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Dragonspine Mountains

Lord Cyrus: The story of the Dracomancers is one of discovering untold power in a kindred spirit among the natural world. It is a tale of tragedy and triumph...
Lord Cyrus: The choices my people made long ago led to our near-extinction. But the choices I made have allowed us to survive, and grow in number and strength.
Lord Cyrus: Perhaps our once-greatest enemy, the Dragonslayers, can one day be our greatest ally... Time will tell. And YOU will help determine our destiny!
  1. An Uneasy Peace «Level 10 required*»
  2. Bradakhan's Arrival «Level 5 required*»
  3. The Void Dragons! «Level 10 required*»
  4. The Dragon King Part I «Level 15 required*»
  5. The Dragon King Part II «Level 20 required*»
  6. Firespawn Part I «Level 23 required*»
  7. Firespawn Part II «Level 25 required*»
  8. Vartai Secrets!
  9. Galanoth's Fate!
  10. Dragon Morphs!
  11. The Destroyer Part 1!
  12. The Destroyer Part 2!
  13. The Destroyer Part 3!
  14. DragonRiders
  15. Doom Dragon
  16. Fusion Dragons 1
  17. Fusion Dragons 2
  18. Guardian Dragon War!
  19. Wyvern Rider War!
  20. Dragon War Steel
  21. Dragon War Platinum
  22. Dragons Gone Wild!
  23. Diamonds & Explosions
*Lord Cyrus: i am sorry, but you must be Level «» to experience this quest. It will not take you long to level up-- the first 70 levels can be gained in a matter of weeks!
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