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A Tale of Two Timelines

Location: Frostval Storybook -> Chapter 9 -> Act 28
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Chilly and the Candy Factory
Release Date: December 19th, 2014

Objective: It's that time of year! You've planned for every contingency to have a safe Frostval, right?
Objective completed: The timelines of Lore are merging and that means the good guys, and the bad, are merging together too! Will you be able to fix this mess?

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(5) Gorrillaphant
(4) Skeleton
(4) Sneevil
(5) Tog

Icemaster Yeti
Lady Celestia
Time Travel Fairy

Crystalline Blades (All Versions)
Crystalline Claymore (All Versions)
Crystalline Staff (All Versions)

*Moglins are beginning to celebrate the return of the Frostval season. A map on the table shows the Frostvale town*

<Character>: The woods to the north still haven't fully grown back from Cysero helping when everyone was coal...
<Character>: ... a few random togs were seen to the east as well.
Icemaster Yeti: I'll make sure we have moglins up and watching for anything that might come from those areas then.
<Character>: Good. I want to be prepared for anyth....

*A time portal opens behind the character*

<Character>: Is that a time portal? Did the Time Travel Fairy say she was coming?

*An alternate timeline of a Time Travel Fairy appears*

Time Travel Fairy: Whereishe. Whereishe. Whereishe....
Icemaster Yeti: Can we... help you?
Time Travel Fairy: I'm looking for someone....
<Character>: Um. Who? Time Travel Fairy, you... you look so different.
Time Travel Fairy: Excuse me?
<Character>: I... I just meant that, uh, your nose looks funny from this angle.
Icemaster Yeti: <Character>!
<Character>: Uh... are you ok, Icemaster?
Chilly: Icemaster, you look funny!
<Character>: Wait, what... what just happened?
<Character>: Wait, please, tell me what happened? Where did you come from? What's going on?
Time Travel Fairy: I wouldn't want my nose to distract you!

*The Time Travel Fairy fly away*

<Character>: Oh man... we're going to need to call in some extra help....

*Inside the room, there's a hanging banner scribbled as "CouNCiL of SMARt PEEPL", with Cysero, Warlic, Lim, Icemaster Yeti and the character gathering around*

Warlic: Did you really have to make a banner?
Cysero: Hey, I'm just glad we got you out of the tower, buddy. It seems like you've been cooped up there for years.
Warlic: What I do with my time is none of your concern.
Cysero: Hey, I just miss my old funny Warlic.
Cysero: Plus, isn't this cutout cool? It just popped into my head for some reason.

*Warlic shows no interest at all from the look on his face*

Lim: I'm getting some disturbing readings.
Cysero: Have you properly calibrated your hamsters?
Warlic: ......
Lim: Ugh...

*Warlic casts a spell on his orb*

Warlic: Interesting. It appears that something happened to cause different timelines that Lore exists in to start to merge.
<Character>: Different timelines?
Lim: Cysero...
Cysero: What? That sounds awesome. Does it mean I get to keep this hairdo?
<Character>: ..........

*A sound of shattered glass is heard. Lady Celestia is in the room with her broken cup on the floor*

Lady Celestia: What has happened?
<Character>: Lady... Lady Celestia?
Lady Celestia: I am cold...

*Icemaster Yeti covered the priestess with a cloak*

Warlic: By the Avatars... look.

*Inside Warlic's Orb, gorrillaphants and sneevils are changing form*

<Character>: We have to get the Time Travel Fairy to tell us what's happening.
Icemaster Yeti: She still refuses to talk with us after you made fun of her nose.
<Character>: I was just taken aback! I didn't mean it! We need to know what happened!
SysSero: Then apologize?

*Back in Frostvale town*

<Character>: I'm so sorry, I didn't mean any offense. I was just surprised by the time portal opening. Please, Ms. Fairy, the whole world is changing.
<Character>: Timelines are merging. We want to help you find whatever caused this and fix it.
Time Travel Fairy: ...
Time Travel Fairy: It all happened so fast. Which is saying something for beings that travel through time....

*Time Travel Fairy casts a spell to explain the incident*

Time Travel Fairy: The most charming paladin came to see me.
Time Travel Fairy: He had learnt of the other timelines and wanted to know more about them and how the Time Travel Fairies came to be.
Time Travel Fairy: I convinced a sister to hop timelines to meet him. He asked to see her wand... and managed to open a portal.
Time Travel Fairy: The paladin from my timeline moving to yours, pulled yours over into my timeline.
Time Travel Fairy: I believe the paladin from my timeline has been using my sister's wand to either try to get back or to bring our version of the timeline here.
Lim: This... makes no sense. It's impossible!
CyZero: That makes perfect sense!
<Character>: We need to find Artix....

Defeat monsters until you reach the end of the path.

<Character>: Artix!
Artix: Hero! Warlic! Cysero! Lim! It's so good to see you all!
Warlic: Artix, what are you doing!?
Artix: I'm bringing everyone together!
Lim: You can't do that!
Artix: No, no, it's ok! The Time Travel Fairies showed me how! There's more than one version of us! With this wand, I can make it so we can all spend Frostval together!
Artix: Isn't that awesome?
Artix: Every year something terrible happens during Frostval and now all the heroes in all the timelines will not only be together to celebrate and share a cup of hot moglinberry juice but we'll all be able to protect the moglins!
<Character>: Artix, no! Even with all of us merging, all of the bad stuff is merging too.
Artix: Even merged bad guys are no match for all of us heroes together!
Lady Celestia: Artix...
Lady Celestia: You mean well... but the timelines are too different. Every moment, every breath here...
Lady Celestia: I am not meant to spend any more Frostvals among the moglins in this timeline....
Artix: I didn't mean... I don't want anyone to be hurt.

*A blast is heard*

<Character>: Oh no.... Warlic?

Warlic: It's....

*Warlic's orb shows all of the timelines' fire dragons merged and turned into...*

<Character>: ... Akriloth.

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