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For the Fallen

Location: Outpost Yeden -> 2 Right -> Up -> Quests! -> For the Fallen
Requirements: Completion of The Only Path
Release Date: September 16th, 2023

Objective: It appears a certain golemancer is poking around the Hawkscry ruins...
Objective completed: Another piece off the board as you close in on Jaania, Akanthus, and The Rose...

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(6) Rose Golem
(6) Rose Steamtank
(6) Spellseeker
(1) Golemancer Zadd, (2) Rose Golem - Boss


Silver Golem Shards


*Vseslava and Ostromir are respectively sitting on a sofa and a beanbag chair in your Lodging on Outpost Yeden.*

Vseslava: It is always the wait that gets to me. The wait before a mission.
Ostromir: You worry too much, Vseslava!
Vseslava: And you worry too little. Always so ready to jump into the unknown with no thought for yourself or others!
Ostromir: Whatever happens, happens. Better me on the front line than others.
Vseslava: Listen to yourself! As though no one cares about you!
Ostromir: ...
Ostromir: My family, if they still live, probably assume I am gone.
Ostromir: We are Magesters.
Ostromir: It is our duty to go into the unknown, to protect our people! Even if we pass unrecognized.

*You and your dragon enter your Lodging, not expecting to see Ostromir and Vseslava in the room; a Magesterium Drone can be seen watching nearby.*

<Character>: Um.

<Character>: Should I be here for this?
Vseslava: No, no, we intruded into your space; I apologize.
Ostromir: How do you feel before a mission? A quest?
<Character>: I don't really think about it. It's not like I have a choice, most of the time.
Ostromir: You see, Vseslava? Why think about what we cannot change?
Vseslava: ...
<Character>: But, I also understand Vseslava's anxiety. The unknown is unknown. It can be terrifying.
<Character>: That's where <Dragon> comes in. With the two of us together, we can handle anything!
<Character>: Isn't that right?
<Dragon>: Huh? Um, yesh! We can do anything! | *Mouth full mumbles*
<Character>: Exactly! We're a pair, and we take care of each other.
<Character>: Vseslava, you have Ostromir to—

*Zvezdana rushes to enter your Lodging with a new mission for you.*

Zvezdana: Hero <Character>, we have a new... a new mission for you.
<Character>: Are you okay, Zvezdana? Do you need to rest for a moment?
Zvezdana: I am... fine. Yes.
Zvezdana: Your mission.
Zvezdana: It has come to our attention that a Rose mage has been... scavenging our fallen golems.
Zvezdana: He must be stopped.
<Character>: Is it that big of a deal? There were golems left behind after you attacked Swordhaven during the Gala...
Zvezdana: While securing Magesterium property is, of course, important...
Zvezdana: This... golemancer... appears to be experimenting for the sake of experimentation.
Zvezdana: As Magesters, we have a healthy respect for research and discovery.
Zvezdana: However... He creates, releases his experiments, and moves on once he's lost interest. It is irresponsible, and dangerous.
Zvezdana: Most importantly, if he should discover a way to widely affect our golems, we would be rather defenseless.
<Character>: Golemancer, you say? I think I might know who we're dealing with.
Zvezdana: Good. Then it should be all the easier for you.
Zvezdana: Now, if you will excuse me, I must... find an ignominious. And rest.
Vseslava: Zvezdana, do not push yourself so hard. Surely there are others who can deliver simple orders.
Zvezdana: Perhaps you are right. But I find that sitting around waiting...
Zvezdana: It does not suit me.

*After Zvezdana leaves, from her description of the golemancer, you deduce that Z is in the Hawkscry ruins.*

<Character>: Well. There you have it. Looks like Zadd's been set loose into the ruins.
Ostromir: I am coming with you.
Vseslava: Ostromir!
<Character>: Um. No offense, but it's going to be dangerous. You're not a fighter. And with Alteon and Amadeus still recovering...
Ostromir: This Zadd... Creator of golems. I have business with him.
<Character>: I'm pretty sure you've never met.
Ostromir: We have not met. But we will.
Vseslava: Then I am coming too.
<Character>: I appreciate your confidence in my abilities, but I don't know if <Dragon> and I can keep you both safe in the ruins.
<Character>: Especially if Zadd's creations are out there.
Ostromir: <Character> is right. Remain behind, Vseslava.
Vseslava: But—
<Character>: Hold on, I didn't say you could come along, Ostromir!
Ostromir: I am inviting myself. And if you do not take me, then I will go regardless.
Vseslava: Have you lost your mind, Ostromir?!
Vseslava: You cannot be entertaining the thought of facing this... mad golem mage on your own!
Ostromir: My mind will not be changed!
<Character>: What's this all about, Ostromir?
Ostromir: I made a promise that I intend to keep.
<Character>: ...And what was that promise?
Ostromir: I do not wish to say. But it is very important to me. To the Shapeless.
<Character>: ...
<Character>: I... I can tell you care very much about this promise.
<Character>: <Dragon> and I should be able to keep you safe as long as you stay close and do not wander.
Ostromir: Thank you, Hero. And do not worry. If things take a turn for the worse...

*You and Vseslava look at Ostromir's artifacts—a hilt, a cube, and a trio of gold pearls—from his hand.*

Vseslava: ...And where did you come across these?
Ostromir: I requisitioned them. In case of emergency.
Vseslava: Did you now? That cube in particular is quite rare. I have seen only two in my time, certainly not freely distributed "in case of emergency".
Ostromir: The Shapeless willed it.
Vseslava: ...Very well.
<Character>: And these will keep you safe?
Ostromir: Yes.
<Character>: Okay, then. Let's go. Come on, <Dragon>!
Vseslava: ...

*You fight various Rose monsters through the Hawkscry ruins, while Ostromir trails behind; eventually, you, your dragon, and Ostromir find Z experimenting with a dead Magesterium golem.*

Z: Of course it was you tearing through my creations.
Z: Who else could it have been?
<Character>: This ends here, Zadd. Your creations won't hurt anyone else!
Z: <Character>. And in the company of the Magesterium, no less. The reports were true, then.
Z: You'd rather side with those monsters than admit that Lady Jaania could protect us all.
Ostromir: <Character> is not the monster here.
Z: Now, now. There's no need to be uncivil. I'm sure we could have a wonderful discussion about the intricacies of these fascinating golems.
Z: Jaania has graciously allowed me to continue my research, you see.
Z: And it has borne much fruit.
<Character>: Surely even you can see that she's using you to buy time.
Z: And so what if she is?
Z: Lady Jaania has given me everything I could have wished for.
Z: If I can buy time for her to complete her mission, then I will be happy to oblige.
<Character>: Then let's stop wasting time. Stand back, Ostromir.
Z: On this, we agree. I have so much more to do, after all.

*Z magically forms an exoskeleton suit made of golems' remains from the Rose and the Magesterium.*

Z: Behold, my research! And perish!

  • Battle! - begins battle with Golemancer Zadd and 2 Rose Golem.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • Run Away! - returns to Outpost Yeden.

    *Z falls after being defeated.*

    Z: Not again, not again not again not again!
    Z: You haven't seen the last of me! No. This won't be the end.
    Z: Golems, to me!

    *Z summons two Rose Golems to cover his escape.*

    Z: Have fun, <Character>. Until next time!

    *Z runs away as the Rose Golems approaches you, your dragon, and Ostromir.*

    <Character>: Come on <Dragon>, we have to stop—
    Ostromir: I have him.
    <Character>: Wha—

    *Ostromir channels his cube with energy to teleport behind Z, stopping him from running.*

    Ostromir: This is for the Hladach, Raven.

    *Ostromir uses his hilt to form a red soul dagger, using it to stab Z; Ostromir drops his cube after stabbing Z.*

    Z: No—
    Z: There's... still so much... to discover...

    *Z falls to the ground, now dead; you and your dragon run to regroup with Ostromir.*

    <Character>: Ostromir! Are you okay? What— What happened? Is Zadd—?
    Ostromir: I... I did it. I did it.
    Ostromir: The deed is done.
    <Character>: I... see. And what about you? Are you okay? Are you hurt?
    Ostromir: ...I think... I... am feeling slightly nauseous.
    Ostromir: Yes. Perhaps we should get moving before the weight of my actions catches up to me.
    <Character>: Come on, let's get you back to the Outpost.
    Ostromir: Right. Back to the Outpost.

    *Back in your Lodging on Outpost Yeden, Ostromir sits on a couch as Zvezdana debriefs your mission's success; your dragon can be seen sleeping on a beanbag chair while you, Vseslava, and a Magesterium Drone are watching nearby.*

    Zvezdana: Golems have been dispatched to... clean up.
    Zvezdana: But it can be assumed that The Rose will discover Z's disappearance sooner than later.
    Zvezdana: Ostromir.

    *Zvezdana pauses before focusing on Ostromir's intentions to kill Z.*

    Zvezdana: You stole from the Magesterium, Ostromir.
    Ostromir: ...
    Vseslava: It wasn't him. I was the one who—
    Zvezdana: I appreciate your concern for your partner, but he was caught by a drone.
    Zvezdana: We did not act, because we wished to see what your intent was, Ostromir.
    Zvezdana: And now that we have seen the results, it appears the Shapeless did indeed will those artifacts into your possession.
    Zvezdana: I would ask that you do not repeat that feat, however. Our resources are quite limited.
    Zvezdana: Do not be a fool. Do you understand, Ostromir?
    Ostromir: ...I understand.
    Zvezdana: Good.
    Zvezdana: And good work, <Character>, <Dragon>.

    *After Zvezdana leaves, Vseslava angrily asks Ostromir why he stole the Magesterium's artifacts to kill Z.*

    Vseslava: I suspected— You stole those?!
    Ostromir: So it would seem.
    Vseslava: For... for what? To avenge a foreign, unofficial, Hladach?
    Vseslava: Out of guilt?
    Vseslava: ...How long have you planned this?
    Ostromir: Ever since I heard from the drone trackers of the appearance of large silver golems. I knew. It was only a matter of time.
    <Character>: You did this all... for Raven?
    Ostromir: ...It has... been a while since I have taken a life so... personally.
    Ostromir: I do not wish to repeat it again. Some memories are best forgotten.
    Vseslava: Those days are behind you, Ostromir. How could you be so foolish?
    Ostromir: Look at me. I am miserable. Useless.
    Ostromir: I am a world away from home. From my family, if they even still live.
    Ostromir: I... I wanted to do my part. And... yes, there was guilt, for the girl.
    Ostromir: I trust the Shapeless. The Magesterium is my heart, my home.
    Ostromir: But we were responsible for her suffering.
    <Character>: Did you really promise her you'd kill Zadd?
    Ostromir: ...Not in so many words. It was a promise to myself.
    Ostromir: The Magesterium takes care of their own. Even those displaced by fate.
    Vseslava: Ostromir... You do not need to prove yourself to anyone.
    Vseslava: Not to yourself, to Raven, or the Magesterium, or even the Shapeless.
    Ostromir: ...Yes. You are right, of course, Vseslava. Thank you.
    Ostromir: I... I will go for a walk. To think. Do not worry, I am sure the drones will be watching me and keeping me out of trouble.
    <Character>: Hey, Ostromir.
    Ostromir: Yes, Hero <Character>?
    <Character>: Today, because of you, a villain has been stopped before he could hurt anyone else.

    *Ostromir considers your words before thanking you.*

    Ostromir: ...Thank you.

    *Scene fades to black.*

  • Complete Quest

    Other information
  • The residual mana acts as an healing source for HP/MP during the quest.
  • Pop-up headlines during the quest:

  • Ostromir: "That steamtank... Seems like this will be a complicated mission."
  • Ostromir: "..."
  • Ostromir: "So many golems lost. This cannot be allowed to continue."
  • Ostromir: "What is— I see. This is the work of Zadd."
  • Ostromir: "There is talent, but it is unrefined. Unworthy."
  • Ostromir: "Unacceptable."
  • Ostromir: "The one behind these... Zadd. Zadd..."
  • Ostromir: 'There is still some residual mana here. Take it. The golem is already gone.'
  • Ostromir: "Zadd will be stopped. He must be stopped. The Shapeless wills it."
  • Ostromir: "He will pay for his crimes against the people of Azaveyr!"
  • Ostromir: "We must be prepared for what must be done."
  • Ostromir: "There, in the clearing just ahead!"

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