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RE: =ED= Upcoming Balance Changes (Patch 1.5.39)

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11/17/2013 13:53:30   
Elite Tuga

Skill needs a NERF, just like Tech Mages & Mercs got one last update & now Bounties static grenade skill should too. Omega was suppose to be a strategic phase abolishing strong moves with no sacrifice & transforming them into good moves with some sort of cost, what happened to that this last update?.. Static Grenade is 0 cost & steals a good load of energy more than Battery can ever gain, plus 50% of energy back to casters pool & to top it up it improves wonderfully with Tech not forgetting it has less cool-downs than Battery by 1, so its all ways 1 step ahead as well.

My Modest Conclusions Overall:
Make static grenade improve with support or nothing at all (this will compromise Bounties Tank builds & make it less abusive defence & energy steal, wise).
Possibly put a fixed 25 points energy steal & 100% back to caster's pool (reversing skills effect around seems more fair bcz it won't make skills like battery & static smash completely pointless (stealing less energy from their opponent/s) but gaining more out of the reasonable amount they steal to casters pool without making static grenade useless).

Please don't troll this idea is pretty rational in my opinion. Its still beneficial despite the nerf because its the one of the only ways bounties can regain energy to their pool (excluding generator & piston punch) thus its still useful & doesn't make other classes revitalizing skills as pathetic.
Epic  Post #: 151
11/17/2013 13:56:38   

the support idea what benefit bounties more than it'd nerf them, and to make the emp not affected by any skill when all other classes are is also unfair as mind you my bh has 27-33 res and can only get back 20 mp but a mage with hardly any strength at max assimilation can steal that much at no cost when that skill is supposed to be affected by strength
AQW Epic  Post #: 152
11/17/2013 15:45:40   

Elite Tuga,
yes i agree ur opinion. but need cooldown 4 as energy backup is. 1st variant 25 energy steal and with 100% back. 2nd variant improve with support and 50% back. 3rd variant improve with none and 30-35 energy (as energy backup) but 50% back. but need cool down 4 because it is op skill.

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Post #: 153
11/17/2013 15:52:15   

so you're literally asking for emp to be as rare as a heal... the idea is extremely irrational point blank
AQW Epic  Post #: 154
11/17/2013 16:03:14   

im sure ur class is now bounty hunter and u protecting ur class but look that percentages: 83,7% 91%, 90%. midnight beast, imagine dragon and matt 1000. all bh-s. they are winning 9 game of 10 and its not normal. need lower this op skill. all we want this. but if we would not talking about this ed admins exactly will decrease bounty hunters as tech mages, because bh is almost unbeatable. full energy vs empty energy who will win? and energy is so important in game now. so need to something think about bh
Post #: 155
11/17/2013 16:08:07   

i have a bounty, a cyber hunter, a mage, and a merc, i do not care about anyone's win percentages as that has never meant anything to me anyway when you have something worth contributing that has to do with all the classes and not just your own personal gain or bringing another class down to make you feel better please i implore you to then address me, if you're with the mentality that you have to have full energy to win when you yourself are a bloodmage then that is the cause of your losses as bm's never had a need for a lot of mp to begin with
AQW Epic  Post #: 156
11/17/2013 20:02:04   
Lqynrzox D. Maszik

Yeah, you know, its really annoying how everybodys raging over bh's. They sucked last update and when they finally got a new skill, everybodys raging over it. First of all, static grenade is not op as u think. Yes, it does take a lot of energy but that's similar to emp, and on average bh usually gain 20, well with a tech build at least. Classes like tm can use boost and assimilation to counter. Tlm can boost and usually have cores to make up for it. Plus their either tank or supp so they dont have that much of a problem. Mercenarys should be the last to complain, with static smash they rarley have problems over energy, yea it can be blocked but I have around 88 dex and have not blocked a single merc this past week. Bms hav parasite, which isnt amazing but but its usable in most cases if used correctly. Chs seem very underpowered in my opinion, so I think they should be the only ones complaining about static
Post #: 157
11/18/2013 6:01:48   

There is one thing that looks totally unfair to me: while the static grenade and assimilation have very similar effect in theory, in case of these skills applied on a target with less energy than the skills can drain, the static grenade will give the caster half of the max energy drained, while assimilation only half of the energy that the target has.

Let me explain for those that don't understand: if my static grenade drains 30 energy, and the target has only 15, I will receive 15 (50% of 30), but if I cast assimilation with the same 30 energy drain, I will receive 7 (50% of 15, rounded down). Does that seem fair?

L.E. AND 50% rounds down for assimilation, while rounding UP for static grenade. That's petty...

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Post #: 158
11/18/2013 6:07:40   

yes cause they have battery back up and i hate it how people pin something on some one for being this class and having this particular item

by chance i happen to be bounty hunter so i guess you can say that im protecting my class..
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 159
11/18/2013 6:51:56   

im not a jealous guy, never was and never will. But i i guess everyone here complaining about BH should take a look at this. Completely ridiculous.

3 of a kind.

last time i checked, these players are using similar BH builds.

i only have 3 questions:

1. Are these players really that good to have winning percentage like that?
2. Are these players just extremely lucky? or
3. Are these players using what others claim as OP bh build??

the dev's certainly know the answer, as well as the players. I guess some actions have to be done. tnk you.

DF Epic  Post #: 160
11/18/2013 7:08:23   

One thing they all have in common:

2 weeks ago they were all Bloodmages
4 days ago they were all Tech Mages
Now they are all Bounty Hunters

Means only 1 thing: these guys are intelligent players who know which class is the strongest by a country mile.

Their losses probably come from battling each other too. Has to be.

However, we must note that rank 14 l Midnight Beast l is also a BH, but his win rate is not as high. Probably means that BH is not as OP as people make it out to be, but in the right hands, with the right build and a good strategy, it can be really easy to manipulate wins.

< Message edited by Jekyll -- 11/18/2013 7:11:35 >
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 161
11/18/2013 7:09:44   

static grenade is currently unbalanced after scaling is removed , it needs alot of tech and points to get back a very low amount as 23 for 100 tech while it drains 46 , so it's damage is OP for tech builds and too low for other builds while its regain is not of any use for both , so to fix that i have a suggestion.

orgin: here

1. make the drain equal 70% of drained energy.
2. scale 1 every 4 lvls so at lvl 36 its 19-34 drain without tech.
3. make it increase by tech/15 so it will only increase by 6-8 points max with tech abuse to prevent it.
4. make it deflectable to make up for the scaling to prevent abuse by no-tech builds and give tech builds an advantage when using it.

it will be less abused by tech and decrease effecnicity of tech for bountys , and it will never be higher than 40 drain and with 24-28 energy back , enough for a moderate skill while deflectable to prevent abuse by non-tech builds.

< Message edited by DarkDevil -- 11/18/2013 7:42:32 >
AQ Epic  Post #: 162
11/18/2013 7:19:17   

@jekyl, perhaps you're right. But 98% after 103 battles?? That means 1 player only got 2 looses after 103 battles. Is it possible in Omega?? Certainly not, now that all players both ftp and varium players are almost equal ni power. In Delta, it can be possible due to enhancement but in Omega, i dont think so. Anyway, i never yet to encounter these players after the recent update. But im sure, i can beat these guys whatever class or build they are using. This game is about luck after all.
DF Epic  Post #: 163
11/18/2013 8:49:44   

look at percentage. matt 1000 won 103 and lose 2. he has 98,1% win rate. so please shut up all bounty hunters are op!!! understand it. need decrease them. this is not balance


and KR3P4X? he is tech mage and he won 98 and lose only 1. how u can 98 and loss only 1? is it real? It is not op? 98,9% win rate. Imagine Dragon 63 wins and rate 92,6% now also bounty hunter. and urfear? 72 wins with 93,5%. 2 op classes we have now

< Message edited by kaierti1 -- 11/18/2013 9:02:09 >
Post #: 164
11/18/2013 8:59:49   

x and y are OP .. you are not helping , its not that they will remove those classes or nerf the whole thing down to the ground so stop just throwing the same word "X class is OP" and try to be more detailed or constructive instead of whinning.

side note: i wanna know what build did he use

< Message edited by DarkDevil -- 11/18/2013 9:01:01 >
AQ Epic  Post #: 165
11/18/2013 9:02:51   


do you watch every single one of their battles to know this? How do you know those people they fought didn't get disconnected, lost due to luck factors, Ran, Etc. You only see the percentage and the number of wins. You don't see every one of the battles they were in and how they won.

Epic  Post #: 166
11/18/2013 9:05:22   

Static Grenade needs toning down, nothing else. BHs as a whole are not overpowered, but the skill is too strong.

Currently, it has base energy drain of 10-25 and gains +1 energy drain every 4.5 Tech. It should be changed to Support and gain +1 energy drain every 4 Support. Yes, BHs have two defensive skills which could potentially mean defensive loops, but with offense being from Aux, Mark of Blood wouldn't be of much help to keep looping Heals and defense, due to rage.

Without Smoke, which improves with Tech, they'd have to invest into defenses as well or at least Tech to get decent Smoke for Aux combo. That's why putting it on /4 as opposed to /4.5 would be a mini buff as well, yet still a nerf due to lack of synergy with Tech.
AQ Epic  Post #: 167
11/18/2013 9:16:37   

its just that ... 5 skills will be on support , only 2 on tech ..... it seems like tech will lose its snyrgy for bountys , putting back masacre might pick it up back except now ppl will start complaining about masacre builds if that happened.

also to add the non-sense it will make placing grenade on support , i am not against it it will just cause too much balance problems , or rather a balance nightmare .

< Message edited by DarkDevil -- 11/18/2013 9:18:41 >
AQ Epic  Post #: 168
11/18/2013 9:19:02   

Wait, five? o.O It's only Reflex Boost + Energy Shield.

Or we can go for your suggestion - put level scaling on it and no improvement with any stat. That one would make it equal for everyone - not specific build, right?
AQ Epic  Post #: 169
11/18/2013 9:25:52   

guys i don't want that blood mage will be strongest, or bh or tm. i want that everyone has chance 50%-50% to win. but im tired. i want change class but i don't know when will be finish this "big updates?" i wanted last week tm but now is not such good as first update last weak and plus i dont have poison bot and plus i dont like lazy and slow game, low damage and etc. i want become bh but i know that class also will be not as best as now are, as was tech mages and then almost "destroyed". so i am stop. look maybe that is good build. i have 12-15 strength +34 and on 19-23 tech i can only 20-25 damage. 160 health and 140. without support http://image.geotorrents.com/images/52626281162154728758.png
Post #: 170
11/18/2013 9:26:46   

its reflex and shadow arts and masacre and energy shield and now emp.

my suggestion was to make it not only usable by tech builds but by all while nerfing tech abuse in it.
a high tech will be weaker while lower chance for deflect.
a lower tech will be stronger but way higher deflection chance.
increasing its energy regain to pay for the deflection and lower max.

making tech's primary purpose in it to control deflection and then slightly modify its power , now it can be countered by high tech builds which is a nerf affecting low tech builds while an advantage to high tech builds is that they get rarely deflected while remaining a rough cap of 40-42 energy down from 46-48 , to make up for that it now drains more since it destroying less energy doesn't mean that all skills will cost less.

after all its the ONLY way a bounty can destroy or regain energy (excluding cores) so just making it usable by only tech build will rather FORCE bountys to dump into tech to gain any control over energy in battle.

< Message edited by DarkDevil -- 11/18/2013 9:46:53 >
AQ Epic  Post #: 171
11/18/2013 9:40:47   

there are only 617 people online and left 23 minutes from double time. early there were 900-1100. i hope in this week will be last big update too and then we want rest and stop experiment classes. we want that every classes must be good. not op 1 or 2. we have not many credits or variums for every week change classes! (bm, tm, bh) enough please! let us play normally

i so much interesting what they will do for decrease bounty hunters. waiting for next big big update

< Message edited by kaierti1 -- 11/18/2013 9:49:02 >
Post #: 172
11/18/2013 10:56:26   

lol i'll be amused if they switch it to support then everyone will REALLY complain how op not only that skill would become but the whole class but whatever, if they wanna nerf it let them nerf it, and then there'll be another complaint about another class needing a nerf as always smh
AQW Epic  Post #: 173
11/18/2013 11:09:07   

putting it on support will not change anything , ppl will spam support.
bountys are controlers they should have what it takes to counter opponent and its only energy drainer or regainer are in this one grenade so it should be useable by all not just tech bountys , i think i have given the best balance suggestion so far i have calculated everything to make it balanced for both with both advantages and side effects.

< Message edited by DarkDevil -- 11/18/2013 11:15:57 >
AQ Epic  Post #: 174
11/18/2013 11:11:02   

that all depends on your definition of "high tech" and where that number ends
AQW Epic  Post #: 175
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