...

    Chilly: Yeah! That wasn't so bad!

    Chilly: Ah... whoops.

    Chilly: Technically, I also kinda built you!

    Chilly: Um... I'm here to take back this doll from you!
    Chilly: You took it from a friend of mine by accident... and she needs it back!

    Chilly: Uuuuh...
    Chilly: Ummm...

    Chilly: Huh?

    Chilly (thinking): He's got a point...

    Chilly (thinking): He's got a point...
    Chilly: But why are you letting us go?

    Chilly: Really?

    Chilly: Oh, about that...

    Chilly: He says he's sorry for taking the princess, and that he needs your help!

    Chilly: I know just the right Moglins to help!

    Chilly: So basically... that's pretty much how it happened!

    Chilly: How about Snowfang?
    Chilly: Do you like it?

    Chilly: What do you think, Snowfang?

    Frostval 2017

    Trouble in the Woods

    Chilly: Hi!

    Chilly: Welllll....

    Chilly: ...I guess we could go see how they're doing?

    Chilly: Sure!

    Jack and Lumberjack

    Chilly: Gotcha!

    Chilly: Well, we probably shouldn't take too long... Blizzy, Papa Moglin and the rest of the village are probably worried about you two.

    Chilly: ...Who are you?

    ???: WEEEEEE!!!

    Chilly: You won't regret it!

    Chilly: You won't regret it!

    Chilly: We have!!

    Frostval 2018

    Hide and Snowseek

    Chilly: Hot Cocoaberry!! What was that?!

    Chilly: O-oh no...

    Child's Play

    Chilly: Thank you for saving us, miss!

    Chilly: T-thank—

    Chilly: Oh...

    Frostval in Falconreach

    Chilly: Hiya!

    Chilly: Every year, you come to us to celebrate Frostval... but this time, we wanted to come to youuuu!
    Chilly: And celebrate!

    Chilly: We spent sooo much time preparing them, and making them, and, and, and wrapping them, and–!

    Chilly: No, they're for everyone, silly!

    Chilly: But we just did!

    Chilly: Nooooo!

    Chilly: HEY!

    Chilly: That's one of our presents!!

    The Unboxing

    Chilly: Yaaay!

    Chilly: Yes!

    Chilly: WHAT?!

    Chilly: N-no, you didn't... *sniffle*

    Chilly: What...?

    Chilly: Umm...

    Chilly: Thanks, <Character>.

    Chilly: Woohoooo!

    A Quiet Night

    Chilly: <Character>!

    Chilly: Mhm!

    Chilly: I was responsible!
    Chilly: Oh, and also we've been helping Jacek!

    Chilly: Not really, but...

    Chilly: Uncle Warlic!

    Chilly: YAY!

    Chilly: Uncle Warlic?

    Chilly: Can you make us some magic?

    Chilly: Yay! Let's—

    Chilly: Whoever poofs more is the winner!

    Furry Appearance
    Nec-snow-mancer Appearance
    Knight Appearance

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