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=DF= Ultimate Best/Worst/Least/Favorite Thread

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12/27/2015 7:28:49   

Have a favorite moment in-game, the worst moment? Or perhaps you have a favorite area to farm for gold? Favorite armor? Least favorite pet?
You can discuss it all, right here!

  • Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst Weapon:
  • Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst Armour:
  • Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst Pet:
  • Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst Boss:
  • Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst Guest:
  • Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst Rare:
  • Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst Quest:
  • Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst Event:
  • Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst NPC:

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AQ DF  Post #: 1
11/10/2014 18:51:26   

Best Weapon: SWAGblade Omniblade
Favorite Armor: Master Soulweaver (at the moment )
Worst Pet: Geo (it's a rock )
Worst Boss: Hard mode extreme Valrith?
Worst Guest: book 1 Ash (you'll get better in 5 years)
Best Rare: I'll go with ultimate dragon scythe of elementals.
Best Quest: There's plenty of good quests. I'll go this time with The Merge.
Favorite Event: AE anniversay events.I wish I've been here at the ebilcorp war (gotta mess around with the time booth)
Favorite and best NPC: . I can't handle so much ebil in such a tiny being.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 2
11/10/2014 22:50:00   

oh man this has got to be the worst thread idea ever, it will be hard to actually know what one is actually referring in this thread be it favorite/most hated villain and so on....
will differently get confusing after awhile......

would have been better to have:
NPC thread which would have covered villains to NPCs
Class thread that would cover them all
What a Hero looks like Thread
Pets & Dragon threads

yes four threads but at least they would be a heck of a lot easier to navigate through and everyone would at least have a general over all idea with whats going on instead of smashing so many threads together....

just a thought....

Post #: 3
11/11/2014 3:50:32   
Rafiq von den Vielen

^ Incorrect. Splitting this thread into so many subthreads would only lead to confusion and post movement. Having an all-in-one thread prevents that. Well, in my eyes at least.

Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst Weapon: Favorite is definitively my Forlorn Gloom Glaive and best Rolith's Hammer of Protection. I mean, only Ebil weapon ever so far that makes it special all by itself. But since I find it hard to judge on a worst/least favorite thing I won't list any of those, except where I have a valid reason to dislike it.

Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst Armour: Favorite: Kathool Adept and I think I don't need to explain. Becoming a servant of the single most devastating villain of DF is no matter what, ultimately awesome. Best, obviously, Doom Knight, although Necro- and Technomancer are striking my sweet spot too.

Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst Pet: I.. kind of never used Pets in DF so listing anything here would be difficult.

Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst Boss: Kathool, Kathool, Kathool, Kathool, Kathool. For both favorite and best. He's just so ohmygod! Insert groupie screams.

Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst Guest: Rolith. Sure in some quests he's not optimal to bring, but whereever he can be brought, bring him. He's got the power.

Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst Rare: Forlorn Gloom Glaive.

Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst Quest: Dr. When, because it still makes me snicker. Best... ugh, hard to tell. Everything, and I mean everything, from Ravenloss, both books. Can't decide on a single quest.

Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst Event: Mogloween.

Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst NPC: Kathool. Kathool. Kathool. Kathool. Kathool. I simply can (not) advance resist.
Post #: 4
11/11/2014 6:32:56   

Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst Weapon:
1: My destiny AX(Artix's ax all the way)
2: My Blade of Destiny (great replacement until I manage to upgrade my ax to level 50)
3: My Frost Dragon Head Blade

Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst Weapon:
Shadow Reaper of Doom.. its a dark Counter part of his Ax

Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst Armour:
1: Dragon Lord
2: Death Knight
3: Chicken Cow Lord
4: Guardian

Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst Pet: I have three that I mainly use
1: Adorable Baby Dracolich
2: Triks The Moglin
3: Greedling Pet

Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst Boss: Seppy

Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst Guest: Artix, Ash, Dragon

Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst Rare: don't have any favorites

Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst Quest:
1: Dr. when as I hate the later Dr. who shows so it bugged me that I had to do that quest ...
2: Fire War where you are forced to have Galanoth on my party when I could have had a better guest on my side such as Artix or Ash.
3: Any cross over quests/wars
4: any quest that forcefully changes my guest such as the ones in the fire war which are only forced on me because they won a contest(I had Artix & my Dragon on my team)

Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst Event:
Fire War

Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst NPC:
1: Artix
2: my Dragon

Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst NPC:
1: Seppy
2: Galanoth*

*When young Ash(before his upgrade) as my guest along side Galanoth in my party does more damage than Galanoth is sad.

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Post #: 5
11/11/2014 17:10:50   


oh man this has got to be the worst thread idea ever, it will be hard to actually know what one is actually referring in this thread be it favorite/most hated villain and so on....
will differently get confusing after awhile......

This is not a new concept to the AE forums. In fact, there is a variation of it in all of the major game GD's. If people were not confused by it before, I highly doubt that they will now. In fact, there used to be an existing thread in the DFGD before, but it was accidently purged. That is why it is remade at this time.


would have been better to have:
NPC thread which would have covered villains to NPCs
Class thread that would cover them all
What a Hero looks like Thread
Pets & Dragon threads

yes four threads but at least they would be a heck of a lot easier to navigate through and everyone would at least have a general over all idea with whats going on instead of smashing so many threads together....

You are more than welcome to start any of those threads if you'd like. There is nothing that prohibits discussion on those topics. However, listing cannot happen. Short, one word posts cannot happen. Discussion is a must in the regular GD. The reason why there IS a "Best/Worst/Least" thread is so that players can list just answers if they'd like. But otherwise, discussions must happen or a thread gets locked or deleted.


just a thought....

Players are always welcome to ask me or any of the DFGD Archknights if they want to make a thread but are unsure about it. We'd be more than happy to help any player do so.
AQ DF  Post #: 6
11/19/2014 9:22:55   

My top 5 favorite villains

1. Sepulchure
2. Valtrith
3. Aspar
4. Xan
5. Saellah


Master of Light and Darkness
Rio Skyron
with Bianca, my blade of Destiny
theme song
DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 7
8/11/2015 14:27:31   

Favourite Weapon: Ultimate Scythe of the Elementals

Favourite Villain: Sepulchure/Akanthus

Favourite Armor: Doom Knight

Favourite NPC: Tomix

Favourite Guest: Another PusatShrade

DF AQW  Post #: 8
8/11/2015 16:00:19   

Favorite Armour: Pyromancer & SW
Favorite Guest: Sepulchure! I mean, he does count as a guest, right?
Favorite Quest: "An Unlikely Duo" That was a masterpiece
Favorite NPC: Robina


Post #: 9
12/27/2015 9:41:36   

Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst Weapon: Necrotic Sword of Doom, Chained Blaze and Ill Fortune's Edge/Any basic looking weapon/idk/idk
Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst Armour: Dragonlord, Pyromancer, ECC and EPL/Base Class, Icebound Revenant/Colored Dragonlord/Dragonslayer
Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst Pet: Pet dragon/anything that's not my pet dragon/Pet dragon/anything that's not my pet dragon
Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst Boss: Mega Junkyard Driller (classic)/idk/Akriloth or Sepulchure/idk
Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst Guest: Artix/idk/Tomix/Pre-book 3 Ash
Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst Rare: idk
Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst Quest: You Need More Iron In Your Diet/any long quest/idk/idk
Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst Event: Frostval 2014, Final 13th/idk/Final 13th/idk
Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst NPC: idk

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AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 10
12/27/2015 9:54:58   

Coming back to DF after a long time so I don't know much - only favourites here :

Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst Weapon: Necrotic Blade of Doom, Blinding Light of Destiny, Dragonblaser, Ultimate Dragon Amulet Scythe of Elementals
Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst Armour: MSW, Paladin, Deathknight, Ascendant, Riftwalker, EDL

Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst Pet: Never used any pet besides my dragon...so yeah ;-;

Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst Boss: Titan Wargoth, SMUDD, Aspar

Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst Guest: Sepulchure - When he fights toe to toe with Drakath combined with the Ultimate Orb, with a hole through his chest, you know he is awesome

Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst Rare: I can't think of one

Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst Quest: So many good ones - I'll make my mind later and edit

Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst Event: Seasonal events - Mogloween, Frostvale etc

Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst NPC: Ashendal / Tomix / Sepulchure / Caitiff

The one's I could think of from the top of my mind.

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Post #: 11
12/27/2015 12:10:09   

The DF team has done well developing this game. There are no worst or least parts because there are simply too many to think of. Here are only my favourites.

Favorite/Best Weapons: Necrotic Sword of Doom, Grand Master Sword, Vanilla Ice Katana, Ultra OmniKnight Blade, Corrupt Shadowreaper of Doom, Wondrous Blinding Light of Destiny and Blade of Destiny

Favorite Armours: DoomKnight Variant One/revamped DoomKnight, Evolved Pumpkinlord, Riftwalker, Necromancer, DeathKnight, Paladin, Ascended Chickencowlord, Icebound Revenant

Favorite Pets: My dragon and Stan the Scanorb

Favorite Guest: Sepulchure, The Professor, Apprentice (Konnan) and Aquella (during the fight with Titan Kathool)

Favorite Bosses: Mysterious Stranger, Sepulchure, Wargoth, Valtrith, Frydae, Akriloth, Kathool, Fluffy

Favorite Rares: Ultimate Dragon Amulet Scythe of Elementals, Frozen Claymore

Favorite Quests: Final Friday the 13th quests, Orb Saga

Favorite/Best Events: Mogloween and Frostvale

Favorite/Best NPCs: Sepulchure, Wargoth, Valtrith, Akanthus, Xan, Zorbak, Cysero, Konnan, Kara SuLema, Warlic, Artix

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Post #: 12
12/27/2015 12:56:39   

Best villain-This is a no brainer, Sepulchure.
Best weapon-The gloom thingy (I think it was gloom glaive)
Best class-Another no brainer, doom knight.
Best cape-World destroyer wings.
Best helmet-Valtrith mask.(and maybe Baltael's aventail, not sure what to pick)
Best pet-Our dragon when fully trained.
Now for the worst........
Worst villain-Valtrith (he is not a bad villain it's just that there are better)
Worst weapon-Rogue daggers(such a disgrace)
Worst class-Shadow hunter (combos, nuff said)
Worst cape-The soulweaver scarf (it's not bad,it's just that I don't know many capes)
Worst helmet-The soulweaver hood(blue hair,another disgrace and yes I do realise I used blue hair once but it was not a helmet)
Worst pet-Stan I hate him.When I was fighting somebody using him in pvp he said my mother was a Sneevil.

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Post #: 13
12/27/2015 13:18:38   
Rune Knight

Well then! I haven't posted in a thread like this for some time. Let's see how my tastes have changed. :)

Since I can't really decide, I think I'll pick two for every category. Why? BECAUSE I CAN!

Favorite Class: Death Knight / Master SoulWeaver
Favorite Accessory: Zeclem's Helm / Baltael's Aventail (Defense Lean)
Favorite Weapon: Zeclem's Blade / Unchained Blade
Favorite Pet: Cuddly Dracolich / Stan the ScanOrb
Favorite Hero: Artix von Krieger / Tomix
Favorite Villain: Sir Bram Malifact / Aspar
Favorite Quest: The Gate Keeper / The Last Chapter: Tomix
Favorite Seasonal Quest: Return to the Yeti Cave! / As the Cauldron Boils

I have never been one to write in the "least favorite" or "worst" categories and that won't really be changing today. A lot of my choices are pretty self explanatory (Probably everyone knows I have an unhealthy relationship with Death Knight and stuff with glowing runes by this point), so I'll just abandon those in favor of the ones that might actually require explaining. Baltael's Aventail is one of my favorite accessories released to date because -- though it lacks in All Resistance like the Fierce DragonLord Helm -- it has a lot of defensive stats that pair well with Master SoulWeaver's playstyle, and I have recently become fond of Master SoulWeaver in addition to Death Knight. Here's hoping Baltael's Aventail can interact with Master SoulWeaver soon!

Artix and Sir Malifact are two of my favorite characters because they bring me back to a time in DragonFable where the story was occasionally interrupted by the goofiness I grew to love the game for -- a good example of that being the quest I listed, The Gate Keeper. Downright silly interruptions in the middle of serious stories felt right at home instead of feeling forced or awkwardly timed, which can be some huge issues with attempting such a thing. Tomix and Aspar, to put it briefly, were the two main characters in one of DragonFable's greatest sagas released to date, bringing an emotional complexity that I hadn't really seen in the world of Lore until that point.

All these explanations can sort of apply to my other choices on the list. Return to the Yeti Cave! was some good, nostalgic, seasonal fun, and As the Cauldron Boils was Tomix's debut quest. I think that just about sums everything up. :)

@Subon: We only had him for one quest, but darn it, HE WAS STILL A GUEST.
@Rafiq: All that you know will end.
@Wolfofdoom3: Arrrewwww. (Sorry, I had to)


AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 14
12/27/2015 13:26:14   

^How dare you...!(I said how dare you when I have no idea what "arrewwww" stands for)

EDIT:I made somewhat of a pun without wanting to.

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Post #: 15
12/27/2015 14:17:55   

Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst Weapon: Judgment Wheel
Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst Armour: Rift Walker (rather powerful as a free armor and Doom Knight despite not having variant one.
Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst Pet: Dragon and Fierce Brave SirRobincat
Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst Boss: Hated Sep nuf said, and Loved fighting against Vayle
Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst Guest: Dragon, Artix, and Vayle
Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst Rare: ummm
Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst Quest: Any and all undead quests really hate the rose quests and any quests that has huge mazes to run around like a chicken with its head cut off.
Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst Event: Drakoth Dragon was my favorite
Favorite/Least Favorite/Best/Worst NPC: Serenity

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Angel of darkness
DF  Post #: 16
12/27/2015 14:34:54   

Oh hey, this is a thing! Alright then!

Favorite Weapon:
Oooh, this is a hard one. I suppose... the Glory weapons, from the end of the Final 13th. Mostly because of what they represent. They were the first Good elemental weapons in the game, and they came from merging an artifact from a great loss with one of a great victory. That's pretty cool imo.
Favorite Armor:
Anyone who knows me (which is not a lot of you haha, I haven't been very active on the forums in the past) knows that I absolutely adore DragonLord. Its defensive capabilities are incredible, not to mention the 3 DOT attacks and the Dragon Heart final combo. I love using that on bosses. Also I love how it has a shield. Idk, there's just something about having a shield and an actual sound effect for blocking. I love it.
I also love Master SoulWeaver. It's one of the most aesthetically beautiful classes in the game, design- and attack-wise. And I'm also highly attached to it because of the story that came before obtaining it. Even though it absolutely devours mana with my lower level characters, I love using it. I'm partial to offensive magic, and both versions of SoulWeaver can definitely be used very offensively.
Favorite Accessory:
Summon Gem - Illumina. It was heck to obtain and took forever to figure out what all I had to do, but once I got it, it quickly became a favorite. The animation when you summon her is lovely, if a bit time-consuming, and the fact that she lowers the opponent's BtH can be a lifesaver in the right situations.
Favorite Pet:
My dragon. I don't really tend to take her along as a guest. It gets frustrating when I can't use half of her abilities because I haven't been on to train her. So I just take her as a pet and let the AI do its thing. While I do get annoyed when she pulls Mischief instead of killing the enemy when it has like 3 HP, she's still the best pet I've ever had.
Favorite Boss:
Oh my. Oh, oh my. I'd have to say Titan Wargoth. Even though he was a total pain to defeat, I loved how that was set up. Plus the music was epic. And being a music nerd, that goes a long way for me.
A really close second would be Aspar. Not the fight that came after him. That fight tore my heart out and would go under least favorite bosses if I were bothering to make a section for that. Just Aspar himself. It was great to actually take out my frustration at him on him.
Favorite Guest:
Tomix. Both Book 1/2 and Book 3 versions. I love how all of his attacks are multi-hit, and I can more or less always count on him to finish off an enemy that decided to hang on to a health point or 2 after I attacked.
Aegis. Besides being our SoulAlly, he's an extremely powerful spirit, and an absolute gift in battle. His ability to weaken the enemy to ice pretty much guarantees that he'll be useful in nearly every fight. Also his redesign for Book 3 is pretty sweet imo. I love fighting with him at my side.
Artix. After he got his much-needed revamp, he's become a pretty powerful ally, especially against enemies weak to light. Definitely prefer having him against undead as opposed to anything else though.
Sepulchure. While he was only a one-time guest in a moment of absolute desperation, it was really cool to fight alongside him. Being able to take on a giant darkness dragon on foot while heavily injured gains you some cool points in my book.
Favorite Rare:
Ultimate Dragon Amulet Scythe of Elementals. That thing is just epic, man.
Favorite Quest:
As the Cauldron Boils. Tomix was introduced in that one. That's a no brainer. That year's Mogloween was awesome overall, but I love that quest in particular the best.
Void War Intro. I am never going to be over that. I think everyone can guess which part of it I mean. Dang it, Tomix, do you have to give me more reasons to love your NPC?
Primal Dragon Training. Not only does it unlock one of my favorite DragonRider skills ever, it's a bit of a nostalgia trip. I never thought I'd enjoy a bunch of subsequential titan fights, but there we go.
Favorite Event:
Frostval. Christmas is my favorite irl holiday, so it stands that I'd enjoy Lore's version of it just as much. Plus, every year is something new and fun.
Favorite NPC:
...I think it's obvious by this point. It's Tomix. It doesn't help that I'm a sucker for characters who do bad things and then attempt to atone for it in the most ridiculously self-sacrificing ways. But his story evoked some intense feelings from me. His character is absolutely wonderful, especially in Book 3. That character development though...

Yeah, this got long and wordy in a few places. But it was nice to actually write this down. I love sharing my favorite bits of things that I love. And it's great to see everyone else's favorites, too!

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 17
12/27/2015 18:30:52   

Weapon: I like the weapons that drop from the Eclipse quest during the Final 13th saga! The light/dark duality is awesome- oh, and the Equilibrium Gate keys are gorgeous, you can choose whichever element you need, and they do more damage per level than average weapons!

Armour: Worst is Angler, of course. :P In terms of serious armor, I've never really been a fan of Dragonslayer. I really like all of the Necropolis Classes- Death Knight, Necromancer, and Paladin. And of course my fallback is always good old Warrior.

Pet: Our dragon. By far the most powerful pet in the game, especially when fully trained. I'm not a big pet person in general, though, imo they slow down combat and don't do much.

Boss: UGH Valtrith in the Mogloween quests is nigh impossible to beat, although it's cathartic to beat up on him over and over again. #forserenity
I really love the Necrotic Generals bossfight, I'm so glad it came back! And Opprobius+cultists was a cool boss, although its art was a little too gory for me. OOOOH THE SMUDD, difficult, but satisfying to finally beat!!

Guest: T O M I X all the way~ although if Seppy counts as a guest he's pretty cool too. Worst? Meh, probably Book 1 Ash (tho book 3 Ash+Book 1 Artix+Paladin Armor is the tankiest best combo ever)

Rare: The Cloak Scrap was my favorite/least favorite... I have a weird relationship with the dang thing because on one hand, EVIIIILLL and on the other hand, free health potions!

Quest: Favorite quest was probably the Book 3 Tomix Saga Finale, although you know it also felt like my heart was being ripped out. The finale of the Blood and Roses storyline is really cool, too. Worst quest? "When," from the Final 13th Saga. I liked the jokes, but it was just so hard to beat... and the jokes start getting old on your 12th time doing the thing, you know?

Event: Mogloween is my favorite, my least favorites are Hero's Heart Day and Thankstaking. Actually, I'm just not a big event person- Mogloween is the only one I really like.

NPC: Tomix! (Wait, I put him as a guest...) I guess Serenity and Saphiria would be my favorites! And as for worst... I've always hated Big Daddy or whatever the Valentine's Day questgiver is named. Not a big fan of Aria either.
DF AQW  Post #: 18
1/30/2016 17:31:44   
Eris Blackwood

Weapon: Dragon Wolf Staff. Not my strongest weapon, but it has a great design and nostalgia value, coming from the final 13 and all. It's the oldest weapon I have. (I didn't really start playing seriously till 2011 even through my account is from 2008).

Armour: Togslayer! Best for KO'ing 600HP or lower monsters.

Pet: Plushie Seppy I know I'm above Lv. 60 now, but I will never sell him. I love Shadowscythe and everything to do with it! Seppy is one of my favorite villains of all time. I really loved AQW Zombies and hope the staff bring him back in some form one day.

Boss: Dr. When has to be the hardest of all time for me. It took me FOREVER! The Final 13th was long done before I finally managed to beat him. My favorite is Mysterious Stranger Dragon which was also pretty hard, but enjoyably so, especially since the battle is so different from the usual. I also really like the Wargoth fight from an artistic standpoint.

Guest: Tomix. He has nice attack animations. Aegis is also pretty cool

Rare: Ultimate Dragon Amulet Scythe of Elementals! Does that count? It is limited quantity.

Quest: I love the Ravenloss saga and Darkness orb saga. Hard to name a specific quest, but I felt like that character and writing were strongest in these two. I love Tomix/Hero friendship and Artix/Vayle love ship. Darkness orb quest also had a surprising amount of comedy and silliness. I guess if I had to name one quest it would be the one were Artix and Hero are entering the Necropolis. They speak to the guard and keeping using "magic" as an excuse. Lol

Event: Mogloween! Resident Sneevil is great

NPC: If Sepulchure doesn't count than it has to be Artix. He's not like other hero characters out there. He's super cheerful and badass at the same time. I also find myself really liking Zorbak. With all the villains who are ruled by someone/something else, Zorbak don't take c#@p from anyone

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 19
7/9/2018 10:46:46   


- Favourite - The weapons of Destiny. By far, the best Light weapons in the entire game.
- Least Favourite - Isendal. The only time I would understand getting this is if you're a free player, since you have no access to Ice Scythe. Otherwise....why? Ice Scythe is just better.
- Best - The weapons of Destiny. Huge stats, will make you beefier than usual, can be relatively easy to farm for.
- Worst - All the Frostval "Lights" weapons. They're of the Silver element and heal, but there are better Silver weapons, even in the Frostval saga, and you're much better off with Blade of Awe if you want healing, at least you get 4% HP/MP heal, which is way better than just a 5% HP heal. Not to mention that if you're not a mage, you can't make use out of the INT stat in your "Lights" Dagger/Sword. Even if you're a Mage, why would you get a Dagger or a Sword over a Staff?


- Favourite - Entropy. Huge damage, has not one, but TWO multi skills, both of which can sweep off low HP enemies, has a PowerBoost skill that also double as defense for even more damage, has awesome damage skills that hit multiple times, has even a very low mana-consuming skill that hits twice and is accurate. What's even better is that this class has the best stun in the entire game. As if this wasn't enough, this class also has an alright defense skill, an incredible nerf skill that cuts off 4/5 of your enemy's damage and a HoT effect.
- Least Favourite - Kathool Adept Armor. Entropy has better defensive skills, and while the damage of KAA is arguably higher, it is more concentrated in a few skills while Entropy has consistent damage all around. Not to mention absurd mana costs. I only use this class when I have to deal with the Jack/Gnarly Guitar of Doom OR the Cauldron Sisters in the Inn challenge board, otherwise I don't even bother using this over Entropy.
- Best - Doomknight....d'ooh.
- Worst - Excluding joke classes, I may have to say......Paladin. Sure, it's awesome against enemies that are weak to light, such as the Undead, but really, why bother using Paladin over any other class, unlockable, DC or otherwise? I have the weapons of destiny when it comes to dealing with the Undead or any other creature that's weak to light, not to mention that if you meet enemies that are resistant/absorb Light, you're in huge trouble.


- Favourite - Baby Pet Dragon. No contest, pretty much. You can make him an awesome support machine, you can make him an absolute destroyer, you can make him everything. Very rare are the cases where he's not needed, let alone the cases where he can actually be a hidrance.
- Least Favourite - Don't have any, honestly.
- Best - It depends. The most obvious answer can be the Baby Pet Dragon, but he can be unreliable. One example of a good pet I can think off is Stan the ScanOrb, his constant -15 All is a cheat.
- Worst - Not sure if there actually are pets that are truly the worst.


- Favourite - The huge dragon of darkness. Despite giving me a headache way back when I didn't have a DA, now that I have it, I have to say the boss fight felt actually awesome. It's the type of awesome I felt when I played Asura's Wrath and I had to punch a boss' finger that was so gigantic, it was like the size of Texas, and it was coming to squash me, only to punch it over and over again until the boss fries up and explodes in space. This is the type of feeling I got when I fought the gigantic dragon of darkness.
- Least Favourite - Dragonoid. Not exactly him, but his bloody little mecha dragons. If they respawn when he's 50% or so HP and they focus on one guest, you can kiss your chances of success goodbye. If you kill him, you run into a 66% of not getting the weapon that you want. I still remember having to kill the Dragonoid 5 times in a row because the first 4 times I got the Dragonoid Staff.....as a WARRIOR!! Thank g0d I no longer have to do this challenge again.
- Best - The dragon challenges at the Inn. They're the type of challenge that's a breeze once you figure out what you need to do, but otherwise they can be troubling. Not to mention the rewards are good, with the exception of Isendal (you can get better Ice weapons).
- Worst - The Abomination & Legion Crawler Duo. I hate.Hate.HATE.BLOODY HATE. this. I will have to come back and face this once I'm lvl 85 with everything up-to-date, 5 potions from the Cloak and the HeroDiet. Still, this is the kind of "challenge" that was inspired from Dark Souls, which is literally the worst offender when it comes to "challenges".


- Favourite - Tie between Artix and Book 3 Aegis, with Nythera coming a close second. Both Artix and B3 Aegis have incredible damage as well as Artix's full heal/Aegis' shield. Aegis also has a stun and can be used as a mana generator. Nythera is versatile when it comes to her damage, she even has Harm damage so you can ensure that you will never run out of options, has 2 multi skills, with one being a scatter shot while the other is a full multi, as well as 2 sources of healing for both HP and MP.
- Least Favourite - The type of guests that force you to be with them. Unless the quest in question won't make monsters increase their HP due to your guests, they're a liability and make everything more time consuming than it should be. It's even worse when they happen to be guests with little to no skills/no damage.
- Best - Rolith for damage, Book 3 Ash for support and heals. Despite Artix and B3 Aegis being incredibly strong, they're also bound to the Light and Ice element respectively and there's plenty of monsters who can resist/absorb these elements. Rolith's element is Metal.
- Worst - I won't include low level guests like pre-Book 3 Ash, that would be cheating. With that said, I would choose...Galanoth. You would've thought a guy who's awesome in slaying dragons would help you slay them better when he's guesting, instead you have to find yourself using Dragonslayer pijamas yourself because Galanoth is pitiful even against Dragons.


- Favourite - The entire Final 13th Saga. Awesome guests, some interesting mechanics, awesome storyline. Enough said.
- Least Favourite - While dungeon runs aren't exactly bad, the Medium and Huge Timetorn matrices are the worst offenders when it comes to wasting your time. They're not hard, especially if you have the Sun God Scythe, but you can find yourself spending HOURS completing them, and that's with sheer will and resistance to boredom.
- Best - Depends on what you mean by best. For EXP, Voltabolt's Challenge. For gold, if you can kill them fast, Ninja Arena, otherwise still Voltabolt's challenge. For story, Final 13th Saga.
- Worst - Some quests coming from True Mortal. Can't remember which, but they involve killing lots of ice monsters. Sure, you get huge EXP/Gold, but if you don't have a source of sustain, you're simply doomed.


- Favourite - Tie between Frostval and Mogloween. Both have awesome weapons, awesome storylines, as well as the Evolved Pumpkinlord/Frostmoglin Armours, both of which are great.
- Least Favourite - Maybe it's just me, but I don't find this event quite striking. Maybe because I don't celebrate Thanksgiving.
- Best - Tie between Frostval and Mogloween. See above at "Favourite".
- Worst - I don't believe there's truly a "worst" event, but Thanksgiving is truly underwhelming in comparison with its other storybook events.


- Favourite - Hard to say. I may have to say Tomix for being relatable.
- Least Favourite - Jaania for being an overall question mark in regard to everything she did, all the way from the very beginning when she froze our hero as well as Warlic.
- Best - Cysero for making it fun sometimes.
- Worst - Tie between Jaania and Theano.
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