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Location: Trust, Changing Winds, Fight, Flight, & Fire, The Runed Fortress, The Elite Patrol, Prison Brawl, Shear Destruction, Dragonrider War Intro, The Way Forward, Through the Tangle, Fate's Flow (Part 2), Awakened Depths: Epilogue (All Versions)

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Odgne: I understand, Mritha, but I do not like it. | *Mournful growl*

Odgne: Your compatriots have arrived. | *Pointed snort*

Changing Winds

Odgne: I... What? | *Confused growl*

Fight, Flight, & Fire

Odgne: They're coming. | *Defiant growl*

The Runed Fortress

Odgne: Oh, really, Child?

Odgne: And what is it you do? Stand back and watch everything?

Odgne: Child, it is too. Why do you think she chose you? Because you are a spectator?

Odgne: Melissa has her own set of woes. I would take this as a compliment. Kara chose you, not only to lead your own people, but hers as well.

Odgne: You are capable. Kara certainly believes you are. Have faith in yourself and Kara, and have faith in me as well. I will always stand vigilant by you.

Odgne: Oh, I think <Character> is doing just fine.

The Elite Patrol

Odgne: Sister of my heart, you need to rest. You are weary and your dreams are dark.

Odgne: Have you heard from Kara? The Dragons cannot "see" her.
Odgne: Senthris cannot get through, as Seallah refuses to let her hear him.

Prison Brawl

Odgne: You have such faith in the people you lead. It shows and they love you for it.

Odgne: What will we do about <Character> 's Companion?

Odgne: You and I both know in this instance, fighting will be chosen, with or without <Character>.

Odgne: All you have to do is say when.

Shear Destruction

Odgne: There's been an explosion, heart sister. A large one.

Odgne: Hold on, Marseltha. Rider Monte's companion is telling me...
Odgne: On their scouting run for the Dragon Rebels, they spotted a band of fighters storm one of the Rose's tower.
Odgne: On their scouting run for the Dragon Rebels, they saw a band of fighters storm the Oculus tower.
Odgne: They blew it to pieces. It's no longer standing. It... It was a stronghold.
Odgne: They blew it to pieces. Only ruins remain. It... It was a stronghold.

Odgne: Marseltha says that... one who seems to be the leader is waving her down. To talk.

Odgne: Will do.
Odgne: They are coming, with the leader. He wishes to speak to you. His name is Leon.
Odgne: Monte and Marseltha are coming, with the leader. He wishes to speak to you. His name is Sir Leon.

Odgne: Give Marseltha two minutes. I will be back.
Odgne: Give Marseltha two minutes. I will watch over our flock.

Dragonrider War Intro

Odgne: Heart-Sister... you make plans, but not all will be able to come.

Odgne: Mritha, what about those without their riders? Are they not allowed to go?

Odgne: I speak of the soul-partner of <Character>.

Odgne: Does that dragon not deserve to fight? I know the desire and fire is there.

Odgne: Perhaps, that is not our call.

Odgne: Have you given either of them the ability to make that choice?

Odgne: Of course.

The Way Forward

Odgne: At last! Mritha, I'm on my way! | *Victorious roar!*

Through the Tangle

Odgne: Hemlock is seeing the last of the injured and the dragons out. But there's no end to the Hollow! | *Informative growl, anxious grumble*

Odgne: It is nothing. I've flown with worse. | *Reassuring purr.*

Fate's Flow (Part 2)

Odgne: I was tracking your position the whole time. We were ready. | *Cool and collected growl*

Awakened Depths: Epilogue (All Versions)

Odgne: Is this truly necessary, Mritha? Surely you could just open the door with your hands first. | *Concerned growl*

Odgne: Very well. Let us proceed... | *Resigned grumble*

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