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Green Thumbs

Location: Mogloween Storybook -> Older Events -> Chapter 15 -> Green Thumbs
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Heavy Lifting
Release Date: October 23rd, 2020

Objective: While catching up with the Cauldron Sisters, a mysterious portal opens. It looks like something is happening in Apsaydaaun... again!
Objective completed: Majji has some 'splaining to do!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(8) Saccharculus
(7) Thorny Vine

Bubble (Cat/Witch)
Bubble (Witch)

Apsaydaaun Harvester (I-IX)

Access to GT Loot for DCs.


*In Apsaydaaun, Majji appears to be particularly thrilled.*

"M": Yes!
"M": YES!
"M": I didn't think such a feat would even be possible, but I have just simply outdone myself!

*Majji is standing before what appears to be an army of giant, burgundy Seed Spitters.*

"M": They are perfectly splendid! This... this is what is surely going to appease my fathers!
"M": This will save the family business and thwart the competition!
"M": Today will be the dawn of the Era of Unlimited Candy!
"M" (laughing): Ahahahahaha!
"M": I can already imagine it, written in the annals of history...
"M": "And there he stood, the genius that was 'M', next to his production line. He took one last look at his invention, and uttered–"

*Majji pauses for dramatic effect.*

"M": "I bring life!"

*The army of Seed Spitters all jolt, revealing there to be the silhouette of a human inside each of them.*

"M": "The Saccharculi awoke, ready to manufacture sweet sweetness–"
"M": Sweet sweetness?

"M": No, that's stupid.
"M": Anyway–
"M": "Apsaydaaun was saved, and as the screams–"
"M": Wait, screams?

*The Seed Spitters appear to be acting unexpectedly.*

"M": That's not what– Wait, stop!
"M": No!

*Scene cuts to black.*

"M" (screaming): Gaaaaaah!!!

*Meanwhile, back in Croft, you have reunited with the Cauldron Sisters and Verlyrus for Mogloween.*

<Character>: So, what you're saying is: things between you and your parents are good now?
Bubble: I wouldn't say good per say, but... yes, we're on speaking terms.
Bubble: There was a lot that happened between us that I don't want to get into right now, but at least some of it is behind us.
Verlyrus: Mew meow!
Bubble: Ah, thanks, Verly!
<Character>: That's really great, Bubble! As I always say, communication is key!
Bubble: Really...?

Bubble: Lady/Lord "Strike-First-Ask-Questions-Later" really says that?
<Character>: *Gasp* The gall! I am utterly appalled you'd think of me this way!
<Character>: But seriously, people change, Bubble! I did my growing!
Bubble: Hehe!
Toil: Speaking of growing, Al and Akaz have done some of it as well.
Toil: We've been in contact, and after really getting to know them, they are quite alright! They even had some really cool ideas for new candy!
Trouble: Candy for Loreians, she meant to say. Our little Apsaydaaun candy problem is not solved just yet.
<Character>: Well, that's a bummer. I did my best to warn the people living near this area not to wander out too much during the peak of Mogtober.
<Character>: The less people end up in Apsaydaaun when the veil between the planes is the thinnest, the better.
Toil: Better for you, maybe...
Toil: The people in our plane already aren't pleased with the diminishing candy...
<Character>: Humans. Not candy.
Toil: Yes, yes, we knoooow!
Bubble: How would you feel, <Character>, if there were no more sweets and candy on Lore, huh?

*You pause before answering Bubble's question.*

<Character>: People would have better teeth?
Toil: *Sigh*
<Character>: Anyway, I've seen how much the new tree has grown now! Jack really is doing spectacular work!
Trouble: He really is.
<Character>: Where is he, by the way? I haven't seen him.
Bubble: I think... he said he's going to look for dogs?
<Character>: Dogs?

*You appear to realise what Bubble is implying.*

<Character>: Oh...
Toil: Yeah...
<Character>: ...
<Character>: Well then! Since everything is going fine–

*As soon as you say this, a portal appears behind you.*

<Character>: Was going fine...

*Akaz and Al'nold appear from the other side of the portal.*

Al'nold: Umm. I hope we're not interrupting.
Bubble: Al'nold? Akaz? What's going on?
Akaz: Ey there, Cauldron Sisters, <Class>.

Akaz: Hello kitty!
Verlyrus: Miau.
Al'nold: T-there is a bit of a problem... over here.
Myx: It's hilarious!
Akaz: We were just mindin' our own business, when these weird plants appeared and started eatin', uhh, the ground. And everythin'.
Trouble: Wait a minute, plants are eating–
Al'nold: Apsaydaaun.
Toil: That's... highly unusual.
Akaz: You're tellin' me! We could use your guys' help.
Bubble: Of course!
Bubble: Umm, <Character>? Do you think you can help us?
<Character>: Uhh... obviously? Why are you even asking?
Bubble: Well, last time when I–
Bubble: Nevermind.
Bubble: Let's go girls. And guys.

*You enter the portal to Apsaydaaun; fight your way through various monsters until you reach a building resembling the Falconreach Guardian Tower.*

<Character>: These plants... they have humans in them!
<Character>: Do you have something you'd like to mention?
Akaz: Well actually, I once thought about using plants... but no, it ain't me! Honest!
Al'nold: I would never do something like this!!
Bubble: Then it's Majji.
<Character>: The plants seem to be coming out of, uhh...
<Character>: that a Guardian tower made out of cake?!
Al'nold: That's Majji's fortress.
<Character>: Your brother has an actual fortress?
Akaz: He's the oldest, so...
Toil: Guys! There is no time to waste!
<Character>: Right!

*Scene fades to black as you run towards Majji's fortress.*

  • Complete Quest
  • Loot for DCs - opens GT Loot for DCs shop.

    Other information
  • Pop-up headline during the quest:

  • Oh hey, it's a fa... dairy circle!
  • The fa... dairy circle acts as a healing source during the quest.

    Next Up: Growing Wiser

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