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RE: =ED= Upcoming Balance Changes (Patch 1.5.39)

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11/15/2013 20:00:15   

The changes seem great, I see all the classes fairing better against each other now. The static charge change was a welcome one, with all the new energy draining improvements it's not really going to be much of a problem, on top of that the extra turn added is holding it back enough.

Just to add on I'd like to say it's a nice change for build diversity as well, if you're tankier you now have more chances to gain energy with static charge, if you're a strength oriented build you have the benefit of getting a significant amount quickly.

Clear limits being if you're a tankier Cyber you're going to be getting less from static, but you have the potential to use it more times. (Exercise those shields, especially now that their cost have been fixed)

If your more toward strength you get more in a short period, at the cost of your defenses which lower your odds of being in the battle for extended periods, so it evens out pretty well.

I think giving cyber a decent physical move would be a good next step (improve with tech or dex).

On the other hand they could just change the multi to physical damage instead of energy, I think that'd also even out the multi group on terms of physical and energy skill possesion since it's currently 4 energy to 2 physical multiple strikes; would help level some synergy in 2v2. Which in turn would give more usage to plasma grenade as a the only unavoidable source of energy damage.

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DF AQW Epic  Post #: 101
11/15/2013 20:21:09   

I'm glad my robot no longer gets blocked without smoke screen, every single time, same goes for strikes. However, I do seem to land critical hits a bunch, not much different from what it used to be. This is just my personal experience as a BH ofc.

In addition I just feel incredibly powerful as a BH now, as I am wrecking with the new Static Grenade skill! Definitely not short on energy anymore, as I used to be. But I can easily see it get nerfed, as I can drain EP a little too often. But hey, maybe it's just my build that works well. I also don't think other classes have it any worse in terms of energy regain. So I get the impression it's pretty balanced.
AQW Epic  Post #: 102
11/15/2013 20:25:09   

Somehow I see Malfunction badly nerfed, but no visible effect on smoke screen.
Also, I think the percentages on the Plasma / Mineral / Hybrid Armor are a real overkill. Combined with lowered weapon damage and nerfed crits - it's now very easy to become a "walking fortress".
Another one: assimilation is too weak now. At least make it full damage.
Post #: 103
11/15/2013 20:27:42   

@ SS

Both Smokescreen and Malfuction were nerfed equally.

However since smokescreen works with a defensive stat while combining the fact that this update buffed defenses

while Malfuction works with an offensive stat while having offensives nerfed I can see where you are getting this.

While this update had some good, the thing that is in now is tanking.
Epic  Post #: 104
11/15/2013 21:49:32   

hi im lvl 32 tlm and i have problems with machmaking im getting in 20 battles 14-16 lvl 36 please fix the machmaking at lvl 32 its really hard to win i dont like 2vs2 or be juggernaut i like pure 1vs1 and most ppl do to
Post #: 105
11/15/2013 21:57:33   
Noobatron x3000


I suppose it depends on build but I find assimilation more useful then it was before . But I use it more as a emp now then anything else since it takes more mana the return is a added bonus its extremely useful with the right build and application . IMHO its been buffed not nerfed.
Post #: 106
11/15/2013 23:00:22   

Npcs still have bloodlust. Is it a bug or is it left on purpose?
AQW Epic  Post #: 107
11/16/2013 0:38:24   

NPCs are supposed to have BloodLust, They only Fixed the bloodlust bug on the NPCs.
AQW Epic  Post #: 108
11/16/2013 2:10:09   

So Cyber hunter is terrible at the moment. If you can do something about static charge getting more energy that would be great. Thats all i got. It would be somewhat of a start. Theres also that useless stun grenade. I would just change that skill all together to something that gives us energy or take more energy. That would help out a lot because the fights would be longer. We can even the odds by taking energy that was stolen from us from the other classes. Finally be able to effectively use mass depending on how the person strategies.

In conclusion. Please help the CH. not nurf a class thats already terrible by lowering damage which makes static charge even more pathetic then it already is. Well that is all. Thank you for taking the time to read.
Post #: 109
11/16/2013 2:29:47   

Cyber don't need no more buffs man...you kidding, unblockable 100% dmg and energy steal! Instead of complaining and asking for buffs -_-
and nerfs -_-, try making your own build and use some creativity.
The only thing that concerns me this update is the static grenade. Stronger than static smash and unblockable...i mean...what?
Post #: 110
11/16/2013 4:20:49   

still waiting the bm be useful again..
Post #: 111
11/16/2013 4:24:36   

@Pemberton have you tried CH. no? then don`t talk about how good it is
AQ DF MQ Epic  Post #: 112
11/16/2013 4:56:20   

i am blood mage and i won 0 and lose 4 against bounty hunters now. thanks for titan getting more pleasure to us. big thanks to rubble too!!! even matt 1000 got bounty hunter. last week he changed to tech mage. i guess now why many people give up this game and dont buying variums anymore. its whiteeagle post on fb. http://i023.radikal.ru/1311/d5/6a0ce11603bb.png thanks all administrators to improve and getting better this game! i will quite very soon. thanks guys

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Post #: 113
11/16/2013 5:10:31   

Rabble the update is nice and now finally many interactive builds is coming for us to use, see and counter :)

But I think you have forgot to program the RAGE GAIN IN STATIC CHARGE.

static charge cannot be raged or crit is ok .... but there is no rage gain is STATIC CHARGE ? fix it !!!
Epic  Post #: 114
11/16/2013 5:14:51   

Perhaps it isn't meant to give you Rage when using Static Charge? It cannot be raged nor critted, and it's an unblockable attack on top of it. Not mentioning very good return.
AQ Epic  Post #: 115
11/16/2013 5:34:03   


Then its not a good skill

U can think if anyone makes other build apart from Strength then normal damage dealt from SC is 3-5 ... with energy drain 0 .... with energy gain 10-13 at max .... with rage gain 0

So Static Charge is a inferior version of Assimilation ???

If this is what Static Charge is then Rabble tell me why you developers hate this class ?
Epic  Post #: 116
11/16/2013 5:38:57   
Zetora Karoshi

Umm......Could you update bounty hunter? and trade 2500 rating points with 25.000 credits? :(
AQW Epic  Post #: 117
11/16/2013 6:16:03   

The very moment when I think Cyber Hunter is buffed a little to compete ... something exceptionally intellectual result comes that make me feel what more I can take.

STATIC CHARGE previously was better then this new STATIC CHARGE

New SC:

\\ Un-blockable
\\ Does not crit
\\ Does not work in rage
\\ Has 3 turn cooldown
\\ No rage gain from SC

Old SC:

\\ blockable
\\ chance to crit
\\ works in rage
\\ 2 turn cool down
\\ has close to half return of energy if compared with New SC at max level

SC only benefits from Strength build

I cannot appreciate happily the approx double return of New SC as it was NEEDED for this class and has 3 turns cooldown

I cannot appreciate happily the change of SC from blockable to unblockable as rage hit and crit chance is gone.

All I wanted to say that if some features SC is buffed then some are nerfed equally.

RabbleFroth I seriously need an answer that WHY CYBER HUNTERS HAVE NO RAGE GAIN IN SC ?


< Message edited by FrostWolv -- 11/16/2013 6:17:46 >
Epic  Post #: 118
11/16/2013 6:25:01   

@ frost

They did that on purpose.

Cyber hunters now have a free unblockable hit that will always connect no matter what. The fact that it costs no energy to use should give you the reason why they did it like that.

Image if they left it to crit and be used with rage. Cyber hunter would have a 100% grantee way to maximize rage without fail that doesn't cost energy which none of the classes have. Every tom dick and harry who has static would just rage static if they had it available to avoid negative backlash which wouldn't be fair to the rest of the classes.

He did it to prevent abuse not because he hated the class.
Epic  Post #: 119
11/16/2013 6:44:24   


You are not getting my POINT ..... let me make it easy for u to understand :-

Rage hit ---> Hitting a skill in rage

Rage gain ----> Using various skills to get rage bar filled

Thing is that I dont have problem with removal of Rage hit and removal of crit chance or with Tom, Dick and Harry

I have issue on y SC doesnt have rage gain!!

Coz of removal of rage gain ... in 1v1 my rage gain has become so slow that i am unable to rage any skill on my opponent as my rage meter is not filling up.... while my opponent sometimes rages twice while I rage none.
Epic  Post #: 120
11/16/2013 6:46:10   

@ Forstwolv

Oh that right. I read the patch notes and they didn't mention that in the design notes. Maybe that part is a bug.
Epic  Post #: 121
11/16/2013 6:49:39   

Hello Guys , Im happy that passive armors are finally gone they were pretty much OP in my view , but hello what would u rather have ? a max skill that gives u +9 or something silly like that in defence or resistance or Level 1 defence matrix/energy shield that cost a lot less mana and gives you the same +9 more or less if you have decent support .
There was some good changes in the way classes are able to get mana back that was good improvement.
Another thing i wanna talk about is about the extra hp with 4 stat points u get 5 seriously that isn't any improvement maybe you could make it like it used to be 1 stat point = 2 hp or mana .Ok now i wanna say i think Stun grenades and other skills that improve with dex need a boost maybe give multis the 100% damage cause at the moment they seem a bit useless make 130 odd dex build whatever max Multi shoot and you are hitting people for like 20 odd damage ? not worth it at all i think if you buff things like stun grenade dex multi shoots it will make so almost every class could make a high defence/resistance build where they would actually have a good source of damage a bit like how Tech Mage as Plasma bolt Mercs have bunkers so does Blood mages but other classes lack this . Another thing is Smoke is pretty much OP improving with tech compared to malfunction that improves with support , how the game is now support is not even worth having sure is nice to have crits but they do not happen often therefore is not something u can rely on.
Hope i can help with this insight , by the way i'd like to add that sometimes it feels like its a rage race maybe you could do something about that .

This is Sparta , We fight for freedom :D

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Post #: 122
11/16/2013 6:52:15   


how the game is now support is not even worth having

@...NDS..., And yet half the players I face are support abusing mercs spamming Artillery Strike.
AQW Epic  Post #: 123
11/16/2013 7:06:24   
ED Divine Darkness

cyber hunter isnt weak lol. it is now rlly good. just 5 focus, max emp and static charge with 6 passive armour and low malf.
AQ AQW Epic  Post #: 124
11/16/2013 7:13:35   

as much as i want to appreciate the devs for the time, effort, and energy they put up in this recent balance change, it's still very obvious that caster tm is still the most OP build right now. Being a cyber hunter, it only takes a huge huge amount of luck in order to beat them. Now that malfunction has been nerf, it has gotten worst. Even though assimilation and battery backup had been nerf, the fact that tm's can spam technology in order to boost plasma bolt and super charge coupled with their ability to deflect range attacks, added with technician which can simply overwhelm the malf in most cases, added with decent dexterity (+10 on defense), added with poison bot, what more can you ask for?? even if they only have 6-8 str and 7-9 support, it doesnt matter because the bot can be used without limitations, also they can simply withstand incoming high damage due to their defense and resistance. In my opinion, i guess it's time to remove technician on TM. what do you think guys??

anyway, i like the new skill images. Makes me feel im new in this game again even though i played for nearly 4 years :-) KUDOS.

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DF Epic  Post #: 125
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