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2/20/2012 11:00:38   
Legendary AK!!!

Please check previous entries to prevent bogging down the thread with old information. After checking and making sure that the information is new and relevant, please include whether it is for a new entry or an edit/addition to an old entry. Remember to check previous threads and Guides first. Remember, no sigs. For pictures, please refer to the Guide to Pedia Screenshots.

These threads are not meant for discussion in regards to any item. If you feel an item is imbalanced please make a thread about it in Game Balance Issues.

These threads are not meant for asking questions. Please use Questions/Answers for that. Only questions pertaining to crucial information that is missing or hasn`t been posted by the AQ staff by accident are allowed. For example missing SP costs for a misc or missing BtH numbers regarding a weapon etc.

Any posts that deviate from the AQ Encyclopedia Rules will be deleted and warnings given out as deemed necessary.

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2/20/2012 19:55:20   
ArchMagus Orodalf

@1st Class Genesis in the previous thread: "Dweller" is just the generic monster name-- the monster has different names per tier. (For example, I face the "Demersal" Dweller)
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2/25/2012 20:43:02   
ArchMagus Orodalf


A Lady's History!

Today's Event > Lady Tomo Legend! (A quest of origins!)

In the expanse of the desert, south of Greenguard Forest, lies the ruins of a time long ago. Untouched, the world had forgotten it, sand had buried it, and its proximity to the Western Expanse kept it undesirable. Yet, it was here, long in the past, that one of Lore's interesting inhabitants made her debut.

«Scene: Kastio stands behind Eukara as she reads a book in her library.»

Kastio: Mistress?
Eukara Vox: Mmmmm...
Kastio: Ms. Vox? My apologies for interrupting your reading, but...

«Eukara looks up and blinks.»

Eukara Vox: Huh? Oh, Kastio! I am sorry, what is it?
Kastio: There's been... an anomaly, in the far west, Mistress.
Eukara Vox: The West is a disturbance on its own accord, Kastio.
Kastio: Yes, but it is what you requested we keep an eye out for.

«Eukara looks back down at the still-open book in her hand.»

Eukara Vox: How very interesting, and deliciously odd, life's frequent synchronicity.
Kastio: Excuse me?
Eukara Vox: Oh, I've come upon a fascinating account in this book which took place in the very location I asked you to watch, and of which we now speak.
Eukara Vox: Kastio, now that you've confirmed an anomaly, I need you to gather evidence.
Kastio: Yes Mistress.

«Kastio disappears into a large, round glass object.»

Eukara Vox: Very interesting, indeed. My dear Lady Tomo, who knew your history was so intricate.

«The portal opens up and deposits «You» in front of Eukara Vox.»

«You»: AGAIN!?
Eukara Vox: Oh, hello, «You». What brings you here, my friend?
«You»: Your confounded portal! As for why, I haven't a clue, why don't you ask it?

«The portal closes.»

«You»: Oh, sure, dodge the question...
Eukara Vox: Well, I hadn't planned on entertaining a guest, but it seems I have a captive audience.
Eukara Vox: I was just reading a compelling passage from Lady Tomo's past. What do you know of her?
«You»: I know she heals Lore's creatures and tends the Valance Tree on Isle d'Oriens.
Eukara Vox: ... and that is it?
«You»: Why would I care to know more?
Eukara Vox: Why wouldn't you? She's a kind and generous person.
«You»: Well, when you put it that way, taking some time to learn more about her does seem the decent thing to do...
«You»: *gulp* ... Will there be a quiz after?
Eukara Vox: This takes place a very long time ago, so we'll just see how well you pay attention... Now, let me read you a story...

«Eukara looks down at her book and begins to read.»

Eukara Vox: " The war had progressed beyond the point of no return. The mages, who were losing ground, gathered to plan their next move..."

«A flash of light causes «You» to disappear. The Scene shows the light playing around the pages of the book.»

Eukara Vox: Oh no, not again...

«Scene fades. «You» are in a desert.»

«You»: What the...? Where am I?
Warrior: Fight for everything you hold dear! They cannot take hold of our lands!

«Several Guardians run past.»

«You»: Where's the library... Eukara Vox... I would even rejoice to see that blasted Portal.

    Full Heal
    Full Heal

«You»: Can someone tell me what the sneevil is going on?!

«A Fighter enters.»

Fighter: Stranger, we are fighting for everything we have and will have. Our very lives and future depend on those mages not getting what they want.
Fighter: They have a Necromancer leading them. It is rumored that he has turned himself in a Lich.

«The Fighter runs off-Scene.»

«You»: Sounds... fun.

    Full Heal
    Full Heal

«Scene: The outskirts of a group of tents.»

«You»: The mages' command center... wait, how do I know that?

«Scene fades. New Scene: Inside a tent, where four Magi and a hooded Necromancer are meeting.»

Fire Mage: I can't see how this will end well. They are far stronger than we anticipated.
Necromancer: It does not matter! We will not give up. This is our land.
Light Mage: ... Which our ancestors stole after the great destruction from the people out there.
Fire Mage: Whose side are you on?!
Light Mage: I am just saying; this is reminiscent of those days.
Necromancer: And we won then and will again.

«A Water Mage enters.»

Water Mage: They have pushed through! We cannot hold them. We must retreat!

«The Necromancer smashes the table.»

Necromancer: We will not stand down! We will win this war. I had hoped it wouldn't come to this, but we have no choice!
Light Mage: Choice? Choice in what?
Necromancer: A summoning.
Geo Mage: What?! You know the risks of summoning!

«The Necromancer raises a hand about which magic plays.»

Necromancer: All too well...

«The tent shakes. The Scene shifts to show a frontal silhouette of the Necromancer in front of a portal.»

Necromancer: To this plane, I summon those which can serve my purposes.
Necromancer: Come to me, demons, banes of life!

«Several demonic silhouettes rise behind the Necromancer. The Scene returns to the view of the tent, now filled with several demons of different shapes, but similar dark purple hue.»

Necromancer: Go! Take care of the plague of people that threaten my domain!

«Scene shows the demons leaving the tent and arriving on the front. They kill many. A female-shaped demon with wings, a heart-tipped tail, a horns, however, uses healing magic to raises several beings, demonic and human.»

Necromancer: What are you doing, Demon? I did not bring you here to play nursemaid!
Lady Tomo: ...
Necromancer: I am speaking to you, servant. You will look at me when I speak to you!

«Lady Tomo, the aforementioned female-shaped demon, turns to face the Necromancer.»

Lady Tomo: I have been summoned. I am doing what I specialize in.
Necromancer: I did not bring you here to... to... HEAL! I brought you here to wreak havoc and destruction on my enemies.
Lady Tomo: Then you have made a mistake.
«You»: This is a rather... unfortunate turn of events for the Necromancer.
Necromancer: I do not make mistakes. I command you to stand and fight. Destroy them all!
«You»: Oh! Demons...

    Full Heal
    Full Heal

Lady Tomo: You summoned me to do something that I...

«Lady Tomo turns and flies toward «You», raising a hand.»

Lady Tomo: Hold still, please.
Necromancer: What are you doing? He is the enemy. He's the one you are to destroy.
«You»: Get it through your hooded skull, she's a healer! She doesn't hurt people and you can't make her!
Necromancer: Insolent worm! You dare speak to me?!

«The Necromancer moves to attack «You».»

    1 BATTLE: Necromant

«Lady Tomo flies toward «You» and provides a Full Heal.»

Lady Tomo: Ahhh, yes, typical. I believe I can heal this. You know, you may want to be more careful around the undead and sharp things in the future. You don't know where they've been...
«You»: In the future?! Lady, you have no idea...
Necromancer: You have defied me long enough! Now, be gone...
Lady Tomo: Oh dear, that really is awful. I can help you with that malady.
Necromancer: What are you talking about?

«Lady Tomo moves toward the Necromancer.»

Lady Tomo: You are in great need of healing. Let me see to you.

«Magical sparkles play around her outstretched hand.»

Necromancer: Wait... what are you doing?
Lady Tomo: Trust me, you won't feel a thing.
Necromancer: No... Stop whatever you are doing. Gods, the pain! Stop please, for the love of everything unholy...
Lady Tomo: You are making this difficult.

«The Scene shakes.»

Lady Tomo: What... this can't happen!

«An enormous blast sends sand flying and the Scene whites out. «You» have been returned to the library.»

«You»: Woah... wait, what happened? I left too soon. Tell me what happened!
Eukara Vox: I am sorry, «You». My magic, well, it sent you into the book, which in turn, sent you to that time.
«You»: But, I have to get back! I have to see what happened!
Eukara Vox: If you go back, you will be destroyed. Lady Tomo, when faced with healing a Lich, used so much of her power that it obliterated the entire region.
Eukara Vox: As a novice healer, she was not accustomed to, nor really able to, use her magic in that capacity.
«You»: O-Obliterated? The entire region? But how could her power do that? It's HEALING magic!
Eukara Vox: And yet, according to the book, that is what came to pass. There is no mention of the location of the event so it remains hidden to this day.
Eukara Vox: In fact, Lady Tomo refuses to divulge where it happened.
Eukara Vox: According to the book, she contined to practice her healing magic, tending and assisting others whenever possible...
Eukara Vox: In direct opposition to the wishes of the Necromancer who summoned her.
«You»: Well, after that ordeal, I can understand. But, really, no one knows where this all transpired?
Eukara Vox: Only Lady Tomo knows the location and I doubt she'll ever reveal it... Now, I hope you enjoyed the story and that you learned much.
Eukara Vox: Looks like you'll dodge the quiz this time because, if my suspicions are correct, your favorite portal should be coming for you right abooout... now.
«You»: Wha--

«The portal takes you away.»

Eukara Vox: Well... if Kastio is right, she may not be the only one who knows anymore...
Legend of Lady Tomo

Shop Weapons:
  • Tribulation Necromant Staff
  • Horrifying Necromant Staff Z
  • Horrifying Necromant Staff
  • Nightmarish Necromant Staff
  • Bone-Chilling Necromant Staff
  • Torturous Necromant Staff
  • Phantasmic Necromant Staff

    Shop Spells:
  • Borrow Z
  • Borrow
  • Borrow
  • Borrow G
  • Borrow
  • Borrow
  • Borrow G
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

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    2/26/2012 14:48:56   
    Nova Gryphon


    In the Miss Fixit - Missing: Teenage Dragon quest, the third monster has been updated. The level 81 Ancient Wyvern has been replaced with a level 85 Cyclone Wyvern. I assume all of the tiers have been similarly changed, but I can't tell what levels the lower versions would be.

    Updated. Thank you. ~B

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    AQ  Post #: 4
    2/27/2012 16:23:26   
    Bu Kek Siansu



    The Algern's Carapace series should be listed: :)


    Terrible 12 Part 2A

    Shop Armors:
  • Algern's Carapace (Level 14)
  • Algern's Versatile Carapace (Level 14) (Z-Token)
  • Algern's Carapace (Level 46)
  • Algern's Carapace (Level 66) (Guardian)
  • Algern's Versatile Carapace (Level 84) (Z-Token)
  • Algern's Carapace (Level 104)
  • Algern's Carapace (Level 124)
  • Algern's Carapace (Level 131) (Guardian)

  • added. thank you! ~B

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    3/1/2012 15:56:00   


    puzzle pic from the new quest:


    [image]http://i269.photobucket.com/albums/jj80/afterlifex/painting.jpg [/image]

    edit: going to put a different one as well that shows gaps never mind a good one with gaps isn't really possible unless it's in 3 pieces.

    used. thank you. ~B

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    3/1/2012 17:44:01   
    ArchMagus Orodalf


    Artistic Ruins!

    Today's Event > Artistic Ruins! (Time to get your hands dirty!)

    After an accidental mishap with Eukara Vox's magic which transported you back in time to witness the emergence of Lady Tomo, you discover a bit of the history regarding the Western Expanse, a place that hasn't been inhabited in a very long time.

    With the revelation of a civilisation at warm the mystery of Lady Tomo's appearance is solved, but a new mystery is opened up. Who were these people? In an effort to discover more, we join Eukara Vox at the doorstep of Karuna's home, readying to go on an excursion to solve this new mystery.

    «Scene: «You» and Eukara Vox enter near the door of Karuna's home. Eukara knocks with her Bell-staff. The door opens and Mara comes out.»

    You may skip this cutscene at any time.

    Mara: Hi, «You»! Who's your friend?
    Mara: Oh, you have wings! Where did you get those?

    «A spirit moves behind Eukara.»

    (simultaneously) Mara: Why are your eyes so big? Mara: Do you know what I had for lunch?
    (simultaneously) Mara: Can you fly? Mara: What's with the stick with the bell? Mara: Are you going to take Baldev on an adventure?
    Mara: I wanna go. Why can't I go?
    Mara: What do you think you will find?
    (simultaneously) «You»: ... Eukara Vox: ...
    Eukara: Um, well, you certainly have a lot of questions.

    «The spirit behind Eukara disappears as Karuna enters.»

    Karuna: Go ahead and run along now, Mara.

    «Mara skips back into the house.»

    Karuna: Ms. Vox, I take it?
    Eukara: Yes, I trust you received my letter of inquiry?
    Karuna: Yes. Baldev was very excited about what you wrote in it. I have some... concerns, though. Baldev has a little trouble moving around.
    Eukara: Trouble? As in coordination? Or something more?
    (off-Scene) Baldev: Vita said we had some visitors, mom?

    «Baldev rolls in on a wheelchair.»

    Baldev: Hi, I'm Baldev. Pleased to meet you.
    «You»: Well, that answers that question.
    Eukara: Indeed. Hello, Baldev. I am Eukara Vox. Karuna tells me that you are excited about this expedition.
    Baldev: Heh, mom told you that, did she? Well, I guess it's true. I just hope I don't end up being a burden.
    Eukara: A burden? Nonsense, Baldev. There is always a way to do that which we greatly desire. Care to see?
    Baldev: See what?

    «Eukara's Bell-staff disappears. A book appears in the hand that was originally holding the staff.»

    Eukara: Ah, an aspect of my abilities, Baldev. What would you say to transportation that gives you the freedom to move?
    Baldev: Like a new chair?
    Eukara: Yes, actually. You see, Baldev, I am the guardian of creativity and imagination. With that comes certain... special abilities.
    Eukara: Anything that I draw or imagine will manifest itself.
    Eukara: This book has something in it I think you would appreciate. A chair that hovers over land and water and is easy to maneuver.
    «You»: What... Did you get that design from the Smartzard?
    Eukara: Actually, no, it didn't come from the Smartzard. This book comes from another world and was found in my Library.
    Eukara: It is a Multi-Universal Library, a place to collect literature from everyone and everywhere. My night job, if you will.
    «You»: I see, well, my visits have always been odd and this explains a lot.
    Eukara: Anyway... Baldev, would you be fine with this?
    Baldev: Sure! It sounds like fun.
    Eukara: Karuna? Is this satisfactory?
    Karuna: Just so long as it's safe.
    Eukara: I mentioned that this would be a mystery. I don't know what we will find, but I asked «You» to come along to guarantee that we will be safe.
    Eukara: Baldev is my primary concern and I will not let anything happen to him.
    Karuna: ... Alright. I trust you. But I'm holding you personally responsible for my son's safety. Both of you.

    (simultaneously) «You»: Yes, ma'am! Eukara: You have my word.

    «Eukara closes her eyes. The form of a chair slowly manifests at her feet and then comes fully into being. It looks the same as Lord Terror's hovering chair.»

    Eukara: At your mark, Baldev.

    «Scene shows Baldev zooming across plains and mountains as «You» and Eukara follow. Baldev yells:»


    «The group then enters the portal and exits at a desert by a mountain. There are ruins in the distance, toward which «You», Eukara, and Baldev face.»

    Baldev: Ms. Vox, is this... the place you wanted to explore?
    Eukara: Yes, it doesn't seem like much, but it has a great amount of history. One which, until very recently, I was not sure of.
    Eukara: I knew this place held some import, but I found an old book in my library that told its story.
    Eukara: This is where Lady Tomo first came to Lore. The results of that rendered this area uninhabitable by person, though quite a few beasts roam here.

    «Several Ramleons run past.»

    «You»: Ramleons!
    Eukara: Interesting... Being half serpent and possessing such large paws, a desert wasteland seems more suited to a Ramleon than a forest.
    «You»: Those seem to be rushing off towards Greenguard Forest, though...
    Baldev: They look scared. Like they're running from something. What would they be scared of?
    Eukara: I don't know, Baldev. Perhaps there are a few dragons around? Could it be that the Ramleons are actually from this area?
    «You»: And if so... what has settled here that is driving such a creature away in droves?
    Eukara: ...
    Eukara: Here I thought we had solved one mystery, only to have another to take its place. Now I have TWO mysteries to solve again. Looks like we have our work cut out for us, Baldev.
    Baldev: Nothing is without hardship, Ms. Vox. At least, that's what I was always taught. But anything worth having is worth the hardship.

    The "Skip Cutscene" button skips to this point in the Quest.

    «The group enters the proximity of ruins.»

    (off-Scene) ???: *RAWR*
    «You»: I was wondering when something would notice us...
    Eukara: I will cover Baldev, you get rid of the monsters.
    «You»: Well, I am just a weapon, after all. And here I thought you were giving me a chance to show my intellectual side...

      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal
      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal

    «You»: Fun... Exploration, sunburns, sand everywhere and eventually in places I don't want to mention, monsters...
    Eukara: Oh, try to see the positive in this!
    «You»: There's a positive? Well, let's head inside.

    «The group has enters the ruins.»

      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal

    «You»: What exactly am I getting out of this?
    Baldev: Whatever drops?
    «You»: Nice, kid. Really.
    Baldev: Look at all this. Sculpture, mosaics, pottery... I mean, it's all half-buried, but wow.
    Eukara: Well, then, I am definitely glad that I was able to conjure up that hoverchair. Let's get to work!
    Dig for Treasure!

    Select an arrow to dig in that spot for rare artifacts, potions, or even healing! Leave at any time by clicking 'I'm Done!' or start in a new section with 'Start Over!'

    Warning: There are monster hiding in the sand!

    Example screen

    On a HEAL square:

    There's nothing here -

    Wait. What was that?

    Someone just healed you and snuck away. What could or would do that... a ninja cleric?

    Really. Why wouldn't whoever it was stick around for thanks?

  • Continue!

    On a NOTHING square:

    There's nothing here -

    Nothing at all.

    Maybe... ... nope, that's just a larger pebble.

  • Try again!

    On a BATTLE square:

      1 BATTLE

    On the REWARD square:

    Wow! You found something impressive!

    Surely there's a reward for this!

  • Reward!

      1 BATTLE: Treasure

    After you finish digging:

    That's all the treasure in that area!

    What to do now?

  • I'm Done!
  • More Digging!

    Continuing to dig results in larger and larger maps. (4 by 4, then 5 by 5, then 6 by 6, etc.) These maps have increasing amounts of treasure in them (1, then 2, then 3, etc.)
    After you finish digging for real:

    «Full Heal»

    «You»: Wow, that was actually... fun. Just don't tell anyone I said that.
    Eukara: I won't.

    «Scene shifts to where Baldev is. Eukara flies in. Baldev is looking at a golden statuette in the sand.»

    Eukara: What did you find?
    Baldev: I found this beautiful statue. Just trying to clean it off and all. But, the details is fantastic. So beautiful.
    Eukara: Good! That's why you are here. You have an eye for detail and art.
    (off-Scene) «You»: Um, Eukara?

    «Eukara turns to face the direction the speech bubble comes from.»

    Eukara: Yes, «You»?
    «You»: I think you may want to come look at this.
    Eukara: Baldev, I will be back. You just keep working on that statue.

    «Eukara enters the Scene in which «You» stand, surrounded by broken pieces of mosaic.»

    «You»: The head is a Ramleon. But what does the rest look like? The pieces are all scattered around.
    Eukara: Perhaps you should put it together?
    «You»: But...
    Eukara: I found literature, intact, buried in the sand. Let me know when you are done.

    «She flies away.»

    «You»: ... Fine.

    Place the pieces of the mosaic in to the correct locations on the wall!

    Completed Puzzle

    Eukara: Unbelievable...
    «You»: Wait... isn't that the same mage I saw the last time I visited you... when I got sucked into the past through your random magic?
    «You»: It is!
    Eukara: So... this mage is the one who summoned Lady Tomo? Then, the Ramleons predate her arrival.
    Eukara: I wonder if this incident marked his change from creature creation to demon summoning?
    Baldev: That's quite a jump for a mage.
    Eukara: It is...
    Baldev: Oh, Ms. Vox?
    Eukara: Yes, Baldev?
    Baldev: When I was cleaning off the statue, I noticed something weird. Some of the artifacts... the beautiful vases and paintings and statues...
    Eukara: What is it, Baldev?
    Baldev: Well, Ms. Vox... they were, they were losing their color. As if something was slowly stealing it away.

    «Scene shows several treasures losing their color and turning gray.»
    Artistic Ruins

    Shop Shields:
  • Shield of Sands
  • Shield of Sands
  • Shield of Sands Z
  • Shield of Sands
  • Guardian's Shield of Sands
  • Shield of Sands
  • Guardian's Shield of Sands

    Shop Spells:
  • Sands of Suffocation
  • Sands of Suffocation Z
  • Sands of Suffocation
  • Sands of Suffocation G
  • Sands of Suffocation
  • Sands of Suffocation
  • Sands of Suffocation G

    Shop Miscellaneous Items:
  • Urn of Prevailing Winds Z
  • Urn of Prevailing Winds
  • Guardian's Urn of Prevailing Winds
  • Urn of Prevailing Winds
  • Guardian's Urn of Prevailing Winds
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Completed Puzzle thanks to afterlifex.

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    3/8/2012 16:15:07   
    ArchMagus Orodalf


    Looking for Leads: Ku! Ku!

    Today's Event > Chessmaster Saga! (The Energy Orb Part 1)

    The mysterious Numbered Beasts have left you with many questions, but recent events have made two things clear: There's some connection between them and the Prime Orbs, and they want those orbs for something. The time has come for answers, and you know just who to ask...

    «Scene: Warlic's Mage Shop.»

    «You»: What do you mean you have no time for questions?
    Warlic: Just that. An unstable temporal vortex in the north demands my undivided attention. Goodbye.
    «You»: But--

    «A flash of light. «You» are now in a forest setting.»

    «You»: You... teleported me...

    «Two Forgzards enter.»

    «You»: Right... into a zard nest. Wonderful.

      2 BATTLES: Frogzard
      Full Heal

    «You»: Great, now I need a Plan B. Do I know any other archmages?

    «Radagast enters.»

    Radagast: Hey, «You». How'd you get out here?
    «You»: Warlic. You?
    Radagast: Kal called a meeting, so I'm walking. I'll see you later.
    «You»: Goodbye.

    «Radagast walks off.»

    «You»: Kalanyr... ... Wait! Hold on a second, Radagast!

      2 BATTLES: Frogzard
      Full Heal

    You catch up to Radagast, and fill him in on your recent adventures in the Skraeling Desert. The fire beast and its numbered kin seem to have a mission, and if it involves the Prime Elemental Orbs, it can't be good for Lore...

    «Scene: A mountainous region.»

    Radagast: It said it had a job? Huh. I didn't think anyone was outsourcing these days.
    «You»: No, it said it had a job *to do*.
    Radagast: Well I would hope so. I would hate to think it was working for someone who fired it.
    «You»: No, I mean... You're doing this on purpose, aren't you?
    Radagast: Of course. I figured you were being serious enough for the both of us.

    «A Ku flies in and Radagast rushes to your side.»

    Radagast: Uh-oh... Um, «You»? Could you scowl a bit?
    «You»: Why?
    Radagast: We need to be a bit more serious.
  • Fight with Radagast!
  • Fight by yourself!

    Regardless of choice:

      2 BATTLES: Ku
      Full Heal

    «Scene: On a hill, where the Knights of Order, including Kalanyr, Shii, Zephyros, and Lord Barrius (and ElBhe) are meeting.»

    Shii: So, it's that time of year again, huh?

    «A Ku flies past.»

    Zephyros: What tipped you off?

    «It flies back the other way.»

    ???: Ku?
    Shii: Oh, just a hunch.

    «Radagast and «You» enter.»

    Radagast: Wow, there's a lot of them this time.
    «You»: There's more of these things?
    Zephyros: Oh, just wait until you hear the good news. They're getting organized this time. This means they have a leader.
    Shii: DIBS!
    «You»: Uh, you guys minds filling me in on what's going on?
    Radagast: Oh, right, you don't know. Um, how do I put this... the world's about to end.
    «You»: WHAT??
    Radagast: HAHA, oh man, I never get tired of that one! Really, though. It's really nothing serious, we've just got a small infestation. It happens from time to time.
    «You»: An infestation of WHAT?
    Kalanyr: Well, you could say that they are the personification of the remainder of an equation, which considering that an equation should always balance out to zero...
    Zephyros: I don't think «You» was looking for the technical description, Kalanyr.
    (off-Scene) ???: Ku?
    Radagast: Eh, it's a nasty infestation of "Kus." Nasty little things. They stand around looking harmless, and then when you least expect it, they attack--
    (off-Scene) Ku: KU!!
  • Continue with Zephyros!
  • Continue with Lord Barrius!
  • Continue with Radagast!
  • Continue by yourself!

    Regardless of choice:

      2 BATTLES: Ku
      Full Heal

    Radagast: Yeah, just like that. Did I mention they multiply? Ah well, you know now. Anyways, you want to help us get rid of them?
    «You»: Is this going to be like that time you tried to convince me to paint Granemor's wall?
    Radagast: ... Um... no, not at all, this is totally different... kinda.
    «You»: Yeah... knowing you, I think I'll pass. I needed to ask Kalanyr something anyway.
    Kalanyr: The "Kus" take priority, I'm afraid.
    «You»: As I was saying, I'd be happy to help you with your Ku problem. How many do we have to deal with?
    Zephyros: If we're lucky? Just one.
    «You»: ... Not much of an infestation, is it?
    Kalanyr: 46.
    «You»: That's... awfully precise.
    Kalanyr: Suffice to say that we've done this before. We know what to look for.
    Zephyros: The real trick is just knowing where to look. If we can take out the leader, the rest should be easy to clean up.
    «You»: Alright, then, let's clobber some Kus.

      Ku Klubbing!
      Are you lucky enough to hunt out the leader of the Kus?
      Difficulty: 121
      Stat Used: Luck

    «Failing the roll gives you two choices - to 'Defy it!' or just continue 'Next'.»

    «If you have less than «» SP and defy the roll...»
      «If you have less than «» SP and defy the roll...»
        Ku Klubbing!
        You lack the «» SP to defy the fickle will of the dice.
        Difficulty: 121
        Your Roll: «The number you got»
      • Next

      «If you have more than «» SP and defy the roll...»
        Ku Klubbing!
        By an effort of will you can spend «» SP to automatically win the roll. Do you wish to do that?
        Difficulty: 121
        Your Roll: «The number you got»
      • Next
    «If you failed or failed in Defying your roll:»

      1 BATTLE: Ku

    You can fail this roll up eight times and fight eight battles, with a Full Heal after every two battles. Afterwards, you will fight the boss as though you had succeeded.

    «If you succeeded or succeeded in Defying your roll:»

      1 BATTLE: Ku D'envoi
      Full Heal

    And so, with the Kus in disarray, you were free to explain the reason for your visit in peace...

    «You»: I was going to ask Warlic, but he said he was busy.
    Kalanyr: Right. That time vortex he needed Kamui and Aelthai to help fix.
    «You»: Er... right. Anyways, I was hoping you would know something about these Numbered Beasts.
    «You»: I know they're working together, I know they're looking for Prime Orbs, and they change the area when they're near those orbs.
    Lord Barrius: Explain that last part a little more.
    «You»: Well, when I found the ice orb in Lolosia, everything was frozen. When I found the wind orb, the beast I fought started making tornadoes--
    «You»: -- and when I found the fire orb, the Skraeling Desert was literally on fire.
    Kalanyr: And you're sure these monsters don't have that kind of magic?
    «You»: Well, given that I saw the monster from Lolosia on Paxia and the island wasn't frozen, and the one in the desert confirmed that the fires helped it find the orb...
    Kalanyr: Interesting. If your observations are accurate, there is at least a correlation that might be worth investigating further...
    Lord Barrius: Pfeh. Secondhand data is hardly reliable. We don't know what «You» missed. We need to see the event firsthand to draw a conclusion about it.
    «You»: Oh sure, let me just find one of those monsters next to an orb again... Oh, wait. I don't know where to look for either of those!
    Radagast: Well, you could go get the Energy Orb from the Bennuju Wetlands.
    «You»: So unless any of you know where to--


    «You»: Wait, what?
    Radagast: The Bennuju Wetlands. You know, nice sloping hills, roaming dragoncats...
    «You»: You mean you knew where a Prime Orb was? Why didn't you tell me? Why didn't you make sure it was safe?
    Radagast: You never asked, and it's not my job to salvage orbs. In fact, I think I'm specifically forbidden from it. I'll have to reread that handbook sometime.
    Kalanyr: YES.
    «You»: *sigh* Well, thank you for telling me now. If you'll excuse me, I have an orb to retrieve.
    Kalanyr: Radagast will go with you.
    (simultaneously) Radagast: Pardon? «You»: What?
    Kalanyr: If a beast shows up, he'll be able to observe the reaction. Besides, he apparently knows where the orb actually is, and the rest of us still have "Kus" to get rid of.
    Kalanyr: Radagast, I expect a detailed report when you get back.
    Radagast: Aww... paperwork.

    «The rest leave.»

    Radagast: So, ready for another fun adventure?
    «You»: Not as ready as I was a minute ago.
    Ku Kontraptions

    Shop Weapons:
  • KuBrush
  • KuBrush Z
  • KuBrush
  • KuBrush G
  • KuBrush
  • KuBrush
  • KuBrush G

    Shop Spells:
  • Storm of Kus Z
  • Storm of Kus
  • Storm of Kus G
  • Storm of Kus
  • Storm of Kus
  • Storm of Kus
  • Storm of Kus G
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Info regarding the roll thanks to Nex del Vida and Radagast. Correction thanks to Watashig.

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    3/9/2012 15:35:47   


    The quest Volu's Pride states that it can be found in the Event's button, this is no longer the case. it can be found Travel ---> Sail South ---> Volu's Pride
    Updated thanks. ~Aces

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    3/9/2012 20:28:28   

    a small unimportant thing that AKs passing by can delete.

    < Message edited by Watashig -- 8/15/2012 19:06:14 >
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    3/10/2012 6:16:27   


    its a typo of his. I played the quest and its ".....need to see..."
    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 11
    3/10/2012 10:18:10   

    Custodian (DFGD)


    The Hoard of Alquemada! War is missing from the Quests and Events release list as June 2, 2011's release.
    Added. ~Aces

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    3/11/2012 21:36:02   

    Earthrend doesn't appear anywhere on the Harvest 2010 quest
    Post #: 13
    3/13/2012 17:39:57   


    a lil late i know but for Phantoms of the Opera u dont get full healed after u "fight" the treasure chest x) proof 1 and proof 2

    You have cleared the Opera House of its haunting! You have earned a reward from the manager LeRoux. Congratulations!

    1 BATTLE: Treasure
    Full Heal

    updated. thank you. ~B

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    ArchMagus Orodalf


    Blarney War 2012: Sure and Begorah, but I am sure we did this thing before-a...

    Today's Event > Blarney War! (Round 3? 4? 20...)

    Uncle Sham has called a secret meeting of the leprechaun nation...

    «Scene: Uncle Sham enters a grassy, green areas filled with leprechauns.»

    You may skip this cutscene at any time.

    O'Meany: I've gathered the lads like ye requested, uncle.
    Uncle Sham: Fine work m'boy. I've called the meeting, lads, 'cause it's the time o; the year those pesky tall-folk come lookin' to bash our skulls in and steal our goooooold!

    «Scene shows a close-up of Uncle Sham's face steaming. He says,»

    Steams my shillelagh just thinking about it!

    «And then the Scene zooms out as he punches a nearby CyberChaun with a "POW!"»

    Uncle Sham: Ahhh... I needed that.
    O'Meany: *gulp* What be the plan to stop the tall-folk this year, uncle?
    Uncle Sham: I've updated me gold machine. I discovered an ole recipe from me pappy that should produce enough gold, we'll be swimmin' in rivers of it!
    Uncle Sham: It calls for blue diamonds, purple horseshoes, and one final magical ingredient-- the horn of a unicorn.
    O'Meany: Wha... suppos'n we find one of those? They be a rare beast!
    Uncle Sham: Aye, laddy, rare indeed. I know of a place, though. A lad of forever light with a golden castle...
    Leprechauns: GOLD?!
    Uncle Sham: I said gold-EN! Now shut your flappers and let me finish...
    Uncle Sham: In this castle dwells a unicorn. So high, though, we would never hope to reach it with our wee legs.
    O'Meany: What'll we do then? WE HAVE NO WINGS!
    Uncle Sham: Our fastest travel is over a rainbow. We must make it rain there, then we will have our window o' opportunity, lads!
    O'Meany: Rain?! Me thinks you have been meddling around lead too long.
    Uncle Sham: Well, for that, lads, that's why I called you here. Leprechauns have been known since ancient times for dancing a jig, and if done with just a wee bit of leprechaun magic...
    Uncle Sham: We can make it rain!
    Uncle Sham: Mister Rumples!

    «Mister Rumples, a leprechaun in a suit of Leprechaun Power Armor and holding a pair of drums, enters.»

    Uncle Sham: Play a ditty for us to get our wee toes a-tappin'. We will make it rain over the land of light!

    «Rumples bangs the drums and Uncle Sham starts to dance.»

    Uncle Sham: Dance, lads! Dance!

    «They all start to dance.»

    Uncle Sham: Aye, lads, that's it! Time for Uncle Shammy to make it rain up in here!

    «Scene fades to darkness. New Scene: Rain descends upon the Lucian Peak on Paxia. Scene zooms in on Lucius overlooking the Scene.»

    Lucius: Rain, here? What sort of witchery is this?
    Lucius: Something is not right...

    «The rain clouds depart and a rainbow forms over the castle. Scene then returns to the leprechauns, who have now stopped their dancing.»

    Uncle Sham: Alright, lads, here's our chance!
    O'Meany: Let's get that horn, and we'll have more gold than we can imagine!
    Uncle Sham: No, no-- more gold than I can imagine!

    «Scene fades. New Scene: The leprechauns have arrived on Paxia and confront Lucius.»

    Lucius: Why have you little green monkeys come to my home?
    Uncle Sham: Little gree...
    Uncle Sham: Get 'em, boys!

    «Scene shows the leprechauns assaulting Lucius. They and Lucius all fall in a heap. Uncle Sham then pulls the great pegacorn's horn out.»

    Uncle Sham: C'mon, lads! Let's get this back before anyone starts meddling. With the final ingredient in me hands we will have the gooooold!

    «Scene fades.»

    The Leprechaun Nation is back for Round 4... or 5 maybe? This year Uncle Sham has taken the horn of the great Lucian. You have to stop him before he can use it in his latest money-making scheme!
  • To Battle!
  • Shelayleigh Weapon! - You now have a Shelayleigh! It will disappear when you log out.
  • Leprechaun Power Armor! - You have equipped a special Leprechaun Power Armor! It will disappear when you log out.
  • Explore Camp - Minimizes the war scroll and allows you to shoot leprechauns. Doing so provides a +.1% BTH bonus per Leprechaun hit (to a maximum of +20% BTH). This applies only to Ranged attacks, and only for the war.
  • Back to Town

    Guardians can click on the potion bag to refill their potions if they have less than 4 potions on hand. Guardians may also click on the treasure chest to have Zorbak join them in battle (Zorbak will join you in battle!). Adventurers receive a different message (If you become a Guardian, Zorbak will join you in battle!).

    This magical 4-leaf clover just healed you!
    You are now wearing a Leprechaun's top hat!
    Click on Robina's bow if you want her to join you in battle!
    Robina has joined!
    Click on Captain Rhubarb's hat if you want him to join you in battle!
    Captain Rhubarb has joined!
    Click on Warlic's crystal ball if you want him to join you in battle!
    Warlic has joined!
    To Battle!

      2 BATTLES

    After 100% of the leprechauns were defeated...

    Typo correction thanks to RedEyedDrake.
  • Being handled. ~ Ward_Point

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    "...bash our skulls in and steEl our..."? And no, that typo is not in game.
    AQ  Post #: 16
    3/20/2012 4:51:41   


    While I was training my Werewolf Subrace, I got a str and dex roll. So when I did the dex roll I got an added bonus of 200. I have 200 dex btw. Isnt it suppose to give me 40 bonus since stats roll use bonus as stat/5. Or is it because the quest is very old and it's suppose to give me 200 bonus. I cannot tell you about the str roll as I'm a mage

    before I post this in bug section I just want to make sure

    EDIT: any help, BA?
    The quest is very old. It has been like that for a long time, so it's unlikely that it's bugged. ~Koree

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    Hunted quest can now be found in Yulgar's Inn by speaking to Robina.

    updated. thank you. ~B

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    Nova Gryphon

    The Blue Wyvern monsters in the Captain Munch Attacks quest have been replaced by Typhoon Wyverns.
    AQ  Post #: 19
    4/3/2012 15:40:59   

    Encyclopedia entries regarding rewards and their location from the wyvern rider war should be updated. Finally been placed in Dragonspine, yay! Hope this isnt old news -_-
    Post #: 20
    4/3/2012 17:06:34   
    Legendary AK!!!


    Legend of Lady Tomo and Artistic Ruins were placed under Truphma/Eukara saga
    Battleon -> Battleon Inn » Speak to Robina -> Truphma/Eukara Vox Saga -> 7: The Legend of Lady Tomo
    Battleon -> Battleon Inn » Speak to Robina -> Truphma/Eukara Vox Saga -> 8: Artistic Ruins

    Chessmaster saga part 1-3, Ku Brush, Thunderbird, and Thunder Stalker were placed under Elemental Orbs saga.
    Today's Event-> Elemental Orbs Saga -> 8. Looking for Leads: Ku! Ku!
    Today's Event-> Elemental Orbs Saga -> 9. An Eggcelent Adventure
    Today's Event-> Elemental Orbs Saga -> 10. Shock to the Heart

    taken care of. thank you. ~B

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    In the 'Pedia entry for The Devourer Saga in Part 3: Hope, the listing for The Nova Knight is missing.

    It should appear after Mount Thrall

    taken care of. thank you. ~B

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    Skull Kid


    Robina: Can you smell it?
    You: The dragons fear?
    Robina: No, he is at a higher point at this mountain. And i don't think he will be scared by the likes of us.

    You reach the highest point of the mountain with the Energy Orb floating in the air

    You: The prime elemental energy orb! We can grab it and run

    Taken from the encyclopedia : Temple Of Hope , Quest for the energy Orb
    It is actually (in-game):
    Robina: Can you smell it?
    You: What?? The dragons fear?
    Robina: ..... No, the electrostatic charge in the air. Like a thuder storm. He must be little further up. And i don't think he will be scared by the likes of us.

    You reach the highest point of the mountain with the Energy Orb floating in the air

    You: The prime elemental energy orb! Just floating there, We can just take it and run

    For Pirates Vs Ninjas! In Devourer Saga, there is no monster list

    Perhaps I could make one?
    Anchorhand(Level scaled)
    Pirate(Description:Avast!, couldn' find link) Scaled
    Pirate(Description:Shiver me timbers!, couldn' find link) Scaled

    Ninja (Description: Master Of the Katana) Scaled
    Undead Ninja(Scaled)
    Zarlath(50 and Scaled) I just encountered it
    Death Worms(100) :/
    Grizzle (Couldn't get link) 8/
    Lectro ...

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    4/26/2012 15:44:09   
    ArchMagus Orodalf


    The Breaking Point!
    Part 1: Plans Revealed!

    Today's Event > Seekrat Saga (The Breaking Point!) OR Travel Map > Sail East > SeekRat > Seek! > 9: The Breaking Point!

    The SeekRat is an insane villain seeking to unlock all of the universe's secrets. He opened a gate to a parallel universe filled with shadow creatures to obtain their power, but the adventurers of Lore stopped him from finishing the ritual.

    The SeekRat then proceeded to gather a number of villains, calling themselves the Terrible Twelve, and their actions forced a mysterious man named Lord Barrius out of hiding. Lord Barrius charged you to observe the SeekRat and keep him from endangering Lore.

    Ever since, the SeekRat has not left his home deep in the Dark Jungle...

    That is, until today...

    «Scene: The Dark Jungle. The SeekRat runs past, from left to right. After he exits, «You» enter the Scene, pursuing the SeekRat.»

    «You»: Hm. He's gone awfully far from home. We've been heading south for some time... I think we've passed Mount Thrall already.
    «You»: Where is he going? And what is he up to this time? I'd better follow him...

      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal
      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal

    «The chase has led «You» to a temple.»

    «You»: What exactly is he... woah!

    «Scene pans to the right, showing the SeekRat ascending the steps into the temple.»

    «You»: There he goes!

    «At the top of the steps, «You» meet a company of Monocled creatures - Owl, Frogzard, and Wolverine.»

    «You»: Drat! Looks like the SeekRat didn't come alone. He's definitely up to something if these guys are here!

      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal
      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal

    «You»: I'd better hurry, he's way ahead of me now!

    «Scene shows movement into a hall, at the end of which is a room from which light spills out. Scene shifts to the inside of the room, where «You» confront the Empowered SeekRat, who stands behind a red and white flame.»

    SeekRat: Ah, good, you're here right on time.
    «You»: What do you mean, SeekRat? What are you up to?
    SeekRat: I wanted you to be here to witness this. My minions can keep the others at bay, unable to access this place, but you...
    SeekRat: You deserved to see this. The moment of my ultimate triumph! Over you, over ElBhe, over this entire world!
    «You»: You're talking nonsense, SeekRat. Maybe you've had too much of that trail mix. Your plans always fail.
    SeekRat: On the contrary, «You», I have been preparing for this day for longer than you know. I cannot fail. And it's all thanks to you!
  • What is he talking about...
      «You»: Oh? Enlighten me, then.
      SeekRat: Good, then a story you shall have. Do you recall the day I opened that gate to another dimension?
      «You»: The shadow universe?
      SeekRat: Correct. At that time, I became possessed by one of ElBhe's kind... a shadow creature.
      SeekRat: Thanks to you, the ritual did not take fully, which left it weak enough for me to analyze.
      SeekRat: But in order to finance my research, I needed money... and that's where the "Terrible Twelve" came in.
      «You»: What?
      SeekRat: I told them of the shadow universe, and that it would one day break free of its bindings and invade all of Lore.
      SeekRat: Villains gathered together for the sake of war are easily parted from their money. they gave generously to my cause.
      SeekRat: I gained enough money to finance some materials to fight the shadow creatures... and the rest helped fund my research.
      «You»: So that was why we found those weapons in your base of operations...
      SeekRat: Best of all, when they all told me their sob stories about how you had beaten them, I knew I could use them in another way.
      SeekRat: I told them to invade Battleon with their armies. While they kept the adventurers busy, I got to work.
      «You»: Doing what, exactly?
      SeekRat: Damaging the seals on all of the gateways to the shadow universe.
      «You»: WHAT?!?
      SeekRat: Oh, this is the best part of my story!
      SeekRat: I knew that kidnapping ElBhe would distract his owner enough to come looking for his lost kitten...
      SeekRat: So I had the Terrible Twelve take care of that. As expected, it drew attention away from the gates...
      SeekRat: Well, you can guess the rest.
      «You»: So you gathered the Terrible Twelve to prepare for an invasion from the shadow universe...
      «You»: ... and invasion that wouldn't have happened, if not for YOU?
      SeekRat: Exactly.
      «You»: You truly ARE insane. You might destroy all of Lore, and for what? What do you gain?
      SeekRat: Silly «You». You have always dealt with villains whose motives were so simple.
      SeekRat: 'Destroy Battleon' or 'take over the world'. How droll. True villainy needs no such things!
      SeekRat: Now then, we've talked enough. Face me, if you dare, «You»!

      Continues in the battle below.
  • Fight the SeekRat!
      «You»: Save your breath! Whatever you have planned, it ends here.
      SeekRat: Oh, eager to fight, are we? Fine, let's skip the victory speech and go straight to your defeat!

      Continues in the battle below.

      1 BATTLE: Empowered SeekRat
      Full Heal

    «You»: ... well that's a surprise. You didn't run away this time.
    SeekRat: Dear «You», that is because I no longer have a reason to run.

    «The flames grow darker.»

    SeekRat: Everything I have done has led to this moment... watch, «You»!
    «You»: Oh no!

    «The Scene grows darker. Outside, Shadowy clouds gather. New Scene: Lolosia, where the clouds are also seen to be gathering.»

    Captain Rhubarb: That be a storm unlike any me eye has ever seen!

    «Scene fades. New Scene: Darkovia, where Vampires and Werewolves are engaged in battle.»

    Vampire: This is OUR territory, hairball!
    Lycan: No, this land belongs to our king!

    «Scene shifts to the sky above. The same Shadowy clouds gather.»

    Lycan: Er, on second thought, you can have this land.
    Vampire: No way, it's all yours!

    «Scene fades. New Scene: The neighborhood of Battleon, where more clouds gather.»

    Artix: These clouds look all too familiar...
    Warlic: Yes... from what has been explained, I expect this has something to do with that 'shadow universe'.

    «Shadow creatures gather and the three prepare for battle.»

    Galanoth: To arms, everyone! Battle On!

    «Scene fades as they fight the Shadows. Scene returns to the temple.»

    «You»: What... what have you done?!
    SeekRat: I have started a new age. I wonder which of your friends will survive the impending apocalypse I've created?
    SeekRat: Well, n any case, I'd love to stay, but I have a doomsday to oversee.
    «You»: SEEKRAT! We're NOT done here!
    SeekRat: I have no more time for you, «You». But perhaps these creatures do...

    «A Shadow Braken and Shadow Blecch enter the Scene.»

      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal
      2 BATTLES
      Full Heal

    «You»: I've got to get out of here!

    «Outside the temple, «You» meet Lord Barrius and ElBhe.»

    «You»: You're here!
    Lord Barrius: But too late.
    «You»: How could this happen?
    Lord Barrius: We underestimated that rat. Out guard was lowered while ElBhe was observing the Terrible Twelve...
    «You»: You mean 'captured', right?
    ElBhe: No. I had hoped that allowing myself to be captured would give me a chance to investigate the SeekRat's plans, but...
    ElBhe: The Terrible Twelve knew nothing about it. The SeekRat was very careful to keep this plan a secret.
    Lord Barrius: After the war, we discovered the SeekRat's tampering with the seals, but such powerful seals take time to repair.
    Lord Barrius: Time we did not have. I had hoped you would keep him occupied long enough to fix the damage...
    «You»: What's the situation so far?
    ElBhe: The shadow creatures weren't aware of this plan, thankfully. There aren't very many of them yet...
    ElBhe: But there are reports of creature sightings both here and in Battleon thus far.
    Lord Barrius: And as the creatures figure out what has happened to the seals on their gates, they will come in far greater numbers.
    «You»: We'd better get to work, then!

    To be continued! Next week: The Final Countdown!
    Seekrat: Breaking Point 1

    Shop Shields:
  • Luminous Shield Z
  • Luminous Shield (31)
  • Luminous Shield (52)
  • Guardian Luminous Shield (73)
  • Luminous Shield (94)
  • Luminous Shield (115)
  • Guardian Luminous Shield (136)

    Shop Spells:
  • Embrace the Shadows (10)
  • Embrace the Shadows Z
  • Embrace the Shadows (52)
  • Guardian's Embrace the Shadows (73)
  • Embrace the Shadows (94)
  • Embrace the Shadows (115)
  • Guardian's Embrace the Shadows (136)
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
  • Thanks ~ Ward_Point

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    4/26/2012 20:24:26   
    ArchMagus Orodalf


    The Final Countdown!

    Today's Event > Seekrat War! (The Final Countdown!)

    You may skip this cutscene at any time.

    «Scene: Dark Jungle.»

    «You»: Alright. What's our situation right now?
    Lord Barrius: There are gates confirmed in Battleon, Darkovia, Lolosia, and of course, here. The Lorians were taken by surprise...
    «You»: Wait, if you knew of the damage to the gates, couldn't you have informed people to be ready for something like this?
    Lord Barrius: I didn't tell anyone about this.
    Lord Barrius: At the time, we were certain that we would have ample time to fix the seals before the SeekRat could pull anything.
    Lord Barrius: I entrusted you with the duty of preventing such a thing, as I recall.
    «You»: But if YOU had told everyone to be ready just in case...
    Lord Barrius: the existence of this universe, and of me, was a secret. You expect me to just show up and start telling everyone to run for the hills?
    Lord Barrius: Very few have ever seen my face before. Who would believe a man they've never met?
    «You»: But it's a massive threat! If it expands any further, cities could be destroyed!
    Lord Barrius: Better to lose a city than to have the entire world, perhaps the universe, placed in jeopardy.
    ElBhe: Cut it out! This isn't the time to blame people, even if «You» is totally responsible for this.
    «You»: ...
    ElBhe: We need to focus on planning.
    «You»: You're right.
    ElBhe: Of course I am. Now then, the only creature sightings so far are in Battleon and here, so that's where we should start.
    «You»: Alright. I'll head to Battleon...
    ElBhe: Hold on, «You». The SeekRat's ritual centered around this place. It might be best to focus here for now.
    Lord Barrius: This isn't so simple as a matter of choices. We can't just throw everyone at one place.
    Lord Barrius: We must defend every front. If any are abandoned, it could spell doom for all of Lore.

    Final Countdown!
    Shadow gates are opening all over Lore! Lore's forces have been caught off-guard and struggle to hold their ground. You must find a way to defend Lore on every front, and quickly, or the consequences will be too terrible to imagine!
  • Choose your defense point!
  • Back to Town

    Guardians can click on the potion bag to refill their potions if they have fewer than 4 potions on hand.

    Twilly: Uh-oh's!! Twilly's is upset! What's going on??
    Twilly: If you need to be healed I can help you.
  • Heal me please
  • Let me handle this!
    Twilly: There you goes! All healed up!
  • Thank you!
    To Battle!
    aka "Choose your defense point!"

    Initially, two fronts are available: Battleon and the Middle Isles. Each has its own war meter. On the war scroll, a timer counts down to 12:00 AM on May 5th, 2012.

    You receive different Guest choices depending on the front at which you choose to fight.

  • Continue with Artix!
  • Continue with Galanoth!
  • Continue with Warlic!
  • Continue by yourself!

    Middle Isles:
  • Continue with Lord Barrius!
  • Continue with Vephoma!
  • Continue with Wandy!
  • Continue by yourself!

    After choosing a Guest:

      2 BATTLES
      Optional Full Heal
      2 BATTLES

    After 100% of the forces in both of the above meters were defeated, Battleon's meter reset to 33% and Lolosia's and Granemor's meters became available. On the war scroll, which has new text, a timer counts down to 12:00 AM on May 5th, 2012. Cutscene 1 also became available (see below).

    You receive different Guest choices depending on the front at which you choose to fight.

  • Continue with Artix!
  • Continue with Galanoth!
  • Continue with Warlic!
  • Continue by yourself!

  • Continue with Aquella!
  • Continue with Captain Rhubarb!
  • Continue by yourself!

  • Continue with Dewlok!
  • Continue with General Herous!
  • Continue with Boog!
  • Continue by yourself!

    After choosing a Guest:

      2 BATTLES
      Optional Full Heal
      2 BATTLES

    After 100% of the forces in both of the above meters were defeated, Battleon's meter reset to 86% and Lolosia's and Granemor's meters to 50%. On the war scroll, which has new text, a timer counts down to 12:00 AM on May 5th, 2012. Cutscene 2 also became available (see below).

    You receive different Guest choices depending on the front at which you choose to fight.

  • Continue with Artix!
  • Continue with Galanoth!
  • Continue with Warlic!
  • Continue by yourself!

  • Continue with Aquella!
  • Continue with Captain Rhubarb!
  • Continue by yourself!

  • Continue with Dewlok!
  • Continue with General Herous!
  • Continue with Boog!
  • Continue by yourself!

    After choosing a Guest:

      2 BATTLES
      Optional Full Heal
      2 BATTLES

    After 100% of the forces in both of the above meters were defeated, all of these meters disappeared, but the Middle Isles's meter returned at 33%. On the war scroll, which has new text, a timer counts down to 12:00 AM on May 5th, 2012. Cutscene 3 also became available (see below).

  • Continue with Lord Barrius!
  • Continue with Vephoma!
  • Continue with Wandy!
  • Continue by yourself!

    After choosing a Guest:

      2 BATTLES
      Optional Full Heal
      2 BATTLES
    Cutscene 1

    «Scene: Dark Jungle.»

    «You»: There doesn't seem to be any end in sight here.
    ElBhe: True.
    Lord Barrius: «You», you should go to Battleon and rally their forces. The shadow creatures will overwhelm them without your leadership.
    «You»: But what about the monsters here?
    Lord Barrius: I am more than capable of holding them off with ElBhe.
    «You»: What, just the two of you?
    ElBhe: He's right. We can handle ourselves just fine. You need to get back to help the cities.
    «You»: Alright. I'll be back, and hopefully with an army!

    «Scene shows Battleon in the midst of the war. New Scene: Inside the Guardian Tower.»

    Artix: The monsters are almost entirely wiped out!
    Warlic: For now. I expect we've only earned ourselves a brief respite.
    «You»: Let's take this opportunity to plan our next moves. We know of gates open near Lolosia and Darkovia...
    «You»: It's only a matter of time before the creatures start to appear there, too.
    Warlic: Hold on, «You». We can't leave Battleon or the temple unguarded. There's no telling when more of those creatures might...

    «The Scene shakes.»

    «You»: What was...?

    «The Tower is struck by Shadowy lightning. A large chunk of the masonry flies away.»

    Galanoth: Oh no, the tower's been struck!
    «You»: Everyone out!

    «The Scene fades to darkness. Outside, we see the Tower falling to the ground. New Scene: Back in Battleon town center.»

    Galanoth: Report!
    Guardian: The tower came down so quickly... not everyone got out.
    «You»: ...
    Warlic: Keep a cool head, «You». We will have time to mourn later.

    «More Shadow creatures enter the Scene and the group readies itself for battle.»

    Galanoth: The enemy is not finished yet! Gather your courage and Battle On!

    «Scene shows a flash of the battle on-going in Darkovia. Scene then shows the battle in Lolosia.»

    Captain Rhubarb: All hands, drive these things back to the sea!
    Pirate: Aye aye, captain!

    «Elizabeth and a Ninja enter.»

    Captain Rhubarb: This be not the time nor the place to start that up, missy!
    Elizabeth: Save your breath. You're holding your own... for now... but you need help and you know it.
    Captain Rhubarb: I be needin' no help from yer kind!
    Elizabeth: Rest assured, then, that when this is through, there will be no further aid granted to your filthy lot.

    «Shadow Blecchs and BURPs enter and the battle begins anew. New Scene: Back in the Dark Jungle.»

    Lord Barrius: Most pitiful small fry so far. A lot of them, but nothing threatening. But...
    ElBhe: But...?
    Lord Barrius: The adventurers of Lore are no doubt getting tired. And if anything of a stronger caliber should manage to creep out of those gates...
    ElBhe: Like what?

    «The Eclipse Dragon enters.»

    Lord Barrius: ... like that.

    «Scene fades.»
    Cutscene 2

    «Scene: Battleon. Artix, Warlic, and Galanoth are surrounded by Shadow creatures.»

    Galanoth: This doesn't look very good...
    Artix: We can't quit now! We will fight to our last breath!

    «Two Demon Knights wielding Luminous Blades enter the Scene, forcing the Shadows away.»

    Artix: I've never seen these knights before. Whose are they?
    Warlic: They seem somehow familiar...
    ???: They should. It took a long time to rebuild my legions after you cut them down...

    «Tyranna enters.»

    Warlic: Tyranna? Why would you want to help us?
    Tyranna: Not just me... the other members of the Terrible Twelve are each doing their parts, as well.

    «The Scene flashes to show Lolosia, Granemor, and the Middle Isles, where other members of the Terrible Twelve and their minions are fighting off the Shadows. The Scene returns to Battleon.»

    Tyranna: The SeekRat warned us that this great war was coming. With his great intellect and our funds, we were able to equip our armies.
    Warlic: Interesting. According to «You», the SeekRat himself triggered this event.
    Tyranna: What?!
    Warlic: While your armies assaulted Battleon and distracted everyone, he was able to damage the seals that kept these gates closed.
    Tyranna: That treacherous rat! I'll skin him alive!
    Galanoth: But the question remains... why would he warn you of this event and help you prepare for it... and then cause it himself?
    Warlic: He doesn't seem to gain anything from any of this.

    ««You» enter the Scene.»

    «You»: The SeekRat told me that he didn't have a motive for this. That he did this because he is a true villain, and for no other reason.
    Artix: Ah, «You»! How is the war effort faring around Lore?
    «You»: The Terrible Twelve's armies seem to have helped stabilize things, but the monsters continue to come.
    «You»: Lord Barrius's order is working on closing the gates, but we need to buy them more time.
    Galanoth: Then what are we waiting for? Let's get to it!
    Tyranna: My forces shall move to reinforce Granemor. Though we detest the 'Emoran Knights, they will die by no other hands but mine.
    Tyranna: I leave you in the capable hands of Tubthumper, Metalface, and the Fear Drake.
    «You»: ... did you say Tubthumper and capable in the same sentence?
    ???: HEY!

    «The three enter.»

    Tyranna: Fair point, young hero, but the other two will be of some use at least.
    Tubthumper: Hey, stop insulting...

    «Tyranna leaves.»

    Tubthumper: ...
    «You»: Enough fooling around. Let's get to it. We have plenty of shadow monsters left for everyone!
    Artix: Lead the way, «You»!

    «Scene fades to darkness.»
    Cutscene 3

    «Scene: Battleon. The Shadows are defeated.»

    «You»: We've done it!
    Warlic: And the news gets better. Look above us.

    «The clouds clear up.»

    «You»: It looks like Lord Barrius's order are doing their part, too. The gates are closing up.
    Galanoth: Yes, but I'm afraid not all the news is good. While we were busy defending our towns, the Middle Isles have been overrun.
    Galanoth: Reports suggest that the temple has become unreachable due to the sheer size of the enemy force.
    «You»: Then we have a job to finish. Let's round up the surviving troops and inform those in Granemor and Lolosia to do the same.
    «You»: We need to finish this. And then, we need to find that rat and make him pay for this!

    «Scene fades. New Scene: «You» and your crew meet ElBhe in the Dark Jungle.»

    ElBhe: You're back! And you brought allies, I see.
    «You»: Where's Lord Barrius? What's the situation, ElBhe?
    ElBhe: He and Algern are holding the front lines while the rest of the order works to close the gates.
    «You»: The two of them, all by themselves?
    ElBhe: Yeah, they're not trying very hard, though. Only putting in enough effort to keep their numbers down.
    «You»: That sure sounds like him.
    ElBhe: As for the situation, you may want to look for yourself...

    «The temple is surrounded by Shadows.»

    «You»: Looks like you have quite a situation.

    «It starts to rain Shadows.»

    «You»: What is THAT?
    ElBhe: The gate is starting to leak. Not only are shadow creatures escaping, but bits of the universe itself as well.
    ElBhe: As they touch Lore, they are corrupting it, transforming this place into a land of shadow.

    «Scene returns to where «You» and ElBhe are.»

    ElBhe: The whole of the Middle Isles may already be doomed. But if we don't stop it, all of Lore could be consumed!
    «You»: Can Lord Barrius's men fix this, like they closed the gates?
    ElBhe: Corruption cannot be fixed, only stopped.
    ElBhe: You will have to clear the grounds of the shadow creatures so our forces can close the gate and stop the spread!
    «You»: Then we have no time to waste!

    «Scene: The SeekRat is alone in the Dark Jungle.»

    SeekRat: Good. The war seems to be going as planned... and the Middle Isles will soon be consumed in shadow.
    SeekRat: Now then...

    «The SeekRat's red eyes grow bright and his Shadow self appears in front of him.»

    Shadow: What have you done...?
    SeekRat: I have forced you out. My research and observation suggest that I must fight you in order to overcome you and claim your full power.
    Shadow: But...
    SeekRat: You hoped to gain more power so that you could overtake me at a later time. I know.
    Shadow: ...
    SeekRat: But I'm afraid I can't allow that. And thanks to «You», I was given enough time to prepare for this day.

    «The SeekRat pulls out a Luminous Blade.»

    SeekRat: Prepare yourself, shadow spawn. Your time has come.
    After defeating 100% of the Middle Isles's Shadow creatures, the Final Battle became available:

    «You»: The shadows have been pushed back, but the corruption continues to spread!
    Lord Barrius: Your leadership has delayed them enough. Those of my order should be in position now.

    «Scene fades to darkness and then shows the fighting around the temple. New Scene: One of Tyranna's knights reports to her.»

    Tyranna: I do hope you're bringing good news.
    Demon Knight: Of course, my Queen. The ritual seems to have worked. Our combined armies are cleaning up the remainders.
    Demon Knight: Though, some of the weaklings have been corrupted by the creatures...
    Tyranna: Kill them. Even if they could be saved, they were too weak to bother saving.
    Tyranna: And be quick about it. I want that sniveling rat's head on my mantle.
    Demon Knight: Yes, my Queen!

    «Scene fades to darkness and returns to the Dark Jungle.»

    Lord Barrius: Excellent work, «You». This victory may not have been possible without you.
    Lord Barrius: Perhaps I have misjudged you.
    «You»: I'll say!

    «The Eclipse Dragon enters.»

    Lord Barrius: Be wary, «You». That one is a level above most of the shadow creatures you have faced.
    «You»: Nothing to worry about. I have this handled.

      1 BATTLE: Eclipse Dragon
      Full Heal

    «The SeekRat has come. His Shadow self is beside him, defeated.»

    «You»: SeekRat! Your scheme is finished. You have a lot to answer for.
    SeekRat: Ah, «You». Just in time, again.

    «The Shadow is reabsorbed into the SeekRat.»

    SeekRat: Yes... I feel the power of the shadows... like a gentle embrace to shelter me from harm.
    SeekRat: And now, if you want to enact justice, «You», then let's see you try!
    «You»: Gladly!

      1 BATTLE: Empowered SeekRat
      Full Heal

    SeekRat: *gasp* *cough* Im... possible...
    «You»: This ends here, SeekRat.
    SeekRat: On... the contrary, «You»... this *cough*... is where things... *wheeze* REALLY get interesting.
    «You»: Save your boasts. You're beaten and you know it.
    SeekRat: Are you... so sure?

    «The SeekRat raised his arms. Shadows envelop him, and he disappears.»

    «You»: No... NO! Get back here, coward!
    SeekRat: I think not, «You». We will meet again, once I've had time to perfect my new powers.

    «Lord Barrius and ElBhe enter.»

    ElBhe: Let him go, «You».
    «You»: But ElBhe...!
    Lord Barrius: ElBhe's right. He's using the shadow universe as an escape route much as my order does to move from place to place quickly.
    ElBhe: Face it, he could be anywhere on Lore by now. Save your strength and your anger for the next time he shows up.
    Tyranna: I take it that the rat got away, then.

    «She enters.»

    ElBhe: Afraid so.
    Tyranna: He'll pay dearly. One does not anger a large number of Lore's villains and go unpunished.
    «You»: He'll get his, eventually. How are things elsewhere?
    Tyranna: All of Lore's towns seem to have survived. Everyone suffered some losses, but we won.
    «You»: We appreciate the help of you and the other villains.
    Tyranna: Don't start getting touchy-feely with me, «You». We are not allies now, just because we had a common goal.
    Tyranna: I defended Granemor and its pathetic knights so that I can one day crush that city myself.
    Tyranna: This has only earned the kingdoms of Lore a brief respite. I will raise another army, and then...
    Tyranna: Not only will Rennd finally fall, but Granemor and Deren as well. All of Lore's kingdoms shall one day be under my rule.

    «She leaves.»

    «You»: Well, that leaves one question. What can we do about the corrupted regions of the Middle Isles?
    ElBhe: It's been so damaged that there is no way to repair it. And shadow creatures will likely start to spawn here...
    Lord Barrius: My order can guard the borders until a proper barricade can be constructed to enclose the region.
    «You»: I suppose that will have to do. though, because of this, your order isn't so secret anymore...
    Lord Barrius: A consequence of the situation. It will make no difference in how we function.
    Lord Barrius: And perhaps one day, when you are more experienced in battle, you might find a place among our ranks.
    Lord Barrius: ... just don't expect me to take it easy on you.

    «Lord Barrius and ElBhe leave.»

    «You»: ... I really don't like that guy.

    «Twig enters.»

    Twig: Twig is hewe to help!
    «You»: ... you're a bit late, Twig.

    «A Shadow BURP enters.»

    Twig: Aha! One left! ... why is it wooking at Twig like dat?

    «It chases Twig off-Scene.»

    Twig: Waaaaaaaaaah! I don't want to be hewe anymores!

    «Twig is chased in the other direction.»

    «You»: ... *sigh*

    «Scene fades.»

    In the days to come, you and the other adventurers work tirelessly to restore the damage done to Lore. A significant portion of the Middle Isles has been corrupted by shadows and can never recover, so it has been cut off from the rest of the world, designated as much too dangerous for newer adventurers to travel. Yet rumors begin to circulate that, perhaps one day, the region will only allow the most seasoned veteran adventurers to enter...

    Meanwhile, the SeekRat continued to escape every attempt at pursuit. When his house was investigated, they found it emptied of all his research and textbooks, save for one book that was found opened n his desk. The book appeared ancient, and bore strange markings...

    SeekRat: Final Countdown

    Shop Armors:
  • Shadow of Doubt
  • Shadow of Doubt Z
  • Shadow of Doubt
  • Shadow of Doubt G
  • Shadow of Doubt
  • Shadow of Doubt
  • Shadow of Doubt G

    Shop Miscellaneous Items:
  • Crystal of Restless Shadows Z
  • Crystal of Restless Shadows
  • Crystal of Restless Shadows
  • Crystal of Restless Shadows
  • Crystal of Restless Shadows G
  • Crystal of Restless Shadows
  • Crystal of Restless Shadows G
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
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