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Catalytic Converter

Location: Mogloween Storybook -> Chapter 7 -> Cat-alytic Converter
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Cure in Thyme 2
Release Date: October 26th, 2012

Objective: What happened to the MOP? Where did all those cats come from? Well, theres no use waiting around. Sally must be here somewhere.
Objective completed: Sally and Bubble have launched an evil plot to turn people into cats to power a bunch of monsters! It's hero time!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(16) Necrotized Creature
(5) Scary Doll
(3) Skeleton
(7) Skeleton Guardian
(2) Spare Parts

Bubble (Cat)
Bubble (Witch)
The Baron

Soul Carver (I-VI)


*The character is in Croft with the witches*

<Character>: A little girl with blonde hair?
Myx: Yes, little blonde haired girl, wearing a pink dress.
<Character>: Sally? Could it possibly be?
<Character>: Ok, I have a feeling I know where they are. I will send M.O.P. ahead to scout it out.
Trouble: We can go ahead and get the candy out there. Perhaps we can head off trouble before it starts.
Toil: Actually, I'm going to stay here. This book was left open for some interesting pages. Bubble may actually have been on to something.
Toil: I think with what <Character> brought here we might be able to straighten things out with both Bubbles.
Bubble: Mew.

*Outside the building, there's a M.O.P. meeting. There are three new members - The Baron the paladin, Deatharrows the ranger and Brave Sir Robin the warrior*

Prius: Alright you three. We have an assignment. <Character> has asked M.O.P. to help out with some scouting. <Character> thinks Sally has stolen Bubble.
Prius: We're going to go check to see if she's at the Necropolis. Any questions?
The Baron: Well, since we are talking about Sally, it's pretty obvious she's at the Necropolis.
The Baron: That's her hideout. But what would she want with Bubble?
Deatharrows: I got one. What happened to Robin's minstrels?
The Baron: *Snort*
BraveSirRobin: *sigh* There was much rejoicing in the end, ok?
Josh: Shhhhh! You were told not to ask about the Minstrels!
LFAL: Why am I even HERE?
Josh: You are a member of MOP helping to train the new guys.
LFAL: MOP? Oh.. yeah.. *heh* I forgot.

*The MOP members are running in the forest on their way to the mission. The Baron has a shield made of meat in his hand*

BraveSirRobin: So Baron, why did they recruit you?
Deatharrows: Because he killed a dragon armed only with a toothpick and a cube of ice.
The Baron: Nope. I also had my trusty meatshield. What about you DeathArrows?
Deatharrows: I had to find a new job. I used to be part of a travelling show. I did archery tricks, and my companion was a sword swallower.
BraveSirRobin: What happened?
Deatharrows: He got the hiccups.
Deatharrows: Do we have a license to kill?
LFAL: A what?

*The group is now in front of the Necropolis gate*

Prius: We need to scout the Necropolis and see if we can find them.
Prius: I'll take the cafeteria, BraveSirRobin...

*Brave Sir Robin is not there....*

Prius: Where's BraveSirRobin?
The Baron: He bravely ran away.
Deatharrows: I saw Chisagen talking to him earlier... Chisagen gave him a herring...
Deatharrows: was red.

*BraveSirRobin is behind them, near a tree*

BraveSirRobin: Hey!This isn't working. The tree isn't budging.It must be a faulty herring.I'm coming.

*The gate of Necropolis opens... meanwhile, inside the place, Sally is talking with Bubble*

Sally: This is going to be fun! I've got everything ready Bubble.
Bubble: Good. Once the candy goes out, there will be thousands of new cats around.
Sally: Yes! Thousands of cats to make my new toys work!
Bubble: *Sniff* I smell something. It smells like...

*The window shatters and the MOP fall inside*

Bubble: The M.O.P. squad.
Josh: What's this sticking into my back?
LFAL: Ewww that meat shield is really cold and slimy!
BraveSirRobin: Could someone PLEASE move their foot?
The Baron: Is this typical of your operations?
Prius: No.

*Sally casts a spell*

???: Mew...

*Outside Necropolis, the character awaits the MOP's return*

<Character>: Where are they?
???: Mew!

*All the MOP members are back. The only problem is... they're all cats*

Prius: Mew.
Prius (thinking): We scouted ahead for you and found them in a building labeled "The Lab."
Prius: Mew. Mew...
Prius (thinking): They are holed up in the basement. They did.. this... to us.
<Character>: Where did all these cats come from?
LFAL: Woof!
<Character>: ...what?

You now need to fight your way to The Lab, where Sally and Bubble are.

*When you get to Sally she stands in front of some sort of a device and activates it*

Bubble: Trick or treat!

  • Complete Quest

    Thanks to Gabriel Castro for correction.

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