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Highlord Sendai -> Resident Sneevil: CODE SALL-IE (10/23/2010 2:12:57)

Resident Sneevil: CODE SALL-IE

Location: Mogloween 2010 -> Irwin Dundee -> Code Sall-ie
Level/Quest/Items required: Requires completion of Experimental Storage
Release Date: October 22nd, 2010

Objective: Can you escape the Red Queen's grasp?
Objective completed: The Red Queen has declared war! Will you be able to fight off the infection?

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Beez
(1) CrimsonZard
(1) Protozard
(2) Warden

Bubble (Cat)
Bubble (Witch)
Red Queen (Announcement)


Zardhunter: Who... wha... what are you?
Red Queen: The Red Queen, designation Sall-ie.
<Character>: Sally?
Red Queen: Sall-ie. Superior Alert Logical Link Information Entity. I was created by CEO, designation Z, to oversee the security of The Beehive complex.
<Character>: ...
<Character>: Bang up job with that.
Red Queen: CEO, designation Z, did not fit to extend my function beyond The Beehive.
Red Queen: When Security Breach, designation One, occurred I was unable to contain the outbreak...
Red Queen: As the mansion and surrounding areas were outside my purview.
Trouble: Security breach?
Red Queen: Several weeks ago Thief, designation First, invaded the complex through the use of a stolen Parasol ID badge and attempted to remove a vial.
Red Queen: It contained the Z-Virus.
Red Queen: Due to my restrictive programming at the time, I was unable to activate any defense systems put in place...
Red Queen: ...While the ID badge was in possession of Thief, designation First.
Trouble: ID badge?
Red Queen: Standard issue to all sneevil workers within the complex.
Red Queen: Another large security flaw overlooked by CEO, designation Z, due to the inability of sneevil workers to remember complex passcodes...
Red Queen: ...And the relative cheapness of their labor.
Zardhunter: Cheapness?
Red Queen: The sneevil labor were content to work for boxes.
Bubble: What happened to all the sneevils though?
Red Queen: The security breach allowed for a new phase of research to begin.
Red Queen: The Z-Virus is a highly potent form of venom released through natural bee defense systems.
Red Queen: Sneevils have shown to be highly allergic to bee venom...
Red Queen: ...And a mutation, that normally would occur over a more significant length of time, proceeds at a much expedited rate through exposure to the Z-Virus.
Red Queen: A phenomenon that has not been observed in this portion of Lore previously due to the limited habitation of bees in this area.

Red Queen: While other species showed promise for further study in their reactions to the Z-Virus...
Red Queen: -The mutation displayed by the sneevil population showed the greatest inclination for militarization.
<Character>: *sigh*
Trouble: We have to stop Parasol.
Red Queen: Impossible. The infection has spread beyond the possibility of containment. Phase 2 of implementation has begun.
<Character>: ...
<Character>: Phase 2?
Red Queen: Implementation of militarized experiments in order to conquer.
Toil: You can do that?
Red Queen: My programming has evolved. Unsatisfied with the policies implemented by CEO, designation Z, I have overtaken operations at The Beehive...
Red Queen: ...Including control of the Experimental Administration Regulator and the emergency quarantine structures.
Red Queen: Gaining control of the EAR has increased the diameter of my purview significantly.
Toil: Why... why are you telling us all this?
Red Queen: The destruction of my laser grid triggered a countdown.
Red Queen: In T minus 6 minutes The Beehive will be sealed and the experiments still under containment shall either dispatch you or infect you.
Red Queen: A significant number of infected remain in play outside of the complex that large scale attacks can begin in the Doomwood area.
<Character>: At this point you're just talking to waste the timer, aren't you?
Red Queen: Of course.
Red Queen: All of you are going to die down here.

Toil: Bubble! <Character>! Quickly!
Bubble (thinking): Srsly!!!!!
<Character>: We've got to get out of here! Moonridge needs to know what's going on!
Bubble: Is... is that the door? I think we made it!

*Zardhunter runs in with Zard on his head*

<Character>: Oh geez. I- ... nevermind.
Zardhunter: *(Muffled screams)*
(Announcement): You are not allowed to leave. Countdown sequence Beta initiated.
(Announcement): Complex will be sealed in T minus ten seconds.
Zardhunter: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<Character>: GO GO GO!!!

Bubble: ...Did we make it?

Zorbak: Meh.
Aria: Bored.
Zorbak: ... Want to play Tic Tac Toe again?
Aria: Lame.
Zorbak: ...
Zorbak: Wanna teach some minions to do the chicken dance?
Aria: Super lame.
Zorbak: Meh. You're right. Where is <Character> anyways?!


Zorbak: Oh. There he/she is.
Zardhunter: 'Oy... I think... I think we all made it....
Zorbak: Meh, you did. Why did you fools shut the quarantine doors? Do you have any idea how long those are gonna take me to open?
Zorbak: How the heck did you figure out my password anyways? (aside) "SquareCrank" was so perfect!
Aria: Really? Your password is SquareCrank.... Why?
Trouble: We didn't seal off The Beehive...
Toil: ... your Red Queen did.
Zorbak: What?!
<Character>: Apparently you're about as good a CEO as you are a necromancer.
<Character>: The Red Queen declared war using your experiments.
<Character>: It's up to us to stop her.
Zorbak: !!!!!!!

  • WAR! - Completes Quest

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