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Multi-Class Characters and How to Manage Them

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9/18/2012 3:41:02   
Dante Redorigin

Multi-Class Characters and How to Manage Them

By Dante Redorigin

1. Introduction
2. The Lowdown
3. Choosing your Classes
4. Balancing your Stats
5. Choosing your Equipment
6. Managing your Classes
7. Ending Notes


Hey and welcome, this is my first guide, and I hope you'll all find it useful. It's a bit non-traditional, but for what its covering it kinda has to be, and since I myself joined I've been a bit confused on how to manage such a task as this, and trying to correlate all the other guides here only made me more confused. So, I'm making this guide from what I myself have learned, and gleaned from other guides, and hope it will help any and everyone else who seeks to harness multiple classes for a single character. ^^ To that end, any questions or even improvements you have for this guide from your own experiences, please feel free to contact me and I'll happily add it, as this guide is for all our benefit and with more classes always being added and improved, this guide will need to grow accordingly.

-The Lowdown-

To start, right as we join we're given a choice of a base class, Warrior, Mage and Rogue. For any new players, this will be a mildly confusing choice, as you have no idea about stats or how they play in battles, so if you're like me, you chose the base class you connect with best given your personal play style in such games (I go for power characters, so I chose Warrior). Then you get into the game, and suddenly all these other AWESOME classes start popping up left and right, and as you play further and flesh out all your base class's abilities, you might look to other classes and think to yourself "Hey, why can't I do that attack, or use that skill?". Then you see other classes and other abilities, and you may start to wonder which of these classes is best for you, and how will you make the needed adjustments when you finally decide.

Me, I thought to myself "Hey, why not use ALL of them?". Not all the classes of course, but my chosen ones. So I got to work looking at guides, getting ahold of the classes and seeing how they played, and then set to looking at stats and equipment, and I saw that it would be a serious undertaking to get everything just right. But a little work, and some ideas I'll be relating here, and I've gotten a balanced powerhouse that runs circles around enemies using the technical skill of a Technomancer, the overwhelming grace of a SoulWeaver, and the powerful combo attacks of a Paladin, along with several other classes. So to start you on your way, lets take a look at what classes there are for grabs.

-Choosing your Classes-

Now there are a lot of classes out there, and their being improved upon all the time, and even more being added as the world of Lore expands, and the story progresses. I'm not going to flaunt any class above the others, but I will give my honest input about classes I have used, and others I've seen in action, and link to any and all information needed to make sure you know all you need to about the classes you're interested in. You can find the total list of classes within the Classes/Abilites section of the DF Encyclopedia, but for the sake of this guide I will be listing them in regards to multiple class usage.

I will list the Armors two ways: alphabetical, connected sets, so if you see some that don't start with the same letter grouped together, don't worry, I'm not insane, they actually are connected and go by base alphabetical order ^^; I am dividing them between Regulars and Rares, and sub-diving between seasonal rares and full rares; seasonal means you must wait for the proper holidays to come around to gain them, and full rares are no longer available due to certain circumstances, such as being for special events, or for release of a special Heromart product (the store which is run by the Artix Entertainment crew).


Atlean Base Classes (Riftwalker, Cryptic, Ascendant)- These are essentially high-tier versions of the base classes, designed for DA users. The skills are essentially the same, but certain effects and execution of attacks are more powerful. These are locked to whatever your original base class was (Riftwalker for Warrior, Cryptic for Rogue, and Ascendant for Mage) so if you are a player who enjoyed using your base class and wishes to continue with a higher tier version, this is a very good option. As these are more powerful versions of the base classes with revamped versions of the same skills, there are no guides created for them (as of yet).

ChickenCow - A rather cowardly inclined class, with five skills that let the user flee from battle, with the offset of using the Mad ChickenCow attack, which deals 12 hits of damage and has no cooldown. However, its other abilities are rather lacking as a viable class. The Mad ChickenCow attack makes it very useful against single foes, but the class lacks a multi-target attack. Can be picked up as a drop in certain quests, or purchased with DragonCoins.

^ Evolved ChickenCow - While the Mad ChickenCow attack now has a one turn cooldown, its other abilities (now a full list) are much more valuable than the base version of the class, and make it rather adaptable in various quests. As before it is best used for quickly eliminating solo foes, and while its abilities are more effective than the base version, it still lacks a multi-targeting attack. Can be created from dropped version of base ChickenCow Class, or purchased with DragonCoins.

^ Ascended ChickenCow - The newest tier of the class, a Tier 3 class on par with the Atlean Base Classes, the Mad ChickenCow attack has fewer hits and is no longer the main power move of the class, but the other attacks and abilities have been considerably ramped up compared to Evolved ChickenCow. The only real downside to the class is the mana costs are much higher, and the cooldowns for the skills longer, though with the class's power and damaging abilities this is somewhat mitigated.

DragonLord - A Dragon Amulet holder exclusive, it was a powerful defensive class originally, it is still rather effective as such but since being revisioned, it has become a rather effective attacker as well. The only real downside to this class as of the moment is that it is perpetually buggy, with audio and pixelation issues at random for different players. On the upside though, it's abilities are rather powerful and useful for clearing rather lengthy quests.

^ Color Custom DragonLord - Identical to the DragonLord, but with the player's chosen colors.

^ Evolved DragonLord - A redesigned version of the DragonLord Armor, as far as I have seen the changes are purely cosmetic, holding no changes over the execution or effectiveness of abilities.

^ Color Custom Evolved DragonLord - A player colored version of the Evolved DragonLord.

Dragonslayer - A class designed around dealing damage to dragon type enemies, this class is rather infamous for being rather ineffective in battle.

DoomKnight - Considered the most powerful class, the armor's abilities are tied to level, so mana costs increase as the user levels up. Available to Dragon Amulet holders, after a set number of months, with more parts being granted the longer the player is a DragonLord, though after two years all the parts can be purchased at once. The class has overwhelmingly powerful skills, and has exceptional regenerative capabilities as well.

enTrophy - Originally an enemy armor, this class has very powerful abilities, but certain skills have a high mana cost. Deals high damage and has a number of attacks that deal potent status effects to enemies.

Gnomish Personal Steamtank (Version I and II) - An interesting class, as its rather a vehicle as opposed to an armor. Highly defense oriented, with high survivability but not as great offensive potential.

Guardian - A special class only available to those who are verified Guardian players in AdventureQuest, it is a surprisingly powerful class with well balanced abilities. It costs money as well, due to needing to be verified in AdventureQuest.

Icebound Revenant - Another heavy power class, this class is an Ice element take on the base of the Deathknight class, though it's exact abilities are only similar in certain concepts. The class seems like it would only be effective against Fire enemies, but the class has a unique skill that weakens the enemy to Ice damage in correlation to how resistant they are to it initially. The stronger resistance they have, the weaker to it they become. It's more of a survivalist class, slowly powering through enemies rather than quickly cutting through them or being able to take out multiple enemies.

Kathool Adept - A DragonCoin purchasable class based around the special enemies of the Water Orb quests in the Locker, this armor is known for being a highly defensive damage dealer, with access to Water and Evil element attacks, the only armor class besides Doomknight with Evil element skills. Another mana eater class, it is best used by players level 40 or above who have a sizable mana pool, though lower levels can still use it.

Ninja - A surprisingly agile class with abilities that help dodge and deal decent damage.

Pirate - A decent offensive class, though some of the skills are rather weak and hard to use in a manageable way.

Dread Pirate - A cross between Pirate and Ninja, a surprisingly balanced mix between the two classes, though the various skills have similar faults.

Paladin - A powerful Light element class, with powerful multi-hit combos against single foes. Only the base attack and one of the skills utilizes the element of the player equipped weapon. Very effective against Dark and Undead enemies, but very weak against foes that are strong against or absorb Light. Also has no reliable multi-hit attack.

^ Necromancer - A defensive class that revolves around summoning undead minions to attack foes and uses special skills to utilize enemy weaknesses. Has several rather confusing but potent skill effects, such as an ability that can either make the foe stronger or make it attack itself.

^ Deathknight - A combination of Paladin and Necromancer, it uses ravaging combos and special skills like summoning undead to attack. Uses primarily Dark element skills, and has a unique class skill that deals higher damage when the player has special Deathknight equipment equipped.

Pyromancer- A powerful purchasable class with a variety of status inflicting moves, good Damage Over Time moves, and even healing moves. Despite the name and attacks, only three skills are locked in Fire element. (Will add guide link when created).

Ranger - A hunter type class that uses a variety of Pierce attacks and special skills to target multiple-foes.

Soul Weaver - A powerful mystic type class, graceful and powerful but with high mana costs and uses a set of attacks that require consecutive execution. Has very effective stun and buffering skills, and both a powerful charge up single enemy attack as well as a multi-hit attack that can hit multiple enemies.

^ Master Soul Weaver - The evolved form of the Soul Weaver, many of the abilities now have different effects, one of which is a mana restoration move that slightly mitigates the mana consumption of the class. The main attack skills of the class remain, but the multi-hit attack has been adjusted to hit multiple enemies as opposed to dealing all the hits to a single foe if only one remains.

Technomancer - The only class with a level restriction (level 30) and uses high mana costs. Has powerful and useful attacks and skills, as well as having the only skills that reduce cooldown times and deplete enemy mana, which is very useful for PvP battles. Multi-target attacks are rather unreliable.

Rares- Seasonal

Frost Moglin - A seasonal class that harnesses the greatest power besides Moglin hugs. A rather interesting class with a high number of combo skills, some good defensive skills and a cooldown reduction skill. Lacks a multi-target skill.

Togslayer - A class with high power attacks, verging on being Overpowered. Lacks multi-target attacks, but the sheer power makes up for it.

PumpkinLord - Another jack of all trades class, but more powerful than Frost Moglin. Only has two reliably high damage attacks, but skills can be useful. All but two attacks are innately Nature elemental. Another class known for having skills that require consecutive execution.

^ Evolved PumpkinLord - The evolved version of PumpkinLord is much better at damage dealing and special skills and attacks are much more effective. Still has Nature element for most attacks, but base damage output is higher.

Shadow Hunter- The latest Mogleween class, and the very first combo execution type. The class can only be unlocked during Mogleween, but afterwards you can train and equip it whenever you'd like, as opposed to the other classes that can usually only be trained during the holiday events themselves. The class has access to a number of powerful attacks, as well as a potent healing ability, but remembering the various combos can be a little confusing at first. The only downsides to the class are that it does not have an easily accessible multi-enemy attack or a one hit kill move, due to combos being the basis for the class's abilities. (Will add guide when able)

Snugglebear - (Unfortunately I have been unable to find a page with relevant information on the Snugglebear armor, so this link and description will be pending until I can locate the necessary info).

Zarbie - A special class originating from being infected in the Resident Sneevil events for Mogleween. Has very high cost abilities but with high damage output, and has several skills imbued with the Disease element. Only available through the Resident Sneevil event by becoming infected, though it is now possible to become a Zarbie year-round thanks to the Armor Closet.

Rares- Full

Chronomancer - A code exclusive class gained by putting in a special code that came with the Year of the Moglin calendar from Heromart.

ChronoCorruptor - Another code exclusive armor, this code gained with the purchase of the Year of Chaos calender.

Time Killer- The third code exclusive class, gained with the purchase of the 2013 Calendar. This class is well balanced between high damage dealing, powerful combos, and useful effects like healing and buffing. It is entirely projectile based, and as far as I have seen, has the highest damaging guaranteed critical attack besides Doomknight. Like the Soulweaver class, it does not show weapons, but the shoulder armor changes colors instead.

ChronoZ- Code exclusive armor for the 2014 Calendar, this is the second class to utilize the combo system, however unlike Shadow Hunter it has several special use finishing moves that unlock once you've gone several steps into a specific combo. It also has three turn skipping moves, made as ironic filler for the skill bar. The class can be powerful if properly used with it's combos, however even with the ability to have two back-to-back turns to begin a combo, it has no real one-hit kills or first turn multi attacks.

-Balancing your Stats-

Once you have your classes chosen, its time to take a look at how to build your stats so you can use them all effectively. With the current levelcap being 80, and at 5 stat points per level past level 1, that means you currently cap off at 395 stat points to use as you wish. Obviously you won't have access to them all until you reach level 80, but my point is that you will have plenty of elbow room to work with in developing your character you utilize your stats to their maximum effect no matter what class you currently have equipped. To start, lets take a look at the base classes to see where you are initially.

Depending on what level you decide to start embracing the use of multiple classes, you may already be set in the use of your base class, and your style of play may be centered on that classes strengths and capabilities. In other words, you may already have started developing your stats in a certain direction that may not be optimal for the other classes you wish to utilize. No worries, if you catch yourself quick enough like I did you can start redirecting your points to the needed areas as you continue to level up. If not, go to Falconreach, then south of the main square, and into the right hand building where Sir Render resides, and choose to untrain your stats. It does however cost 1000 gold to do it, and you must still pay the normal charges for all the retraining.

For your starting class, the biggest stat you have to worry about is your damage dealing stat. The basic damage breakdown for the three base classes is as follows:

Warrior- Melee Damage (Strength Stat, aka STR)

Mage- Magic Damage (Intelligence Stat, aka INT)

Rogue- Pierce Damage (Dexterity Stat, aka DEX)

Now while the other stats are important as well, and I'll get to them next, these stats are the most important as they affect the damage you deal to enemies. The damage dealt is universal, there is no enemy that has higher resistance to magic damage than to melee damage or vice versa, so don't think focusing on the one for your class leaves you weak in any way. This damage formula for your base class is always taken into account for the use of other classes, even if their attacks and abilities seem to be of an opposing nature. For example: the SoulWeaver class has a powerful ability called Banishment. It calls down rays of energy from the sky that damages multiple enemies, or heavily damages a single enemy. Now, your first thought might be "Beams of energy from the sky? That sounds like a magical attack, so wouldn't it deal magical damage, from my INT stat?" Nope, no matter the nature of the attack, no matter what class you're using, all attacks draw from the nature of your base class. The only thing that can affect the damage of your attacks in any sort of manner would be your weapons, something I shall touch upon later in this guide.

Now on to the other stats; this part is a bit trickier, as these are not so clear cut amongst all the classes. For the damage stats mentioned above, it is widely considered the best idea to use points on them to their maximum, to deal the maximum amount of damage. The point cap on any stat is 200, so for your damage stat as a Warrior, you'd max out at 200 for STR. Depending on your play style, some builds may not require this maximum, but that is again something I will touch on later. For now, lets look at the other stats you need to deal with.

Endurance, or END, is the stat that regulates your in game health. You get 5 health points for every 1 stat point, so thats 25 health points added if you use 1 level's worth of points on health. The higher your health, obviously the more attacks you can endure before dying, and though it varies from class to class, you at least want a small amount there, maybe more added every so often to keep ahead of the damage dealt by increasingly stronger monsters. Again, this relates to the classes you pick and your play style, but I think most everyone can agree that more health is always a good thing.

Wisdom, or WIS, is the stat that shows your mana, or magic points, that let you use skills for your classes. The most recognized use would be casting spells,, like with Mages, but all classes have skills and abilities that require mana. Some require very little mana to be used, and some require a considerable amount. The classes that have a number of high mana cost abilities are frequently called "mana eaters", and these are usually the classes that call for a high WIS level. Depending on your play style, again, you may need a bit more or a bit less.

Charisma, or CHA, is an unusual stat, as it does not really affect your character, but affects the damage dealt by your baby dragon and any pets or guest characters you have in battle with you. It gives better chances of them dealing higher damage, and better chances of critical damage. If you do not use any of them in battle with you, this stat can pretty much go unused, but if you do, you want a decent chunk of your points to go here, so your guests and pets and dragon can keep dealing good damage as you level up. Since this stat is not tied to classes, but to user choice, this one really is totally up to you guys.

Luck, or LUK, is the stat that randomly affects the mechanics of the game in very small ways. Like with CHA, it can help your guests/dragon.pets deal critical damage, help you yourself deal critical damage, or help you block or dodge an attack, or even help you successfully land an attack on an enemy who dodges or blocks you. Though these are all useful things, many people bank more on the chance to deal critical damage, and while this goes back to player preference, most if not all the guides to various builds for classes show a decent amount of points invest in the LUK stat at higher levels. If you are choosing classes to use that all have this within their guides, its probably a solid idea to consider for yourself.

Now that we know how all the stats work, look at all your chosen classes in their respective guides. All of them likely have optimal stat layouts for that class, maybe even more than one, to suit a variety of player styles, like "Annihilator" or "Tank", one focusing on high damage, the other on high stamina. Look at these various builds, and see if you can find the one that seems right for you within that class. Then examine all these chose stat builds for your chosen classes, side by side. Besides the damage dealing stat (usually maxed at 200) you'll see the other stats can vary greatly, and some not so much. The idea here is to find an exact build that meets the needs of all these stats, if not surpassing their needs.

For example, the Technomancer class build may have a maxed WIS stat of 135, while SoulWeaver class may max WIS at 140. Here you'd probably go with 140, to meet the needs of SoulWeaver and give yourself some elbow room with Technomancer. Or, even more, at maybe 145 or above, for even more leeway. From there, it depends on your exact preferences, but the basic idea is to take the highest builds from each of your chosen classes and intermingle them. So, if SoulWeaver does have the highest stat for WIS at 140, or all your chosen classes, max your WIS at 140. If you see that PumpkinLord class, if you pick it, has the highest END, then make that your maxed END stat. Basically, take all the highest end stats and put them together, so matter what class you're currently using, you don't ever fall short somewhere.

Now, only having 395 stat points to use so far, and if you do decide to max your damage stat at 200, that only leaves you with 195 to use on four or five other stats! With some of these other stats being listed high like 135 and 140, it seems like having an optimal build universal for all your chosen classes could seem impossible. But, the levelcap is constantly being raised every year, and its not like you're going to work your way to level 80 overnight and suddenly have all your available points. Instead, simply remember your eventual goal build, and slowly work towards it, making sure you develop all your stats at their proper rate for your desired outcome. Keep that pace in mind, and chances are when you do finally hit level 80, you'll only be a few points shy of your goal on certain stats, if not only one or two. The rest you can more than make up for with a little patience on the level cap, and the proper equipment.

-Choosing your Equipment-

And here we are, Equipment! This is possibly the biggest challenge to look at when playing DragonFable besides stats, and add in trying to manage multiple classes, it can be staggering. Belts, Rings, Helms, Capes, Trinkets there are so many factors that can make or break your character, especially higher level ones that affect multiple stats at once, and will vary greatly with your play style. To start, lets look at the biggest key factor here, the weapons.

Going back to your base classes briefly, you see that all weapons are grouped according to the division of base class weapons. Swords, Axes and Maces for Warriors, Staffs and Staves for Mages, and Daggers for Rogues. This comes down to the fact that these weapons are pretty much EXACTLY for each class to utilize, and most effectively with them given that each usually has effects that boost the corresponding damage dealing stat. Its honestly the whole reason base classes exist, rather than starting off classless and working into any one of them. A Warrior will always deal his maximum area of damage potential using a Sword, Axe, or Mace; if he uses a Staff, Stave, or Dagger, the nature of his basic Attack command will change as a result, but the damage will only be within the moderate range, usually lower. For advanced classes, this damage discrepancy is voided, to the point where you can technically use any weapon with any base class and still deal high damage, providing you have high enough levels in that damage category for that weapon.

This leads into a rather interesting connection between weapons and stats, as some people actually choose to utilize multiple weapon categories for their character, and thus pour stat points into more than one of the three damage dealing stats. There might be a Warrior who CAN deal good damage with Daggers, as that player may have invested in his DEX stat as well as STR. While boosted by the enhanced DEX stat, the Pierce damage dealt with Daggers will not be as great as the maximum potential of the STR stat Melee damage, but perhaps still enough to satisfy that player. Another thing chocked up to player preference, I'll let you decide what to do with all that, as it'll be your game experience with this resulting character. For those that do embrace this choice, and an interesting idea for all players to consider, is the special class of weapons, known as Scythes. These weapons will do equal damage across all three types, Melee, Magic and Pierce, and frequently boost all three of the damage dealing stats, instead of only the one oriented for that particular class. Sometimes these are special weapons from key enemies that can be found as rewards, other times they are for special events, so all classes can use them equally.

For all weapons in the game, the next deciding factor is Element. Pretty much all enemies in the game draw power from the Elements to deal damage to you, and thus have corresponding weaknesses. A Fire monster likely has low resilience against Water and Ice weapons, so those would be the best choice to use, whereas a Fire weapon would deal no damage, or maybe even worse, heal the Fire monster instead of hurt it! For classes, weapon elements can be a tricky thing, as certain classes have abilities and skills that are pre-set with their own elements. The Paladin class for example, uses the Light element for all its skills, so its powerful against Dark element and Undead type enemies. Even if equipped with a Dark element, weapon, the only skill that would be affected would be the basic Attack skill. Opposing this, equipping a Light element weapon would bolster the Paladin's abilities even more. Take a good look at your chosen classes' abilities when deciding on what weapon to use with what skills.

A full guide to the best weapons for your level and base class is here, and is divided up by all the different elements for your convenience.

Aside from effectiveness, many players like their weapons to match with their other equipment and the look of their chosen class, so it all blends together. They might not be able to reconcile using a powerful weapon, just cause they don't like how it looks with their character. For this, I recommend using the Hide option on your weapon to mask it with the in-game image of your class's base weapon. There are also, within many of the guides to the individual classes, listed a number of weapons and accessories that match well with the appearance of that class, for those interested. Some weapons for classes are rather obvious, like Destiny Weapons for Paladins, Doom Weapons for DoomKnights and Deathknights, or SoulWeaver weapons for SoulWeavers. Some may not be as obvious by name, like Lim's Hybrid Hammer for Warrior Technomancers, but upon examination of it, it matches perfectly. For multi-class users like us, finding weapons that match all our classes can be difficult, so baring personal taste and the use of the Hide option, chances are you'll be like me, having a very sizable inventory bag filled with multiple weapons matching to your chosen classes.

Well now that weapons are taken care of, we look at accessories. Helms, Capes, Rings and Belts are the staple support of all characters, no matter what class, and Helms and Capes add to the aesthetics of characters as well. Like with weapons, they can boost certain stats, but some rarer equipment have special attributes to them. For example, the Deathknight accessories have a special symbiosis when used with the Deathknight class, as the class has a skill that allows it to deal more damage for every Deathknight accessory its equipped with. Some accessories may be special in that they have significance from a special quest or event, and this match a certain class or weapon set. The Snugglebear Helm is the best example of this, as its actually the one and only means of gaining and using the Snugglebear class armor! These go into the particular player preferences again, and with what classes you use and what your base class is. The only real universal accessory to consider, at least at my recommendation, are Trinkets. They can deal additional boosts to your stats, allow you access to a special attack, and there are even rare Trinkets that can be obtained through special side quests called Summon Gems, that allow you to summon special beings to cast special attacks in battle.

You can find a list of all accessories here, and you can find more about Summon Gems in this guide.

-Managing your Classes-

Now that we've got our classes chosen, our stats lined up, and a good idea of our equipment set up, lets look into actually using our chosen classes in battle. Play styles aside, each class has its own strength and weaknesses, and each plays in various ways. Some are more defense oriented than offense, and some the reverse, and some are a balance of both, with various abilities that can revolve around healing and buffing ourselves to be more effective against enemies, or things that manipulate the enemy's defenses so they are more vulnerable, or inflict various kinds of damage on them. Each class has its own set up for such things, and each is useful for various quests in various places. Some stem back to connections to their user's base class, and others are tailored towards special uses in battle.

Going back to Paladin class, it's useful against Dark, Undead, and other such enemies vulnerable to Light. It has impressive combos for one on one battles, and very overwhelming attacks, but it lacks a good attack that can damage or eliminate multiple enemies. As opposed to this, the SoulWeaver class has a powerful attack that hits multiple enemies multiple times, or can be used to heavily punish a single enemy. It also has various attacks that can stun or deal damage over time, with various combos that enhance critical damage, or even let the player charge up an extra powerful attack. All classes have their niches, where they shine their best and their worst.

For those that use a single class, this lets them choose what best fits their play style. But for multi-class users, this means we have to think differently about what enemies we're facing on what quests. Do we have a lot of single roaming enemies, or are they all coming at us in groups? Are they weak against certain elements, or certain types of attacks, like being stunned, or damaged over time? Or is there a powerful boss whose resilient to certain abilities from one class, to weak to abilities from another? Using multiple classes means you have adaptability, if you keep dying against an enemy using one class, try another and you'll likely win, or at least learn what other attacks and abilities work against them. That adaptability is the true strength of a multi-class user, and in my opinion, the true fun of it, taking the various classes you've chosen and seeing all of what you can do with them.

-Ending Notes-

I've mentioned many times about player style and preference in this guide, and it really is what it boils down to. This guide is an attempt to give aid to those who feel lost at sea when it comes to using multiple classes effectively, the way I did, so it really comes down to what you want to do and accomplish in the game with your chosen classes. What I've listed here are things I've experienced, and things I've gleaned from the other class guides that have helped me figure it out, and all of it is advice you're free to follow or modify as you see fit for yourselves. Do what you like to make the character you want, I only hope this guide gave you some ideas of where to start or where to go next. I was happy to make this guide, and for those that do seek the help, its right here, and as more classes are added and improved, and other features to the game that involve them, I'll be making updates here as needed.

UPDATE (2/28/13) - Added notes for Pyromancer, Time Killer, and Atlean Base Classes.
UPDATE (4/22/13) - Added link for Time Killer guide.
UPDATE (1/30/14) - Added notes on Shadow Hunter.
UPDATE (3/17/15) - Added link and notes for ChronoZ
UPDATE (4/8/15) - Added notes on Ascended ChickenCow, Master Soul Weaver and Icebound Revenant

-Special Thanks To-

Alder Peacemaker
Sakurai the Cursed

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