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  • Absolix Rising!
  • Absolix Attacks
  • Absolix's Army
  • Absolix Final Battle!
  • Absolix Falling: Salvation!
  • The Future Begins Now: AQ Preview Cutscene
  • Absol-ution IV

    Bio: Absolix is the "son" of Ryuusei Cartwright, and was "created" with the help of Visia and The Mutant King. He seeks to control Lore by creating the greatest army of all time, formed of the greatest villians that ever were. After being defeated by his own father, Absolix was sent to school in a distant galaxy.

    Absolix returned a year later after undergoing guidance from his teacher, seeking his father to have him to atone for his sins. A fierce battle ensued, which caused both Ryuusei and Absolix to vanish from the Scar. He was found later, still battling Cartwright, by Galrick and Celestra. Absolix went with Galrick, Celestra and Cartwright to see Ryuusei who passed shortly after the group arrived and met him. Absolix's current whereabouts are unknown.

    Function: Serves as a war boss.

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    Thanks to Stephen Nix. Alternate image courtesy of Stephen Nix. Alternate image 2 and extended bio thanks to Heartdragon. Correction thanks to bsteiny16.

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