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Shoulder Blades

Location: Castle Ruins, The Body Shop, Artix Vs. The Undead, Mirror, Mirror, (Mino)torture, Triple Threat?, Thievilchauns, A New Beginning, Necromancer Nicto, Necromancer Klaatu, Ex Machina, Assault on Popsprocket, Don't You Remember?, Princess-napped, The End?, Critical Failure!, A Dark Letter, Memory-Demons, The Final 13th! Darkness Attacks!, Dodging the Undead, Falconreach Mill, The Evil Artifact, The Drowned Fortress, Ruin of Darkness, Shattered, Peril, Old Friends, Mother's Day, Three Questions, Bone Isle

Level: Scaled
Element: Darkness
Damage: Scaled
Damage Type: Melee

HP: Scaled
MP: Scaled

Stats: STR: 0, INT: 0, DEX: 0, END: 0, CHA: 0, LUK: 0, WIS: 0
Defenses: Melee: Scaled, Pierce: Scaled, Magic: Scaled, Parry: 0, Dodge: 0, Block: 0
Offenses: Crit: 2, Bonus: Scaled, Boost: 0%

Resistances: Light: -30, Darkness: 200

Attack Type 1 - Strikes a deadly axe for 1 hit of Melee Darkness damage

Gold gained: Scaled
Experience gained: Scaled

Other information
  • Shoulder Blades previously appeared in the retired quest Three Questions.

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