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Mogloween (Chapter 4)

Access Point: Mogloween Storybook -> Older Events -> Chapter 4 -> Mogloween!
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Greatest Candy Ever
Release Date: October 9th, 2009

Quests Available
Chapter 3
The Dolls House
The Master of the Necropolis

Chapter 4
The Greatest Candy Ever
As the Cauldron Boils...
Appetite For Destruction
Share and Share Alike
Tricks and Treats 09

Bubble (Cat)
Bubble (Witch)

Bubble's Helm
Toil's Helm
Trouble's Helm

Franken (30-50)
Harvest (20-35)
Mogloween Masks! (Chapter 4)
Reaper Lv (15-45)

Cauldron Sisters

  • Greatest Candy Ever. - begins The Greatest Candy Ever quest.
  • As the Cauldron Boils. - begins As the Cauldron Boils... quest.
  • Appetite For Destruction - begins Appetite For Destruction quest.
  • Share and Share Alike - begins Share and Share Alike quest.


    Toil: Those no good sisters, always stealing my idea's!
    Toil: I deserve to have the attention this year. I deserve all the fame! Go get me some wax-comb, <Character>!
    Toil: Bees, Ants and various other Bugs collect it, or go right to the source, plants! I need three to get started! Hurry!

    Toil: Wonderful! This year Toil's Bits O' Wax will be everyone's favorite! And they'll all buy my candy!

  • Shop - opens Toil's Helm shop.


    Bubble: Hmpf, they never listen to me, when my idea's are the best!
    Bubble: I'll show them. <Character>, go get me three Faerie Dust to get started. Obviously, you're going to need to find some faeries or elves for it.
    Bubble: This year Bubble's Fantastic Floss will get all the attention!

    Bubble: Good, <Character>! Give it to me! I want all of it!

  • Shop - opens Bubble's Helm shop.


    Trouble: The nerve of those girls. Trying to say my brilliant idea for clockwork candy was theirs!
    Trouble: They don't deserve any of the fame that will come from my sugary springs! <Character>, go get me some so I can get started on my Now and Forever's.
    Trouble: I'm sure you'll be able to find some where ever there are groups of machines. I need three right away.

    Trouble: Excellent, work. Now give me my candy!

  • Shop - opens Trouble's Helm shop.

    When approaching the exit:
  • To Falconreach - teleports player to Falconreach (Books 1 and 2).
  • Stay here...

    After completion of Share and Share Alike:
    Bubble: Hey <Character>! There's still lots of townspeople under Greed's control. Are you ready to go give out more candy?


  • Quest! - begins Tricks and Treats 09 quest.

  • Masks! - opens Mogloween Masks! (Chapter 4).

  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.

  • Back to Falconreach - teleports player to Falconreach (Books 1 and 2).

  • Talk
    Toil: Once again you have impressed us with your skill and courage <Character>.
    Trouble: We can't believe that this is the third year on a row that you've saved us!
    Myx: I helped!
    Myx: Really!
    Bubble: We know, Myx! Thanks to you and <Character>, we're back together!
    Bubble: *mew*
    Toil: Little-kitty-sister is right. Tomix deserves thanks too!
    Trouble: Thanks to all of you, the Cauldron Sisters are back in business, making candy together.
    Toil: Yes! And now it's up to you to distribute it, <Character>! Get it out there and share it with everyone!
    Myx: Share? This candy is so good though!
    Trouble: (Hush Myx) It's too good not to share!
    Bubble: *mew*, Bubble, Toil, Trouble (in unison): HAPPY MOGLOWEEN, <Character>!

  • Shops
    Bubble: You can also take any of these extra helms... we really don't need those anymore!Trouble: Thanks for your help! These are the things that you can buy based on the candy that you have given out.

    • Masks! - opens Mogloween Masks! (Chapter 4).

    • Frankenblade Upgrade! - access to Franken (30-50) shops.
      Bubble: Each upgrade costs 300 CANDY to open EVERY TIME, so make sure that you upgrade all the weapons that you want at the same time.

    • Harvest Weapon Upgrade! - access to Harvest (20-35) shops.
      Bubble: Each upgrade costs 300 CANDY to open EVERY TIME, so make sure that you upgrade all the weapons that you want at the same time.

    • Reaper's Weapon Upgrade! - access to Reaper Lv (15-45) shops.
      Bubble: Each upgrade costs 300 CANDY to open EVERY TIME, so make sure that you upgrade all the weapons that you want at the same time.

    • Pumpkin King Armor! - access to Evolved PumpkinLord class.
      Bubble: We made this armor just for you! It's an upgrade to the old version, and we hope you like it! You can buy it and unlock skills with candy!
  • Quests!
    Bubble: Want to relive some of the great Mogloween memories?

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