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5/8/2016 9:22:49   
Legendary Nightshade

In Sweeny's Exclusive DragonLord Salon and Spa, the page says that there are no requirements, but the haircuts themselves need a DA to obtain.

It has already been noted on the page that a DA is a requirement. ~Jorath

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7/17/2016 1:48:01   

The rare waves' images are missing from Friday the 13th Invasion:

Rare Wave 1
Rare Wave 2
Rare Wave 3
Rare Wave 4
Rare Wave 5

Added, thanks. ~Jorath
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8/29/2016 21:02:38   
dragon eye01

In the quest for Tournament of Champions part 2 it says this:

*Melchior, a contender who was wearing a purple garment earlier, reveals part of himself as he takes his garment off*
*Melchior walks towards the center of the arena as the scene pans vertically. The Announcer mentions his actual name shortly*

What actually happened was Faust wiped the floor with Melchior and sauntered off without even a scratch on him. Melchior and Faust aren't the same person.


Fixed, thanks! ~Peachii

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9/2/2016 22:28:02   
Legendary Nightshade

In the quest Not So Great Escape, Galanoth with a sandwich bag head is added to your party as Guest A between the lines


<Character>: Oh... so he did. Ok, second?

Galanoth: ... Second, Gary locked you on the outside of the cell.

Added, thanks! ~SZ

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9/26/2016 20:40:43   
Legendary Nightshade

Bunch of stuff for Cold Truth:

First, the alphabet. Here's all 4 pieces, and a whole version (I can't find the person who uploaded the whole tablet but the original is here)

Second, both books. They are translated word-for-word, line-for-line. It takes up a lot of vertical space though, so you might want to edit in a formatted version instead.

At any rate, here's The Elder Lament:


The Elder Lament


By the light of the moon we would sit by
the shore and listen as the waves rolled in,
the steady pulsing tide having quite the
soothing effect. In the summer, you could
close your eyes and breathe in deep the sea
air. You could almost taste the tang of salt
with every breath. In the springtime, fragrant
flowers bloomed a bit away from the shoreline,
the sweet aroma of the flowers mixing with
that sharp salt scent. In the sky, the birds
wheeled, hunting for game, or just soaring on
the wind. Their cries split the air and
reverberated over the hills.

I can close my eyes and remember it all, even
The keen sharpness of the air in autumn when
the storm winds begin to blow and the seas
became wild. A harsh mistress she is, and yet you
cannot help but love her. She gives life of her
own, just as she claims life. All those who live
near the sea are keenly aware of this, and
though we are long gone from sandy shores
she stays with us still, singing the siren song
of yesterday when brave adventurers sailed
the stormy seas, and tempted fate with
every bold voyage.


In the fall, the leaves would begin to
turn golden and red, after the harvest
and before the storm season when the men
would sail out to raid, we would have
harvest gatherings, where the bounty of
field and forest were shared gladly. The
men would drink vast quantities of
honeyberry and would get loud and make
spoting wagers. The elders would sit at
the Tchan tables playing games of strategy.

The women gathered near the harvest
tables, cooking and bustling around tending
the wee ones. We would play harvest games
beside the shore, laughing and racing along
the sand, the cold water of the ocean
playing at our heels.
The older boys would go on the hunt
for small game, besting the wild creatures
with their bare hands.

On the second day, the men would go
out hunting dragons. They would wear no
armor, and carry only their great blades.
After the hunt, there was a great feast.


The hides would be stretched in the sun
over the highest hill, so that the best
could be judged.

During An Flea Mhor, the amerins would play
joyful tunes of flute and fiddle and
drum. There would be great dancing and
merriment. The men again would indulge in
honeyberry, but the women would drink
honeysuckle tea, with the bounty of
honeysuckle we'd pick in the springtime when
the fragrant winds blew from the north,
bringing the fading hints of winter.
Here, in the fall, the tea, made with
honeysuckle and rosehips was a warming drink
when the evening winds again brought the
sharp scent of snow, still weeks off, but our
noses could always smell snow early.

After the Gula, when the laws have been
discussed, and justice dispensed, then came
the time for marriage contracts. This was
when we became one with another, although
there was a pecking order.


Warriors were always prized, as they could
best provide for their women and protect
The sons of chieftains were also a prize, as
they were both noble and warriors.

The amerins were next, their artistic souls
being greatly valued. They were our joy
bringers, and they often brought great
happiness to their brides.

The traders were often chosen by women
of a commercial mindset.

Of the common folk, there were many.
Rarely did we marry between different
standings, but occasionally one exception
may be chosen.

In that day, there was one who was
considered to be the greatest of warriors.
His father was a great chieftain. His mother,
however, was something else. She appeared to
be an ice giant like us, but her colour was pale
and she seemed to glow from within.


For all her size, she seemed almost
Her son was named Frostfyre.

What none of us knew was that one day
Frostfyre, also known as The Bright One,
would become our savior and hero.

I remember the night it happened. I remember
the incoming storms that heralded the
coming of the snow and ice. We were able to
hear the creaking of the ships as they
sailed in by the dozens all of them bearing
the people of the races we had raided
over the centuries.

The war was brutal, and our numbers were
cruelly diminished within mere days. Good
men and women were lost those days, and
children that made not the journey. We
were driven north, always north, for we knew
there was no way to turn the tide in our
favor, so on we continued.


We were led by The Bright One in those
dark days, dark of dark. The heavy storms
of winter were upon us, and into those
storms we went.
The Bright One was a sight to see in those
days his white flesh almost glowing in the
tempest as he led us onward. His courage
and conviction never wavered. He proved,
time and again, that he was the hero we
believed him to be.

Many were the days of misery. We were
often hungry, but we dared not slow
down to hunt. We knew they were no
longer behind us, but we also knew they
would become violent if we again returned.
The Bright One's stone thrower told us
that one day we would return to the
lands which we called home. One day, a
champion will come of The Bright One's line
who would be a great leader and warrior.

What follows is known as "The Elder Lament".


They came in the night in a great fleet of ships
To strike at our heart
They poured forth in numbers too many to count
We were lost from the start
Harder they pressed us till soon all was lost
We were driven away
We gathered our children we left all our treasures
We could no more stay
They've driven us onward far to the north
Where the snow always falls
Far from our homes in the hills and the valleys
Where the trees have grown tall.
We walk the path that now spreads out before us
Driven on in the storm
We follow The Bright One throughout the dark
To the mountain's lee warm
I still remember the smell of the heather.
When the summer winds blow
The sight of the sea crashes into the rocks
And the spray from below
Our great halls would cast a gold glow of light
One could see from afar
Shining in brightness against the cold darkness
A welcome star.


Now we have come to the icy cold
Where the bitter winds blow
Here by the mountains The Shining One goes
Ay the Frostfyre's pale glow
Alone at the top of the world we have
And here we have grown
Our halls and our castles, our great once
Our courage is short.
Here we have grown strong and raised some
Fine families
Plentiful is the game
The trees were all planted have grown
Straight and tall
And our children the same.
Now we will wait for the one who will lead us.
We'll follow him home
Against the wild seas, we will ride in the storms
Once more we will roam


We'll hunt for the beasts that can feed
All our families
We'll raid wild and free
We'll farm and we'll love and we'll laugh
And we'll fight
On the shore of the sea
Once more against dragons we'll test our
Great courage
With sinew and steel
The hide we will cure by the light of
The Frostfyre
At the top of the hill

You might want to make pages 7-9 purple to correspond with the purple text the poem itself is printed in.

Here's Laguzoki:




This is the journal of Laguzoki, bone caster.
Young Nivelis is proving to be an adept pupil.
He has progressed far more quickly than I
would have imagined possible.
His grasp of the basics is beyond compare.
Truly the line of Frostfyre is blessed.

Today young Nivelis summoned an ice elemental.
At the age of twenty, his skills are already
quite advanced. Not only did he
demonstrate great skill, but he then
displayed his physical prowess by defeating
the creature bare-handed.

I am beginning to believe that this may well be
the one long fortold of that will lead our
people back to our lands.

He will bear watching.


Today young Nivelis captured three humans.
What surprised him most was the utmost
shock with which we were greeted. Nivelis was
most outraged at the fact that he
seemed to be unheard of at all.

Master Nivelis decided to hold the humans
and gather all the information about the
humans that he could. Unfortunately humans
are very short-lived and are somewhat
fragile. Rather than Nivelis being pleased at
this fact he was even more angry than ever.

How could these little folk possibly
defeat us, drive us from our homes, and
then forget us! Nivelis used this
information to whip our people into a
frenzy. Many of our people fell in line
and demanded that Nivelis lead them home
to take revenge on the small folk.

Nivelis started studying the humans, looking
for the key to defeating them despite
the superior numbers.


I am of the same bloodline. If Nivelis ever
discovers this, my life will be worthless. I must
destroy those pages. For now I must flee. I
shall travel south, near the lands of the
Though I must wait for the coming of a human
hero and send him on his journey. I give this
journal to Sceolan in the hopes that he will
preserve history within these pages.


Here begins the journal of Sceolan the Survivor.
For many years I have kept this journal, but until
now it wasn't necessary to keep track of
After the departure of Laguzoki, his followers
have quietly worked in the shadows to derail
Nivelis' plan.

There is a great division among our people.
Many know that Nivelis is of the Frostfyre line,
and that his word, by rights, is law. Some of us
know better. Nivelis is a thug, and is more
interested in vengeance against the small folk.
There are those of us who believe that there is
a better way.


A war of peace. The raiding is not
necessary. We can live well with those who
once forced us north.

We have learned, in the last hundred
years that we are, if anything, merely a
myth used to scare human children. This
has enraged some of our more war-like
brethren, but some of us merely find it
sad. There are those among us who
would go south raging and storming and
bring war to the small folk, so as to
remind them that we are here, and we are
to be feared.

We cannot allow that to happen. The very
survival of our people depends on how
we react to this. True, being forgotten
and relegated to myth is
disheartening. Some among us, however,
believe that the best way forward is to
forge an alliance with the small folk.


War has broken out amongst our people.
Nivelis has learned of the people who wish
to make peace with the small folk, and
has declared us to be rebels. We will
fight to the last to defend our
imeals. However, we cannot allow hatred
to ruin us, and this is what he would
Nivelis himself has not made an appearance,
however. He has removed himself to his
mountaintop castle and sequestered
himself inside. The Stormrider Clan has
been all but wiped out. I am one of the
last survivors of my clan, but I will not
allow myself to be taken by his forces.

Blizzard and Dragon clans have fallen in
behind Nivelis, despite their earlier
resolutions not to do so. I don't
know how much longer I can remain here.
The fighting has gotten intense, and
many of my friends have fallen.


Too many are dead or lost. Our
village has been wiped off the face of
the earth by Nivelis and his...followers.
Those accursed Khy'Rhian flooded
our village, killing everyone they came
across. It was only a blessing that I was
away at the time. I am resolved to
seek out others of our kind and see
if I can convince them to stop Nivelis, or
if not stop him, then replace him as our
ruler. I am convinced Nivelis is utterly

I followed Nivelis the last time he
wandered up into the mountains. He's
always surrounded by those accursed
Khy'Rhian, and I cannot find the right
opportunity to end him. He goes up
and stands on a peak across from that
strabge gate. He gazes at it for hours.
I don't know what is going on in his


I awaited my moment while he was away
and went to his fortress. He has maps
spread out on tables in his study. He
seems to be obsessed with a being
named Letalis. There are papers on his
desk referring to a Spirit Warden,
whatever that is. I am concerned about
his plans. As near as I can tell from what
I've seen, he's planning to destroy
Lore in a cataclysm of ice.

I am no bone caster but even I
understand that we are part of Lore,
and we cannot exist in in a world that is
frozen. I am convinced he is
completely mad. We are made to live in
these cold climates, but we also
enjoy the sun, and warmer climates are
good for us as well. Our past history
is proof of that.


The clans are scattered now. The
madness of Nivelis infected our people,
and we fell to fighting amongst
ourselves. I have sent my warriors to
White Mountain to await my word.
One day I will bring them down and we
will destroy Nivelis and all he stands

I have begun searching for Laguzoki. I know
that he journeyed south towards
the lands that were once ours, and is
now living in a place where the summers
are far warmer than they are here. He
may be able to guide our warriors on
what to do. I have now made the trip
south at least a dozen times. I believe
I may be getting closer to finding him,
but it's now been closer to a hundred
years since anyone has seen him.


I have ordered my fighters to follow
him. They are not to approach him,
merely to keep an eye on him and what
he does. I have also sent someone to
steal some papers from Nivelis.
I hope to find something in his papers
that will help us to take him down. While
it's true he's of the Frostfyre clan,
and our laws make him protected, I
believe he has broken the trust of his

He will not lead us back to our old way
of life, and I'm not convinced he should
return to that way of life.

He will only lead us to ruin.


There must be a way for us to return to
the world of Lore, not as destroyers,
but as a part of the whole world. Here in
the ice wastes we only grow stagnant. We
grow less healthy as there are herbs and
crafts that we cannot grow by the blue
In my search for Laguzoki, I have seen
the ocean. I have felt the call of her storm
tossed seas and it is my desire that I can
experience the thrill and joy of sailing on
the winter seas. Standing tall in the raging
storms upon a deck that rocks wildly with
the heaving of the ocean.
I believe that we can return to the world
of man, not as destroyers but as traders.
We can lend our strong arms to the world
of Lore and help protect this world. We
are but one race upon the surface of this
world and I believe that we are meant for
something greater than just squatting
here in the shadows of the mountains here.
We must evolve or we will disappear.


We must become more than we are or we will
never reach our potential. This I learned
from Laguzoki, who is wise beyong his years.

I have learned something from the papers
that I have had stolen from Nivelis. It seems
that the best moment to strike against
Nivelis will be when he attempts to absorb
the evil spirit called Isathaara. We have heard
of this creature from legends long
passed down. When he attempts to absorb
the spirit, he will have to maintain all his
concentration to succeed. If we attack at
that precise moment, we may be able to
disrupt the ritual. The biggest concern at
that moment will be eliminating all the
Khy'Rhian he has surrounded himself with.

I will hide this journal for now, and hope
that one day our chance will come, if the
lords are kind. Till that time, I shall
continue to search for Laguzoki, and watch
Nivelis. I believe our chance will come if we are

Again, Sceolan writes in a different color than Laguzoki (light blue), starting from the middle of page 3.

Thanks, (spoiler tags added) it will be added to the entry by the end of this week after the time frame is over. ~Peachii

Edit: Oh jeez, I can't believe I didn't see that. Sorry for the blunder!

All should be added now, Thanks! ~Peachii

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10/28/2016 21:09:49   

Correction for Pumpcake Scepters:

Apsayduaan Pumpcake Scepter (All Versions)

Should be "Apsaydaaun".

Done by owner. ~Peachii

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3/19/2017 22:20:04   

Correction for Can We Yix Him?

*A few moments later, Yix comes out of the hole he made carrying an electric rod powered by a potato.*

Yix should be changed to Eirn.

Done, thanks. ~SZ

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6/12/2017 2:06:31   

The quest The Hot Gates from the Xan war is marked as rare, but it is not. You can still access it through the time travel fairy statue in Falconreach.

Done, Thanks! ~Peachii

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7/11/2017 8:55:37   

Ravenloss needs to to updated, its missing lanrete's new shop, the soul forge left next to the card shoppe. It has a blue door with a bunch of blue arrows pointing to it in there he has a soul forged where you can forge your own daggers. You might be thinking I mean the soul smith but I mean soul forge. The soul forge is found after book three Ravenloss saga is beaten. You can't find it in past Ravenloss. The door is really small so you might have trouble finding it. You might have to walk by it a few times.

The Soul Forge is already in the Book 3 Ravenloss entry. ~Karika

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7/11/2017 9:23:15   

As you said, the Soul Forge is only unlocked after beating the Book 3 Tomix Saga. Before beating said saga, Lanrete's Soul Forge building is one of the voided parts of Ravenloss, which will be unvoided after beating the saga.
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7/25/2017 22:25:01   

Some additional info to The Gala


Announcer: Lord <Character>!!!


Waiter: Moglinberry juice, my Lord?


Melissa: Lady Jaania, Lord <Character>... I bid you farewell.

There's also "Lady <Character>" if you play as a female.

I've added the information to the quest entry and to the mentioned NPCs' entries. Thanks for your help. ~Occavatra

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12/18/2017 21:51:55   

Dialogue for this week's release.

At Willowshire.

<Character>: We came as soon as we could!
Guardian: Those machines! They were like nothing I've ever seen! They... They drained our Guardians of their Mana. They... they...
<Character>: It's alright. We're here to help!
Belle: I knew they would be going after one of the Shards! I just didn't know which Guardian Tower they would attack.
Belle: With Willowshire recovering from Caitiff's assault, this was the perfect target! I should have known!
<Character>: It's not your fault, Belle. Right now, we need to help out as much as we can and put a stop to the Thorn's plan!
Belle: You're right. I'll start evacuating as many civilians and Guardians as I can.
<Character>: Belle, you can't. You can't put yourself in harm's way like that.
Belle: This isn't up for discussion, <Character>. People need our help! I will not be bound to inaction just because I cannot fight!
Belle: Vitael!

Belle summons her SoulAlly, a four-legged mythical creature.

<Character>: Whoa! Hello there!
Belle: Would you shield me while I evacuate the area?
Vitael: With pleasure!
<Character>: Okay, Belle, you get them out of here. I have a date with the Thorn!

Inside the Guardian Tower. Shows the interior. Theano and the Thorn Members are preparing to intrude the final doorway that holds a powerful item.

Thorn Member A: The Guardians didn't know what hit them!
Thorn Member B: Yeah! They don't even know it was us that attacked them! All they saw were those crazy machines!
Thorn Member A: Commander Theano, your plan was brilliant!
Theano: Do you two ever shut up? Of course it was brilliant, I thought of it! Now, can we please just finish the task at hand without this needless palaver?!
Thorn Members: Yes, Commander Theano!
Theano: Now, break open these doors so that I can get my prize.

Shows your character at the entrance of the tower. Defeat the Manaphages and Thorn Members to reach the top. Once entered the final doorway, Theano, holding a rainbow colored shard, stands waiting for your arrival.

Theano: Beautiful, isn't it?
<Character>: That's...
Theano: A shard of the Ultimate Orb? Yes.
Theano: It's just the artifact I need in order to cast that resurrection spell...
<Character>: Who do you plan on bringing back? Better yet, who are you?!
Theano: I guess I never did introduce myself. How rude of me.
Theano: I am Theano, High Commander of the Thorn.
<Character>: And Akanthus is your boss?
Theano: Akanthus? No, don't be a fool. He may know of our work and hide it from that wench, Jaania, but the Thorn is mine, and mine alone.
<Character>: In that case, this ends here!
Theano: I couldn't agree more!

Theano merged the Ultimate Orb shard with his Rose blade. Battle Theano. Theano seems to be much powerful than you thought.

<Character>: Ugh!
Theano: What's the matter, Hero?

Belle is being chased by a group of three Manaphages.

<Character> (thinking): I have to keep fighting!

Belle arrived to aid you.

Belle: <Character>! Are you alright?!
<Character>: Belle, what-
Theano: Those Manaphages are my cue to leave. Goodbye, <Character>. I'll let my friends make sure you and your friend are "taken care of".

The group of manaphages target Belle, and deemed her as dangerous. They begin absorbing her mana.

<Character>: Bel-!
Vitael: BELLE!!!

The Manaphages malfunctioned and exploded after absorbing Belle's mana. Belle and Vitael sat on the ground, looking alright.

<Character>: How... How are you alright? I'm glad you are, but how?
Belle: I'm... not sure...
<Character>: You saw what the Manaphages did to those Guardians, and you're fine!
Belle: I don't even feel weak. How can this be?
<Character>: I'm not sure. But I'm taking you to someone who can find out.
Belle: But what about the Thorn's leader?
<Character>: His name is Theano. I don't know who he is or where he is going. What I do know is there is not much we can do about him right now.
<Character>: The best we can do is wait until the Thorn resurfaces and stop them before they can do any more damage.
Belle: They have already killed so many people... And Theano still needs a large amount of lifeforce for that spell to work.
Belle: That means this will only get worse!
<Character>: I know... but for now, we are going to visit a friend of mine. He will know how you were able to survive the Manaphages.
<Character>: Who knows, maybe you will be the one able to put an end to them!

I just got back from vacation and added the dialogue to the quest and NPC entries. Thanks so much for your help, Peachii. ~Occavatra
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3/3/2018 4:20:11   

For The Primordials Quest
Objective Completed: They left

For Uthuluc's Simulacrum Quest
Objective completed: Its not impressed.

Void Chitin Band I

Note for Uthuluc's Simulacrum Quest, the typo is also present in-game. It should be "It's not impressed" instead of "Its not impressed".

Since Simulacrum of Uthuluc monster is present, the other pop-ups for it are replaced by the following when Kathool Adept Armor is used during the quests; The Primordials and Uthuluc's Simulacrum

Pop-up headlines during the quest:


And when the Simulacrum of Uthuluc is hit by a Crit attack, the following notification appears:

Uthuluc's chitinous armor cracks!

And when the Simulacrum of Uthuluc is hit by Crit attacks in 4 different turns, the following notification appears and the Simulacrum of Uthuluc is under the debuff [Sundered Chitin: -200 All for 3 turns]

Uthuluc's armor is sundered!

After the debuff has expired, the following notification appears:

Uthuluc's chitin regrows!

I think the info regarding Simulacrum of Uthuluc should also be added to its page aside from the quests where it appears and I think the untranslated texts from the page are actually randomized unless the player is using Kathool Adept armor.

Should be all added. ~Peachii

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3/17/2018 4:39:42   

Correction for Tea for Three's dialogue:


Lynn: Umm... sit on the couch, it's very soft! And go to my daddy's room, please!

Forgot the word "don't" before "go".

I added the correction to that line in both the quest's and Lynn's entries. Thanks for your help. ~Occavatra

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3/24/2018 0:51:41   

Translation for The Duo quest

first text box:
sgd fqddm nmd gzc mnsghmf sn cn vhsg hs
translates to
the green one had nothing to do with it

2nd text box:
vd gzc
we had

3rd text box:

Added, thanks! ~Peachii

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3/28/2018 21:59:44   
Henius Lon

On the Moonridge Bombing Run quest, it says under notes that there are 5 waves, but there are actually 10.

Fixed, thanks! ~Peachii

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 566
4/7/2018 2:16:30   

I noticed the pages for Dream Duo, Sporca, and Mega Meowphant don't have the 'Objective Completed' text yet. I've got it here, here, and here. Hope this is helpful.

Added, thanks! ~Peachii

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4/24/2018 2:34:39   

Small thing, but Robin's Shop needs Perfect Slice of Bacon added to it.

Added, thanks! ~Peachii

Didn't want to double post, since it's more or less the same issue. Sneevil Boxopolis does indeed drop Dusty Old Tome (which has Boxopolis listed a place to get it). Working to see if Locked Box does indeed drop from it, which logic tells me it should, since all 4 are listed to be dropping from all the other possible quests. Locked Box does also drop from the quest.

Added as well! ~Peachii

Another add-on:
  • For Tournament of Champions Part 2, both easy and the normal quest are unlocked by doing either the Tournament of Champions part 1 or part 1 easy. I.E. doing part 1 easy unlocks both part 2 and part 2 easy, and doing part 1 unlocks both part 2 and part 2 easy.
  • Also, strangely, Return to Lymcrest does not have ToC2 as a pre-requisite. Storywise, RtL should still be played after ToC2, but it's not required.
  • Similarly, Gorilla Warfare does not have New Discovery as a formal pre-requisite. Neither of the quests have ToC2 as a pre-requisite, as both can be played immediately after Oculus Tower without completing ToC2.
  • But just in case people were wondering, My Spot is the only quest that actually enforces ToC2 as a pre-requisite.

Should be all fixed. ~Peachii

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DF AQW  Post #: 568
5/5/2018 2:35:25   

In "Invasion Reward", the Shop, if you have at least one Def. Medal in your bank, it says "Item Automatically Added to Bank" and adds it to the bank.
If there are Def. Medals in your bag, it adds the Def. Medals to your bag.

I've added the info. Thanks for your help. ~Occavatra

< Message edited by Occavatra -- 5/5/2018 9:16:26 >
DF  Post #: 569
5/5/2018 19:56:50   

Upon defeating 1000 Togs in the Endless invasion challenge, you gain access to the 'Togslayer Reward' shop instead of the 'Invasion Reward' shop, which contains the Dreaming Togslayer Armor and nothing else.
DF  Post #: 570
5/6/2018 12:49:50   

@TFS and Baron Dante (for the video), thanks! Iíve made the post about it.

I've added the info to the quest entry as well. Thanks for your help, you two. ~Occavatra

< Message edited by Occavatra -- 5/6/2018 13:00:31 >
DF  Post #: 571
5/28/2018 2:55:20   

Not sure if this has been added already but the formula for HP and MP potions are these:


HP potions = 100 + (level * skill * .3)
MP potions = 100 + (level * skill * .1)
(skill = rank - 5)
Results are rounded up

Thanks to Verly for spilling the beans.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 572
6/19/2018 12:36:51   

The links for Theano: A Thorn's Story on Theano, Krasimir, and Sobieslav's pages lead to the page for A New Student.

The links that are directed to that quest entry in these NPC pages alongside others that contain them have been fixed and should now lead to Theano: A Thorn's Story's quest entry. Thanks for your help. ~Occavatra

< Message edited by Occavatra -- 6/20/2018 8:06:43 >
Post #: 573
7/7/2018 13:41:34   

I've noticed the pages for Kathool Simulacrum and Dominion of Dreams don't have their 'Objective completed' text. I've got it here and here.

EDIT: Also, these pages don't have the popup that occurs for Kathool's final attack: Rise. Serve. Destroy.

I have added the objective complete texts and the pop-up headline you listed to both quest entries. Thanks for your help. ~Occavatra

< Message edited by Occavatra -- 7/7/2018 20:49:31 >
DF  Post #: 574
8/4/2018 2:26:52   

For the quest Sinnocence, the Undying:
The 'Objective completed' text reads: " Guess he wasn't that undying."
The quest's reward is the Tangled Essence of Sinnocence, which I've submitted an entry for.
The quest has a fourth pop-up headline that occurs when Sinnocence drops below 50% of his health. It reads: " Sinnocence recovers... but seems to be losing control."
The quest also has a fifth pop-up headline that occurs if you attack Sinnocence with any weapon or accessory that has "Destiny" or "Doom" in its name equipped. It reads: " Sinnocence's body absorbs the damage from your Doom and Destiny weapons!"

Also, for the quest The Emperor of the Sea Chickens:
The 'Objective completed' text reads: " That's a whole lot of sea chicken."
The quest's reward is the Sea Chicken's Conquest (I-III), which I've submitted entries for.

Most of this has since been completed, but I added the extra pop-up headlines to Sinnocence, the Undying's entry. Thanks! [Jay]

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