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Location: Surewould Forest -> 2 Right, Willowshire (Rare), Dragon Attack at Willowshire!, Opening the Black Box, Give Until It Hurts, A Golden Opportunity, Surewood Ranger, QuadForce, Never Say Dye, Dye Another Day, Live and Let Dye, Willowshire Outpost, Thankstaking 2011, The Biggest Thankstaking Ever!, Thankstaking Storybook -> Chapter 6, Good Gravy!, Are Rocks Evil?, The Queen of Roses

Zones permitted
Thankstaking 2011

Quests given
Surewould Forest
A Golden Opportunity
Give Until It Hurts
Opening the Black Box
Defeat Gananana!

The Biggest Thankstaking Ever!
Random Leftovers
A Whole Lotta Turducken

Shops owned
Battle Turkey Upgrade
Thankstaking Weapons

Surewould Forest

First Time entering the forest:
Robina: This is too easy...

Robina: Sorry, these boxes are now rightful property of Robina the Hood and her Band of Merry Women.

Robina: ...bring me some more boxes, right?

After the first time:
Robina: Robina the Hood at your service. Steal from the rich, give to the.... cute little cuddly wuddly forest creatures!

  • Quests
    Robina: Lets make the forest a better place for everyone!

  • The Black Dragon Box
    Robina: Oh, this black box is yours you say?

    Robina: Sneevils really do like their boxes!

    Robina: I will make you a deal. If you help me with my Quests here in the forest, I will let you have the box.... agreed?

  • Quad Force
    Robina: The Quad-Force is the legendary object, that when assembled, will open a doorway to teleport a hero to defeat Gananana!

  • Bounty Hunting
    Robina: Bounty hunting is great work and can earn you piles of gold! Would you like the official Most Wanted list?

  • Talk
    Robina: You have questions? Sure, what would you like to know?

    Robina: The Quad-Force is the legendary object, that when assembled, will open a doorway to teleport a hero to defeat Gananana!

    Robina: Sneevils? They are evil little goblins with a serious box collecting obsession.
    Robina: Actually, now that I think of it, they like all containers. Their society seems to be based on collecting containers.
    Robina: There is a serious box shortage due to the Sneevils thievery. The locals are paying good gold for any box.
    Robina: There is a Sneevil Treebox fort to the east. Have fun, and remember, you owe me a favor for telling you about it.

    Robina: Drakath? Oh my... yes, I know who that is.
    Robina: His story began not too long ago in a nearby Kingdom ruled by an evil tyrant. The ambitious tyrant devised plans to conquer the country side.
    Robina: A great war began. In the end, the good King Alteon defeated the evil tyrant and returned peace to the land.
    Robina: What does Drakath have to do with this, you ask?
    Robina: Why, Drakath is the defeated Tyrant's only son.... an exiled Prince.
    Robina: Drakath is bent on revenge and will not stop until he reclaims the throne which he believes is rightfully his!

    Merry Woman?
    Robina: Oh, so you have heard the legends? Robina the Hood and her band of MarriedWoman!
    Robina: Oh... they are merry, not married. Actually, they are all single, cute, and very well drawn. Lets see there is...
    Robina: Little Joan -- she is actually not that little and no one can beat her with quarter-staff... or a nickle, dime, or penny staff!
    Robina: Fryer Tuck - Originally a Friar, she unlocked her hidden Frying pan skills at level 25 and never went back.
    Robina: Butler Merrian - *sigh* The only boy in the group... he is pretty much just there for eye candy and doing the laundry.
    Robina: Maybe one day we can go to the secret camp.... until then, there is a lot of work to be done here!

    Robina: There are two places here in Surewood that are blocked by some sort of magic barrier. There are supposed to be amazing items inside.

  • Invite
    Robina: I would love to join you in your adventures. Would you like to come with me?

    Dragon Attack at Willowshire!

    Robina: I will do what I can to help!
    Robina: Gorgok!!!?
    Robina: The destroyer of Deconville.
    Robina: The reaper of Redville!
    Robina: Hey, that was mine!
    Robina: Jinx!
    Robina: You just made that one up.
    Robina: Fine... Ash, you're unjinxed.
    Robina: Let's take Gorgok and his army down!
    Robina: ...

    Opening the Black Box

    Robina: Alright, a deal is a deal!

    Robina: Wow <Character>! You did a great job. You have held up your end of our deal so you may have the box.
    Robina: Yup, just like that. What did you expect?
    Robina: You!

    Robina: No! <Character>, you can't let him open the box!

    Give Until It Hurts

    Robina: Give until it hurts! You did great taking that chest of gold from the bandits! Now we're going to GIVE IT ALL AWAY!
    Robina: Go knock out some random forest creatures and put that gold on them! What, you didn't think I was serious?
    Robina: Where did you think all those monsters got gold from in the first place?

    A Golden Opportunity

    Robina: A Golden Opportunity! Time to steal from the Rich... specifically, Richard the Vile, one of the bandits who robbed one of King Alteons caravans!
    Robina: A reliable source informed me that the gold was to be a birthday gift for one of King's three daughters.

    Surewood Ranger

    Robina: <Character>! How are you?
    Robina: Really? I hadn't noticed, I've been busy redistributing some gold. What brings you to this neck of the woods?
    Robina: *laughs* <Character>, you're probably a much better candidate to give advice on hero tactics. I just try to aim true.
    Robina: I'll let Zapp know what I can. The most important thing is to keep fighting. As long as they don't give up, I'm sure they'll get their city back.

    Never Say Dye

    Robina: <Character>, am I glad to see you!
    Robina: Some day he'll have learned his lesson, and I can untie him.
    Robina: Nope.
    Robina: That's what I wanted to talk to you about. Earlier today I heard a BOOM and the ground shook.
    Robina: And then the color started leeching from the trees and ground. It doesn't look like the bushes or flowers are affected yet, but who knows?
    Robina: SOMEthing must have happened. Do you have any idea what could have caused it?
    Robina: .... Have you been talking to Cysero?

    Robina: Right. Lets assume- for now- it's not that. Please go look around and see what you can find.

    Dye Another Day

    Robina: That's quite a colorful story, <Character>.
    Robina: What about the dumpsite?

    Robina: Sounds like it was a really dirty business.
    Robina: But what about the broken machine? How will you get that fixed?
    Robina: You aren't going to-

    Live and Let Dye

    Robina: <Character>, I'm so glad things are normal again! And Dr. Voltabolt sent over this adorable little metal thing as a thank you for your help.
    Robina: He says he rewired it so that you can use it as a pet.

    Thankstaking 2011

    Robina: Happy Thankstaking, <Character>!

  • A HUGE Feast! - begins The Biggest Thankstaking Ever! quest.
  • Leftovers! - begins Random Leftovers quest.
  • Turducken! (DA Required) - begins A Whole Lotta Turducken quest.

  • Butterbombs - opens Battle Turkey Upgrade shop.
  • Weapons - opens Thankstaking Weapons shop.

    The Biggest Thankstaking Ever!

    Robina: Couldn't Yulgar come?

    Robina: We can't eat yet, we've got to find our way off of this table and get help!

    Robina: What happens if that stuff gets on the turkey too?

    Thankstaking Storybook

    Robina: I hope you're ready for the biggest feast you've ever seen, <Character>!

    Good Gravy!

    Robina: That's a LOT of gravy.

    Are Rocks Evil?

    Robina: Robina.

    Robina: I... I don't know.
    Robina: Father?

    Robina: Here!
    Robina: We can go through here and escape the castle!

    Robina: DAD!!!

    Robina: I don't know! Dad?!

    Robina: He's badly injured!!!

    Robina: I-

    Robina: I can't!

    Robina: I can't come with you to-

    Robina: I-
    Robina: P-please take care of him!!!

    The Queen of Roses

    Robina: *deep sigh*

    Robina: I hope you are well, father.
    Robina: I'm not cut out for this. I never thought ruling a kingdom was so... exhausting. You do it with such ease.
    Robina: You know how to deal with the dignitaries. Which hands to shake.
    Robina: I should have watched you. I should have been around.
    Robina: Brittany's much better suited for this than me. Even Tara.
    Robina: Brit's not doing well... Whenever she starts regaining even a sliver of health, the next day she's robbed of it.
    Robina: She's getting worse and I don't know what to do.
    Robina: I'm trying everything. The best mages and medics in the kingdom.
    Robina: I can't do anything...
    Robina: I can't do anything right...
    Robina: Even though people tell me otherwise, I know that the kingdom is crumbling under my "rule". I was never good at this.
    Robina: I can't sleep...
    Robina: I have no one... No one I can trust here.
    Robina: I'm surrounded by sleeziness...

    Robina: Mom...
    Robina: I don't want this!
    Robina: I want to go back to the days I could just...

    Robina: Momma?!

    Robina: Oh...
    Robina: It's you.

    Robina: Don't you ever knock?

    Robina: ...

    Robina: Thank you, but I don't require your advice.

    Robina: I beg your pardon?

    Robina: I won't.

    Other information
  • Also known as Robina the Hood.

    Alternative Front View Appearance
    Side View Appearance
    Appearance in Are Rocks Evil?
    Appearance in The Queen of Roses


    Also See: Cinquefoil, Victoria / Princess Victoria / Queen Victoria

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