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JhyShy's Weirdo Workshop

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11/9/2021 19:31:14   

Hi there, welcome to my workshop. Feel free to criticize, give your opinion and feedback on the ideas I have. Few things of note though:
1. Don't expect that much good stuff from me at the moment, I'm pretty new to these kinds of stuff, I'll try to get better though! That I'm sure.
2. I've been an adventurer for most of my AQ life so that heavily affects my view on equipment, so generally here you will see compression stuff.
3. I'm a very weird person.
4. Most of the items I do have adventurers and f2p stuff as my main concern.
That's all I think, hope to hear all your ideas and feedback soon!

General suggestions:
1. Less token cost for slots, or even discount them at Black Friday. Slots cost a lot early game and they catch up fast.
2. Letting us vault faces and titles.

Aries' Ambitious Kris
Aquarius' Assertive Wand
Awesome Drip Sword
Barbaric Hammer
Berserk Beater
Blade of Royal Kingdom
Blade of Shadowscythe Kingdom
Bleeding Berserk Beater
Blue Light Hammer
Cancer's Protective Katar
Capricorn's Patient Lance
Chromatic Championís Blade
Comedy of Errors
Cripplerís Blade of [Element]
Cripplerís Hammer
Crippling Berserk Eater
Eldritch Bow of the Arcane
Erimusí Sword #1
Ermiusí Sword #2
Fabled Emblazoned Sword
Fabled Golden Spear
Fabled Illuminated Staff
Fabled Illuminating Wand
Fabled Ranger's Bow
Fire Drakel Tome
Flowing Drakel Blade
Fujin Bow
Gemini's Spontaneous Nunchuks
Heavy Cryo Bow
Kingdom of the Legion Blade
Kingdom of the Nation Blade
Legendary King Blade
Leo's Royal Tome
Libra's Balanced Crossbow
Magical Mixtape
Mana Horizon
Oniís Ancient Abundance Blade
Pestilence's Bow
Pisces' Intuitive Chakram
Prism-Prismatic Staff
RCane Sword/Spear 9000
Sagittarius' Curious Bow
Scorpio's Mysterious Fan
ShadowSteel Longsword
Sol Neko Bow
Staff of the Elements
Stave of the Dead
Taurus' Crippling Axe
The Gold Great Sword of War
Umazen Prime Warbow
Vibrant Nature Bow
Virgo's Immense Bow
White Light Blade
All Seasons formal wear
Barbarian Form
Chaotic Creator #1
Chaotic Creator #2
Chromatic Champ Form
Crippler Crusader
Deadly Dragon Master
Deadly Dragon Tamer
Dripped Up Garbs
Legendary Warrior King
Mighty/Agile Lt. Loreís Robes
Professional Magician
Shadowsteel Knight
Sif-Hu Form
VoidStalkerís Shadow Steed
Zealotís Fury
Hot and Cold
Blue Light Shield
Crippler Cover
Crippler Moglin

Ancient Earth Oni
Call/Summon Warlic
Minotaur Champion
Rose Commander/Soldier-
Royal Fighter
Crippler Visor
Fabled Golden Quiver
Royal Runaway Ribbon
Elemental Disempowerment: Element
Avengerís Bulwark #1
Avengerís Bulwark #2
Boreal Bolt Plate
Crystalline Edge/Scythe/Staff
Deceiverís Fortune #1
Deceiverís Fortune #2
Essence Orb
Gaidenís Blade
Greater Dark Blade of Victory
Greater Light Blade of Victory
Hordeís Ire
Illustrious Saviour
Labyrinth Bow
Loremaster's Tome
Mecha Knight Set V1
MechaKnight Set V2
No Drops
Protector Armour
Reís Absolute Annihilator #1
Reís Absolute Annihilator #2
Shadowfeeder Pendant
Spark of Serenity
Wicked King

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11/9/2021 19:34:20   

Chaotic Creator
MC FO water armor. MC is spent on having two skills
Appearance- Shadowfall Raiment as a base, but less thick and bulky, Has a brown scarf, T-shirt with a vest on top and a sash filled with little paint containers on it, the hands wear brown cut out gloves, Leggings with cut pants above them and a prismatic paint brush carried on the back like a sword, What I was trying to describe was this: This, Credits to COMYET on tumblr
Location- Frostvale (On the map) or in ďWhere Powers CollideĒ
Cost: Gold

Animation- 3 hits
When toggling imbue chaotic creativity on, the player grabs a bunch of small paint containers from the shash and throws them on the ground like a smoke bomb

Melee- 45
Ranged- 45
Magic- 45

Elemental Modifiers
Fire- 90%
Water- 39%
Wind- 70%
Ice- 70%
Earth- 70%
Energy- 90%
Light- 42%
Darkness- 42%

You gain a FO Lean

1. Buck-it, Paint- Normal 392sp Spell type Water Nuke
2. Imbue Creative Chaos- Makes your weapon deal Multi-element and inflicts Prismatic burn on your opponent, if you are using another multi-element weapon the boost of the weapon stacks with the boost of the armor and the prismatic burn gets a longer duration. Upkeep is 196sp per turn

Flavor texts/pop-ups at random times:
ďLetís get creative!!Ē > When turning on the second skill

Description: These robes contain just a small amount of chaotic power, while it is limited, you can use these powers for more fun and creative means.
Info: I came up with this idea when I just had a dream where I was beating people with a large brush and wearing painter's clothes, so I guessed why not put that here. I chose water so f2p adventurers have more options for easily available FO water armors, with the imbue as a downside to having easy access to prismatic burn and while having a boost, it is unreliable.

Hot and Cold
MC Fire and Ice compression spell that inflicts burn. Uses MC on compression
Appearance- Two large dragons of Ice and Fire come down and blasts the enemy
Location- Frostvale
Cost: Gold

Animation- 5 hits

Effects: Inflicts burn onto the enemy, burn duration is based on hits connected, Cost for burn will be reduced damage

Description: Whether itís a yes or a no, no matter where the enemy is whether their up there on the right or out there down doing wrongs. Once they get hit by these blasts theyíll be burning up.
Info: I was listening to Katy Perry then I realised we didnít really have a Fire or Ice compression spell, much less f2p. And coincidentally I was listening to Hot and Cold.

Prism-Prismatic staff (Inspired by @CH4OTICís Prism Blade)
MC light staff that if toggled will inflict prismatic burn. MC is spent on the compression
Appearance: A detailed glass staff with a flat end on the top with a prism floating above it.
Location: Warlicís Advanced shop
Cost: Gold

Type: Magic
Element: Light

Effects: Has two modes, a pure damage mode and If toggled, will sacrifice 25% of damage to try and inflict prismatic burn based on the level of hits landed.

Description: With the prismatic prism now in your hands, you can now dish out some powerful light attacks, or sacrifice some damage to inflict prismatic burn from the prismatic prism.
Info: I realized that FO mages, warriors and rangers donít exactly have access to a weapon that deals prismatic burn, so I thought of this one for mages. Iíll think of two other ones for warriors and rangers

Vibrant nature bow
MC Earth and Water compression Bow. MC is spent on the compression
Appearance- Wooden bow with flowers growing on it and water flowing out of it like a waterfall, also has tons of colors
Location- Robina's advanced shop
Cost: Gold

Animations- 2 hits

100 proc with no true special
Toggles between 4 modes: Pure damage water, Pure damage earth, Healing water the amount is based on damage dealt but sacrifices 5% of damage for it. Healing Earth the amount is based on damage dealt but sacrifices 5% damage for it. (I figured the healing modes also pay the same amount as stormshadowís burn mode)

Description: A bow gifted by the planet of lore itself, use itís power to put the hurt on enemies or heal your wounds.
Info: I didnít find a earth and water compression bow so I thought of making one myself and the most earth and water thing I know of is earth so I based it on that I guess. And I always hated 1 hit bows so Iíll always make them 2 hits consistently.

Umazen Prime Warbow
MC Light bow that if toggled inflicts blind. MC is spent for compression
Appearance- same as Umazen Warbow but with more purple and has more etchings and runes on the bow
Location- Umazen Civil War
Cost: Gold

Type: Ranged (100 proc)
Element: Light

Animations- For pure damage mode- the regular 2 hits. For the blind mode it raises the weapon up just like the original then fires it for a rain of arrows, again 2 hits.

Has no true special
For blind mode it loses 50% of itís damage to try and inflict blind

Description: To show her gratitude, The Prime herself offered you her bow, either to hurt your enemies with itís large arrows or blind them with itís crusading radiance.
Info: I like the Umazen, their story, their characters and the items we got from that saga, but the one item I did not truly like but wanted to was Umazen warbow, it had a sick design and it gave me the blind I needed for my FDBR, but itís just not good in my opinion, I originally wanted to make this a rework of the umazen warbow itself, but that might have messed with FSI so I just went with something close to it, both Lore and mechanics wise.

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11/9/2021 19:54:09   
Mr. Roguish

I would use more of the editing tools, even though you don't have that many suggestions overall, it makes it a lot easier to read. A lot of time while I was reading, my eyes would jump to the next suggestion and I'd get confused. I'd suggest using:
in between each suggestion to separate them
to bold and/or
to underline the title/name of each suggestion.

Other than format, I like the aesthetic of the Chaotic Creator, I'd just wish if something like that were implemented, that it'd have higher MRM. But if that's not what you're going for... oh well.
Post #: 3
11/9/2021 20:31:24   

Thanks thanks, I'll do the underlining now. I'll separate each suggestion next time, Thanks for the insight
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11/10/2021 0:08:28   

The Gold Great Sword of War
MC Light or Ice sword. Uses MC for letting you sap the enemyís MP
Appearance- This, the Magus Blade from AQW
Location- Clydeís Forge
Cost: Gold

Type: Melee
Element: Ice**

Has no special
If you press the blade it will give you a berserk effect
If you press the hilt you will sap the enemyís MP to empower your strikes further
Comes in Ice and light flavors.

Description: This Great sword has the ability to sap into your enemyís magic to empower your own strikes. You can even tap into the blade itself to put yourself into a berserker state. Comes in Ice or Light flavors.
Info: I was watching the Vamp reVAMP, and I saw werewolf finn holding this and I thought it was a cool looking sword, turns out it's from AQW, anyways I thought I did okay with this one, it differentiates itself from other good Ice or Light weapons as well as keeping it's core concept intact

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11/12/2021 3:48:23   

Boreal Bolt Plate
MC FO Energy and Wind compression armor. MC pays for compression
Appearance- same as before but making asgardian less dominant, giving a more equal look
Location- same but put the quest to Warlic so itís accessible to adventurers
Cost: Gold

Animation- same as before

Melee- 55
Ranged- 55
Magic- 55

Elemental resists
Fire- 80%
Water- 100%
Wind- 40%
Ice- 64%
Earth- 100%
Energy- 40%
Light- 70%
Darkness- 70%

You gain an FO lean
Comes with 1 skill

Wall of storms- QC skill that Costs 196 sp per turn and gives +12 MRM and in addition if you dodge your opponent's attack it will strike back seeking between Energy or Wind
Appearance- Same as Fujinís Wall of wind but with blue thunder and lightning coming out of it.

Description- same as before
Info- So, this armor has always been on my mind ever since I saw it and it irked me that it was guardian only (Quest is locked to adventurers), So now that I have it, Itís aight. If we brought it up to modern standards, I thought to mix some of itís core ideas together, starting with giving it energy and wind compression (The original did not have that iirc), Next is giving it dodge mechanics, as Fujinís current incarnation is to dodge using itís wall of wind. I thought about what to integrate from Asgardian aside from hitting hard, I thought of making it do damage on dodge with the idea of storms being forces of wind and energy. Hopefully I did it some justice.

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11/12/2021 3:58:25   

Legendary King Blade
MC Light blade that compresses an overcharged light and healing guest. MC is spent for compression
Appearance- Same as the legendary blade now but less thick and more slender, like combining the design of now with the slenderness of the past blade
Cost: Gold

Type: Melee
Element: Light

Has no true special
If the blade is pressed, a legendary warrior king guest is called/summoned out.

Description: A crystalline sword that carries the soul of a legendary warrior king. Tap into the blade and call forth the legendary warrior king themselves. Comes in call and summon flavors.
Info: Originally, this was supposed to be a Legendary blade rework where if you tap the blade a legendary warrior would come out, but that would mess with FSI, so I did the next best thing, using a new mob with ďConnectionsĒ to the original mob

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11/12/2021 4:01:44   

Legendary Warrior King
Overcharged Light and healing compression guest

Animation- 4 hits, the animation of the fallen king and itís light variant

If toggled it will either deal overcharged light damage or overcharged healing
For healing it sacrifices 100% of itís damage for overcharged healing

Info: There aren't many overcharged guests around, and the light ones arenít exactly f2p friendly. So I took this opportunity to make one and have it compress healing as well.
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11/12/2021 4:08:21   

White light blade-
MC Ice and Light compression greatsword. MC is spent on compression
Appearance- A greatsword with some light blue, almost bordering white with the some gold accents
Location- Frostvale
Cost: Gold

Type: Melee
Element: Ice**

Has no special
Compresses Ice and light

Description- This greatsword just radiates the happiness and joy of frostval!
Info- I didnít find any melee weapons that compressed both Ice and Light that was readily available so I figured to make and suggest one. Originally this was gonna be a stone cold slayer rework but, that might mess with FSI (I think?)(Maybe I'm just paranoid)

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11/12/2021 4:54:38   

Fujin Bow-
MC Wind bow that compresses a skill. MC is spent on compression
Appearance- Very ornate, has the color schemes of fujin and has the same effect of wind pulsing on it.
Location- Fujin set, the additional shop
Cost: Gold

Type: Ranged (100 proc)
Element: Wind

Animation- 2 hits

Has a +5bth lean
Toggle on the bow to generate a wall of wind (Same wall of wind as the fujin armor, stackable with the Fujin armor)

FSB- You gain +6 MRM

Description- Taken from the city of the skies, use this bow to strike down your enemies or conjure a wall of wind that letís you evade their attacks.
Info- Originally, this was supposed to be a Ectomancer bow rework, as I didn't exactly agree with the ideas given to it (It's +20bth and auto-hit seem redundant when most builds that run 100 procs run 250 DEX) I would have given it a panoply like skill where if you toggle the bow you spend 588sp for a 3 turn +30 MRM boost, but that would have messed with FSI(Probably) and also it was considerably new. So I just made a bow that is close to that and based it off of fujin which fits the aesthetic of being wind and dodging.

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11/13/2021 8:01:23   

Blue light shield-
MC Energy and light shield. MC is spent on compression
Appearance- Shield in the shape of the memorial shield but itís colored blue, it glows and crackles with energy when toggled to energy.
Location- Adder's Forge
Cost: Gold

Toggle to switch from light to energy and vice versa

Description- This shield was made using a storm and the light of the moon! With them this shield will protect you from energy and light attacks.
Info- I searched around and found no energy and light compressing shields, There werenít even any f2p energy compression shields. So I figured Iíd suggest one here.
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11/13/2021 8:29:57   

Blue Light Hammer-
MC Light and energy hammer. MC is spent on compression
Appearance- Same length and shape as Zaburaís Hammer but the sledge at the end is flat rather than circular. Crackles with energy once toggled to energy mode.
Location- Adderís forge
Cost: Gold

Type: Melee
Element: Light**

No Special
Toggles to either attack with energy or light

Description- This hammer was made using a storm and the light of the moon! With them you can put on the hurt to your enemy with either energy or light.
Info- Again, I didnít really find any energy and light compressing weapons, so I might as well suggest one.

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11/13/2021 9:20:04   

Barbaric Hammer-
MC Earth hammer that compresses an earth armor. MC is spent on compression
Appearance- This
Location- Perhaps in a new quest featuring Clyde
Cost: Gold

Type: Melee
Element: Earth

No special
If you click on the handle you equip the Barbarian form.

Description- It seems this hammer is haunted by the spirits of those who wielded it but couldnít take the power, luckily for you, it seems you can take it! Tap into the hammer to unleash your inner barbarian!
Info- I really love things that compress other things in AQ, stuff like the snide formulas, mark of hope, friendship bracelet, grakma horn. They help with the compression issues adventurers face, so I figured Iíd think more of them.

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11/13/2021 9:23:43   

Barbarian form-
MC FO Earth armor. MC is spent on the skill
Appearance- The player becomes a big muscular person, with aesthetics like the hyperalphean set.
Location- The Barbaric hammer

Animation- 2 hits, The player jumps towards the enemy and smashes the weapon on them then jumps back again.

Melee- 55
Ranged- 45
Magic- 45

Elemental resists
Fire- 100%
Water- 70%
Wind- 80%
Ice- 100%
Earth- 40%
Energy- 80%
Light- 90%
Darkness- 58%

You gain an FO Lean
You gain 1 skill

Spirit takeover- You gain the berserk effect

Skill Description- Let the anger of the spirits take over you letting you hit with more powerful but less accurate strikes!

Info- With the lack of pretty good f2p earth armors, I figured Iíd bundle one in the weapon I suggested above.

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11/13/2021 9:39:01   

Magical Mixtape-
MC fire wand that inflicts either burn or control. MC is spent on compression
Appearance- Just a regular looking mixtape but on fire
Location- Could be added in a quest featuring Barry Jotter
Cost: Gold

Type: Magic (100 proc)
Element: Fire

Toggle to either inflict control onto your enemy or burn them.
Sacrifices 25% of damage to pay for these effects.

Description- Accio Mic! Let's fire up this track! Use this mixtape to either inflict control onto your enemies with itís mesmerizing lyrics or burn them with itís hot bars. There seems to be an etching, it says ďCrayís MixtapeĒ
Info- I figured that since wands are the magic versions of bow, I figured while bows go 50/50 on effects, wands should go full into effects, cause magic, also cause it finally gives a reason to play a wand mage if players prefer effects rather than damage. Also this is my first step to make Cray release his mixtape
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11/13/2021 10:11:30   

All Seasons formal wear-
MC FO Fire and Ice compression armor. MC is spent for compression
Appearance- Red blazer with a light blue buttoned long sleeves underneath with a light blue tie as well, pants are red along with the shoes.
Location- Adderís forge
Cost: Gold

Animations- 2 hits, Same attack animation as Frogzard hunter.

Melee: 50
Ranged: 50
Magic: 50

Elemental resists:
Fire: 40%
Water: 55%
Wind: 70%
Ice: 40%
Earth: 60%
Energy: 75%
Light: 100%
Darkness: 100%

You gain an FO lean
You gain 1 skill

Bringing in the style- Efficient fire and ice seeking spell type skill.

Skill description- Infuse your enemy with your coolness or hotness, though it may hurt them. But that is a small price to pay for style.

Description- Be cool or be hot? Well with this suit and tie combo, you can be both! And it perfectly cools you so you can wear this in any season!
Info- There wasnít a f2p Ice and fire compression armor I could find so I figured Iíd think of one.

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12/10/2021 5:48:04   

Stave of the dead-
MC Ice and Darkness tome. MC is spent on compression
Appearance- Black colored stick (Same length as Sila's staff) with a floating skull on the end, it that exhumes light blue gas
Location- Obsidiaís lair
Cost: Gold

Type: Magic (100 proc) (Tome)
Element: Darkness*

If spells are disabled, does a wand attack
Wand attack seeks between darkness and ice
Compresses 3 spells

1. Cyrocorpse
Conjures up 3 frozen undead that lunges at the opponent. Does 3 hits
Efficient spell. Seeks between darkness and ice

2. Freezing death
Conjures up pillars that then fall on the opponent. Does 4 hits
Normal spell. Seeks between darkness and Ice

3. Glacial disaster
Conjures up a frozen skull that lights up when attacking the opponent. Does 6 hits (Animation the same as Loremasterís tomeís The bad spell)
Overcharged spell. Seeks between darkness and ice

Description: A regular stave held by a frozen corpse, a necromancer imbued it with dark magic and the same frozen death that ended itís holder.
Info: I figured since we donít have a darkness tome and an ice tome, why not kill two birds with one stone and have this. I figured Iíd put this in Kaleyís cause Necro was just the perfect time to add a darkness tome, sad it didnít happen.

Changed description from book to stave

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12/10/2021 5:52:35   

Call/Summon Warlic-
MC Overcharged Ele-seeking guest. MC is spent on compression
Appearance- Warlic
Location- Warlic's beginner and advanced shop

Type: Uses Magic
Element: Void

Animation- 2 hits, warlic hits them with a blast coming from his staff

Overcharged guest thats costs 2x the regular guest cost
Due to the guest ele-seeking they will have a damage penalty
Clicking on the guest will make them either attack with omni-elemental attacks or ele-seeking attacks

Description- Call/Summon your mighty friend warlic when you need some magical assistance against a foe!
Info- Since we didn't have an ele-seeking guest that we can buy I figured I might as well make one

Edit: Made Warlic have an actual compression

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12/10/2021 5:54:45   

Fire Drakel Tome-
MC Fire tome that inflicts panic and has the ability to eat it. MC is spent on compression
Appearance- The tomes that fire drakels carry
Location- Drakel Black market
Cost: Gold

If spells are disabled it does a wand attack
Wand attack is 2 hits
The Tome will glow once the enemy has any amount of panic
If you click on the tome itself while the enemy is in panic, it will ďeatĒ the panic and heal your mp based on the damage
Spells have a damage penalty to pay for inflicting panic


1.White hot
Desc: Conjure up a tiny tint of white hot redness, only letting your opponent be moderately mad.
Animation- shoots a straight white line with a tint of red into the enemyís eyes. 2 hits
- Efficiency spell that inflicts light amount of panic
2.Seeing red
Desc: same desc as Seeing Red spell
Animation- same as before
- Casts seeing red as itís normal spell
3.Crimson King
Desc: Use this spell to make your enemy go into such a panic they feel as if they are now in the court of the Crimson King (Donít worry itís only for the battle, theyíll be fine after this.)
Animation- 5 hits, flashing a court with a throne in the middle, the flashes crimson light for the next four hits
- Overcharged spell that inflicts a large amount of panic

Weapon Description: This may be a standard issue tome that all mage fire drakels use, but as the Chosen with your experience and mastery, you can use this tome to it`s full potential. Use this tome to inflict them panic, sending them one step close to the court of the Crimson King.
Info- I figured, why doesn't the Chosen steal the books of defeated fire drakels or why Sage Uldor doesn't have em in the drakel black markert. So uh here it is with some extra spice

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12/11/2021 7:19:27   

RCane Sword/Spear 9000
MC Fire Great Sword/Spear that compresses a guest. MC is spent on compression
Appearance- Magical Mecha sword
Location- Vincentís workshop
Cost: Gold

Type: Comes in either Melee or Ranged variants
Element: Fire

Has no true special
If you press the blade, a Arkane-9 is called/summoned out

Description: A Marvelous output of drakel magiscience. Those who wield this are capable of calling out/summoning a Magical Robo Wolf
Info- More compression stuff, yay!
Post #: 20
12/11/2021 7:22:19   

MC Overcharged Fire guest. MC pays for more damage

Animation- 3 hits. Wolf Claws the enemy with each paw then dashes

More damage

Info- Just a very big doggo thatís in a sword
Post #: 21
12/12/2021 6:55:44   

Mecha knight set Rework
Full MC bonus: Inflicts a large amount of EleVuln
Info: I wanted this to primarily be a warrior set but I was informed that I shouldn't just leave out other items like that so, I tried to make it a bit more inclusive but made sure to keep the warrior focus in mind.

MechaKnight PowerSuit
MC FO darkness armor
Cost: Gold



Elemental Resists-Same

You gain an FO lean
You gain 2 skills

1. Demon Magitech
-Toggle to imbue Weapon with darkness element, increases damage by paying both 89 HP(Or whatever blood cost fits) and 98 SP per turn(Melee) or 143 SP per turn (Magic) (QC Toggle)

2. Demon Rune imbue
-Toggle to inflict berserk effect on player (QC Toggle)

Info-Man, Mecha knight looks so good but itís nothing special. So I thought of this rework to make it atleast have a fighting chance against Angel of Souls

Mecha knight Hammer/Maul
MC melee/magic weapons. MC Pays to inflict Darkness Elevuln
Cost: Same

Type: Melee/Magic respectively
Element: Darkness

Has no true special
Inflicts elevuln to darkness based on hits connected
Player takes increased damage to pay for boosted Elevuln

Info: I figured that since DefLoss was pretty meh on the weapons, I would instead let them inflict elevuln to darkness so it would synergize with the armors darkness imbue. Also ngl Mecha Hammer looks lowkey sick.

MechaKnight Bow
MC Darkness Bow. MC pays to inflict Darkness Elevuln
Cost: Same

Type: Ranged (100 pro)
Element: Darkness

Animations- 2 hits

Has no true special
Has two mode: Pure Damage (+5% damage) and Elevuln mode (Sacrifices MC and 104 SP per turn)

Description: Same
Info- Man, I really hate 1 hit bows, so as much as possible I pick bows that always two hit

MechaKnight Defender
MC Darkness shield. MC Pays for toggle that increases STR
Cost: Gold

Toggles to give +50 STR

Info- Well, I always figured Hollow was more of the throwing hands type of guy rather than throwing out spells, so I figured this shield could be a good opportunity for a reskin of modern CiT

Edit: Dec. 13, 2021
Removed the ranged and melee lock as there is a magic weapon in the set
Made Bow pay more to inflict a better elevuln
Made player pay even more SP for a boost in the Elecomp for the Armor's Imbue
Besides, DefLoss isn't a hard effect to beat

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12/12/2021 7:08:30   

Deceiverís fortune Rework
MC FO Energy Armor. MC Pays for the two skills
Appearance- Same (Why change something that looks so slick like dang)
Location- Same
Animations- Same


Elemental Resists- Same

You gain an FO Lean
You gain 2 skills
Each LUKy strike with fortune drive on nets you 5 charges for the drive
Below the menu there is a charge counter

1. Fortune Engine-
Sacrifices a turn to gain +5 Drive for fortune drive
(Alternate Idea- Making Fortune engine be a toggle that nets you +5 charges but makes your damage be halved, letting you attack and not be completely defenseless)
2. Fortune Drive-

Description- Same
Info- Man, Deceiverís fortune looks so good, very good. Itís skill has good ideas in mind but not exactly great execution in my opinion, hopefully my suggestion is enough to make it have a niche and fill it well. I figured it would have the same effect as Clever disguise that sacrifices a turn.

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Spark of Serenity Rework
MC FO Earth and Light compression armor. MC Pays for Skill
Appearance- Same (Again, Why change something that looks so slick, like dang, this armor is beautiful)
Location- Same
Cost: Gold (Uses gold cost to pay for compression)

Animation- 2 hits

MRM- Same

Elemental resists-
Same but earth and light are 39%

You gain an FO Lean
You gain 1 skill

1. Spark of Harvest-
Spell type skill that seeks between earth and light. Pays 392 SP
Animation- 3 hits, uses the animation of the second attack of Spark of Serenity

Description- Same
Info- Dang, this armor is so beautiful
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Mana Horizon
MC Harm Tome. MC Pays for reduced damage penalty
Appearance- Warlicís staff
Location- Darker Memories
Cost: Gold

Type: Magic (100 proc) (Tome)
Element: Harm

If spells are disabled, does a wand attack
If attack button is pressed a UI appears

1. Runic Binding
-Same as the regular runic binding

2. Harmful Magicks
Conjures up multiple purple lightning bolts, does 3 hits
-Regular harm spell

3. Spell amplification
-Gives you elemental empowerment for all spells and gives a passive increase in damage for spells, costs 76 MP and 80 SP per turn

4. Curse infusion
-Regenerates mana but if you fill up your MP bar you are insta-killed, only works if your MP bar is not full

5. Regenerate Mana
-Regenerates 395 MP

Description: Warlic lends you his staff filled with some of his signature spells and amplification but it came with his curse as well(NGL Y'all should change this description I have no creativity when it comes to descriptions)
Info: Thought of how dope Warlic's staff was and how cool a harm tome would be

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