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Location: The Necropolis -> Artix -> Quests -> Next Page -> Memory-Demons
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of A Dark Letter
Release Date: December 3rd, 2010

Objective: Vayle cannot forget the past, but she will have to in order to have a brighter future. Help her see the light!
Objective completed: The Darkness Orb is yours! And now Vayle has a chance to be truly happy in the future.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(3) Dark Drinker
(2) Flying Eyeball
(1) Lovey Bear
(3) Raven
(4) Shake Spear
(3) Shoulder Blades
(1) Vayle - Boss


Soul Purifier
Jinxie Charm
Serpentine Band
Viridian Circle

Artix: You are right, <Character>. I too would start searching in Amityvale. Help Vayle! She deserves happiness.

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    You have to fight your way through Amityvale's creepy monsters until you find the cave in which Vayle hides.

    Vayle: YOU! What are YOU doing here?
    Vayle: You don't belong here! Get out! Haven't you done enough?
    <Character>: Vayle, Vayle, please!
    <Character>: I just need to talk to you. I won't hurt you!
    <Character>: I never intended to hurt you before, either!
    Vayle: Well, you DID! You took my brother- my life, my only remaining family member- away from me!
    Vayle: And nothing you or I can do will bring him BACK!
    Vayle: I will NEVER forgive you!
    Vayle: So just GET. OUT.
    <Character>: ...
    <Character>: Vayle... you never wanted your brother to exist in pain, did you?
    Vayle: Wh-what?
    <Character>: His soul was screaming, twisted and racked by being kept imprisoned.
    <Character>: You couldn't have wanted that for him. I know you couldn't have.
    Vayle: I...
    Vayle: But you TOOK HIM from me!
    <Character>: And you will reunite with him again!
    <Character>: He is no longer in pain, I know you can see that.
    <Character>: You will rejoin him one day, WITHOUT the use of dark necromancy!
    Vayle: But...
    Vayle: Well...
    Vayle: You DID help me destroy Noxus.
    Vayle: All of my anger over my brother aside, I must admit that.
    Vayle: He TRICKED me! He LIED to me!
    Vayle: I owe you a debt for bringing him down.
    <Character>: You don't owe me anything!
    Vayle: Then let me give you some information for free, <Character>.
    Vayle: I received a letter the other day. It spoke about... the Darkness Orb.
    <Character>: ... And what did it say?
    Tomix: Isn't this what you were-
    <Character>: Yes! This is it! This is what we're here for!
    Vayle: He knows about me. What I am. And he wants to USE me in return for letting me use him to get back at you.
    Vayle: I won't lie, the offer was tempting. But you're only trying to help me.
    Vayle: I can see that now.
    Tomix: ...
    <Character>: I- yes, but - Vayle, I have... something to tell you.
    <Character>: I, too, need the Darkness Orb.
    <Character>: We're battling HIM in a race against time and each other.
    <Character>: And you are one of the keys to the battle as long as you control the power of the Orb.
    <Character>: I NEED that Orb! And so does he.
    Vayle: *SCREAM*
    Vayle: Is there ANYONE who DOESN'T want to USE ME?!
    Vayle: Does no one care what I want? Doesn't anyone care about ME?
    Vayle: *(Quietly)* <Character>, all my life I have been used, one way or another.
    Vayle: Everyone wants something from me. Even YOU.
    Vayle: I thought that had ended when Noxus was slain.
    Vayle: I am not going to just submit anymore, and I'll start with YOU!

    Fight Vayle

    <Character>: Vayle, YOU are not the Darkness Orb. I don't want to hurt YOU, or use YOU.
    <Character>: I just need the power of the Orb.
    Vayle: (weakly) They are the same thing!
    Tomix: *cough* There is... maybe... a way for you to live without the shadow of the Darkness Orb hanging over you.
    <Character>: You don't mean- CAN you? Would you?
    Tomix: If that is what she desires, yes.
    Vayle: What? What? What are you talking about?
    Tomix: Miss, I can SEE souls. I can weave with them.
    <Character>: Tomix! If you can WEAVE with souls... can you also UNRAVEL what is woven into them?
    Tomix: Exactly. You are pretty smart for a <Class>.
    Vayle: Will someone tell me what is going on?!
    Tomix: I can separate your soul from the Darkness Orb.
    <Character>: You no longer have to be linked to it, Vayle!
    Vayle: Oh, oh my.
    Vayle: ...
    Vayle: ... Never used, abused? Never hunted again for something I didn't realize I shouldn't want?
    Tomix: If you agree-
    Vayle: Oh YES! Please, do what you need to.

    *Tomix uses his Spirit Loom on Vayle, making her hover in the air. Than for a moment her soul separates from her body and the Darkness Orb gets out of it. Then the soul gets back into the body and Vayle lands on the floor. The Darkness Orb hovers besides her*

    <Character>: I'd put this in my backpack, but I might not find it again among all of the weapons and items.
    Tomix: Maybe you should put it in the bank.
    <Character>: I bet Mayor Rayf's light-fingered approach to finance would just LOVE this investment!
    Vayle: I feel... different. Not as strong. Shouldn't I feel a hole inside?
    Tomix: No. You are still as you were. I removed... a... a..
    <Character>: A tumor, sitting inside you, an alien presence in your body.
    <Character>: It will do so no more.
    Tomix: What will you do now, Miss?
    Vayle: I... I think...
    Vayle: I think I will go back to the Necropolis. Open up a school there again.
    Vayle: But this time, one for GOOD necromancy. One for HELPING the dead, instead of enslaving them.
    Vayle: No more will I teach what Noxus taught me.

    *Scene shifts to outside of the cave*

    <Character>: Vayle? What will you do about the letter you received?
    <Character>: How will you answer it?
    Vayle: I never really intended to accept the offer, as tempting as it was at the time.
    Vayle: And now... it's writer can just do WITHOUT the Darkness Orb!
    Vayle: But you might want to be careful, <Character>. If HE learns I am no longer attached to the Orb...
    Vayle: He will come seeking it. And if he finds it, he'll find YOU!

  • Complete Quest!

  • Complete this quest to unlock Orb Extractor badge.

    Thanks to
    -- Slayer Zach for corrections.
    -- Voodoo Master for coloring and corrections.

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