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RE: Occavatra's Collection of Fiery Masterpieces and Crystals

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10/8/2017 11:22:37   
Warmonger DragonJax

Awwww but still thanks for the Consideration and praise.
Post #: 76
10/25/2017 5:03:56   

Loving the gallery, and it's always great to see the positive change in style and detail over the years!
DF  Post #: 77
11/10/2017 20:21:24   

@Warmonger DragonJax You're very welcome and do not worry. I'll design the weapons at some point in the future if I don't have a lot to do. Anything can happen, man. :)

@Fionnes Thank you so much, miss. I've come a long way since I first started and I always showcase my progress whenever I redesign an old piece. It's always a perfect time to relax and reminisce. :)
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 78
11/10/2017 20:22:43   

Monstrous Pumpkin Patch

I planted a patch of pumpkins and carved a couple of jack o'lanterns. Suddenly, Korin's face appears on a third one under mysterious circumstances, smiling even after Croft's fated return to Apsaydaaun. How did his face materialize and why? Could it be that an overlord fiend with vampiric powers carved it there to keep an eye on Croft until the next year approaches? If he and Korin are indeed in cahoots, what mischief are they planning that could jeopardize the Cauldron Sisters' reputation as famed confectioners? Only next year will tell. Until then, I'm glad that after an entire week of planting that went awry, I finally designed the pumpkins to my satisfaction. It turns out that having a green thin is easier said than done for this pyromancer. I'm better off hitting the books anyway. :P I hope you all like the belated pumpkin patch.

Animation on Deviantart

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11/14/2017 14:02:25   

Vengeful Gourd's Twinkle
While smiles are known to express joy and passion, this one can disguise this jack o' lantern's intent as it takes a liking to you not as a companion, but as one to toy with. Beware its smirk and whatever you do, leave it sheathed on Mogloween night.

It took me about a week and a half to sketch and vector this mace that was inspired from AQ3D's Smashing Pumpkin because I was stumped for a few days and as I said earlier, it came to show that I don't have much of a green thumb. The rest of the weapon's design was fortunately easier for me mostly because I had more practice working with weaponry compared to other objects, however, I still sketch and it's been key advice to me from Charfade to always do so before most, if not all, vectoring takes place. At least, that's what I believe based on my personal experience. *thinks of the Raging Tide of Oceanus and Volt Conductor swords as examples* I'd like to thank the talented and insightful Hollow for his advice that allowed me to create a further distinction in my version of the mace from the original Smashing Pumpkin. What I hope to take out of the design process this time is that I can use this advice to study where one would hold onto a weapon in any shape or size when arming him or herself for battle.

Animation on Deviantart
Side by side comparison on Twitter
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 80
11/19/2017 10:55:48   

Mallet of The Righteous
A sledgehammer made of refined wood that came from a tree in Doomwood devoid of leaves and stone in southern Greenguard that is strong enough to split metal in two. Don't be fooled by the gourd revealed inside the wood for its magic is more than meets the eye.

After I remade AQ3D's Smashing Pumpkin in 2D, I decided to recycle the weapon and recolored the bottom blade and its handle. I then recolored the pumpkin yellow because Thankstaking is around the corner and the color is sometimes associated with autumn. Some foliage on trees do gradually shift from green to yellow. What sets the Mallet of the Righteous apart from the Vengeful Gourd's Twinkle is the wooden head and the dark chartreuse blade on top of it. While working with wooden textures is nothing new to me, it was my first time designing texture on refined wood with Flash, which took me another five days and I'm glad it turned out to be pretty nice from a distance. I'm at a loss regarding what type of wood I prefer since its texture can vary depending on the type, but there's always room for improvement in that area. ;) The Mallet of the Righteous is my take on Amelia's Mallet, but it heavily contrasts to the original version because the head is more uneven, the handle is made of stone, the grip has a different texture, there are blades placed at the bottom and top of the weapon, the metallic layer in between the grip and the bottom blade retains jagged edges, and last but not least, clicking on the light orange button reveals the glowing yellow gourd in the place of the wooden head. The differences are drastic because I took a naturalistic approach on the design process and sought out ideas on how to set the weapon apart from what it was based on. Its backstory also differs from its original counterpart. While Hollow forged the mighty mallet for his daughter in the AdventureQuest timeline, I believe that in the DragonFable timeline that Amelia herself forged the mallet out of grief during Occavatra's, Irene's, Europa's, and Fortitudo's journey into the underworld to rescue her father that took place shortly after Jaania froze the Hero, Warlic, and Xan in self-healing ice at the end of Book 2. She vowed to use her mallet to defend her family and home alongside her father since then, hence the name of the weapon. I hope you guys like it and I'd like to thank Gabriel Castro for his helpful feedback on the weapon's design. :)

Interactive animation on Deviantart

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11/20/2017 23:43:53   

Mogloween Storybook Collector's Edition Volume 2

This copy of the Mogloween Storybook Collector's Edition was distributed to a hooded nature-based sorcerer attired in robes of white by Vincent, Jenna, and Fortitudo during their travels around Lore to search for their companions who were captured by the Rose not long before the Hero had been thawed. The young sorcerer was pleased to acquire such a book during a perilous journey of his own for he felt that the guidance offered in the mystical book on the Cauldron Sisters' tales would light the way to a stronger and enlightened peace of mind. Accompanied in this copy are vines wrapped around the pedestal, several skulls scattered the area, cobwebs growing behind the scenery, a stash of weapons stored in a cauldron who was once human, and a pumpkin carved with an eerie face that had not been spotted since the Reset. What is the significance of its appearance and why has it materialized onto Lore once more? This innocent-looking jack o' lantern might be hiding a dark but strange secret long-thought to be lost forever.

Image on Deviantart

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12/2/2017 11:29:55   

Numbing Blunt Sword of Hypothermia
A dangerous weapon capable of producing ice crystals at touch, its user can freeze the heart of its target in the blink of an eye or worse, cause it to stop beating for good.

This weapon, alongside its staff and dagger variations, were given to select warriors, mages, and rogues with undying devotion to the Rose by Archmagus Jaania as a thanks for their support and upon being assimilated into a recently founded squadron of knights known as the Rose Inquisition whose duty is to bring dissidents into questioning by the group's leader. He was personally appointed by Jaania for the individual was fair, understanding, and lacks personal bias because his heart had been frozen to the core moments after he lost his deeply beloved to Nicodemus. Fortunately, those who are brought into questioning are oftentimes let go under the condition where they swear loyalty to the Kingdom of Greenguard and promise to cease advocating against the Rose. Those that break their promises, lie during questioning, or fail the entire interrogation would be subject to getting a Numbing Blunt Weapon of Hypotermia pointed at their hearts to freeze them in hopes that their emotions would evaporate enough for them to be reduced to cynical distant versions of their former selves. Their fates remain unknown afterwards. Not long after Occavatra and his friends began to fight against the Rose, one Rose Inquisitor Knight attempted to apprehend Europa while she was out on a night stroll outside of Falconreach alone, but she surpassed the knight and used his sword against him not long after she salvaged it in order to save her own life. Europa removed the rose emblems from the Numbing Blunt Sword and replaced them with some of the diamonds she cherished growing up. Since then, it became her secondary weapon. Aware of its potentially fatal power, Europa vowed to only use it in life-threatening situations and battles. Since the failed attempt to arrest the little girl, the squadron was temporarily disbanded for an undetermined period of time, but it wasn't until after the Magesterium's attempted siege on Swordhaven's Castle during its gala that Jaania revived the group. This time, it is not just dissidents, anti-Rose activists, and rebels that were targeted by the Rose Inquisition, but also inhabitants of Dragonia with even the slightest Tkaanie descent. The reason is that their leader and likely Jaania herself holds a deep-seated agonizing fear that they might be spies that tipped off the Magesterium to attack the castle that fateful night. While the members of the Inquisition and their leader remained patient and polite enough to release most of their suspects once found innocent, some members have slowly begun to slip under Akanthus's shadow while taking their ice crystal-producing weaponry with them in the process...

It's been a while since I made a sword during my busy schedule in late November into December and I had to refresh my memory a little bit. This was more of an experimental sword that I drew in which I attemped to incorporate Nulgath's style into it after Void, a fellow AQW moderator, suggested to me to give it a try. The end result wasn't what I expected it to be so I ended up having to improvise on the sword's guard and handle. After a fixer upper yesterday morning, I was ultimately satisfied with how the sword turned out in the end of the design process. The next time I experiment with Nulgath's style, I would rather collaborate with someone else and take my time studying the weaponry textures seen in Oversoul.

Image on Deviantart

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12/16/2017 22:13:48   

Occavatra (Book 1)

Not long after Occavatra's pyromancy was exposed to the city of Galicia during a deadwood attack that nearly led to the village catching flame, the fearful young man who was simply trying to save his own life isolated himself in the town library once more with Irene to read about the practical uses of pyromancy to prevent such an accident from happening again. It took him a month to sink in the fact that the element of fire is in the palms of his hands and exercise self-control over such a fearful power with the knowledge that he gained from the spell-casting tomes on the left side of the library's second floor. Although he is no longer afraid of losing control of his magic, he was still fearful of how he is perceived by more people should they become aware of it. Up until the move to Falconreach, Irene remained the only exception for her thoughts of the young man had not changed since she made that discovery herself. Overtime, Occavatra expanded his circle of friends and treated his pyromancy as an extension of himself, which further eroded his fear of the element itself. Despite the fact that he keeps his fire magic in control most of the time, he might occasionally miss a target and burn down a tree by accident with no further damage to its surroundings. Please don't joke about burning trees in front of Occavatra because to this day, he is still uncomfortable about the reminder of the fateful deadwood encounter. You might get a laugh out of Irene and his other allies, though.

During The Final 13th!, Occavatra's appearance hasn't changed too much except he had equipped sharp shoulder plates and he had forged his sword that he would later use as a dragonlord. In order to get an advantage against stronger foes, Occavatra uses this sword to disintegrate enemy defenses, leaving them vulnerable to his fiery attacks. Most of the time, striking where it hurts the most can save both his own life and his allies. In his additional animation, he performs the attack by unsheathing his sword and stabbing his target. The sword then catches fire before it burns out once the target's defenses are weakened by the flames. Occavatra also did not wear his shoulder plates as permanent accessories, but rather as a type of upgrade to protect his shoulders and keep his arms together. He found them in the Elemental Foothills while making his way toward the entrance of the Wind Elemental Cave. It seems like the Cultists had passed through the region and somehow dropped these two. Judging from the three ominous runes on the pieces of metal, they contain traces of dark magic that grants their wearer minor immunity to darkness, which was why he lasted longer against the Shadowscythe while he helped his comrades defend the Elemental Foothills.


After the war had concluded, with great reluctance, he placed the shoulder plates aside and kept them in his dresser's bottom drawer in his and Irene's home in Falconreach because he did not want another one of his terrible secrets exposed to even his friends and allies; his relationship with the Darkspyre family and the forces of darkness.

Occavatra's Book 1 outfit started with a concept of him drawn by Ergotth that I enjoyed. Although a caster class does not define him given that he is a warrior (or dragonlord to be specific) at heart, I liked it enough to design the attire to have him start out as a weaker one while his skill as a warrior built up. Over the span of Book 1, he dealt with monsters from creepy crawly spiders and elementals to insatiable adventurers consumed by their Doom Weapons and a dangerous Deadwood Destroyer that would've been beyond his caliber if he wasn't aided by Irene, Ingrijirea, Myron, Twilly, and Ash. I would like to thank Ergotth for inspiring me to draw this armor and pushing me past my comfort zone on this one especially when I finally animated the attacks. By studying some of DragonFable's animations, I found a way to make the walking animations more realistic. If you're wondering why Occavatra is wearing the Boulder Mask, the New Rock Mask, the Heavy Mask, and the Classic Rock Mask respectively on his head in both animations, it's because he didn't like his hair after Patch trimmed it on two separate occasions. Oh, well. ;)

Book 1 Animation on Deviantart
Second Book 1 Animation on Deviantart

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 84
12/22/2017 7:04:22   

Those helmets... are perfect for pyromancy. The original welding masks. Occatrava won't be singing his eyebrows off any time soon... until his hair grows back.

Huge improvements with the shading and details on the armour. If I might suggest adding a much darker shading tone, for shadows close to the sources (such as where the plates overlap), that will add a greater sense of depth to details of that type.
In particular the brass components on his arms are nicely done, as well as the shoulderplates and belts.

In regards to the animation, walking is a quite complex motion which needs a lot of keyframes, as well as separate motions for the lower leg. I'd recommend looking at clips of people walking for reference.

It's been over a year since I first popped in here, and you're getting way better! More recently, your shading's improved a lot.
Post #: 85
12/22/2017 23:34:59   

@Shiny_Underpants Wow, thank you. ^_^ Compared to most pyromancers that go mad overtime, Occa is a lot more collected and level-headed, but it still never hurts to wear protective gear created naturally from stone. In real life, I love collecting stones and minerals with bizarre, yet interesting shapes because not only do I find the bright colors compelling, but also because of the emotions they are said to be associated with.

I do recognize that my skill with armor still needs some work, but I am getting better. I'll keep your suggestion in mind given that armor and clothing in general are still some of my weakest points. Thank you very much for recognizing my improvement and where I still need to level up my skill as usual. ;)

Although animation comes easier for me, I actually have been looking to improve the way I animate my characters walking and I decided to animate Occa running based on my observations and memories of how our DF characters generally walk. I'll start practicing walking animation again on another character I'm redesigning, which would be a good time for me to also keep your recommendation in mind because watching clips of others walking might give me a better idea so I'll be able to grow my skill in that portion of my animation skills. Yeah, time really flies when I practice and grow my gallery. Fortunately, I do not plan on stopping anytime soon so here's to another year of passion and growth!
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 86
1/9/2018 23:39:34   

Propitious Heartbeat Mage Weapons
The potent fire magic that courses within the crystal flowers that bind to this scepter/wand had caused it to prevail over the perils of snow storms that would've swept away life forms like a fragile candlelight. Use it to melt a heart that succumbed to ice to bless it with the warmth of love once again.

In the DragonFable timeline, Silas had forged these weapons by using his own, Agatha's Desolation, as a model to base them off of and the crystalline flowers created from Elemental Essences by his grandmother with the staff's namesake. Both the staff and the wand were given to two agents of the Vind as a countermeasure against the Rose Inquisitor Knights and to melt the cold hearts that belonged to the unfortunate souls that they have not released should they succeed in rescuing them. More importantly, the Propitious Heartbeat Mage Weapons were created to reverse the effects of Jaania's ice magic through passive fire, a symbol of energy that courses through all that are living and love that they feel toward those they care about as well as their dreams. The agents that Silas had gifted these weapons to chose to remain anonymous to avoid being followed by their foes.

In the AdventureQuest timeline, the crystalline flowers were forged from gemstones that were found in Paxia's Igneus territory by an unidentified pyromancer who has a fondness of gemstones. The weapons that they became a part of were unfortunately abandoned for twenty long years and were later found by a gifted, studious mage named Winifred while she was studying abroad on the behalf of Northern Galicia University. She later brought them back to be donated to the school's bookstore to sell every February when they are at their most powerful.

The design process of the scepter and wand variants was an amazing learning experience for me because it allowed to explore European architecture once again and I took some inspiration from visiting one of aunts' house with my family two weekends ago before New Year's Day. Vectoring my sketches of the golden columns, gem holders, and curved capitals were challenging for me because they took some trial and error, but Hollow's advice on shading helped me pull through and give the columns a texture that came out nice and I am thankful for that because it helped me enjoy the design process and I started to have fun piecing together the rest of the weapon like they were broken pieces to put back together. The direction I took with Hollow's help worked perfectly and I was happy with how elegantly the scepter and variants turned out afterwards. ^_^ The above blurbs are the weapons' origins that take place in AQ's and DF's respective timelines to avoid any possible confusion about the details provided. Most of the time, I like to talk about DragonFable lore each time I describe a finished product except when it comes to writing item descriptions for AQW. Happy Hero's Heart Day, everyone!

Image on Deviantart
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 87
1/9/2018 23:42:22   

Agatha's Desolation
This bittersweet beauty was forged by an aeromancer who lost her husband at sea decades ago to cope with her grief. Whenever its user would place their ear on the foggy wind orb, they can hear the near-elderly sorceress weep, longing for her beloved to return to her even if it is only in her dreams.

Agatha is the name of a woman who settled into a lone cabin in the Elemental Foothills to watch the ocean from on top of a mountain where the wind titan Zyphos once lived to await her husband's return, even though it was obvious he was not coming back. Every day, Agatha would practice her aerokinesis and harvest Elemental Essences to keep herself occupied. She had so many essences in her collection that she had decided to coalesce them into beautiful crystalline flowers that would remind her of the days of her youth when she and her husband were betrothed and he took her out to the flower meadows that flourished in the forests in between Galicia and Swordhaven. Upon realizing that her husband was not coming back, Agatha undertook one last project before she chose to settle down for good. She fashioned herself an eloquent and refined scepter that would allow the wind to calm down enough for her to hear the ocean waves so she, too, can breathe the air she believed would help her carry on through the rest of her life. Unfortunately, over the next two years, she was never heard from again. A water elemental disguised as a hooded priest paid a visit to Agatha's son, a landlord who owned large plots of land in the northern Greenguard Region along with his wife, to inform him of her passing. His family grieved for an entire week and there were no new clients through that period of time. When that week had passed, the staff that Agatha forged was passed on to her grandson, Silas, to teach him to always protect anything he held close to his heart, which he had promised to do. Although he took his grandmother's collection of crystalline flowers with him before he went into hiding in Doomwood Forest, the cabin on top of the mountain in the foothills remains deserted to this day. Only time will tell when another will call it home.

The crests and the orbs are recolored versions of the one that is part of the Aurora Key, but I had made much of the artwork that was used to make up this staff myself with advice from Hollow, which I am thankful for. I hope you all enjoy it. :)

Image on Deviantart
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 88
1/22/2018 22:49:46   

Irene (Book 1)

Irene had moved to Falconreach with Occavatra to start life anew. There, she was taught by Twilly to become a healer, allowing her to channel her magic through the Midday Mage Wand to cure common, preventable diseases and fix broken bones at ease. She also continued to practice her aerokinesis and in the process, discovered that she had a hidden talent that consists of temporarily turning air into weapons made of solidified metal that can cleave through even the hardest of solid objects. It is a little-known aerokinetic ability that runs through her lineage that had become a recessive trait in recent years due to a variety of unions between Ireneís ancestors and those who belonged to other bloodlines. Unfortunately, while Irene herself is able to perfect the ability, she lacked the control necessary to properly aim the solidified air at her foes before they vanish back into thin air, putting her allies at risk of accidental injury. This is why that she rarely practices the ability, however, being imperfect compared to Occavatra and her peers in Falconreach had given her self-doubt and she questions not only her worth as an individual, but also her ability to take care of herself during intensive combat situations. Despite the insecurity, Irene refuses to give in to them and vows to continue to educate herself so she can achieve mastery in her magical abilities. Thatís why she began using her Wavespanner Wand that she would normally use for passive reasons to summon a small rain storm to keep multiple enemies at bay while she uses her aerokinesis to strike them down one by one within seconds. The occasional wind daggers that Irene keeps sheathed in her belt should her mana run low also allows her to strike her enemies swiftly, granting her enough time to drink a mana potion she keeps in her knapsack to keep herself refreshed so she can stay in action.

I revamped Ireneís Book 1 outfit to allow her outfit and hair to give her a fresh, new look to suit my current drawing capabilities that contrasted from the last time I designed the outfit in 2015. Drawing clothes for NPCs to wear is still one of my weak points so I recolored the sleeve and shirt on the Detective Uniform from MechQuest. In addition, Iíd like to thank Bido for his help on Ireneís skirt and for his advice that Iíll take with me the next time I decide to try at hand at skirt designing. I greatly appreciate that. The Midday Mage Wand that Irene uses for her healing spell that Twilly taught her how to use is a yellow recoloring of the Frostvale Mage Wand on AQW. I decided to have Irene equip different weaponry whenever she has to use magic that it is outside her comfort zone. As for the wind-related attack animations, I stuck to using solid weapons and a replication of one of Drakathís attacks as seen in the Captainís Orders and Walk Through Fire quests in which he has taken possession of the Wind Orb. The fact that Irene can perform the skill without the Wind Orb in her possession demonstrates her potential as a sorceress and that there is room for improvement in her skill much like there is plenty of room for doing so with my own Flash skills. I did include two examples of her ability to use solidified air against her foes such as launching rotating six greyish-silver wind sickles in random directions and launching four Windy Double Bladed Axes from the sky. At around the time Irene and Occavatra had first settled into Falconreach, she barely has control over the direction of where the axes are flung at once she has summoned them so she is forced is visualize an image of a straight line in front of her to decrease the risk of injury to herself and her allies, but the odds are there is no guarantee the method would work as it should. Few master aeromancers especially those in Ireneís bloodline could perfect such a rare spell and even if they could, it would take months of intensive training with discipline and self-control. She does, however, remain passionate and strong-willed throughout the ride to achieving mastery. I hope everyone likes this new version of Irene. She would come to be known as the Belle of the Battlefield in the years to come.

Alternative Image
Animation on Deviantart
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 89
1/22/2018 23:04:36   

Looking back at the versions of Irene's Book 1 outfit especially at the way her hair is styled, I was satisfied that getting into the habit to sketch before vectoring had finally paid off. Nowadays, Irene's outfit is a fusion between medieval and contemporary themes. Her collared shirt survived the Reset, which for some reason, Irene had knowledge of alongside a select few that had lived in the previous timeline beforehand. Irene's facial appearance is also more noticeable due to the size of her natural red lips and ocean blue eyes that match both her brother's and father's, but her natural beauty is the least of her worries. Her love of literature and the battlefield in addition to her compassionate personality has allowed to reach a level of enlightenment that helped her realize that true beauty comes from the heart.

AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 90
1/23/2018 23:02:27   

Red Double Axe Blade
Once you muster the strength to lift this heavy behemoth, you can deal with multiple enemies single-handedly and foil sneak attacks without having to turn around. So that's why two axe heads are better than one.

Windy Double Axe Blade
It takes extreme tranquility for an aeromancer to solidify air temporally and retain control of the weapon to gain a powerful edge against armored foes. This rare axe blade is air that was permanently solidified by one that had released every earthly tether that held him back to achieve true happiness. Unfortunately, that aeromancer had long past and no one else has come close to repeating that achievement since then.

I redesigned the blades' texture on the weapons and its handle as well as replacing the red orbs placed in between the sharp edges with polished gemstones. The greenish-brown (or grey if you're looking at the Windy Double Axe Blade version on the right) piece where the gemstone is attached and is keeping the blade together retained the same texture. The only changes in that piece of the weapon are that its value shifts from light to dark near the bottom of the piece past its added border and the top edges are redesigned. Four Windy Double Axe Blades can be summoned as one of Irene's attacks that she begins to develop control over as Occavatra's backstory nears Book 3 in DragonFable's canon.

Image on Deviantart
Original version of the AQW weapon
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 91
3/10/2018 23:47:42   

Yíknow, despite saying that armor and hair are your weak points, I think theyíre pretty good. Theyíre my strongest-points, so I can help you out.

First, draw a body shape. This is a very important framework for the clothes. Next, ask yourself wether the clothes are tight, loose, or armor. When you draw wrinkle lines, you may want to start out by erasing a few millimiters from the side, curving them outwards a little, and bringing them back in. Donít hesitate with wrinkle lines, they give personality, too. For tight clothes, strap the clothing lines on the body shape, and add fewer wrinkle lines, for loose ones, make them baggy with many wrinkle lines. For armor, make it a slight bit further than the body shape on the front and closer on the back. Try giving it the notorious metallic curve armors are famous for in dragonfable. (See: Warrior/DmK) Donít hesitate with detail wherever you feel necessary. Even geomitric shapes scattered around with lines connecting them to form bigger geometric shapes (i told u im weird) looks good if executed well.

Hair is a little more complicated. When drawing tied back or shorter hair, divide it into segments by lines. Fill these segments with lines going in the direction of hair. Iíll try drawing some references and ideas for you.

Your Pumpkin Patch has some God-like shading (my weak spot). I feel youíre really good with still-life objects. Your Red and Windy Double axes are someting Iíd specially design my CC armors to complement because of how well you made them look, and 2017 Irene looks really beautiful, but try to make her skirt a little more dynamic with detail and gradient. Turning her closer shoe at an angle like the soulweaver/pyromancer armorís legs would look gr8, tho. Her hair could fall a bit on her forehead and then be tucked behind her ear. Your improvement in art is clearly visible,and its rapidly escalating. With a little more practice, you might be a concept artist for the game, too! (Donít hold my word on that, you might wanna ask Dove.) Iím eager to see your next works of art.

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DF  Post #: 92
3/18/2018 9:15:22   

@BluuHorseOfficial Thank you so much, man. I truly appreciate your praise and I definitely appreciate the offer to help because I plan to challenge myself to work on that weak point as I design more NPCs.

Most of the time, I draw armor because it's easier for me to execute, though you're right about deciding what type of clothes they should be because the shapes and textures are more organic. The feedback is concise and thoughtful so I'll keep it in mind when I move on to my next NPC. It also made me feel a lot better about that weak point in my Flash art. I've been recommended to look at examples of game art before in order to understand the style, but I mustn't forget to use real-life references as well. :) Even though my styling of hair and clothing still needs work, I'm not going to give up until I become as proficient with them as I am with my weapons and armor so I'm definitely not going to hesitate to add detail when necessary. Again, thank you, Bluu.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 93
3/18/2018 9:22:40   

Nevermore Lullaby Dagger
The seaside breeze that lingers on the Tkaanie coastline was sealed into this knife. Launch it and it'll fly as fast as the speed of the wind that lingers with long-forgotten beauty.

It's been a couple months since I showcased a finished product (And it feels weird posting in my art gallery again as an ArchKnight in the General Discussion forum), but I've been spending what little time I had in between schooling and my AE responsibilities updating Irene's attack animations that came with a dress she started wearing since she participated in the Great Fire War. While there, she met a wind-based elemental spirit named Curga who is a late bloomer. Since Irene is not a soulweaver, Curga is still on her own, but is willing to aid Irene during times of need if the latter can recite a couplet that Curga was taught when she was alive. This particular dagger belonged to Curga while she was an assassin living in Mortem and stayed with her even in the afterlife. Whenever Irene summons her to battle, she carries that dagger so she can charge at enemies at ease to cause that puncture to feel as if the wind itself is razor sharp.

Image on Deviantart
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 94
3/18/2018 16:04:36   

Okay, wow! Simple design, yet intricate detail. This is one of your best pieces of art right here. I canít wait for the attack animations, whenever theyíll be ready ;D... <3 Love your weapon art as always!

~Archnalchemical Spoonmancer BluuHorse
DF  Post #: 95
3/21/2018 10:24:51   

@BluuHorseOfficial Thank you very much. One of my specialties in Flash does lie in crafting weapons mostly from my memory. ^_^ I sketched out the handle first because I got rusty there and I wanted to try out a new style.
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Irene (Book 1, post-Fire Orb Saga)

Irene's stay in Falconreach and looking out for Occavatra's well-being was a life-changing experience for her for she abandoned the comfort of a luxurious lifestyle in favor of being an incredibly good friend to a broken soul and seeing the world beyond those transcribed in books in Galicia's library. She had made new friends that she felt were wonderful to her, began using her aerokinesis for combat more frequently than she was used to, and she was less miserable being away from her parents much like her disowned brother. Irene even purchased a pair of new boots for herself before going on her first quest with Occavatra and a few adventurers for she liked their long-lasting durability and flexibility during intensive fighting and they matched her preferred color. During a trip to Darkovian territory with Occavatra and Myron to search for her brother because of a rumor he was staying in a village near its borders, she had looted a dress that once belonged to a female umbramancer who wore it even after she wept to death when she waited too long for her forbidden lover to come find her. Irene was fascinated by the patterns and colors that make up the dress and hoped to one day uncover the young maiden's life leading up to her death for she sensed the same amount of sorrow and woe within her skeleton much like how Occavatra is trying to cope with his own struggle. She decided to start wearing the dress in favor of the clothing she brought from home so she shelved them away in her dressers after she returned to Falconreach because she wanted it to represent her perseverance through dark times. She especially wore a crown of lilies that was alongside others that she and Eonaleth had made together during moments of leisure in addition to replacing her bracelets with those worn by wind elementals. Occavatra was sadly absent for the second half of the great Fire War following Akriloth's death under mysterious circumstances, forcing Irene to take matters into her own hands bearing in mind that Drakonnan was rising to power quickly and inhabitants of Falconreach and nearby villages had set up camp in the Badlands. The young woman accompanied them to the war front right away to help dispose of the grief-driven pyromancer, however, she was naive to the hardships of war when she first arrived. Even though she was given her own training sword from Guardian Kain, shoulder plates, and greaves to wear from Yulgar, she was unable to contend with the warriors-in-training and guardians right away and every defeat was humiliating to her. While Irene was alone decorating her battle gear with sapphires she loved and kept with her to take her mind off of failing multiple times and worrying about Occavatra in the process, a kind and caring paladin named Gandiral personally mentored her in a one-on-one session for he felt it would be a better approach for her training. Through these private sessions, she excelled in the sparring matches that followed and she was quickly praised for her combat style, which combined both melee and magical attributes. Near the end of the Fire War, Irene clashed with Drakonnas to protect the future location of Battleon and remembering her training, she was able to outclass him and save the camp, adding a portion of his magic to her own in the process. Since then, her rainstorm spell had become deadlier, she regularly uses the trainee sword she was given to temporally weaken her foes' balance, and her aeromancy had advanced far enough for her to launch a tornado that sends multiple light-weight enemies into the air at once. Even though her magic is still flawed and lacks control over some of her spells, Irene's experience and training caused her to become formidable enough to take care of herself without living under Occavatra's shadow.

It took up to a month for me to modify Irene's appearance and add three additional attack animations in the process so compared to my previous animations, it took more trial and error as well as revising my own assets based on feedback from my friends and fellow team members that I thought would help me in the long run, but what caused the making of these attack animations to take a lot longer than I want it to was when I discovered that I accidentally removed a few extra frames and that caused the entire animation to be all over the place because it wasn't on the same page as the other assets that are already animated so I was forced to start over and examine each frame whenever I modify them to make sure I didn't mess up. Thanks to learning from my mistake and feedback received from Hollow, Dracelix, Mesu, Caststarter (for reminding me that sabatons are not good for running. D:), and the entire Beacons of Hope guild for their encouragement and support, I was able to perfect my modifications and additions to Irene's attack animations to formulate a finished product that I am proud of. I am going to rule out using dresses for animating attacks that involve heavy movement in the future because I will recreate Irene's Book 3 outfit as well. Seriously, thank you everyone that I mentioned for your help. ^_^

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A resident in Mortem who was an assassin and died the way she lived under unknown circumstances. As an elemental spirit in its larva stage, she is forced to avoid people as long as possible and fled to Dragonia to live in the Badlands. She remained in hiding there until an aeromancer named Irene found her during one of her training sessions with Gandiral and reassured the spirit not to be afraid of her. After calming Curga down, she sensed purity in the young woman's soul and found her word to be sincere. Although the aeromancer is not a soulweaver, the two bonded over their mutual feelings of ambition, allowing Curga to trust her enough to instill her with wisdom from a couplet she learned during her lifetime; "Never look back at your past if it harms your fragile soul. Always living in the moment when the heart had been broken will eventually take its toll." If Irene recites the couplet in her head or out loud, Curga would be summoned to her side to provide either emotional support or to help her in combat for a short period of time. Sadly, unless she is called to Irene's side, she spends most of her days remaining in hiding, but never far away from the pure soul.

I drew a simplistic elemental spirit in the shape of a crane as a quick gradient exercise while improvising one of Irene's additional attacks. The animation involving her wings flapping is simple and straightforward but realistic enough give Curga fairy-like characteristics. Since she was the first elemental spirit that I drew, I settled for a simpler approach, but maybe one of these days, I'll try to be more elaborate when I start drawing humanoid forms. Not that Curga would have one anytime soon anyway. :P

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A hospitable, kind eighteen-year-old maiden that was given a place to stay in the Shears after she came out of the surrounding forests, exhausted. Her misadventure that led to these events had taken place several years before the Hero was thawed from his/her icy prison near Oaklore and had since then refused to talk about it to anyone who she does not consider a comrade. Despite that hidden pain, it does little to bother her for she keeps her occupied with her housekeeping chores. Johanna also demonstrates to have undying empathy for others by being more than willing to lend an ear to a friend or stranger that wants to talk out their problems, though she is cautious about accidentally letting her own story spill. Besides being able to keep the rebellion organization's headquarters tidy, she is an excellent tea sommelier and herbalist. She is known to brew dragonfruit tea and concoct scented oils made from the mana-infused lavenders that grew near the Oculus Tower in the weeks following its destruction both of which she had used to help treat mental disturbances. Her dragonfruit tea, made from those that are imported from Sho'Nuff Island, enhances the drinker's ability to recall, but because memories differ in individuals, it doesn't always produce the best results much to Johanna's discomfort. Unfortunately, she drinks the tea herself in order to remember an order given to her should she forget or doze off somehow, but the young maiden generally has no problem with keeping her short-term memory maintained. Johanna's unusual method for preparing dragonfruit tea is the usage of a butcher knife to slice the fruit despite the fact it could easily be done with someone's bare hands. At first, it may seem like that she goes off the deep end to brew her tea, but since she can get slightly irritable when the occupants don't pick up after themselves, it turns out that she is actually a stickler for cleanliness.

Drawing Johanna's attire was a fun and challenging process for me, but it took me some trial and error to perfect her green skirt with Dracelix's advice which I will try hard to remember since this won't be the last time I would be fashioning skirts or dresses depending on the NPC. The dragonfruit was especially enjoyable for me to design because I've been wanting to draw this exotic fruit for ages since I first read about it and I drew my first sketch right away. Unfortunately, when I finally got a chance to vector it, I wasn't happy about how it turned out so I decided to take a simpler approach by keeping Hollow's earlier feedback about the columns used for Agatha's Desolation and the Propitious Heartbeat Mage weapons in mind. The final product came out much better than my first vector and I'm pretty happy about it and tea kettle's design process was smooth sailing. ^_^ I took a few more days to assemble a tea kit using the map asset containing the recipe and the Evolved Butcher Knife from AQW. Johanna typically uses it to slice her dragonfruit and brew her tea and maybe if all goes well and you earn her respect and trust, you might be able to take a kit home with you so you can brew dragonfruit tea yourself. The kettle will not be included because it is a 5000-year-old historical relic that predates the elemental wars as told by Lord Valorus in The Secret of the Thorn. Johanna came across that object while she was still living in her hometown and she kept it as her most prized possession since then. I would like to give a huge shout-out to Bido for his additional help and advice with the shoe size and feet that I know I will truly appreciate in the long run as well as a thank you to Ergotth for additional corrections. I hope you enjoy the design and join Johanna for a spot of tea.

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Amelia is the second-oldest daughter of the Mech-anic, Hollow, who looks up to her father for his guidance, determination, and wisdom. She is a caring, open-minded, adventurous girl who is tough-as-nails in the face of danger and is fiercely protective of her family and those who are loyal to her even if a higher power threatens them. She scarcely has difficulty making new friends because she connects easily with individuals who are not afraid of magic and science and they accept both phenomena as a natural part of life, though she does show signs of weariness on occasion when questioning the intentions of those who she interacts with. Amelia is fond of cards games and spends much of her time playing by herself whenever she is bored to keep her intellect sharp and usually takes a deck of them with her wherever she goes. She harbors a small trace of shadow magic due to an unlikely encounter with Voidstar at a young age, allowing her to retract blades of dark energy from her cards to aid her in hand-to-hand combat. Her most formidable weapon, however, is her signature mallet that includes a rare type of wood found in the Elemental Foothills that absorbs magic like a sponge for safekeeping. Forged by her father as a gift to help the family fend off a hoard of zardbies from Bootware City on Mogloween 2011, Amelia uses that mallet to pulverize heavy armor entirely and deflect enemy projectiles in order to use their own attacks against them. The more magic that the mallet absorbs, the deadlier the deflection becomes once she returns it. Unfortunately, Amelia could only contend with one enemy at a time when she uses this tactic, which is why she must rely on her excellent agility, and use her enchanted cards as a backup plan for her ability to dodge melee and ranged strikes effectively and her superhuman strength inherited from her father compensates for her weak defense.

At the beginning of last November when AdventureQuest ran a contest where a random player is given Ameliaís Mallet every day when they play for the duration of the month, I became intrigued enough to want to design my take on Amelia as a DragonFable NPC. To start off, I took screenshots of the cards that are seen in the interior of Ellialís Card Shop in Ravenloss and replicated them before I decreased their brightness while raising the saturation and contrast to give these cards a bright red color. Afterward, I took a couple screenshots in MechQuest of the Wave hairstyle and a gradient-shading shield that was used as a shoulder plate for the Ace NSC Series before I replicated and recolored both of them. I didnít want to design a half-baked copy of Ameliaís costume so I gave the attire a contemporary, gothic-styled twist so I can balance out the tomfoolery theme with a serious tonality. The entire red and black color scheme on the outfit that I vectored from my sketches remained cohesive until I colored the hiking shoes green to increase the outfitís authenticity. In the late design process, before I designed the jester hat, I weaponized the cards that Amelia is holding in her left hand by adding darkness-based e-blades so the cards arenít used as simple props. The inclusion also indicates that she has some degree of dark magic, but not a huge amount of it per se. Designing my interpretation of Amelia based on Hollowís preferences and the contemporary theme gave me a chance to improve on some of my weak points and become more comfortable with designing clothing and accessories, even though the belt took some trial and error to perfect for a couple of nights. I'd also like to thank Ergotth for a couple of minor anatomy pointers as well. I hope you all enjoy it. :)

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