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Prologue - Longing

Location: Sulen'Eska -> Up -> Up Vortex -> Mritha -> Prologue - Longing -> Quest!
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Prison Brawl
Release Date: September 12th, 2014

Objective: The time was nigh / The Hero sighs / To do what must be done / For all the glory / Averred not misery / Of missing friendly company
Objective completed: The gates are opened. The depths await below.

Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0


Private Bradley



*You, dressed in a Patrol Rose Soldier armor, are sitting alone in Espina Rosa's cafeteria, when Sam enters the room.*

Sam: What's up, Edd?
<Character>: Hmm?
Sam: There isn't really anyone around the Cafeteria at this hour.
Sam: Besides, aren't you coming to Justin's party?
<Character>: Nah, I've no reason to.
Sam: Are you kidding?
Sam: Come on, Edd. He didn't call it "First Patrol Party" for nothing! And we couldn't have it without you!
<Character>: Are you kidding? Justin could whip up a party with a handful people! He's the show of any dorm party!
Sam: I guess that's true... Still, why not?
<Character>: Because a party... isn't about one person. It's about everyone.
<Character>: People getting together and throwing a party to celebrate what they've done together or just having fun.
<Character>: It's about... well, friends I guess. Besides, I haven't done anything to deserve one.
Sam: I think you've done plenty to deserve it. You've changed Espina Rosa. Vince isn't bullying everyone anymore.
Sam: He's even part of the fun in fact!
<Character>: Yeah, who knew he could do stand up poetry like that? So deep man... His smile is still creepy though. He needs to work on that.
Sam: Yeah. Even Sofist isn't as grumpy anymore... well slightly less. More than anything though you've made me happy.
<Character>: Oh?
Sam: Well... When I first came to Espina Rosa, I didn't have anyone to look up to.
Sam: Now I do. I want to be just like you!
<Character>: Hey, come on! You would have done the same thing in my spot. I mean...
<Character>: What are friends for?

*Sam smiles, and you both shake hands. Later on, the Patrol is gathered in front of Sofist when you arrive.*

Sofist: Ah good, you're here. Fall in with the rest of the Patrol.

*You get closer and stand by Vince.*

Sofist: There, now the Patrol is ready to go!
<Character> (thinks): Friends are to stick by to, no matter what happens.
<Character> (thinks): I haven't been beside mine in a while.
Sofist: Bradley, open the gates.
Private Bradley: Yes, sir.
<Character> (thinks): And I... miss them. I miss everyone. Kara, Mritha, Niki, Sielu, Ash, Aria. All the people I haven't seen since I've been frozen...
<Character> (thinks): But most of all, I miss <Dragon>.

*The door to the Third Floor opens.*

<Character> (thinks): I need to finish this. I promise you: as soon as I finish this mission I am coming straight for you.
<Character> (thinks): Do you hear that, <Dragon>?
<Dragon>: I do.

*You look surprised.*

<Character> (thinks): You... do?
<Dragon>: We've had the ability to from the start but back then our bond wasn't as strong.
<Dragon>: We've been through a lot of things together... And it's made both of us stronger. It's made our bond stronger.
<Dragon>: Took you long enough to notice... Dunderhead.
<Character> (thinks): Did... Did you just blow a mental raspberry at me?
<Dragon>: *snickers* I did.

*You smile.*

???: Peculiar indeed.

*You look surprised again. Someone new has joined your telepathic conversation.*

???: The Primal bond between a Dragonlord and his Dragon... Reaching beyond the magic that borned it.
???: Hmhmhmhm...

*The voice is coming from somewhere within the Third Floor.*

???: It has been a while since I last saw that one.

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