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RE: Super-Powerd (NY) OOC (Game under construction)

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5/18/2012 4:40:54   

That is a good idea.

I think that they should stay the same since if they nerf your powers, then it just balances it back to the beginning again...
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 151
5/18/2012 17:15:51   
Legendary AK!!!

The power of powers are untouched by the increasing SL. In fact, powers get more powerful along with the strength. The increase in SL at every 25% you are away from 100% is merely a bonus, and to further show increasing power.
AQ MQ Epic  Post #: 152
5/21/2012 17:27:09   

By the way, Suzy can't read. She's pretty young. And yes, she's an evil little witch who would love to see you dead, why are you asking?
DF MQ  Post #: 153
5/21/2012 18:07:53   
Doom Desirer

Name: Range
Allegiance: Neutral
Crystal: Range's crystal is attached to an amulet which he wears proudly. It is shaped like a crescent and is navy blue.
Battle warp: Can warp. 5 meters in any direction at most. It's handy for getting the advantage on your enemy, by warping behind him, unless your foes so fat that he takes more than five meters of space.
Invisibility: Can turn invisible for 5 minutes at most.
Dimensional rift: Can open a rift to a pocket dimension where he can store objects.
Strength Level: 3, maybe?
Stability: 100%
Appearance: Tall, around 14 years old. Range wears black trench coat. It looks like what a pirate would wear. He also wears a wide-brimmed hat. In some cases, the hat would look mysterious, but in this case, it looks silly. He has a slim build.
History: Range grew up ordinarily, actually... Not quite ordinary. He was quiet, and was assumed to even be mute by many people. Despite this, he somehow was so smart he skipped a few grades. He was unraveling thing even physicists couldn't muster while the others were still learning metric conversions. Other than that, he wasn't quite athletic.
Post #: 154
5/21/2012 20:06:20   
Legendary AK!!!

Sorry, Doom Desirer, but we have eight characters. If a slot becomes available, I'll put the news up here.

I guess so. You created him, and unlike my other game, the ages here can vary dramatically.

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AQ MQ Epic  Post #: 155
5/21/2012 21:01:55   

My Character's age is 14-15ish right?
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 156
5/27/2012 17:46:54   
Legendary AK!!!

I'll try and post the new update today if possible. It takes a little longer to make updates for this game than my other one, so I'm sorry for any extended wait periods.

Edit: The new update is up. Sorry if it gets a little gruesome, but New York has been seriously affected by the super-powered. Also, appearances about NPCs might be misleading, whether for the better or the worse.

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AQ MQ Epic  Post #: 157
5/30/2012 12:50:24   
random fun 12

Hey Astro, do I have any friends or someone I can get help from?
DF AQW  Post #: 158
6/6/2012 13:07:47   
Legendary AK!!!

@random fun 12:
Most people consider the "Super-Powered" freaks, and have thrown them out (Even some families). Almost all assistence will not come from normal people. However, some can be persuaded to help.

Sorry, but I will be unable to post updates from this Monday to about 11-13 days later (I'll be on vacation). Sorry for any inconvenience. I'll try to get the next update up before then.

Edit 2:
I'm back early. A relative died on the second day of our vacation, so we flew back in.

And as for the terms of a sequel... I will have only one game at a time from now on. Rather it is a sequel to this or my other game, or a new adventure, I've realized that I overestimated how much time I would have (Even in summer ). As for a sequel to either game, I'm currently leaning towards this game. I've spent a few days dusting off the adapted version of the plot being used, and I hope that it works just as well as I plan it to (Already it's begun to be implemented). The problem is, each game has at least 3 possible endings... and only a few will actually allow a good sequel (Some will just end the series).

Edit 3:
Ninth update is now up.

Edit 4:
Would anyone enjoy "Out of Sight" things here in the OOC? It could be a short "update" not directed to one player, meaning that anyone could read it (Though their characters wouldn't know the info from this). For example, maybe there is a group of normal people in a derelict building, and they have their own rumors of what is going on outside. Rumors of "a madman" and "a dark one." Maybe we will hear of some of their rumors, in the occasional post here. I could even write a conclusion once the game has ended over here. These short posts could be a way to deepen the lore of this game, and a nice way to foreshadow what may come (Or in some cases, hint at what has already come). However, I will only do this if people want it (Though these will only happen when I feel they need to, not on some schedule).

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Light cannot shine through a closed door.

Orfa orema ofa yma amazinga umorha oga ota:
AQ MQ Epic  Post #: 159
7/2/2012 17:51:39   
Lord Darkblade

Sure post the out of sight although you did forget that I can um what is it Have my character know that that is happening, anotherthing update?
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 160
7/3/2012 5:08:32   

That would be quite interesting to see.
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 161
7/4/2012 13:39:52   
Legendary AK!!!

@Lord Darkblade:
No, your character would be an exception. It's the others that won't know about it.

I did an example for my other game, so here is one for this game. Edit: Expanded it with an extra two paragraphs and another hint.

Edit 2: New Out of Sight post. This one gives us a glance into the chambers of Dr. Gregory Hound.

Edit 3: Man, this isn't checked that often, and neither are the notices at the top of the normal posts. I don't know what to do! Anyway, Thomas Trenklin has been deceased this update. May he rest in peace (Which may be doubtful considering the planned continuations).

Edit 4: Here is a pre-end counting of who's winning. So far:
- Neutrals are in 1st, with a total of 134% stability. Maintain your lead! The endings for good and bad ending are rather obvious... Aren't you curious what will happen if you win?
- Heroes are in 2nd, with a total of 79% stability. Continue your quest! The villains are weak, now is the time to finish them!
- Villains are in 3rd, with a total of 48% stability. Keep up the fight, villains! Are you really going to let the weaker heroes win by fleeing your might?
I won't post Update 16 until at least tomorrow, due to it being late currently. But it should... change quite a few things in the game, depending on where you are currently... and how desperate you are.

The people inside the desolate buildings still live, but not as they used to. With the emergence of the "unnatural," new myths have replaced the old ones, and they are whispered in fear to the young, the elders trying to warn them of the dangers they have seen. From the "dead man," as he calls himself, wandering New York in search of something unknown, to the dark-eater, feeding on what was believed impossible to feed on, though why is a mystery, and the "Hunter," who tracks down those foolish enough to leave and places their skinned hide on the doorstep the next day. His purpose is also not known. The children will ask why everything is a mystery, annoyed at the meager answers unable to satisfy their craving for knowledge. "The skies hold the answer," the elders will say to the young, their eyes large and gazing out dreamingly, probably of better times in their youth, "but not the ones we want. They say that this is merely the first part, and even if we survive, it will get worse. So much worse." It matters not that tears are in the eyes of the children, it matters only that they know. That they fear leaving cover, and will stay, so as to not get tangled up in the web being spun by some unknown force, which is slowly coming to encase everything humanity holds dear.
"The unnatural have caused this," the elders say, an entirely new light to their legends taking hold, one that does not strike fear, but instead stirs something deep within the children, something telling them to rise, "They will destroy humanity. But eventually they must fall. They cannot keep on coming forever," then the speakers will gesture out the dirty window at the starlit sky, unsure of exactly what they are pointing at, "Then we will rise again. Humans will once more be able to live without fear in their own cities, and the unnatural will be the ones fleeing. They will flee our soldiers, and we will hunt them, we will hunt them like the freaks they are."
No remorse is in the eyes of the people there, only anger, and excitement. Excitement at reclaiming "what is theirs," reversing the situation on the Hunter, making the "dead man" truly dead, and slaughtering the dark-eater. The villains will be next, with a pike through the dark-filled robes of the man walking smugly down the streets, the sword of the kid with the spear turned on himself, and similar fates to anyone else that is trying to harm this city even more. There are the "heroes," too. From the shadowless kid to the armored animal man and the asian controlling the air, all will die. For they are guilty of being stronger than the people in the buildings, and no matter what is said, a certain portion of the hatred will always be based on jealousy. Jealousy that someone else is the special one.
The elders send the children to bed with these images firmly in mind, setting them off to morbid dreams. Then they go back to the windows and watch at night, intent on seeing who else is wandering the streets, especially now that darkness has enshrouded the city physically as well. "They will die," one will whisper to an agreeable silence, "They will all die."

At the Lab
Dr. Gregory Hound looked up from his document at the sound of a knock on the door. "Come in," he said, somewhat indifferently. The door opened to reveal the S.W.A.T. commander Vincent, and Dr. Hound put aside his document, leaving it for later. "How are your troops doing?" he asked Vincent, staring intently at the man. Vincent replied calmly, "They're getting their heads handed to them over and over again by these freaks in New York. Hurry up with 'the answer,' Gregory," to which Dr. Hound simply stared for a moment. Then he suddenly came back to life, and stood up, staring out of the only window in his office as he said nonchalantly, "You must be patient, Vincent. With my meager budget it will be a while before the Strength-Zappers are finished."
Vincent almost exploded at that, his face mocking the shade of a tomato, and his eyes bulging out, "Your meager budget!? Have you seen the bill you receive each month!? You better get that thing finished soon, Mr. Hound, or else you'll be added to my soldiers' list with the freaks!" Dr. Hound glanced at Vincent, amusement in his eyes, something horribly out of place. "What if I could buy you time, Vincent?" he says just as mildly as before, "I want them alive. You want them out of New York. We can both be pleased," Vincent calms now, puzzled. "What are you saying...?" he asks slowly, thinking that he likes the direction this is going. Dr. Hound grins, the first large sign of emotion he's made that day, "The Dull-Water, Vincent. The Dull-Water," he pauses and sits back down, putting his feet on his desk and looking up at Vincent, "A treasure to the "freaks," as you aptly called them. And a useless liquid to us. Get all of it that you can. We're going to need it," a gleam appears in his eyes, and Vincent nods, not bothering to interrogate him further. He turns to leave, but glances back at Dr. Hound one last time, saying, "That...thing killed Ben," with sorrow in his eyes.
Dr. Hound sighs in an annoyed fashion, talking like a tired teacher to a little kid, "If you cared about him, then why did you let him pretend to be you on that foolish mission?" Vincent looks hurt at this, but also guilty, and he mutters to himself as he leaves, "I don't know..." the door shuts behind him, and Dr. Hound stares at it for a moment before picking back up his document, resuming his reading. "Oh, you freaks," he mutters, "How interesting can you get?"
The title of the document is 'power siphoning.'

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Light cannot shine through a closed door.

Orfa orema ofa yma amazinga umorha oga ota:
AQ MQ Epic  Post #: 162
8/12/2012 13:04:35   
Legendary AK!!!

Sorry to double-post, but I doubt that anyone would've noticed this otherwise. Here's a survey for people that have played the game at some point:

What do you like about the game?
What don't you like about the game?
What do you think should be done to attract new people to this kind of game?
Would you like to see a sequel if nothing was changed?
Would you like to see a sequel if things were improved?

If you also play The Bio-Spheres of Uni-Plex:
Which game is your favorite? Why?
Would you like to see certain things appear in both games if it hasn't already? If so, what?
Which game are you most interested in the storyline?

I figured I would collect a consensus while I was still fine-tuning the storyline. I was also curious about the general feeling of players towards this game, and what y'all would like to see to make it better. Hopefully this won't go unnoticed, like the last two Out-of-Sights and the pre-comparison of the sides.

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AQ MQ Epic  Post #: 163
8/12/2012 15:43:39   

The Strength-Zappers aren't actually power negation devices are they? Its all part of a power-theft thing so the good Doctor can command and combine everyone's superpowers isn't it? Because the only logical reason he would need them alive at all is so the magic essence can't flee from the dead body. I'm start planning out the end days now...

"Doctor Gregory Hound
Inventory: ???
Crystal: All of them
Powers: Beastmaster (Commanding critters of the wild), Creation (Creates a living life-form), Animal Empathy (Animals are less aggressive), Limited!Flight, Fourth Wall Awareness, Teleportation, Pyromancy (limited), Terra-Firma (Ability to control gravity (extremely limited) aka me being able to walk like I was on the moon), Barricade (Ability to make blocks of air that are HARD), Shadow control [Has limited control over shadows (Can make them 3-Dimensional, and is harder to see when in them)], Shadow blade (Can create a sword or dual daggers out of pure, yet breakable shadow), Shadow laser (Shoots beams, like a laser made from shadow), Healing (Not effected by stability) - Physical: Satoshi can regenerate living cells in plants an animals (10 secs on adjacent objects (And himself) for small flesh wounds, farther away target, longer it takes). - Emotional: (Satoshi is able to mentally calm people and ease pain) Light - Shield (Satoshi can create translucent panes of light that block physical matter, but they can be destroyed when struck with enough force. Satoshi can run on these walls since he's so light), - Orb (Satoshi can fire weak orbs of light that can damage enemies physically, but they aren't very strong), Weapon Sense, Weapon Manipulation, Decreased Accuracy, Life Absorption
Strength Level: 21
Stability: 100%"

That is his goal, right? To become like a god by absorbing and commanding all of the Supers' powers? Honestly I would be amazed if no one had intentions of stealing superpowers for themselves.

What do you like about the game? Superpowers, gets me every time and tends to reward my respects. Granted, this and Fate's Chosen have interesting implications behind the source of powers and so much stuff to make awesome guesses off of.
What don't you like about the game? The bizarre ability of the crystals to randomly stop their chosen ones for extended periods that leave them vulnerable. You think the parasitic magic trying to take over its host's body to become an elemental entity of its own demands would prefer its current host doesn't die until then.
What do you think should be done to attract new people to this kind of game? Fighting Supers who have long been lost and their crystal having taken over the remains of their corpses for their own body. That, and fighting a god-like being for the final boss that requires us all together at the great risk of losing our humanity to defeat him. Maybe the capability of absorbing others powers/absorbing their crystal to yours to gain their powers.
Would you like to see a sequel if nothing was changed? A sequel where there's nothing shiny and new, basically being a rehash of what happened first time? No.
Would you like to see a sequel if things were improved? Define "improved". If improved means "The history and the abilities of the crystals have been expanded on" then yes. If improved means "Your power grows and slowly overtakes the parasitic force behind your magic to make it subservient to you" then yes. Basically if it means anything expanding/continuing (on) the story and potential for our powers to grow then yes. I know see this as the Infection of Superhero games. Infection dealt with parasites hijacking your body, bonding with you and getting sweet powers out of it.

By the way, since I've been saying it a bunch it does make quite a bit of sense to me that the force behind the crystals is parasitic magic trying to overtake hosts so they have their own body. It actually goes quite a way to explain myth, religion, and folklore in-universe if they were all poor unfortunate souls that were overtaken by the magic. Vampires? Those who had shape-shifting, blood-based and regenerative abilities. Kitsune? Those that were shape-shifters skilled with illusions and intellect. Thus, going off my guesses of what would happen to everyone:

Blazing Eagle: Becoming a hideous abomination as he becomes a multitude of species and with his creations tearing themselves from his back. Basically becoming the Patron God of animals everywhere.

Infinity: Becoming ever more aware of the outside universe he goes mad, his teleportation (de)evolving into dimensional and temporal travel which he uses wildly for his impulsive goals while breaking random people by showing them what lies beyond the wall.

Pimancer: Becoming the embodiment of fire and air, his form would be an elemental being of both fire & air. His hands and claws of fire while his arms are wind, with flame pillar spikes at the top of the shoulders. A spiky pulled back mane of fire for hair, and a single wispy tail that genies seem to have. In fact, genie origin thing here with him using his gravitational powers to do whatever people wish (Ask for a house? He'll build it for you! Ask to be king of new york? Everyone is suppressed and afraid of the genie at your beck and call).

Shadow: Having been lost to the darkness... Well, I basically see him as an amorphous being of pure darkness spawning Heartless to kill things and basically a god of evil.

Satoshi Takenaka-Sullivan: Light rending his body apart, only scraps of flesh remain to signal the former human. Despite his appearance all know only bliss and a world without pain, being compared as an angel. Light given physical form and will.

Thanatos: His body turning to metal and the assortment of sharp weapons growing out of his body this metallic demon lies solely on melee combat. His roar of metal he lunges at the unwary ripping them to pieces with his claws and teeth, draining their life force as they try to get away. Basically, think a wolfish thing made of metal... Oh god this one scares me the most.

Anyways, what size creatures can I make now?
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 164
8/12/2012 20:12:07   
Legendary AK!!!

Thanks for the response, kkutwar. As for you speculations to Dr. Gregory Hound's true intentions, I have no comment currently (People will be discovering soon enough). Don't forget though that the players aren't the only Super-Powered, and that Dr. Hound isn't the only one with a plan. As for the parasitic stuff, you're in the room next door.

And the idea of fighting the "Lost" does appeal to me. I'm definitely going to try and use that sometime (It will be a rare occurrence though, and they will be really difficult to defeat).

It's odd. This game is based in the same universe as a trilogy I'm writing, yet it's taken a drastic turn. The NPCs are mainly warped versions of the ones that appear in the book, and several things are cut out completely, while others are added. If I make a sequel, it won't be so much like an arena kind of game. In fact, it'd change a lot of things based on what would be happening.

Current fixes I have in mind:
- Changing the stability system to where I say how much is lost in the update based on what happened, with -6% for low usage of powers, -8% for medium, and -10% for a lot. This could help that system a bit, as it is critical to the game, and help keep it more organized as well. I'd also change the crystal regeneration system to something based on the size of the crystal, to give the more powerful people a better chance.
- Adding a "Shield" for inactive players. People may still come across them and they still will not move, but a blue haze will surround them, and they cannot be seriously wounded. This will be a result of the powers trying to keep their host alive, as kkutwar said. However, it will also count as low usage of their powers while the player is inactive.
- Bigger encounters. The Bio-Spheres of Uni-Plex has larger monsters on the outside, while this one's monsters are on a much smaller scale (Appearing human). Some would be people that succumbed to their powers, but their will also be others based on a new NPC I'm making, or the storyline of the sequel if I make it.
- More benefits for finding a teammate, or their crystal. Maybe some sort of bonding system between the Super-Powered, where two people can sacrifice some of their power (To split the bonds with their crystal) and mix their abilities. Maybe also having it to where coming into contact with another crystal just stops degenerating stability, but doesn't add any to it.

And to your questions about the origins of the crystals, kkutwar, they will be explored. This game's story focusses mainly on the Super-Powered, however, while, depending on the ending (Which side or NPC wins), the sequel will focus on the origin of the crystals... and running away from it.
AQ MQ Epic  Post #: 165
8/12/2012 21:35:30   

A few question regarding the crystals themselves:
1) What happen to the users if their Crystals is somehow destroyed?
2) And what will happen to the Crystal if their user is dead?
3) Will the next person that touches the Crystal of a deceased user be affected in anyway?

And question answering timeL
What do you like about the game?
It has an interesting storyline and a unique method of handdling stuper-powers instead of the traditional, "he/she was born with it" or "he/she got it in an accident."

What don't you like about the game?
There isn't really anything so far.

What do you think should be done to attract new people to this kind of game?
Perhaps a banner or sort or something like that.

Would you like to see a sequel if nothing was changed?

Would you like to see a sequel if things were improved?

If you also play The Bio-Spheres of Uni-Plex:
Which game is your favorite? Why?
Super-Powerd (NY), because Bio-Spheres of Uni-Flex is much harder to imagine it coming true, but this is possible, provided that there are crystals with powers.

Would you like to see certain things appear in both games if it hasn't already? If so, what?
Perhaps a few more NPC interactions that aren't scared of showing their motives (Bio-Spheres only has NPCs that are part of the organization and so far I haven't seen any NPCs with a motive to destroy them.

Which game are you most interested in the storyline?
Super-Powerd (NY).
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 166
8/12/2012 21:51:20   

Since I already decided to be Dante... My guesses is A) The parasitic magic would pull all the stops not to get their host killed B) The parasitic magic would flow back to the Crystal and C) The cycle repeats itself until the magic can finally consume its host. Its merely all guesses but given the fact I was already nearly spot-on I shouldn't be too far from the truth or Astro would accept it. Thus, from my reasoning and guesses a host that is killed after the crystal is destroyed results in the magic floating aimlessly while generating a new shell for itself to once again bond with a living creature. Those things had to come somewhere after all.

Seriously, this game is the new Infection. Mysterious forces whose origins are unknown? Check. Said forces latch onto any living creature foolish enough to get too close? Check. Said forces eventually attempt to overtake their hosts' minds? Check. Both grant evolving powers to the creature? Oh yeah. Now all we need is people attempting to artificially replicate the crystal's effects to varying degrees for free superpowers.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 167
8/12/2012 21:56:32   

Good idea about the parasite I would say, it does seem like it. But I do find it interesting that there isn't a voice trying to tamper with our decisions, since that is the most classic.
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 168
8/12/2012 22:08:14   

Why would they do that? It just makes it all the more obvious they shouldn't be touched, which would be against their goals. No, see, they don't say anything as they want the humans thinking they're actually in control and that they would survive having reached transcendence. No, see, if they went 'Hey, you should burn that house down' sane rational people would realize they aren't trotting around with awesome but cursed into a crappy life of unwitting tug-of-war where the first to drag the other down wins. Thus, they would do actions ranging from denying it from transcendence or destroying the crystal and killing themselves so the thing has to spend another hundred years just to hijack another host.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 169
8/12/2012 22:14:14   

Not exactly that obvious is what I mean. Perhaps when the user decides to kill someone and is wondering, just give them a little reassurance on their decision and stuff. That might be what parsites do to make stuff happen to their favor even more. But if these are parasites, what is it that they want? I doubt it is to control earth, and just gaining a proper body seems a bit too small a goal...

Since my character obtained another Crystal, do I put that in my Inventory or Crystal section? And will the Crystal affect me in any way?
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 170
8/12/2012 22:40:51   
Legendary AK!!!

The crystals have a goal, just to let everyone know... They won't communicate with humans in this game, though. Like I said, the crystals are more of the backstory right now, as first people must deal with trying to survive them, before they can try to learn about them.

And to your questions Selutu:
1) I think kkutwar asked this a while back, and if my memory serves correctly the user will get a permanent -2 SL, lose the ability of regenerating stability, and their powers will be much more difficult to control.

2) The crystal takes back its power, and waits for another host it deems worthy. This is what happened when you killed Thomas Trenklin.

3) It depends. If the person is a Super-Powered, then nothing will happen (Currently, I may change this later to add some benefits). If the person is "dull," and the crystal deems them "unworthy," the experience will likely be fatal. However, if the crystal chooses to create the bond, then they will get superpowers.

Also, put "Thomas' Crystal" in the Inventory section, as it currently yields no benefits (Unless you feel like going around and trying to force powers on someone to make an ally). I don't know what Infection is, but it does sound similar with the crystals.

And once both the crystal and the host are destroyed, the power is lost (Or more accurately returning, though it may as well be lost given the situation).

Every NPC has a motive. They also won't just go around telling people what they plan on doing. If you're truly curious of what is going on, you need to search. It'll be a while before everyone knows. But, by then, it may be too late (As they'd only reveal their plots once they're confident they can't be stopped). Several people have met two of the NPCs, but a third (Maybe also a fourth) remain to be discovered. The first Out-of-Sight yields hints to this.

Edit: Also, kkutwar, I think that your stability should be somewhere around 26% percent. You're nearing critical, just to warn you.

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AQ MQ Epic  Post #: 171
8/12/2012 22:49:32   

I remember to place it in my Inventory on my next update.
And so technically, I can just go up to a random person on the street and force the crystal on them?
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 172
8/12/2012 22:53:53   

I do have my weaponized crystal right? That, and I could of swore those two updates weren't there earlier... Regardless, is something else interesting going to stop him or can he hide within a building somewhere just in case I somehow manage to not notice a bunch of updates... Again. Well, if I fail to post in time at least I get the pleasure of watching an eldritich Beast God going around killing stuff.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 173
8/12/2012 22:59:54   

What do you intend to do once we have stayed in Critical for too long, are you still going to post what's happening to them or not?

Also just read the 2 Out-of-Sight parts... Seems like we have some human rebellion going on.
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 174
8/13/2012 0:45:07   
Legendary AK!!!

Yes, you still have the weaponized crystal. It is possible to find cover - Thanatos did so. It just happens to be very boring waiting for your crystal to recharge you. I know how it feels to suddenly realize something, though - a few days posts ago I suddenly realized that I should've posted at least two updates on my other game. How time can fly.

Yes, you could go around trying to force Thomas' crystal on random people, but it could end up in a very bad position (Such as the crystal giving the person powers, and they might not take it kindly and attempt to kill you). Most consider the Super-Powered freaks, and if one were to go up and basically infect them, then chances are that they'd be mad. And once a player has been critical for more than 3 updates, they're considered dead, and I'll wait a dying post for them. Their character is not, however. Their succumbed body will become an NPC, as their mind has died, and the powers are now in control. Other players may come across what remains of them.
AQ MQ Epic  Post #: 175
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