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The Black Dragon Box

Location: Oaklore Keep (Books 1 and 2) -> Captain Rolith -> The Priestess' Message,
Falconreach (Books 1 and 2) -> Twilly -> Back to Dragon Egg Saga -> Black Dragon Box
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of A Hero is Bored
Release Date: March 9th, 2007

Objective: You have to find Lady Celestia before the Darkwolf bandits do, otherwise the Black Dragon Box will be lost!
Objective completed: You saved Lady Celestia and defeated the Darkwolf leader Drakath (He seemed mad about it). The Black Dragon Box was stolen by a Sneevil. Now you must head to the town of Falconreach and speak with Twilly!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Drakath, (2) Darkwolf Thug - Boss

Lady Celestia


Captain Rolith: WHAT!?
Captain Rolith: You saw the Priestess on your way here? Why did you not tell me sooner!
Captain Rolith: ... and she isn't going to stop here at the keep? *Panics* The forest is crawling with bandits that are looking for her.
Captain Rolith: She is in grave danger... you must go after her!

  • It is hero time - Go Save Her!
  • Maybe later...

    If you click Maybe later...
    Captain Rolith: Listen... I will have you know that this is a VERY IMPORTANT storyline quest.
    Captain Rolith: Sure.... I understand, you want to go explore the keep some more and look at all the funny Knight names.
    Captain Rolith: Except for mine... my name is the only one that is serious.
    Captain Rolith: Serious....
    Captain Rolith: Serious like the storyline quest! So the next time you come back you better go on that quest and save her!
    Captain Rolith: Quests like this one do not just sit around until you eventually feel like doing them.
    Captain Rolith: OK.... they do. BUT that is not the point!

    If you click It is hero time - Go Save Her!
    ???: Give the box Priestess, and we'll kill you quickly.
    Lady Celestia: <Character>! We must protect the Black Dragon Box at all costs!
    <Character>: Leave them to me, Lady Celestia.
    <Character>: I don't know who you are or why you want the box but you'd better...
    Drakath: My name is DRAKATH! I am the leader of the Darkwolf bandits and the rightful ruler of this land.
    Drakath: That box is the key to my throne, and there's no way that I'm letting a peasant like you keep it from me.
    Drakath: Stand down or, like the trash that you are, you will be blown away by the winds of my great destiny!
    <Character>: You talk big but you don't look so tough. I was just going to take the box and leave but you just made it personal, Pal! Let's see what you've got!
    Drakath: Get him/her!

    You battle Drakath

    Drakath: Impossible! You got lucky this time <Class>!
    Sneevil (thinking): *Snort* Oooooh box!
    <Character>: Luck had nothing to do with it, and the name is <Character>. Remember it!
    Drakath: Oh, I will... You can count on that.
    <Character>: Lady Celesita, I'm glad that I got to you in time.
    Lady Celestia: Thank you, I am grateful for the rescue. Alas, the box was taken by a sneevil while you were busy smack-talking.
    <Character>: What?! Why didn't you say something? !
    Lady Celestia: Well, you were really on a roll. I didn't want to interrupt you.
    <Character>: ...
    Lady Celestia: You must recover the Black Dragon Box before it falls into the wrong hands.
    Lady Celestia: Travel to the town of Falconreach and meet with Twilly. He has friends who will be able to help you find that Sneevil.
    <Character>: Alright, I will travel to Falconreach.... but what about you?
    Lady Celestia: Well... if you are going after the box with Twilly, then... *thinks* ...I am going to teleport back home and have some tea.
    Lady Celestia: Thank you. Bye!
    <Character>: !
    <Character>: What could be so important about that box?

  • Complete Quest

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