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Resident Sneevil: Uprising

Location: Mogloween 2010 -> Irwin Dundee -> Uprising
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Resident Sneevil: CODE SALL-IE
Release Date: October 22nd, 2010

Objective: Fight off the infected!
Objective completed: Fight off the infected!


Objective: You've been infected with the Z-Virus! Visit the Sisters for the cure... or spread the infection to other adventurers!
Objective completed: You've been infected with the Z-Virus! Visit the Sisters for the cure... or spread the infection to other adventurers!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

War Meter


During the waves if you are asked to treat the infection you must choose

Fight As Infected! Spread the Z-Virus! - Gives you the a temporary Zardbie Armor
Take the TART Cure! - Cures you and you fight as normal!

Either option completes quest!

Wave 1: (1) Protozard, (1) HyperZard, (1) Taster, (1) Tracker, (1) Warden
Wave 2: (1) HyperZard, (1) Protozard, (1) Taster, (1) Tracker, (1) Beez
Wave 3: (1) Frogzard, (1) HyperZard, (1) Warden, (1) Protozard, (1) Beez
Wave 4: (1) Frogzard, (1) HyperZard, (1) Taster, (1) Tracker, (1) Beez
Wave 5: (1) Taster, (1) CrimsonZard, (1) Frogzard, (1) Protozard, (1) Spinner
Wave 6: (1) Frogzard, (1) HyperZard, (1) Taster, (1) CrimsonZard, (1) Beez
Wave 7: (1) Warden, (1) CrimsonZard, (1) Frogzard, (1) HyperZard, (1) Protozard
Wave 8: (1) CrimsonZard, (1) Tracker, (1) Taster, (1) Frogzard, (1) Warden


2 Fights of a Random PVP Character

Bubble (Witch)
Irwin Dundee

Defender's Medal

Side Quests
Zard Trap
Nitroglycerin Sponge Catapault
At 50% (2,000,000 waves) - MOP


  • Talk
    Irwin Dundee: This sisters are working on a cure for the Z-Virus, but until then we have to 'ead off all the attacks!
    • Where are they attacking?
      Irwin Dundee: The infected are attacking Doomwood right now!
      Trouble: The Red Queen may have shut us out of The Beehive but she's still controlling the infected monsters outside.
      Bubble: And the infection is still spreading!

    • What is infecting the monsters?
      Aria: The Z-Virus is burning it's way through the indigenous sneevil population and turning them into super aggressive zards!
      Irwin Dundee: Bites from infected zard, and the other experimental monsters that have escaped The Beehive are very dangerous!

    • Can I be infected?
      Trouble: There are reports of bites turning humans into Zardbies!
      Toil: If you get infected, <Character>, come and see us right away!
      Toil: We have an old remedy for bee stings that can may help...
      Bubble: ...but it won't keep you from getting infected again.
      Trouble: We'll hopefully be able to make a permanent cure, but we need you to fight off the infected in the meantime!
      Aria: If you become a Zardbie and don't get cured you'll start fighting against other adventurers and infect them!

    • How do we stop SALL-IE?
      Irwin Dundee: We just gotta hold of those infected long enough for the Sisters to get their cure ready.
      Bubble: Remember to come see us for the antidote if you get infected though, <Character>! Otherwise you'll start spreading the infection too!

    • What if the infected win?
      Irwin Dundee: Crikey! I don't even want to think about that!
      Aria: It will definately be a challenge to see which side defeats more waves in this war!

  • Heal - refills your HP, MP and potions.

  • Southern Cuisine
    Irwin Dundee: Oh boy! Ya'll have been doin' great at taken out those zards. It's given me a chance to do some good ol' southern cookin'!
    • Zard Tartare
      Irwin Dundee: Zard Tartare is finely chopped zard meat. It's said to make ya very fierce just like the zard it came from and increase your damage!
    • Fried Zard Legs
      Irwin Dundee: Fried Zard Legs are delicious and fillin'! These'll boost your crit in battle!
    • Zard Burgers
      Irwin Dundee: Zard Burgers are good for those of ya that like to remain wary! These'll increase your defenses.
    • Zardcakes
      Irwin Dundee: Zardcakes are a great dish for those who want to roll the dice! They'll increase your Luck!
    • Zard-kebobs
      Irwin Dundee: These Zard-Kebobs are great for those of ya that want a little extra accuracy. The skewers are said to be to be deadly!
  • Guests
    • Take Bubble! - Bubble is added to your party in Slot A.
    • Take Trouble! - Trouble is added to your party in Slot A.
    • Take Toil! - Toil is added to your party in Slot A.
    • Take Irwin! - Irwin is added to your party in Slot A.

  • Zardbie Cure! - cures you of the Z-Virus infection and allows you to return to your normal state.

  • Leave - exits to war camp.

    ZardSlayer Shop

    Thanks to
    -- Highlord Sendai for perma war tag.
    -- Voodoo Master for corrections.
    -- Jay for corrections.

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