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Jay -> Frostval in Falconreach (12/24/2020 21:30:00)

Frostval in Falconreach

Location: Book of Lore -> The Great Giftnapping!,
Location: Frostval Storybook -> Chapter 15 -> Frostval in Falconreach,
Location: The Great Giftnapping -> To the War! -> Frostval in Falconreach
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: December 24th, 2020

Objective: What a wonderful winter day!
Objective completed: After those giftnappers!

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0


Icemaster Yeti

Present on a Stick


*In the Book 3 Falconreach Inn, you admire the festive decorations hung up for the Frostval season, particularly the unusual red tree in the center of the Inn's seating area.*

<Character>: It looks amazing, Spruce!
Spruce: Oh, ah, t-thank you, <Character>! But it wasn't just my work. Gaelan helped enchant it!
<Character>: Hah, I was just about to ask, "Where did you get a red pine tree?"!
Spruce: He said that it was custom to decorate what he called ruby-trees, I think, back where he was from!
Spruce: I just really liked the image of a red festive tree!
Gaelan: That's right! I wanted to do a spin on your guys' usual ornamental tradition!
<Character>: Well, it looks great!
<Character>: Now, if you excuse me, I'm off to Frostvale!
Spruce: Have fun! Say hi to the frost moglins for me!
???: Guys! Hey, everyone!
<Character>: Huh?
<Character>: Oh, Ash. Hey, what's up?
Ash: You need to see this! Come outside!
<Character>: Uhh, okay?

*You, Spruce, and Gaelan follow Ash outside the Falconreach Inn to Falconreach's central intersection.*

<Character>: It's...
Spruce: ...a giant mountain...
Ash: ...of presents!

*You all stare at the giant mountain of presents in awe.*

Gaelan: How did it get here?

*Icemaster Yeti and the frost moglins of Frostvale appear from behind the mountain of presents.*

Chilly: Hiya!
<Character>: Chilly!? Blizzy?!
<Character>: Icemaster Yeti?!
<Character>: And the rest of my favorite moglins!?
Tinsel & Holly: Surprise!
Icemaster Yeti: Good evening to you, <Character>!
<Character>: What are you all doing here? I was just about to visit you!
Blizzy: This was all the kids' idea!
Chilly: Every year, you come to us to celebrate Frostval... but this time, we wanted to come to youuuu!
Chilly: And celebrate!
Icemaster Yeti: We brought cocoaberries!
Holly: And presents!, Tinsel: Tonses of presents!
<Character>: Y-yeah, I can see that!
Chilly: We spent sooo much time preparing them, and making them, and, and, and wrapping them, andľ!
Icemaster Yeti: They were so excited!
Spruce: How... how many presents are there?!
Holly: Like, bajillions!
Tinsel: Millions bajillions.
Gaelan: Oh my! This must have taken a lot of time and effort!
Holly, Tinsel (in unison): Yes!
Ash: And are all of them... for us?
Chilly: No, they're for everyone, silly!
<Character>: How did you even get them here?
Tinsel: That's a secret.
Holly: A moglin secret!
<Character>: Haha, okay!
<Character>: Well, umm, this is certainly unexpected... but amazing, you guys!
Spruce: How are you going to deliver all of them? It's a lot...
Chilly: But we just did!
Tinsel & Holly: Just grab one!
Spruce: Oh...

*Spruce reaches to grab a present from the pile, when all of a sudden a strange creature snatches it off her, laughing as it runs away with the stolen present.*

Spruce: Hey! What gives!

*Dozens more of the strange creatures appear out of nowhere, and in a matter of moments the entire mountain of presents has been stolen before everyone's eyes.*

<Character>: W-what just happened!? That was so quick!
Chilly: Nooooo!
Holly: Our hard work just got giftnapped!
Tinsel: Waaaaah!
Gaelan: Is this what usually happens here?
<Character>: No! I have no idea what those little creatures were!
???: I do, however.

*A very festively dressed Warlic and Cysero have approached you all from the western section of Falconreach.*

<Character>: Warlic? What are you doing here? Who's going to show up next?
Warlic: I was just nearby, doing some Frostval shopping.
Cysero: Hi!
<Character>: Um, hi Cysero.
Chilly: HEY!

Chilly: That's one of our presents!!
Cysero: Yeah, I stol- I saved just this one.

Cysero: It has my name on it, see?

*Cysero holds up his present with a grin, showing a freshly-painted green letter 'C' on one side of the present.*

Cysero: And it's green!

*Cysero lifts the present up a little higher, clearly reluctant to give it back to the frost moglins.*

<Character>: Uh huh...
Warlic: Anyway, returning to the matter at hand.
Warlic: I've seen these little rascals before, although... only in books. I thought they were only a myth or legend.
Warlic: They are called the Coalepti, said to display impish behavior, and are attracted to love, joy, hard work and dedication.
Warlic: It appears that the incredibly strong aura emanating from the giant pile of gifts was just the right catalyst needed to transform a myth...
Warlic: ...into reality.
Cysero: Magic works in mysterious ways!
Tinsel: Waaaaaah! I don't like thiiiiis!
Icemaster Yeti: We have to get the presents back!
<Character>: Of course! But those Coalepti all scattered!

*Warlic glances back towards Cysero and his present.*

Warlic: I have an idea.
Warlic: Cy, hand the gift to me.

*Cysero holds onto the present.*

Cysero: No.
Warlic: Don't make me do this.
Cysero: No.
Warlic: I'm warning you.
Cysero: ...
Warlic: *Deep sigh*

*Warlic holds out a single rasher of cooked bacon, seemingly afflicting Cysero with 'Bacon-vision', causing him to trade his present for Warlic's bacon before running off very excitedly.*

Warlic: Now then. You should carry this around, <Character>. This last moglin gift, this artifact of love and hard work, will act as an ultimate lure.
Warlic: The Coalepti will be unable to resist its appeal, and will come running to you.
Warlic: Go, <Character>.

Warlic: Save Frostval!

*Scene cuts to black.*

  • Complete Quest

    Other information
  • After first completion, Book of Lore and Frostval Storybook access points no longer direct you to this quest, but The Great Giftnapping instead.

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