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The Training Academy: Ultimate Hybrid Guide

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10/12/2014 22:19:23   
Seth Hydra
How We Roll Winner

The Training Academy: Ultimate Hybrid Guide

By ss2195

The Training Academy: Ultimate Hybrid Guide is a remake of * ~ The Training Academy: Ultimate Hybrid Guide ~ * by Ward_Point, SiLvErWiNg, Spellfire77, Ryashi and Mystical Warrior.

Important Note:
This Guide will focus on how to develop your Hybrid character in terms of inventory throughout the different levels. Any queries that you might have relating to other aspects, personal advice etc. should be directed towards the AQ Question/Answers forum . The equipment I suggest in this guide will be optimum for its level and in case anyone has a different opinion, please provide a reasonable argument, as well as a comparison to support your case.
If there are errors of any kind in the guide such as Spelling, Linking or numerical, please feel free to drop a PM, and I will correct the mistake, crediting you for finding the error.

Also, at a particular stage you may feel inclined to use equipment that suits your style which may not be mentioned in this guide. This guide focuses on the best general route to take on your hybrid character, but it doesn't mean that equipment not mentioned in this guide aren't valid choices.

What is a Hybrid?
In general, there is no definite Hybrid class in AQ. However, it can be pigeonholed right in between a Warrior/Ranger and a Mage. If we consider three Venn diagrams where each one depicts a major build, the intersection of the three would be a hybrid. Hybrids are by no means the strongest, having their fair share of flaws (Lower accuracy and blocking among a few others). But they make up for this with the versatility to adapt to a given situation.

For example, Warrior's have difficulty dispatching Glass Cannons (Monsters with High damage/Low Health), however Hybrids can ease through such battles with spell casts. Similarly, Mages have a tough time dealing with Tanks (Monsters with Low Damage/High Health), but Hybrids who wield melee and ranged weaponry can take them down almost as easily as a Warrior would. Hybrid's may not perform with as much efficiency as their specialised cousins, but they can certainly adapt their approach in times of diversity.

Conventional Hybrids can use all kinds of equipment, thus having a greater choice in weaponry and strategy. This feature of Hybrids makes them especially fun to play with, and is the reason that they are one of the most popular builds around today.


*To go to a particular area, hold "Ctrl" and press "F" to bring up the Search Function. Once that is brought up, type in the section that you're searching for. E.g.: Typing in "UHG001" will bring you to the Stat Evaluation portion of this Guide.*

[UHG001] : Stat Evaluation

[UHG002] : Stat Formulae

[UHG003] : Hybrid Builds and Stats
  • [UHG101] : Annihilator Hybrid
  • [UHG102] : Custom Hybrid
  • [UHG103] : Maximal Hybrid (Beastbrid)
  • [UHG104] : Mage in denial (Guardian Hybrid)

    [UHG004] : Mastercrafted Equipment

    [UHG005] : Weapons
  • [UHG200]: No-Drop weapons
  • [UHG201]: Fire
  • [UHG202]: Water
  • [UHG203]: Wind
  • [UHG204]: Ice
  • [UHG205]: Earth
  • [UHG206]: Energy
  • [UHG207]: Light
  • [UHG208]: Darkness
  • [UHG209]: Spellcasting Weapons
  • [UHG210]: Custom Weapon
  • [UHG211]: Other Options

    [UHG006]: Armours
  • [UHG301]: General Information
  • [UHG302]: Class Armours
  • [UHG303]: No-Drop Armours
  • [UHG304]: Recommended Armours by Element
  • [UHG305]: Utility Armours

    [UHG007]: <LINK: Shields>
  • [UHG401]: No-Drop shields
  • [UHG402]: Elemental Shields
  • [UHG403]: Compression Shields
  • [UHG404]: Chieftainís Ironthorn

    [UHG008]: Spells
  • [UHG501]: Fire
  • [UHG502]: Water
  • [UHG503]: Wind
  • [UHG504]: Ice
  • [UHG505]: Earth
  • [UHG506]: Energy
  • [UHG507]: Light
  • [UHG508]: Darkness
  • [UHG509]: Healing and Utility Spells

    [UHG009]: <LINK: Pets>
  • [UHG601]: Elemental Pets

    [UHG010]: <LINK: Miscellaneous Items>
  • [UHG701]: Essentials
  • [UHG702]: Offensive Miscs
  • [UHG703]: Resistance Miscs
  • [UHG704]: Utility Miscs

    [UHG011]: <LINK: Helpful links>

    [UHG012]: <LINK: Credits>

    [UHG013]: <LINK: Change Log>

    Stat Evaluation

    Strength (STR): The first of two main damage stats for a hybrid. Strength increases the attack damage of your Melee and Ranged attacks. It also increases BtH of Melee weapons. Any non-Custom Hybrid will definitely max out this stat eventually.

    Dexterity (DEX): The first support stat. This stat increases your blocking, BtH to all weapons, and is especially important for adding BtH to your Ranged Weapons. While Luck gives better offence, Dexterity provides better blocking and slightly more accuracy to your attacks.

    Intelligence (INT): Your second of two main damage stats for a Hybrid. Intelligence increases attack damage for Magic weapons (Albeit, at a weaker boost.) But it also increases the damage of Spells and increases your Mana pool. Once again, any non-Custom Hybrid will max this out eventually.

    Charisma (CHA): Charisma affects your Pet damage and accuracy. Very few hybrids go down this road as their stats are spread out enough already, but with the recent increase in the level cap for guardians, this can serve as a viable dump stat.

    Endurance (END): Health is always important, but having too much into this stat is a simple waste of stat points. Any health left over after a battle is essentially wasted HP (Unless you're going on a long quest.) However, Endurance's use should not be underestimated.

    Luck (LUK): The more offensive of the two support stats. Luck increases your average damage output with Lucky Strikes and gives an increase to blocking and BTH, albeit a much smaller boost compared to Dexterity. Luck also plays a role in winning initiative (determining who goes first in battle) although you need a size-able amount of Luck for that to be effective.

    Where Do I train my stats?

    If you want to avoid having a hard time going through the game, itís always advised to keep your stats up to date. In the upcoming sections, you will see the various forms a Hybrid can take in terms of the stat spread, but where do you train your stats?
    In Battleon, on the hill you'll find an orange Rabbit-like creature with an infectiously cute smile. If you say "hello" to him, he'll in turn offer to whisk you off to a part of town where the stat and combat trainers reside. A little information, before you try to best them in battle.

    Combat Practice: To summarize it, he's a Drakel Swordsman... and he'll gladly help you test your equipment. You can request him to change the weapon he attacks with, and he'll even let you flee from the battle without having to let go off your SP points!

    Sir Lanceler: He can train all of your six stats up to a cap of 75 points, beyond which you're going to have to train with the specialized trainers. His MP based Fire attack might catch you off-guard, so approach him with a bit of caution.

    Neberon the Mage: He can help you train a stat all the way to 200, with the drawback being that his training is limited to three stats: Intelligence, Luck and Charisma. He functions in the way mages in AQ are designed, he starts off with a powerful Spell attack which consumes his mana, and switches to a weaker attack once he exhausts his mana pool.

    Grimweld the Warrior: The warrior counterpart to Neberon, he can train your Strength, Dexterity and Endurance to 200. While Neberon would be by definition a glass cannon, Grimweld is a tank with high health and reasonable damage which can be a problem in lower levels.

    What happens if you want to untrain your stats? You can visit Sir Pwnsalot in death's domain to untrain your stats for free, and if you are a guardian, he can be accessed by going to the Guardian tower's teleporter. Just remember to click on his jaw to speed up the process.

    Stat Formulae

    Stat Damage Bonus (Per 100% Stat damage)

    • Melee:::: STR/8 + LUK/20
    • Ranged:: STR/10 + DEX/40 + LUK/20
    • Magic:::: INT*3/32 + LUK/20
    • Spells:::: INT/4 + LUK/20
    • Pets:::::: CHA/15

    Stat Bonus to Hit (BtH)

    • Melee:::: [STR*(3/40) + DEX*(3/40) + LUK/40]
    • Ranged:: [DEX*(3/20) + LUK/40]
    • Magic:::: [INT*(3/40) + DEX*(3/40) + LUK/40]
    • Pets:::::: [CHA*(3/40) + DEX*(3/40) + LUK/40]

    Blocking Ability
    • Blocking Bonus from Stats:: [DEX/8 + LUK/40]

    HP, MP & SP Formula

    Player HP = [23.8 * ((5.25 + 0.5625 * Level + 0.00375 * Level^2) + (1 + 0.066 * Level) * END/16)]
    Player MP = [4.1 * (32 + (6.1 + 2.3375 * Level + 0.01125 * Level^2) * MIN(1, INT / MIN(Level * 2.1462 + 5.7076, 200)))]
    Player Max SP = [2.25 * (38.1 + 2.3375 * PowLevel + 0.01125 * PowLevel^2)]
    Player SP Regeneration = [0.15 * (38.1 + 2.3375 * PowLevel + 0.01125 * PowLevel^2)]

    For any other queries regarding the game related formulae such as SP, daily caps etc., I highly recommend taking a look at Kaelin's Master List of Game Formulae

    Hybrid Builds and Stats

    Now that you've got a brief idea about what a hybrid is, it's time to look at the different paths to take in terms of stat distribution. Every non-Custom Hybrid will eventually max out both STR and INT, however their overall damage potential, survival capabilities as well as accuracy will depend on how their secondary and tertiary stats are set up.

    Based on my experience in raising characters over the past couple of years, its difficult to have a balanced approach to raising STR and INT equally through the levels, since you aren't going to achieve any optimal utilization of either until the game nears the Lv100-120 stage.
    Taking that into account, I will be advising that you treat your character essentially as a mage first, and focus on maximising your spell damage potential, before honing your skills with the blade.

    Annihilator Hybrid

    The most common variant of the Hybrid build today, and one of the most popular builds in general. This build focuses on maximizing its damage output, accuracy while sacrificing its overall survival. A glass cannon build, this variation is more favourable to guardians as they have 150 stat point leftover after maximizing their three primary stats, whereas adventurers will have 75, thus limiting its use.

    Lv 025 = STR ~ 000 | DEX ~ 025 | INT ~ 100 | END ~ 000 | CHA ~ 000 | LUK ~ 000
    Lv 050 = STR ~ 050 | DEX ~ 050 | INT ~ 150 | END ~ 000 | CHA ~ 000 | LUK ~ 000
    Lv 075 = STR ~ 100 | DEX ~ 100 | INT ~ 175 | END ~ 000 | CHA ~ 000 | LUK ~ 000
    Lv 100 = STR ~ 150 | DEX ~ 150 | INT ~ 200 | END ~ 000 | CHA ~ 000 | LUK ~ 000
    Lv 125 = STR ~ 200 | DEX ~ 200 | INT ~ 200 | END ~ 000 | CHA ~ 000 | LUK ~ 025

    Lv 135 = STR ~ 200 | DEX ~ 200 | INT ~ 200 | END ~ 000 | CHA ~ 000 | LUK ~ 075

    Lv 150 = STR ~ 200 | DEX ~ 200 | INT ~ 200 | END ~ 000 | CHA ~ 000 | LUK ~ 150

    Pros: The focus on maximizing INT early on will benefit in going through the game in the lower to mid levels, since farming with spell based offence is much faster than with weapons. Towards the higher levels, your accuracy will not be as terrible as it would with only Luck as your tertiary stat.

    Cons: This build is very fragile, meaning you do not have the added cushion of a few END points. Hence its mandatory to use resistance miscs during various battles.

    Classic Hybrid

    The classic hybrid makes its return, now having fewer accuracy issues owing to the way DEX now works. With maximum STR/INT and DEX you will have incredible accuracy and blocking, however the fact that the build lacks LUK will certainly reduce your overall damage capability.

    Lv 025 = STR ~ 000 | DEX ~ 025 | INT ~ 100 | END ~ 000 | CHA ~ 000 | LUK ~ 000
    Lv 050 = STR ~ 050 | DEX ~ 050 | INT ~ 150 | END ~ 000 | CHA ~ 000 | LUK ~ 000
    Lv 075 = STR ~ 100 | DEX ~ 050 | INT ~ 175 | END ~ 050 | CHA ~ 000 | LUK ~ 000
    Lv 100 = STR ~ 150 | DEX ~ 100 | INT ~ 200 | END ~ 050 | CHA ~ 000 | LUK ~ 000
    Lv 125 = STR ~ 200 | DEX ~ 175 | INT ~ 200 | END ~ 050 | CHA ~ 000 | LUK ~ 000

    Lv 135 = STR ~ 200 | DEX ~ 200 | INT ~ 200 | END ~ 075 | CHA ~ 000 | LUK ~ 000

    Lv 150 = STR ~ 200 | DEX ~ 200 | INT ~ 200 | END ~ 150 | CHA ~ 000 | LUK ~ 000

    Pros: This build offers far greater survivability than its annihilator cousin. The fact that DEX as a stat has been considerably buffed means you'll have fewer accuracy issues.
    Cons: As your LUK stat will be left untrained, this build will lack the explosive damage that a lucky strike can provide.

    Maximal Hybrid (Beastbrid)

    You might say, with the grumpy tone of a sage "Now I've seen everything!Ē But hear me out, it's not as weird as it looks. Sure Hybrid's already have spread out stats trying to accommodate both STR and INT, which leaves them missing out on one of the support stats, but this build is about all out offense, without giving much thought to survival. Also, investing in CHA can provide an extra outlet for attack and pet or guest based healing.

    Lv 025 = STR ~ 000 | DEX ~ 025 | INT ~ 100 | END ~ 000 | CHA ~ 000 | LUK ~ 000
    Lv 050 = STR ~ 050 | DEX ~ 050 | INT ~ 150 | END ~ 000 | CHA ~ 000 | LUK ~ 000
    Lv 075 = STR ~ 100 | DEX ~ 100 | INT ~ 175 | END ~ 000 | CHA ~ 000 | LUK ~ 000
    Lv 100 = STR ~ 150 | DEX ~ 150 | INT ~ 200 | END ~ 000 | CHA ~ 000 | LUK ~ 000
    Lv 125 = STR ~ 200 | DEX ~ 200 | INT ~ 200 | END ~ 000 | CHA ~ 075 | LUK ~ 000

    Lv 135 = STR ~ 200 | DEX ~ 200 | INT ~ 200 | END ~ 000 | CHA ~ 075 | LUK ~ 000

    Lv 150 = STR ~ 200 | DEX ~ 200 | INT ~ 200 | END ~ 000 | CHA ~ 150 | LUK ~ 000

    Pros: You get significant source of damage from pets and guests, while having sufficient accuracy and blocking.

    Cons: Low endurance and lack of Lucky strikes

    Mage in Denial (Guardian Hybrid)

    The Mage-in-denial (Or the Guardian Hybrid, whichever one you prefer) is a variant that would best serve Guardians. Unlike the other Hybrid Builds mentioned above, where you eventually max out your STR stat, this build sacrifices its damage to boost its endurance.

    Lv 025 = STR ~ 000 | DEX ~ 025 | INT ~ 100 | END ~ 000 | CHA ~ 000 | LUK ~ 000
    Lv 050 = STR ~ 000 | DEX ~ 050 | INT ~ 150 | END ~ 050 | CHA ~ 000 | LUK ~ 000
    Lv 075 = STR ~ 050 | DEX ~ 100 | INT ~ 175 | END ~ 050 | CHA ~ 000 | LUK ~ 000
    Lv 100 = STR ~ 100 | DEX ~ 150 | INT ~ 200 | END ~ 050 | CHA ~ 000 | LUK ~ 000
    Lv 125 = STR ~ 100 | DEX ~ 175 | INT ~ 200 | END ~ 050 | CHA ~ 000 | LUK ~ 100

    Lv 135 = STR ~ 150 | DEX ~ 175 | INT ~ 200 | END ~ 050 | CHA ~ 000 | LUK ~ 100

    Lv 150 = STR ~ 150 | DEX ~ 200 | INT ~ 200 | END ~ 050 | CHA ~ 000 | LUK ~ 150

    Pros: Passable endurance and great accuracy, this is essentially what a Battle-mage would be. Guardians will be able to use Melee and Ranged weaponry with equal proficiency, while still beating Magic weapons by a fair margin.

    Cons: The focus on raising four stats instead of three will make it less efficient than other hybrids in the lower to mid levels.

    Mastercraft Equipment

    If an item is Mastercrafted (or MCed), it means the item has something more. This could be anything ranging from a BTH bonus, added effects, abilities or even damage which is paid for by having a higher gold cost compared to other equipment.
    These items, originally referred to as Ubers usually had long quests to obtain them and having them in your inventory came with a certain sense of accomplishment. But how many of these items are actually worth it when you consider your play-style and build?

    So just because an item is Mastercrafted doesn't necessarily mean that itís the best choice. There are always other choices which can be better, without having to trudge through a long quest not to mention that chasing these items at early levels can be time consuming, which could otherwise have been spent on other areas of your characters development.

    Such items are also pretty hefty on the pocket, so think wisely before going on a splurge. The forums are usually abuzz when such items are released so make sure that you ask around, and get a good opinion from others before making a decision. Remember that Mastercraft items (usually) don't go rare, so there's always plenty of time to get them.

    To know more about Mastercraft sets, be sure to check =Q&A= Mastercrafted Sets

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  • AQ DF AQW  Post #: 1
    10/29/2014 2:57:36   
    Seth Hydra
    How We Roll Winner


    Note: This section will focus on MELEE weapons. There's no benefit in a Hybrid using a Magic weaponry, since they deal 75% of a standard melee weapon and similarly ranged weapons don't hold any edge over their melee counterparts. In case you still want to carry ranged weaponry with you, I suggest you look over at the <Ultimate Ranger Guide> weapons section.

    An optimum weapon inventory is highly recommended, even for Hybrids. While this may not be the case in the early levels, and even until the lv50-60 range, as spells will out damage weapon attacks and monsters aren't as strong. But eventually when monsters become harder, your primary damage will shift to weapons.

    While its recommended to keep an up to date inventory even at earlier levels, you are afforded some breathing space since you will rely on spells as your primary source of damage.

    No-Drop weapons

    Long Sword / Short Sword

    Both of these weapons have no specials for which they receive a damage boost. However, the fact that they scale to your level-20 makes them inherently weaker than weapons at your level. If you are an adventurer, instead of using these as your Earth weapons, I'd highly advise using a compression weapon (If you have access to one) or dropping your water weapon. This is because Energy monsters are quite uncommon in monster pools and most monsters who carry a weakness to water, will also have a weakness to Ice attacks.

    Guardian Blade / Guardian Dagger
    These weapons, can now be attuned to a single element and have a chance to summon the Guardian dragon. Unlike the above, these weapons scale to your level-5, which means they are much suitable for your level. With the Awe!!! upgrade available from the GGBs, these weapons now scale to your level, thus being on par with every level appropriate weapon. While it is advisable to search for the Awe weapons once you hit the mid levels, ie lv 40-50, you can chose to hold on to these if you aren't fond of the myriad of specials the Awe weapons possess or for aesthetic reasons.

    Blade of Awe / Dagger of Awe
    These are the weapons that Guardians will want to end up with, and they are fairly easy to get. Boasting a myriad of specials, although you will most probably be interested in the Power Word Die. These weapons usually scale to your level-5, but with the recent of the Awe!!! upgrade available from the Golden Giftboxes (GGBs), these weapons will scale to your level. The dagger has a +3Bth lean, which will most certainly be helpful for Hybrids who usually possess lower accuracy, the Blade is equally viable especially if you want to run a full sword inventory to take advantage of the Sword Master Emblem.

    [link=]Powerful Ultraguardian Scythe[/link]
    An advancement on the regular Guardian weapons, this weapon scales to your level-5 and while randomly shifting elements every turn. However, If you have your No-Drops attuned to a particular element, then this weapon functions in such a way that it attacks with the element that your no-drops are attuned to more often, while never shifting to the opposite element (For e.g. If your no-drops are attuned to Light, then there is a higher chance of this weapon attacking with Light, while never shifting to the darkness element). This consequently means that it doesn't receive as hefty a damage boost as the Guardian blade, but it also becomes more reliable. Also there is a rare chance that this weapon is capable of summoning the Ultraguardian Dragon, which is essentially the same as the Power Word Die special from the Awe Weapon series.



    Fire Blade (Level 1, 25, 50, 75) -> Fusion DragonBlade( 97, 107, 119G ) -> The Liquefactor ( 135, 150G )


    Fire Blade (Level 1, 25, 50, 75) -> Fusion DragonBlade( 97, 107, 119G ) -> The Liquefactor ( 120, 135, 150G )

    Other Options:
    Blazing Fist series for Guardians and Fist of Fire series for adventurers offer viable alternatives in case you are looking for something different.

    If you don't mind spending tokens, Axe of Agony Chains can provide you with an amazing weapon. It's special can both burn and choke your opponent, essentially reducing the damage they deal, not to mention it looks amazing!



    Ultra Omni Knight Blade ( Level 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G )


    Ultra Omni Knight Blade ( Level 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135 )

    Other options:
    If you want to try other weapons other than an assortment of different tiers of the Water Dragon Blade and Usterik's dagger, Tsunami Fist for Guardians and Fist of Water are viable alternatives with their rare and powerful specials. Another option if you have the tokens to spare and are prepared for a little gamble, is the SeaSaw a water Axe designed by one of your fellow players is currently the best water weapon in the game, capable of either inflicting bleed of dealing more damage. Furthermore, The Sacragon Spur series is a good option, however keep in mind that the special deals damage to YOU in order to power up its next attack.



    Silver Blade of Victory (Level 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130, 150G)


    Silver Blade of Victory (Level 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130, 150G)

    Alternatively, you can pick up the Vikings Sword if you want a different weapon every now and then. For those players who want to use weapons with specials, Cyclone Fist, or Fist of Wind series for Adventurers will suffice.



    Flamestop Warhammer (1, 20, 40, 60) -> Horo-Show Void Vanquisher (Level 68, 88, 108, 128, 133, 148G)


    Ice Shard (Level 1, 17, 32, 57, 117) -> Horo-Show Void Vanquisher (Level 68, 88, 108, 133 )

    Other Options:
    Arctic Fist series for Guardians and the Fist of Ice series for Adventurers can serve as viable alternatives for the weapons mentioned above. If you've picked up Ultra Omni Knight Blade which also compresses Ice along with Water, you can drop an Ice weapon completely in favour of a utility weapon.



    Horn Blade (Level 7, 29, 49, 63, 83, 103, 123) -> Frogzard Sword ( 127, 137G, 147G )


    Horn Blade (Level 7, 29, 49, 63, 83, 103, 123) -> Frogzard Sword (Level 127)*OPTIONAL* -> Grass Blade (Level 132)

    Other Options:

    If you have the tokens to spend, then Planet Splitter is a very good weapon. Another viable Z-token option is the Dragon Buster series which is especially potent against Dragons. Non Z-token alternatives include the guardian only Mountain Fist and the Fist of Earth series, as well as higher tiers of the mentioned Horn blade available from Yulgar's Inn and Adder's Forge.



    Energy Blade (Level 1, 25, 75) -> Electro Fist (Level 10, 45, 65) -> Asgardian Mauls ( 90, 105 120, 135, 150G )


    Energy Blade (Level 1, 25, 75) -> Fist of Energy (Level 10, 55) -> Asgardian Mauls ( 90, 105 120, 135 )

    Other Options:

    Electro Fist series and the guardian variant Electro Fist offer alternatives. There's also the Energy Dragon Blade series if you battle Dragons on a regular basis. If you prefer effect based weaponry, the shocking Katar of Shock may satisfy your needs.



    Bright Blade of Victory (10, 30, 50, 70) -> Kopesh of Osiris (90, 105, 120, 135, 150G)


    Bright Blade of Victory (10, 30, 50, 70)) -> Kopesh of Osiris (90, 105, 120, 135)

    Other Options:
    You can opt for the Greater Bright Blade of Victory by questing for 9 gems. The MC'd variant of the Bright Blade deals 5% more damage than its regular counterpart.



    Greater Dark Blade of Victory (10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130, 150G)


    Greater Dark Blade of Victory (10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130)

    Spell Casting Weapons

    There exist a few weapons that help power up the damage or potency of spells. Some of these weapons boost the damage of spells of a particular element, while some provide a weaker, albeit uniform boost to all spells. As a hybrid, you will have to decide whether to keep one of these weapons in your active inventory to help increase the damage your spells do, or avoid them altogether. This will affect the shape your weapon inventory takes, considering you will either have to forgoe an element or use a compression weapon.

    Sila's Staff
    Obtained after a long and arduous quest, this weapon provides a general 6.25% boost to all spells. In addition to this, the staff contains an option to regenerate a small amount of mana, as well as a couple of multi-elemental spells. The selling point of this weapon stems from the fact that in addition to boosting the damage of all spells, it also provides an outlet for replenishing your mana pool. While there exist other weapons that may provide a bigger boost to an element, the fact that Sila's Staff gives a general boost makes it much more attractive than other weapons in the category.

    Single Element boosting weapons:
    Lightning Rod - Energy spells deal 110% damage while spells of all other elements deal 105% damage.
    Glacial Short Staff - Ice spells deal 110% damage while Water spells deal 107.5% damage.
    Blackbones series - Darkness spells deal 110% damage.
    Kazemai Athame - Provides an increase of 7.5BTH to Wind spells.
    Tsunami Pen series - Water spells deal 118% damage.
    Lion's Roar series - All light spells deal 125% damage against Undead and Zombies.
    Paladin's tome series - Variable damage modifier depending on your class.
    Feather Buster series - Wind spells deal 12.5% more damage.

    Custom Weapon

    A feature available only to Guardians, the quest accessible from the War Room in the Guardian Tower in Battleon allows you to create your own weapon, choosing its accuracy lean, element as well the kind of special you want. While the possibilities are huge, there are a few combinations that you might want to consider over others.

    A few tips to keep in mind while crafting the weapon,

  • Pick a No Special Gem: This provides the strongest damage output, and has great synergy with Fully Offensive armors. In case you do want a special however, you should use the 20% rate specials which have special effects.

  • Pick a High BTH Lean: Using the highest BTH lean (+5BTH) is optimal. Considering how monsters defences work and how you are bound to face monsters who's blocking increases with increase in level, having a weapon with a high BTH helps in landing hits more often, hence improving your damage.

    Keep in mind that the Custom Weapons are the strongest in the game. With a No-special gem and +5BTH lean, they will be stronger than most weapons in their level range. As such keep in mind that you use your custom weapon in place of the weapon you feel is the weakest in your inventory.

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  • AQ DF AQW  Post #: 2
    12/4/2014 10:05:40   
    Seth Hydra
    How We Roll Winner


    General Information:

    Armours provide you with the bulk of your protection from monster attacks and the amount of damage you take, as well as deal depends on the lean of the armour.
    There are three basic leans, defensive, standard and offensive. Defensive armors have a focus on defense as a result of which they take in less damage compared to standard or neutral armors, and consequently they also deal less damage. Neutral or Standard armors are focused neither on defence nor offence, so it can be said that they are the mid-point when it comes to armors. The last lean is Offensive, which focus on offense and as a result take increased damage.

    In this guide, I will try to recommend Offensive armors, preferably Fully Offensive armors. The reasons being for one they can take down monsters much more quickly, not to mention the armors are readily available to cover most elements unlike the other leans.

    Class Armours

    Class armours are different from normal armours in that they offer 10 abilities, ranging from powerful attacks, paralyzing and freezing (and more), increased defence, healing HP and MP and even lowering your opponentís stats! In order to unlock these abilities, though, you need to train in the class and this involves going on a mini quest. You have to fight several monsters and pass a stat roll at the end of it and if youíre succeed then your class level goes up by one level. It should be noted that adventurers can train up to Lv10 in a class but can only use the first 5 abilities.

    Tier one classes

    These are the base classes. They are your introduction into classes and are available to everyone, intended for use between level 0 and level 40. As a Hybrid, you can use all these Base Classes with equal effectiveness. Regardless of using them, they are all required in order to train Tier 2 or Tier 3 Classes.

    Mage: Mage Robes
    The main two Metamagics here are Empower and Focus Spell. These two Metamagics will be the most often used. Empower Spell to your damage directly, increasing your farming speed as a result at the cost of efficiency. Focus Spell is particularly useful against hard-to-hit monsters such as Sneaks and Am-Bushes. With Focus, your spells gain an automatic +15% BtH, which is a significant increase in your accuracy. Wild and Stable Spell are useful Metamagics, but they have to be used properly in order to see their full effect and of course the +10 Intellect boost which can still be useful. For more information on Wild and Stable Spell, refer to the aforementioned Guide in the Mage section.

    Fighter: Fighter Armour
    Fighter Class offers great damage supplements at rather cheap SP cost. Simply toggle on its Passive abilities and pull off its Active Abilities to slam straight through your enemies. It's rather straightforward to use and needs to be trained anyway.

    Rogue: Rogue Outfit
    It offers basic ranged attacks and some interesting abilities. Hide in Shadows gives you greater defence in exchange for doing less damage, but it has a chance of attacking for slightly greater damage. This class is more defensively minded, and just isn't as good as Fighter for damage purposes. Regardless, Jinx the Black Cat is a Guest that decreases enemy Bonus to Hit (BtH) by 10%. That will last you into the 100s because at higher levels, it's better to avoid damage entirely rather than "Give and take".

    Scholar: Explorer's Outfit
    Scholar offers a single useful ability, being Zard Prism. With this, you can convert any attack into an element of your choice. It's pretty much only useful for covering Elements that you haven't got weapons for. This is nowhere on your priority list, but should be trained regardless.

    Tier 2 classes

    Tier 2 Classes all require a Level 1 Class in order to be trained. Most classes here are capable of being trained at level 40, but it'll be slightly tough at that level. Please do NOT ignore your General Armours simply because you think you have Class Armours which can last up till level 70. Very few of these armours can actually make it to level 70, and you'll probably find that at level 60 or so, the use of these tier 2 Classes will plummet.

    Beastmaster: Feral Garb, Primal Garb
    Hybrids might want the bonus damage from Guests. (Guardians will love Dual Summon). Beyond that, its other abilities are not particularly useful. For Beastmaster Hybrids, Dual Summon in addition to Wild Force is reason enough to carry this armour around. Beast Lore will Element Seek, but by level 40, you'd definitely have one weapon of each element by then. Adventurers might want to skip this, because Dual Summon is closed to them.

    Berserker: Berserker Hides
    The recurring theme here is "The less HP you have, the harder you hit." Needless to say, Characters with high Endurance do very well in this armour. Hybrids won't have much of health, but you DO have a decent amount of Strength to back it up. Ticking Clock and Roar of Courage are support abilities that give you a boost in your damage when health is low. Most of its abilities are rather straightforward, but be careful when using Berserk or Ancestor Spirits. Since it auto-attacks for the next five turns. Nightmare Visage is a situational useful ability, but do note that when you're below 25% Health, especially for a Hybrid, I figure that you'll be worrying about surviving than decreasing your opponent's stats.

    Dracomancer: Dracomancer Armour
    A pre-sweep Class Armour, it does have some uses. Dragon Wings is a very powerful wind spell early on, dealing decent Wind damage along with a cheap Mana cost. Great Dragon works only 60% of the time, but by virtue of it being one of your few Void spells to use against Terrorzards or Zeels, this should definitely stay in your inventory until Archmage Research is obtained. Half Dragon Shapeshift has great power along with fantastic accuracy. It does cost 150 Mana per cast, but that's isn't really too much for a Hybrid to use. Overall, it's quite a useful Class.

    Dragonslayer: Dragonslayer, Elite Dragonslayer, Golden Dragonslayer, Golden Dragonslayer Eclipse
    A specialised class that is VERY effective against dragons and dragon-type enemies. Golden versions of the armour get damage bonuses and effects against undead and lycan/vampiric enemies as well, however, it does slightly less damage against normal Dragons. However, this requires Lv10 Vampireslayer to unlock the last three class abilities. Being a Hybrid, you can use almost all its skills to great effect. Dragon Strike allows you to strike with greatly increased damage at a huge cost of SP. Dragon's Breath is a powerful element-seeking spell against dragons, and at lower levels, it may even beat some of the standard spells. It's quite costly on the mana if you're at level 50-60, though. If you're in for a long fight, Cripple is an unbelievably powerful effect to have, decreasing enemy Strength and Dexterity. Besides Cripple, Poison is also an incredibly useful ability to be used in long fights. Dragon's Blood isn't particularly useful for its SP cost, however, it's still a nice option to have. Daze Dragon is currently not useful since very few Dragons use their MP or SP to attack, but when Dragons DO use them, this will definitely come in handy. With a 120% Trigger on all Base, Random and Stat damage from ANY damage that comes from Dragonslayer against Dragons (This includes Spells!), this Armour is a must-have when faced against Dragons. Definitely a Class Armour worth using. Its raw damage holds at a 198% damage against non-dragons. It's definitely viable against non-Dragons at lower levels.

    Knight: Knight Armour
    The knight class was revamped from scratch, and is by far the most developed of classes this far. Starting your training as a squire, before branching out to become a Knight of one Lore's four major kingdoms: Rennd, Granemor, Deren and Stormfall. The armors start off as Mid-Defensive, but have a skill that turns them into Fully Defensive armors and each kingdom has a particular theme and objective, such as Pria Knights focusing on slaying Demons, Emoran Knights being the most defensive and and focusing on dark magic, Frogzard Knights having a strategic approach to battles and Demon Knights being the most offense-oriented of all. This is a class you will definitely want to train, not just for the great abilities, but also for its great storyline. While these armors scale from level 50-70, advanced non-scaling versions are also accessible at Level 90.

    Ninja: Shinobi Shozoku
    Shinobi Shozoku is a very powerful class armour between level 30-60. It has incredible base damage running at 130% per hit. All of Ninja's abilities are also centered around raw damage, and surviving long enough to deal that damage. Dragon Double provides Evasion, which synergises with Merciless. Smoke Bomb, Viper Strike and Ninja Death Strike are a chain-combination that will quite the amount of damage if you happen to be lucky. That being said, the SP cost may not be too worth it. Don't overlook Swift Slash, Ninja Stars and Sacred Duality. All three are incredible attacks, but they do have high SP and MP costs.

    Pirate: Swashbuckler's Raiment, Sea Scourge
    Ninja and Pirates have always been set against each other, and even in their Class Abilities, it is no exception. Where Ninja offers offence, Pirate offers defence. Where Ninja offers direct damage, Pirate offers a variety of support abilities that are meant to overload your opponent with Negative Status conditions. Taunt, Afraid, Burn and Entanglement represent the complete repertoire of Pirate's negative Statuses. Petey is an amazing guest with abnormally high BtH (70%) and is a sustainable Guest when in one of the Pirate Class Armours.

    Wizard: Wizard Robes
    Mage gave a preview to what spellcasters can do, empowering their spells with Metamagics, Wizard takes this to a new level, empowering spells passively at no extra mana cost! The Generalists get a lower boost to their Power and Efficiency (138% damage and 95% mana cost), however, it applies to all spells that they cast, the Specialists (Wizards who specialise in ONE element.) get a larger boost (172% damage and 90% Mana cost) to their own Element. Take this into consideration when you pick your Robes. You can, of course get more than one. The two passive abilities alone are reason enough for any Hybrid to use, especially when it comes to farming. All characers can summon Elementals, this is the new Beastmaster! Heh. Amplification allows you to expend a tiny bit of mana per turn to store as charges (That's what the Efficiency helps you to do, XD. That extra mana goes into powering another powerful spell.) and then release these charges as a powerful spell. This Release is given a huge boost by Lore, which applies special calculations to it. Lore, in itself gives spells a huge boost to damage.

    Lore is awesome, by being in Wizard's robes, you already get a boost to damage, by activating this, while you reduce your efficiency (being in Wizard's robes) If you treat this like casting in a normal armour, you're effectively doubling your damage output while using 190% mana cost (Generalist). It's still a good deal. Specialists get a better deal out here, you deal a total of 220+% damage, at only 166% mana cost. REALLY AWESOME for farming. Gybbi's Fist is interesting, to say the least. It deals damage based on the opponent's health. Dharna is the MP regeneration spell, using SP to heal MP. Apparently, the Generalist's SP cost is cheaper because there aren't as many good times to use it as compared to the Specialists since the Generalist defences are all-rounded (Equally as lousy) compared to the Specialists (One element is much better than the rest). At level 9, Generalists gain Elemental Explosion, a really powerful spell when your enemy has average resistances all across the board. Specialists gain the ability to summon their Element from their own Plane for really powerful hits.

    The final ability is nothing short of amazing. Specialists hit with their own Element, but this spell adds a Status infliction to it. Great damage AND a status infliction? Awesome.

    ShadowSlayer/NightHunter: It takes a 90% downtrigger on normal attacks, however, when up against creatures of the Night, it does damage ranging from 105% to 120% damage.

    • NightHunter: The focus of NightHunter is to use a predator's abilities as your own. Bloodsucker's Strike allows you to heal HP while dealing damage. The passive Slayer's Secrets makes you take less damage from attacks. You can call on four different Essences to have different effects on Werecreatures, Vampires, Zombies/Skeletons, or Humans. In addition to that, you can call on a Raptor and Dragon's Essence for direct damage. The Huntragon, your hunting companion can element seek to all 8 elements. With your Cloak of Darkness, you can counter any incoming damage with a blow of your own, and when used with Embrace the Shadows, you have incredible power and reliable SP regeneration at the cost of Health per turn.
    • ShadowSlayer: With ShadowSlayer, you use a wide variety of weapons and orthodox magic to maximum effect. Healing Light heals yourself with SP. Slayer's Secrets increases your damage to 9/8 damage. Similarly to the NightHunters, your Throw Weapon is able to inflict different status effects on Werecreatures, Vampires, Zombies/Skeletons and Humans. Your most powerful weapons are the Silver Bullets in your gun, and the Hallowed Hand Grenade which you can throw. Your Huntragon element seeks between Fire and Light, the banes of Werewolves and Vampires. The Mantle of Light allows you to counter incoming blows, and when used with Turn Shadow, allows paralysis on trigger monsters, and a chance to instantly kill weak enemies.

    Martial Artist: White Gi
    With 4 different schools to train in to chose from, this is the biggest class released yet. The good thing is you do not need to train in all five schools to be able to use all the abilities. Your class level carries over from armour to armour so you only need to do it once. Now that you know that, lets look over the different choices.

    Serpent Fang Gi is the most defensive of all the Martial Artist Classes. Counterattack combined with raw defensive power of a Sneak gives you incredible damage-stack up over time. This Class is definitely worth training up. This tops the low level armours in terms of Combat Defences.

    Swift Talon Gi is all about offensive power. Pure Builds will use this Class best, since LUK and DEX will make up for the lack of defence. A Hybrid such as you should stick to the other three Schools.

    Mountain Cudgel Gi has incredible attack power. However, its skills are far more situational than the Ancient Spirit or the Serpent Fang. However, Dazing (-10% BtH) and Stunning have incredible strategical use that cannot be denied.

    Ancient Spirit Gi offers a more balanced approach like the Serpent Fang Gi but the bonuses for its attacks come from INT rather than STR so itís an attacking class that Mage-Leaning Hybrids can use. Its defences are also to be credited, beating Serpent Fang in terms of Elemental Modifiers, but losing in terms of Combat Defences.

    Tier 3

    Tier 3 classes are the most powerful, intended for use between Lv90 and Lv130. Unfortunately there are only three at the moment but more are being planned for the future so keep your eyes peeled!

    Paladin: Holy Armour, Golden Holy Armour
    A very powerful armour against any undead enemy you come across, and decently powerful against everything else. Bless Weapon is a basic skill that offers slightly increased damage but a huge increase in accuracy. Summon Steed is a decent powerful attack for relatively little MP. Lay on Hands requires a long charge time but it can be kept and used at any time to restore your HP and MP to full during battle. Holy Light and Holy Might are the really damaging abilities, doing great light damage against normal enemies and amazing light damage against Undead enemies. Holy Might, in particularly, deals the highest damage among all the Builds, due to its stat bonus being taken from Strength AND Intelligence. Hybrids really get the best of both worlds here! However, keep in mind that these armors are going to be revamped to meet the recent change in standards which means a fair no. of the skills will be changed accordingly.

    Necromancer: Necromancer Cloak, Obsidian Cloak
    Necromancer has a number of particularly damaging abilities. Undead Giant deals 5 times normal damage for a measly 30 MP. Undead Mutant, though much more costly in terms of MP, has an incredible 10x multiplier. Other useful abilities include Fear (Decreasing opponent's Combat Defences) and Skull Swarm (Great Darkness damage at low MP cost.) Similar to Paladin, this class will also be updated to reflect the change in standards, meaning some of these abilities won't be the same.

    Assassin: Whispering Raiment
    Assassin is one of the most popular classes being used...since it is the newest and having many useful abilities. First is its Dual Wield ability which can be devastating when your class level is maxed providing you with bonus damage with a cheap SP Cost. Yajuu Dageki allows you to free up your void spell since it deals Harm damage, paired with Dual Wield it can be devastating although it is successful only 40% of the time. Death From Above requires charging up bolts, but it's incredibly powerful, particularly the Rain of Disaster which can inflict Prismatic Burn to the opponent, which deals enormous amounts of passive damage.

    Zetsubou Dageki which can also deal Harm damage this is more sure shot than Yajuu Dageki although the SP Cost is high, and you have to wait three turns. However, once you inflict the status, you just have to survive those three turns to inflict a powerful Harm hit! The Finishing Blow has four abilities, and they're all fun to use, however, you'll find the most use in Stalwart Solitude and Assassin's Creed. Stalwart Solitude is a buffed up Dragon's Double, providing an amazing counterattack. Assassin's Creed is usually used for a gamble or a quick and easy kill. It's success rate is pretty low, depending on the monster, but it's a good skill for quick farming.

    No-Drop Armours

    Guardians: There are a total of three sets of Guardian no-drop Armours. There's the Armour of Awe, the Guardian Armours, and the UltraGuardian Armours. As mentioned above, your Weapons of Awe take their element based on which Specialisation your Armour is. So, your armour defence determines what weapons to buy or not to buy.

    Armour of Awe

    Depending on how quickly you can get the Blade of Awe, you can quickly grab the Armour of Awe. If you have the Shield, Armour and your Weapon of Awe equipped, you automatically make an attempt every turn to make it Afraid. If it's specialised, the chance of your opponent not acting is 23.8%, compared to a 16.7% otherwise. Their elemental defences are all exactly the same (Within the same specialisation.) with the only difference being combat defences, which isn't a big difference either. Their main difference comes in the ability that each one has. However the fact that these armours have a Mid-defensive lean and the fact that neither armor benefits Hybrids as much, I'll be refraining from recommending either of the three armors.

    Guardian Armours

    The Guardian Armours have completely no lean. They're balanced both defensively and offensively. You need to have the Guardian Shield, any of the below armours, and any of the Guardian weapons to activate their FSB. Considering that they have no special abilities outside of their full Set bonuses, the standard Guardian Items are not really recommended and you should try to get the UltraGuardian armours as soon as possible.

  • Guardian Plate: A completely standard armour. With the FSB, your Melee attacks gain an incredible +8 BtH. Use with the Guardian Blade, or Dagger.

  • Guardian Leathers: A accurate leaning armour. As with the same logic as Hybrids favouring accurate weapons, a Hybrid would also favour accurate Armours. It's FSB is to buff Ranged attacks to 110%. Of course, use with Guardian Spear.

    UltraGuardian Armours

    All the UltraGuardian armours are Mid-offensive. They take in slightly more damage to deal more damage in return. Furthermore, all the Mastercraft bonuses that they get are all offensive in one way or another.

  • Mighty UltraGuardian: Choose the Mighty UltraGuardian if the weapon that opposes your specialisation is a Melee weapon. (For example, if your specialisation is Ice, and your Fire weapon is the Nova Knight Falchion, use the Mighty UltraGuardian because most of the time, Ice monsters, which you should be using this armour, are weak to Fire.) 80% of the time, you deal 93.75% of damage. The other 20% of the time, you're dealing 175% damage, as long as you're using a Melee weapon. Overall, with a Melee weapon, you deal 110% of a normal attack. This is should be your top choice.

  • Deft UltraGuardian: It has an accurate lean of +3 BtH. However, you should only choose the Deft UltraGuardian if the weapon that opposes your specialisation is a Ranged Weapon. As long as you're using a Ranged Weapon, 20% of the time, when the rare attack occurs, you attempt to paralyse your enemy. The roll is mainly against your DEX. The Deft UltraGuardian is for Hybrids who want some special ability over the raw damage of the Mighty version.


    Unlike Guardians, Adventurers cannot alter the elemental affinity of their no-drops and instead have to be content with flat resistant armors.

  • Steel Plate: A standard flat resistance armor, it has a FSB that grants it a 6 BtH boost on all melee attacks.

  • Cloth Robes: This armor possess a natural 25% chance to heal mana when you cast a spell. When equipped with the adventurer shield and wooden staff, the FSB grants it a 6 BtH boost to spells and a 7% damage boost to magic weapon attacks.

    Recommended Armours by Element

    In this section, we will have a look at the armours that you will use as you gradually progress through the game. Along with your No-Drop armour, these armours will have to be constituted in such a way that you can accommodate all the elements in the available slots.


    Supreme Overlord's Dynasty
    This Fully-Offensive armour is the revamped version of the Reign Set. Keeping alive the offensive theme of the original armor, it has a Four hit attack with a slightly inaccurate lean along with a mastercraft bonus that gives it Celerity which essentially allows it an extra turn of attack. Great aesthetics and the pure offensive power make this a very good choice for a Fire armour.


    ZettaSnide Transformation
    This is a great Fully-Offensive armour and is the only viable choice for Water in the game. Unlike other armours, this one can only be accessed if you have the <>Snide Formula Misc, so it takes up a Misc item slot rather an armour slot and hence opens up the possibility of having Utility armours in your active inventory. However, do keep in mind that this armour cannot be equipped before the battle, since miscs items cannot be activated with the pre-battle inventory ready option.

    *Personally, I'd advise you to attune your No-Drop element to Water seeing as how it possess the least viable option among all the elements in the game. While there exist other options such as the Pirate Garbs which cover Wind and Water, the fact that they have one hit locked into dealing Earth damage hinders their overall use and damage especially when you consider Water monsters with negative resistances.


    Horde's Ire
    Currently the best option for Wind armours in the game, with a pseudo compression to Earth as well. It is a One hit armour with a mastercraft bonus allowing it to trigger on monsters that classify as "Truphma". When triggered, this armour has a 20% chance of dealing 150% damage on a rare attack, which doesn't occur otherwise.


    Horo-Show Void Vigilante
    The AQ 10th anniversary celebration gave us an amazing option for Ice, and it maintains as the best non-rare, non-package Ice armour currently available in the game. There are two versions, the non-MC version which is a standard fully offensive ice armour, and the MC'd version which has the same stats with the sole exception that it comes with a strong Ice armour skill.


    Morningstar series
    Based on the popular game Castlevania, this is the best option for earth armours all the way up to level 135. A fully offensive armour with a mastercraft bonus giving it a 6% damage boost on each successive hit connected.

    Ep-Pig series
    A mid offensive earth armour that can serve as a decent replacement when you are in between tiers, as well as the best option for guardians in the Level 145-150 range. With a MC bonus giving it a damage increase depending on your HP.

    Rust Raider
    A nice little Fully Offensive mecha armor which aside from offering great resistance to Earth also provides decent coverage to Darkness and Energy attacks is your best option for an end-game earth armor. The armor also has a mastercraft bonus which allows it to deal more damage to Monsters that wear Armor or are metal.


    Taladosian series
    Plain and simple, its the best offensive energy armour if you can get over its erratic attack pattern. It also comes with a great energy skill that's great for burst damage.


    Ultimon's Armour
    The reward at the end of the Ultimon saga, this armour ticks all the right boxes. It's fully offensive, compresses Light and Dark elements, taking care of all your shadow slaying needs and comes with a great skill, that seeks between Light and Darkness.

    Elahi Waqaya of Osiris
    The armour from the 2015 yearly mastercraft set did not disappoint. Great Light defence, fully offensive and an interesting backlash ability makes it the best pure light armour in the game. While I would still recommend you pick up Ultimon, if you do possess one of the myriad of rare darkness armours out there, then this is something definitely worth looking into.


    Ultimon's Armour
    Without a doubt, the top pick when it comes to darkness armours. The fact that you will be able to cover both Light and darkness elements in one slot with this armour opens a slot for utility armours which will be discussed in the next sections.

    Utility Armours

  • Asgardian Steeds: This armour starts off as a standard Neutral armor, decent blocking but not much going for it aside from its energy resistances, which might beg the question, "What's so great about it?". Well this armor's attack is locked into dealing energy damage, regardless of which weapon you use. As a result, it gets a massive 1.56* multiplier to its damage, coupled with the fact that it's second attack can stun the opponent for multiple turns makes this an absolute beast(!) against monsters who are weak to energy attacks and those with flat resistances.

  • Algern's Carapace: Similar to the above, this is a neutral armor with all attacks locked into dealing Darkness damage. Being the first of such armours, it receives a massive boost of about 1.9* to its damage, coupled with its skill which can heal you based on the damage dealt makes it a very potent armour against monsters weak to darkness, especially those which attack with Energy or Fire.

  • Generalist Robes: Running a low leveled class armour such as this can be fatal at times, but that doesn't take away from its utility when it comes to farming or casting spells such as Gandolphin in crunch battles. Elemental spells cast while having this armour equipped deal 138% damage, while you can multiply your damage even more by using the Imbue with Lore option, albeit with a massive MP cost.

  • Whispering Raiment: While you may not use the skills very often, the initiative bonus that this armour provides can be very helpful when running armours like Snide or Shapeshifter in your inventory or generally starting first in a battle.

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    Seth Hydra
    How We Roll Winner


    Spells are one of the most important components of being a hybrid, and in a way the most important. They deal two times the damage of a neutral armor and are your main source of burst damage. Spells can be classified into four types, namely Damage spells, Effect spells, Healing spells and Summoning spells.

    Damage spells: These are the most common variation of spells, and as the name suggests, their primary function is inflicting damage. Such spells donít carry any effects, and hence donít sacrifice any damage to pay for such effects. An example of such a type of spell would be Destruction Burst.

    Effect spells: Such spells carry with them a status effect such as Paralysis, Daze, etc. However, depending on the type of effect, these spells have to pay a damage penalty and hence deal less damage. Sometimes spells can have effects by virtue of being mastercrafted, and hence not sacrificing any damage for it. However, in these cases the effects tend to be weaker or harder to inflict compared to those that sacrifice their damage. An example of this kind of spell would be the Green Envy series

    Healing Spells: These spells help you replenish your health or mana. However, since the healing spell update and since patch 39, healing spells arenít as effective as they once were and are merely utility, only to be used when going up against extreme boxes. However, spells such as Gandolphin can still be effective if used correctly.

    Summoning/Call spells:As evident by the name, these spells allow you to summon guests in battle. Itís worth noting that guests that are brought into battle by Summon spells use an MP upkeep, while those that are brought in by Call Spells have SP based upkeep. As very few Hybrids actually invest in CHA, there is a strong likelihood that you wonít be using these very often.

    Aside from the above, there are also the Shapshifter spells which are essentially armors that occupy a spell slot. However, seeing as they are a niche, they are instead going to be explored in the Armors section.
    For the sake of simplicity and uniformity, Iím only going to recommend Damage based spells in this guide. Using Effect spells is down to your play style and whether or not youíre comfortable to sacrifice damage for such effects.




    Destruction Burst (40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 130, 140G, 150G)


    Destruction Burst (40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 130)

    Other Options: Other Options worth checking out include the FTWBBQ series and the Firebat swarm series. If you want to go with an effect spell, Seeing Red series can induce Panic which can cut the amount of damage the monsters deals.




    Whirl Tide (45, 65, 85, 105, 125, 135)


    Whirl Tide (35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)

    Other Options: Other Pure Damage options include the Torturous Torrent series and AquaBat Swarm series. If you want to go with a spell with a strong indirect source of damage, there is the Blue Blazes series. It pays 25% of its damage to induce a powerful burn which can stack, thereby increasing the damage the burn deals.




    Biggest Fan (50, 70, 90, 110, 130)


    Biggest Fan (50, 70, 90, 110, 130, 150G)

    Other Options: Another Wind spell worth checking out is the Musical Stomp series. For an effect spell, look no further than Green Envy series. It can inflict a powerful Daze status that can stun your foe for upto three turns.




    Frigid Fury (45, 65, 85, 105, 125, 135)


    Frigid Fury (35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)

    Other Options: An Alternate End-game option for Ice would be Breath of the Ice Lord. It's accurate, but its only One-hit, which can be an issue if it misses. Another option is the Abominable Assault Series which can daze your opponent.




    Gravity Crush (65, 85, 105, 125, 135)

    Gravity Crush (55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)

    Other Options: An Alternate option for an earth spell would be the Carnax Stomp series. It inflicts a powerful daze status depending on the monsters Earth Resistance. If you like arduous questing before attaining rewards, Minotaur Ambush is right up your alley. It's also got a Giant Minotaur who bashes your opponent in, so WIN!




    Galvawk's series ( 35, 66, 90, 100, 115, 130)


    Galvawk's series ( 35, 66, 90, 100, 115, 130, 145)

    Other Options: If you want to try out another spell series every now and then, try out the Truphma Surge series. If you want a spell with a good effect, the Monkakazi BOOM! series comes with a strong paralysis chance in exchange for doing reduced damage.




    Star Forge (45, 65, 85, 105, 125, 135)


    Star Forge (35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)

    Other Options: An alternate option would be the Skyblade series. It's a better back option for Guardians seeing how the Adventurer versions max out at level 120.




    Destruction Burst (40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 130)


    Destruction Burst (40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 130, 140G, 150G)

    Other Options: There are a fair amount of darkness spells that you can try out such as the Embrace the Shadows Series, Antimatter Splatter as well the Soul Steal series. However, considering the sheer damage that this spell is capable of, taking another spell in its place would be a waste.

    Healing and Utility Spells

    Healing spells are the ones which heal your HP for an MP or SP cost. Since the changes to the games engine in 2014, healing spells have been indirectly nerfed as player HP was increased three fold, thereby reducing their effectiveness.

    However, certain situations may call for usage of healing spells, such as on a long quest or against a boss battle. As such, it's always helpful to carry a healing spell in you for whenever the need arises. Do keep in mind that this shouldn't come at the cost of losing an elemental spell.

    Cure series
    This healing spell series heals you based on your INT stat, and costs MP as all spells did prior to the spell update. As most hybrids don't carry a lot of END, this is the one you'll be relying on the most.

    Recovery series
    This healing spell series heals you based on your END stat and costs SP instead of MP and is meant to be used mainly by builds that do not possess a sizeable INT stat. Of all the hybrid builds, only the Classic variants can effectively utilise this series, and even then it isnt going to be as effective as the Cure series.

    Special Mention: Gandolphin
    This is a very interesting heal spell, because it technically doesnt function like one. It doesn't heal HP unlike the other heal spells, let's get that clear first. What it does, is create a Mana shield that absorbs the damage that a monster deals to your HP, and instead hits your MP with varying levels of efficiency. With a good setup, you can essentially pay upto 1MP for every 3 points of damage that a monster deals, which can be particularly effective when you're trying to test out a monsters attacks, or utilise weapons such as the Kopesh of Osiris to their full extent. It's a seasonal item, available every year during the month of February for the AE edition of the Golden Giftboxes's Rare Shop.

    Utility Spells:

    Scrambler series:
    This spell deals some Light element damage and shouldn't be confused as a Light spell by any means.
    Its main utility is that it changes the elemental modifiers and resistances of the monsters, at the cost of increasing the monsters defences. This is especially useful when using armors that are locked to an element such as Algern's Carapace or Svadilfari's Oath. One other drawback is that it cannot be used against Light aligned monsters.

    Randomizing series:
    Similar to the above, this spell deal randomly re-arranges the resistances of the monsters and can be utilised when using elementally locked armors. Unlike the Scrambler series, this one deals darkness damage and doesn't work on Darkness Monsters.

    This is a fun little spell that attempts to transform the monster into a half dragon when cast once, or a full dragon if it's a Drakel or a dragonkin, while sacrificing a chunk of damage. It can be used in succession to convert a normal monster into a full dragon and use this to your advantage, triggering a multitude of weapons and armors in the game.

    Candy Heart's series
    This fun spell, obtainable only during the Snugglefest release has an interesting quirk. It deals damage based on the element of your equipped weapon for some extra SP cost, in addition to the usual MP cost. If you're in desperate need of compression, this is worth giving a shot.

    Archmage Research
    The staple spell of yesteryear returns for a second shot at stardom. Even though it now deals Harm instead of Void, it's got enough utility to warrant a slot in your inventory.

    Summon / Call Spells
    Such spells are used to summon simulacrum of beings and monsters to aid you in battle. Since Hybrids rarely traverse the path of a beast build, they won't be mentioned in this guide. If however, you are interested in using guests, you can instead look at the Guests in the Ultimate Ranger Guide

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    2/7/2016 9:17:40   
    Seth Hydra
    How We Roll Winner


    In this section, we will examine the shields that a hybrid will want to use as it progresses through the game. Keep in mind that I will focus on the elemental modifiers over the blocking stats of a shield. While blocking a hit will reduce any damage to zero, it isnít reliable enough to depend on solely compared to elemental resistances.

    No drop shields:

    Adventurer Shield
    The basic shield provided to all adventurers who set out to quest and save the day. It scales to the players level, but with a hefty penalty so it isnít very viable at the higher levels. It however does the job to cover multiple elements at lower and mid levels. Guardians should definitely avoid this while adventurers are advised to use a compression shield to adequately cover all elements in their inventory.

    Guardian shield
    The basic shield offered to all players who upgrade to guardianship. It scales much more favourably to your level, and offers good elemental protection, comparable to shields relative to its level. However, the only downside to this is that it lacks any bonuses which reduce its overall appeal.

    Shield of Awe
    Part of the Set of Awe (Along with the weapon and armour), this shield receives a boost to its combat defences every time the monsterís last hit successfully hits you. It may not be as appealing, but it certainly has its uses when used with high blocking armors.

    UltraGuardian Shield
    Part of the Ultraguardian set, this shield offers similar elemental resistances and combat defences with the only difference being the mastercraft bonus. When you successfully dodge the last hit of the monsters attack, you heal a significant amount of SP in return. With the importance of SP ranging from skills, upkeep costs, stat rolls among others, this shield is much more useful in the long run.

    Elemental shields:


    Initially, you can use the the Fire shields from Yulgar's inn, and then Adder's forge at higher levels, starting with Flame Shield at level 30. Once you're more comfortable doing longer quests, the Dragon Knight shield series is the good option if you can synergise it with a Burn, while for perfect elemental resistance go for Shield of Agony's Blood


    The water shields from Adder's Forge are the way to start, beginning from Aqua Shield. After level 90, you can pick up the Celtic shield series from the Celtic set quest. The INT drive that the shield is helpful while spellcasting and has an amazing resistance to water. If you prefer Utility, then pick up The Doray Shield which lets you reverse one turn of damage.


    Pickup the Whirlwind Shield from Robina's shop. From level 90 on wards, pick up the Fujin Shield until the cap. Alternatively, you can also pick up the Yata Mirror shields if you want a shield that focuses on blocking rather than resistances.


    The Nemesis series is an excellent shield with a good secondary to darkness damage and is the best defensive option for end-game adventurers with the mastercraft bonus that reduces the damage you take. Guardians as well as adventurers who want more utility should look at the Horo-Show Void Vindicator for its higher level and SP regeneration capabilities while those who prefer to maximise their elemental protection should opt for Pie Shield


    The Chimeran series should be your best bet at an earth shield. Alternatively, you can pick up the Frogzard Shields at lower levels.


    The ideal option would be the Taladosian Series starting from level 90. Alternatively, you can pick up the Asgardian Shield if you want a shield with the added utility of compressing a damage skill.


    For Light, there's a variety of shields you can choose depending on your requirement and playstyle. You can choose between Communicant's Series for its effectiveness against undead, Osiris's Ikm series for its HP regeneration, Cosmic Ethereal series for its damage reduction drive or Eye Of Naab for its skill. At lower levels, you can utilise the shields from Yulgar's and Adder's shops starting from < >


    Quest for the Twilight series starting from level 75. Alternatively, pick up the Corrupted Flora Shield for the fear resistance.

    Compression Shields

    While it's generally advisable to pick up the best elemental shield for each element, the need may arise for compression shields if you're handicapped with the stock shield as an adventurer, or you want to accommodate a utility shield such as Chieftains Ironthorn. As such, pick up the ones that best suit your needs. The following shields employ a toggle mechanism to adequately cover two elements.

  • Light/Darkness - Daylight Savings Time
  • Earth/Water - Bac-Ler

    There are also a few shields that cover multiple elements simultaneously, but are not optimal compared to other shields. They can be useful in certain situations or when the above shields don't match your preferences.

  • Luminous Shield - Light/Dark
  • Paladin Guard - Light/Dark
  • Shadowslayer Shield - Earth/Dark
  • Demon Prison Shield - Fire/Darkness
  • Sackleberry Safeguard - Light/Earth
  • Tower Shield - Energy/Wind
  • Spell Barricade - Ice/Water
  • Fur of Igneus - Fire/Ice
  • Shield of Sands - Earth/Wind
  • Magnetic Safeguard - Earth/Water

    Chieftain's Ironthorn

    There are few pieces of equipment in the game that are as divisive as Ironthorn and its older brother Chieftains Ironthorn, the latter more commonly abbreviated as CIT. The shield, as a defensive tool isn't anywhere near stellar even for a level 100 item with -10% res to earth and increasing the damage you take against Wind, Fire, Light and Energy. However, you don't use this item from a defensive standpoint, but rather the other effect which reduces your accuracy by -10BtH, thereby boosting the damage you deal by 50%. That boost is phenomenal, and while the accuracy loss does hurt against higher level monsters, it's utility at the level 100-120 range as well as farming makes it a must for warriors and rangers.

    This shield functions well while farming certain monsters in the game, and while Hybrids can use it without missing out on too much of their accuracy compared to pre-patch 39 conditions, the loss along with the horrid resistances can put you in a tight spot if you use it in difficult situations. Use this at your own risk!

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    Seth Hydra
    How We Roll Winner


    Pets are a valuable source of extra damage and some even possess effects that can aid you in battle. However, with pets being dependent on your CHA stat, Hybrids can't usually utilise them to their optimal extent unless you run the fabled Beastmaster Hybrid. The silver lining in all this is that some of the pets accuracy (and guests for that matter) also comes from your DEX and LUK stats, which means there's a good chance your pet's attacks will hit the target.

    Regardless, all sources of damage should be welcome and it doesn't hurt carrying around a few fuzzies to help you out every now and then.

    I'll be listing out suggestions for elemental pets as well as a few utility pets that could be worth your while.

    Custom Zard Pets (Guardian Only)

    A guardian only exclusive similar to the Custom Weapon, this allows you to customize the damage type, accuracy and choose from a variety of effects such as Blind, Bleed, Daze, Burn, Fear etc.

    Elemental Coverage Pets


    Overlords Phoenix (75, 90, 105, 120, 135, 150G) : The MC pet from the overlord set is a great fire pet with a mastercraft bonus that can help it inflict a Burn, dealing more damage in the process.

    Floating Pie (105, 120, 135, 150G) : A high level exclusive pet which lets you chose between a damage mode or the chance to inflict Paralysis.


    Badb Catha (75, 90, 105, 120, 135, 150G) : One of three legendary bird pok, sorry wrong direction. This l'il birdie can control the monster albeit its a small chance. It's also pretty easy to get, requiring only two boss battles, so no pressure!


    Fujin Dragon (75, 90, 105, 120, 135, 150G): This dragon, or oversized gnat with whiskers and a tail can inflict defence loss on your foe, and make them easier to hit. Plus it's also cute and red, so that should definitely add to the appeal.


    IceWere (30, 70, 110, 150G)
    Jr. Archmage (69, 89, 109, 129, 149G)
    Nemesis Guardian (75, 90, 105, 120, 135)
    Ice Golem (75, 90, 105, 120, 135, 150G)

    Ice has a fair few options compared to most. Ice Golem is the optimal option for capped Guardians while the exclusive Weres scale to your level, albeit inefficiently. Nemesis, or the reverse Ghost rider minion functions as the best option for level capped Adventurers while Jr. Archmage is the closest thing you're gonna get to having a personal sidekick(Labor laws may or may not apply!).


    Land Shark (10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130, 150G)
    Eye Spy (45, 60, 75, 90, 105, 120, 135)
    Guardian Frogzard (30, 70, 110, 150)

    Earth has three options you could go for. Again, end game adventurers will certainly prefer to use Eye Spy given that it's closest to the level gap. Guardians can use the specially trained breeds of frogzards that can annoy those pesky monsters for a change while those looking for something unique can use the Land Shark. While it certainly isn't Sharknado, it most certainly will take a small chunk out of your opponents HP.


    Sacragon series (45, 60, 75, 90, 105, 120, 135, 150G)
    Asgardian Kitties (45, 60, 75, 90, 105, 120, 135, 150G)

    For your energy pet, you can either go for the cute eldritch abomination, the Sacragon who can deal more damage sometimes or the fabled Asgardian kitty (or Lion... whichever you prefer) which inflicts elemental vulnerability on your foe, increasing the damage you deal against them.


    Communicants series (45, 60, 75, 90, 105, 120, 150G) : This little puppy deals good light damage, and has an added chance to burn undead foes. If that wasn't good enough for you, his super saiyan animation should just about seal the deal.

    Dogzilla (75, 90, 105, 120, 135, 150G) : It's a Dog-Kaiju which lets you choose between a damaging attack or inflicting a radioactive burn. What's not to love?


    Twilight Raven (45, 60, 75, 90, 105, 120, 135, 150G)
    Undead Archer (65, 85, 105, 125, 135, 145G)

    The Raven concludes the bird trio and aside from dealing darkness damage, also blinds your opponent making them hit you less often. Undead Archer is an amazing pet with a powerful auto hit attack, but requires you to belong to the Necromancer class to get the most out of it (Shocking!)

    Here are a few utility pets that you could make use of, if ever the need arises. You won't get the most out of them without significant CHA investment but they are worth having around regardless.

    Fairy Godmother(FGM) (10, 10G, 30G, 50, 50G, 70G, 90G, 110, 110G, 130G, 150G): This one of a kind pet who can heal your HP, MP and even deal light damage is the pet of choice for guardians as well as adventurers if it's close to their level.

    Retro Twilly (41, 61, 81G, 101, 121, 141G) This pet focuses solely on healing your HP and can outperform FGM in this capacity. However, it's a one trick pony and even with its healing prowess, can't really match the versatility that FGM offers.

    Nightmaregon (71, 91, 111, 131, 141) All variants of this pet are guardian only, so adventurers look away! This obsidian vampragon heals your SP when it falls below 40% of its max value.

    Scarab Pet (105, 120, 135, 150G) Aside from its lustrous art, this pet can enhance your chance of inflicting a bleed status on the monster. This combines well with the weapons from the Scarab set or the Crystaline Weapons

    Chiaro Symbiote (105, 120, 135, 150G) This pet lowers incoming damage by 14% but consequently has an attack that can daze both you and your opponent. As such it's a double edged sword but it certainly has its uses in some boss battles.

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    Seth Hydra
    How We Roll Winner


    Miscellaneous items always present a dilemma. They possess a variety of effects that cater to different scenarios in a battle and finding the exact balance is always difficult. Since we players are limited to EIGHT active inventory slots, filling in every useful item is an impossibility. As such, it's best for the players to chose the items that complement their build and playstyle the most.

    Unlike other sections of this guide thus far, I won't outright mention which misc you should and shouldn't pick but rather list out all the ones that have a claim at making it into your inventory. You can pick the ones that best suit you and your style of play.

    This section will be divided into three sections, namely Elemental Resistance Miscs, Utility Miscs and Damage Boosting miscs.
    Elemental Resistance Miscs, as the name suggests reduce the damage you take from certain elements while adding in a few bonus effects that may cater to you defensively or offensively. An example of such a misc would be Horo Show Void Visor.
    Utility miscs represent miscs that provide niche effects during the course of a battle which don't technically fall into the other categories. For example Shadowfeeder Pendant is a utility misc, which can provide you with celerity for an SP cost.
    Damage Boosting miscs help pump up the player damage, and in case of Hybrids this can mean either boosting weapon damage or spell damage. Examples of either are Sword Master Emblem which boosts your damage when you wield a sword in battle or Power Shard: Dr. BOOM which boosts the damage of Spells and Magic attacks.

    Elemental Resistance Miscs


    • OPTIC: This misc in addition to great fire damage reduction also provides a BtH boost, thereby making your attacks more accurate.
    • Helm of Drakonnan: A misc on older standards, which is subtractive in nature and takes up a turn to activate. However, it doesn't have an upkeep cost and is great if you want to get your elemental modifier to the lowest %.
    • Amulet of Drakonnan: Similar to the helm, this misc also is subtractive but also offers a substantial boost to your INT stat as well as you Magic Combat defence.
    • Dragon Knight's Crest: Provides Multiplicative Fire reduction and also has a decent SP Fire skill which can inflict a burn.


    • Layard's Loyalty: Similar to OPTIC in the Fire section, this misc provides a good accuracy bonus in addition to stellar Water damage reduction.
    • Coire Dagdae : In addition to damage reduction, this misc also gives a boost to your Magic Defence as well CHA stat.
    • Eye of the Sacragon: A subtractive damage reduction misc which also provides Magic Defence. It comes with a handy energy spell which inflicts an Energy Burn.


    • Urn of Prevailing Winds: Provides subtractive reduction with a boost to your DEX stat.
    • Divine Yasakani Jewel: Has a High SP cost, but boosts your healing and provides large boosts to CHA and DEX stats in addition to multiplicative reduction of damage.
    • Sphinx's Riddle: Sustainable SP cost, with decent damage reduction and a Spell that can Daze the monster.


    • Horo Show Void Visor: Part of the 10th Anniversary rewards set, this Misc, now multiplicative in nature receives heavy bonuses which include boosts to all combat defences as well as to your END stat. The sole drawback of this misc is its massive SP upkeep.


    • Minotaur's Pride: Provides subtractive reduction and doubles as a damage boosting misc for Melee weapon based attacks.
    • Head of Raydius Dragon: A guardian exclusive, this item provides small boosts to your INT, STR and a slightly higher boost to your DEX stat as well as perfect subtractive reduction to Earth as well as Darkness, but has a turn cost.
    • Polygalactase Process: While the earth damage reduction isn't stellar, it does provide a good damage boost against Earth and Plant monsters.


    • Helm of Drakonnas: Provides subtractive reduction but possesses a turn cost.
    • Shock Collar: Aside from giving Energy damage reduction, it also boosts the damage dealt by Pets.


    • Eye of Osiris: While the hefty SP cost can be deterring, the boosts it provides to INT, STR and END along with its Multiplicative light damage reduction more than makes up for it.
    • Evil Eyeglasses: Provides subtractive Light reduction with a few additional effects based on the character's alignment.
    • Solaris Helm: Provides subtractive light reduction coupled with resistance to Blindness.


    • Liquid Courage Provides multiplicative reduction and grants resistance to Fear and Panicked statuses.
    • Head of Raydius Dragon As I mentioned in the Earth section, this misc which is a guardian exclusive provides subtractive reductions to both Earth and Darkness.
    • Catcher's Mask Multiplicative reduction coupled with a boost to your Ranged defences.

    Utility Miscs

    • Pendant of The'Galin: Defends against a random element every turn, but also provides boosts to END and CHA, as well as to player accuracy.
    • Snide Transformation Misc: Essentially a FO Water taking up a misc slot. The misc also provides small boosts to STR and END, while reducing your CHA.
    • Eye of the Unholy: Provides damage reduction along with defences depending on your kingdom alignment.
    • Cyclops's Eye: An Omni Elemental misc which provides multiplicative reduction based on the element the monster attacks with. However the reduction isn't as potent miscs that cover single elements.
    • Gogg's Fortune: Gives a LUK boost, as well as a chance at celerity at the cost of taking extra damage every turn.
    • Shadowfeeder Pendant: Converts MP to SP, but can also grant celerity for a high SP cost.
    • Rejuvenating Necklace: Replenishes MP based on the damage dealt by the player.
    • Friendship Bracelet: A special item, it provides a CHA boost and compresses various elemental guests.
    • Spirit Stone: Has a cheap SP cost for a CHA boost, and compresses a Light guest.
    • Elements of Daw ( Roots, Spark, Tears, Fires, Brilliance): Each Misc provides a unique effect for a low MP cost. Roots, Brilliance and Tears have relatively stronger, unique effects and are worth picking up for battles against more unconventional monsters.

    Damage Boosting Miscs

    • Weapon Master Emblems ( Sword, Spear, Axe, Staff ): Provide good damage boosts at low SP cost.
    • Twilight Mirrors ( Insightful, Deft, Mighty ): These miscs provide damage reduction against Shadow monsters as well as a damage boost for a high SP cost.
    • Paladin's Oath: This series of miscs boost Light element damage in addition to giving boosts to your CHA and LUK. For beastmasters, this misc also gives access to the light guest, Artix.
    • Scope: Provides a BtH and damage boost at a low SP cost.
    • Power Shard: Invincible Hogg: For a reasonable SP cost, this misc boosts your STR and END stats.
    • Power Shard: Dr. Boom: Gives a boost to the players INT stat, as well as compressing an Energy spell.

    Legendary Shadow Crystals

    These miscs require a bit of effort to obtain (well a good shadow setup and few potions), but are some of the most useful and versatile ones around. Unlike other miscs in the game, their effects get altered every day and as a result, the effects are far more potent compared to others mentioned in this guide.

    You can read up on the quest that needs to be completed by clicking here

  • LSC V1
  • LSC V2

    To summarise, there are two variants that can be obtained by completing two separate gauntlets. LSC V1 cycles between Hydra day, Naga day, Minotaur day and Roc day. Hydra day gives a potent bleed effect, while Naga day is ideal for spell casters. Minotaur Day provides the largest damage boosting misc for player attacks while Roc day gives a large buff to your blocking.

    LSC V2 follows Cyclops day, Sphinx day, Chimera day and Gogg day. On Cyclops day, the misc behaves like a buffed version of the Cyclops's eye Misc, in addition to which it provides boosts to INT/STR. Sphinx day boosts your INT as well as gives you a temp spell which can Daze your opponent. Chimera day provides a strong, stacking poison inflicting on player attacks while Gogg day gives the player a chance at celerity every turn.


    Now that I've listed out the misc items that you can pick up, I'll throw in some advice about how to arrange your inventory. Given the plethora of options available in every category, you have to figure out a balance between covering all elements and having enough slots for utility or damage miscs.

    Its situations like this where items like Cyclops's Eye and Head of Radius dragon truly shine, offering compression and opening up slots for other items. You may also use items like Minotaur's Pride and Amulet of Drakonnan as damage boosters for weapon attacks and spells respectively, in addition to the elemental resistance they provide. Another trick is swapping the Legendary Shadow crystal miscs in place of your resistance miscs, thereby covering the element as well as gaining an added utility. While the constant shuffling may be tedious, it does allow you to get a decent balance for your inventory.

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