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whackybeanz -> Yulgar's Inn (7/26/2012 2:17:20)

Yulgar's Inn
You can go inn... but you cannot go out!

«Inside the inn you can see from left to right: Hans, Yulgar and Robina, with Twig bouncing down the stairs after a moment. Click on Hans, Yulgar, Robina or Twig to interact with them. You can also go upstairs or to the lounge from where you are, and there is another button that takes you to The Devourer Saga

Speaking to Yulgar
Happens when you click on either Yulgar OR Hans. You can interact with Hans by another button shown below.

Yulgar: Welcome Adventurer! This town has been attracting a lot of visitors. I can sell you some weapons and armor, if you need it. This is my apprentice Hans. He has learned alot while I was away! You can even change your starting gear now!
  • Shopping
      Yulgar: I have some interesting armors and weapons for the more upclose and personal combatant. The first thing I need to know is what level range of gear you're looking for.
    • Beginner*
    • Intermediate
    • Advanced
    • Back

      *For players Level 1 to 50.
      For players Level 51 to 100.
      For players Level 101 to 150.

      «Entering any shop and then exiting it will give the following dialogue.»

      Yulgar: We get new shipments in all the time, check back for new, rare and limited items.
  • Starting Gear
      Yulgar: I have some spare gear for starting adventurers. Have a look if you want to. You can take these items temporarily (in which case they disappear at logout) or for 20 Z-Tokens and your current item, you can take one permanently!
    • Armors
    • Weapons
    • Shields
      «Choosing any of the above equipment will give the following dialogue.»

      Yulgar: Would you like to take that item temporarily or permanently? Taking it permanently requires 20 Z-Tokens and your current no-drop.
    • Temporarily

        Yulgar: Done! Please try out your new gear! This temporary item replaces your normal "no-drop" item. Please note that your regular no-drop item will automatically return when you log out. Battle On!

    • Permanently

        Yulgar: Congratulations, you are now the owner of a new item! Take good care of it!
  • Talk to Hans - See below
  • Rest for the night

      «Full Heal»

      Hans: Good morning! You are fully rested. Adventurers like you keep the town safe from the monsters in this land. Almost every day I hear rumors of new monsters attacking travelers.
    • Thank you!
  • Mail!
      Yulgar: In addition to weapons and armor, this is an inn, and sometimes people leave letters for our guests. You had a letter left for you recently - here, go ahead and take it!
    • Letter from Warlic
    • Letter from "Z"
    • Go Back

    Speaking to Hans
    Only accessible via Speaking to Yulgar » Talk to Hans

    Hans: Why hello to you, too! I ran the Inn and shops for Yulgar while he was away helping in the battle against the Devourer. He became quite the hero, if I do say so myself! Um.. could I ask you a favour? I've also heard that Kabroz is up to something..
  • A favour?
      Hans: I, ummm... sort of like Aria, who runs the pet shop across from the Inn. I was thinking... Can you help me? I want to give her a special gift. Can you go to Greenguard Forest and find a trobble for me??
    • Trobble quest!
  • Cysero...Returns?
  • Cysero Returns Again!


    Speaking to Robina

    Robina Hood: Steal from the rich, give to the... animals! How else do random monsters get all that loot? Hey... speaking of treasure! Have you visited any of the nearby dungeons?
  • Did you say... Dungeon?
      Robina Hood: I know of two dungeons. Castle Falgorr and Bludrut Keep. I think the Keep is much more dangerous, but leads to a better reward.
    • Tell me about Falgorr

        Robina Hood: There are dungeons beneath the ruins of Castle Falgorr that are rumored to contain treasures. Tempting, but that place has been overrun by many monsters. (Requires level 15)
      • Descend into Falgorr
      • Maybe some other time

    • Tell me about Bludrut

        Robina Hood: The realm of Queen Tyrall to the west has been plundered by a strange demon. Do you have the courage to travel to Bludrut Keep and face this evil? (Requires Level 30)
      • Journey to Bludrut Keep
      • No, not today
  • Rogue Class
      Robina Hood: *gasp* Are you calling me a Rogue? By the great Tri-farce, I am a Ranger! If you want to be sneaky and play with stabby things you will have to go to Krovesport! (Requires Level 10)
    • Go to Krovesport!
    • Whoops -- sorry.
  • Quests!
      Robina: Good timing -- I just got a few leads, if you're looking for something to do. We'll have to go back to my shop to discuss them, though.
    • Let's go!
    • Maybe later...
  • Ranged Weapon Shop!
      Robina Hood: I just set up my own shop behind Yulgar's, complete with a TON of new weapons! Wanna check it out?
    • Let's go!
    • Mabe later...
  • Maybe some other time

    Rack of swords beside counter
    *****- 100% authentic medieval swords! (For children ages 3 and up)
    Golden axe
    *****- Used to slash prices... shop smart, shop Yulmart!
    Tiny sack on counter
    *****- Yulgar's coin bag is so heavy it cannot be moved.
    Scroll beside tiny sack
    *****- This scroll contains secret information about new shipments that are coming!
    Lamp near Hans' head
    *****- Hans once caught his hair on fire from this lamp.
    Ropes beside painting
    *****- Looks like someone bought some Frogzard riding armor recently.
    *****- Vanishes in a beam of light

    Write-up with help from Koree. Update by Nova Gryphon and In Media Res.

  • whackybeanz -> RE: Yulgar's Inn (7/26/2012 2:17:33)

    Exploring the Inn

    No lizards allowed!

    «Sage Uldor and Aquella are relaxing in the lounge. You can interact with them by clicking on them, or continue exploring the inn via the appropriate arrows.»

    Talking to Sage Uldor
    «If you have not completed The Dark Forest»

    Sage Uldor: I am Uldor. I am blind, but I see all! Your fate, my friend, is quite interesting...
  • What is my fate?
    Sage Uldor: You will visit many strange places and discover many secrets. You will challenge mighty foes and take part in great wars. Dragons will fear you. Undead will flee to the shadows to hide.
    Sage Uldor: However.. in the near future you will go into a forest. The adventure will lead to something... extraordinary. We shall speak again then.
  • Done

    «If you have completed The Dark Forest»

    Sage Uldor: I am Uldor. I am blind, but I see all. Your fate continues to surprise me. I sense that you desire to know what the Drakel are in search of.
  • What do the Drakel want?
      Sage Uldor: The Drakel have been on this world longer than humankind. They hid within giant domed cities for thousands of years.
      Sage Uldor: Now some Drakel have left their homes and seek a magical item that will allow them to stop a powerful force from destroying the world.
      Sage Uldor: A moglin in Granemor may help you continue your quest. I cannot see more in my mind's eye at this time.
    • Okay
  • Drakel Black Market


    Talking to Aquella

    Aquella: As a water elf I spend much of my time listening to the cries of the sea. The waves whisper of many dangers out at sea and in Willow Creek.
  • Willow Creek?
      Willow Creek?
      Aquella: I have heard that the town of Willow Creek has been besieged by a dangerous beast that devours farm animals at night. Can you look into this problem and perhaps help them?
    • Journey to Willow Creek
    • No, not today
  • What danger out at sea?
      Aquella: Captain Frolgar is on another one of his crazy voyages in his search of the Braken that took his leg. Maybe you should join him to help out? (Requires level 35)
    • Aye! Sounds fun!
    • No, not today.


    «A note lies on the table, beside a potion. You notice a small mouse hole in the wall. When you click on the note...»

    Greetings Adventurers!

    I require the aid of a few
    powerful explorers to obtain
    a number of objects. If you
    are interested, please travel
    South from BattleOn, and
    take a boat from the far
    edges of the Grogh Swamp-
    lands to the southern tip
    of DragonClaw Island.

    ***~Beleqwaya M

    «If you click on the potion»

    Potion?: You take a look at the small bottle on the table. It has an interesting label that reads: "DRINK ME".
  • Drink some of the potion
  • No way!


    «Blackhawke stands by the stairs when you go up. There is a ladder leading to the attic. There are also 2 doors in the background - one is labeled '42' and the other has an icon of a person holding a sword and shield...»

    Talking to Blackhawke
    Blackhawke: A fighter's life is fraught with peril. Full of danger, excitement and risk. We are the target of every wink and flirt despite of our deficiency of soap and showers!
  • Fighter Class quests
      Blackhawke: I thought I sensed the spirit of battle within you. If you truely wish to train and learn the talents of a fighter, meet me at the training grounds. Or if you are already at least a level 10 fighter, visit my friend Sir Tathlin and train to be a Knight.
    • Basic Fighter training!
    • Knight training!
    • Back
  • No baths?
      Blackhawke: They have not invented speed stick yet my friend... and monster slime does not smell like roses! You can use the rest room, but I heard there are wierd monsters in the shower.
    • Back
  • What is up with Twig?
      Blackhawke: That little yellow Moglin keeps using the teleporter in the Guardian Tower to sneak in my room for some of the fish I caught. When I catch him I just kick him down the stairs.
    • Back
  • Done

    Bush beside Blackhawke
    *****- Save a Tree, buy Mithril!
    Room 42
    *****- A tiny sign on the door reads, 'Beware of the LeopardZard'
    *****- This room contains the answers to the Universe. The door is locked, bolted, and duct taped shut.

    Room beside Room 42 (Shower Room)
      1 BATTLE
      Shower Monster

      Blackhawke: ... And that is why fighters always smell so bad! How can we shower with so many monsters around? Need a towel?
    Write-up with help from Koree. Link fix, knight prerequisite change thanks to Archlist.

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