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Artix Vs. The Undead

Location: The Necropolis -> Artix -> Quests -> Next Page -> Artix Vs. The Undead
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Green Mist
Release Date: May 30th, 2008

Objective: You and Artix have to get to the purple robed necromantress before she notices you... but just between you and me... I think she might already know.
Objective completed: Poor deluded Vayle does not seem to want to understand that you and Artix have freed her brother's life force from tormented captivity. You may have just made a dangerous new foe in the Necropolis.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(3) Bone Fire
(1) Pip
(4) Shake Spear
(6) Shoulder Blades
(1) Edgar - Boss


Dark Crystal
Edgars Blade (All Versions)
Paladin's Wrath (All Versions)
Undead Slayer Badge
Grenwog Egg

Artix: You may have noticed but this whole area is one gigantic graveyard that sits right on top of the Necropolis.
Artix: Much of the graveyard have been claimed by the marshland on the northern and western edges.
Artix: I have seen some necromancers going in and out of that area and I think they are getting a lot of their 'materials' from there.
Artix: We should go and see if we can do something about that!

  • Quest!
  • Done

  • Artix joins you as Guest A.

    <Character>: When we were coming here, I caught sight of the purple-robed necromantress walking before us.
    <Character>: It looks like your hunch was right, Artix.
    Artix: Then we will start with her.
    Artix: Since she has a head start we will have to fight our way through the undead that she has already raised.
    <Character>: I'm not scared of a fight! It's time we gave this necromantress a little payback for attacking Moonridge and Falconreach!
    Artix: ...and for once we have the element of surprise on our side.
    <Character>: You brought a Surprise Elemental?
    Artix: I mean, we have the drop on the necromantress!
    Artix: She will never see us coming!

    *Meanwhile, on the other side of Doomwood...*

    Noxus: They will be coming your way very soon, my pupil.
    Necromantress: This time I will finish these heroes.
    Noxus: Make certain that you do. I find your previous failures very disturbing. It is unlike you to fail so utterly.
    Necromantress: ...
    Noxus: There will be no holding back this time, Necromantress. When the time comes, summon Edgar.
    Noxus: Do I make myself clear?
    Necromantress: Edgar? But If I place his spirit in... the risk...
    Noxus: Do I make myself clear?
    Necromantress: ...
    Necromantress: ...Yes, Master. It will be done.
    Noxus: Very good.

    After you've reached the end of the bridge:
    <Character>: ...Yikes.
    <Character>: I think you're going to need something a little bigger.
    Artix: Hmmm. You may be right.

    *Artix picks up a large hammer*

    Artix: ...This should do! Ready?

  • To Battle!
  • EXTREME! To Battle!
  • Heal

    Artix: Now we have you! Let us see who hides beneath those purple robes!
    Artix: ...!!!
    <Character>: You've unveiled Vayle!
    <Character>: I have to admit, I saw that coming.
    Vayle: YOU... YOU ANIMALS!
    Artix: Us?
    Vayle: You destroyed my brother! I have kept his spirit safe in his spiritcrystal for YEARS... ever since... that night!
    Vayle: I was so close to getting Noxus to teach me to bring him back...
    Vayle: but I used his spirit to animate that undead and you DESTROYED HIM and THE SPIRITCRYSTAL!
    Vayle: Now his spirit is gone... forever! It's all your fault!
    Artix: Vayle, if what you say is true then you have been keeping his spirit captive. The spirits of the dead long to move on.
    Artix: Noxus was lying to you when he said that he would teach you how to get your brother back.
    Artix: If his life force was really captive all those years then there was probably nothing left of your brother to...
    Vayle: NO! YOU LIE! I LOVED my brother Edgar, and YOU destroyed him... I HATE you, Artix! I HATE YOU!!!
    Vayle: Noxus was right. I should have destroyed you when I had the chance!
    Artix: Vayle...
    <Character>: Please Vayle, listen to Artix...
    Vayle: I was holding back because of what happened when we were children, but that's over now...
    Vayle: I will avenge my brother if it is the last thing I do. You will pay... BOTH OF YOU WILL PAY!

    *Vayle vanishes*

    <Character>: Artix, if she has gone to warn Noxus then we don't have a lot of time. We have to get to Noxus and stop him.
    Artix: I do not believe that it was her.
    <Character>: Snap out of it paladin. Sepulchure won't wait for his undead army. We have a world to save from darkness!
    Artix: Yes. You are right. Noxus has to be stopped...NOW!

    To Be Continued...

  • Complete Quest!

    Next Up: Noxus Fumes

  • Link to Artix vs The Undead video

    Thanks to
    -- jonahchao.
    -- Andy8.
    -- Stephen Nix.
    -- .Shadow// for a correction.
    -- Peachii for rewrite and corrections.

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