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PaperClip OF DOOM -> Serenity (11/11/2007 15:55:08)


Location: Falconreach Inn (Books 1 and 2), Falconreach (Books 1 and 2), Xan Bossfight, To Have Famous Friends!, To Have All the Gold In Lore!, Spidermancer, Back to the Past, Princess-napped, Critical Failure!, Falconreach Idle!, We now return to your show!, Thankstaken, Saving Private Practice, Something Wicked, Caitiff, Epilogue

Quests given
Spirits in the Inn
The Root of All Sneevil
Sneevil Box Fort
The Crystal Shard

Shops owned
The Inn Shop
Player Suggestion Shop

Falconreach Inn (Books 1 and 2)

Serenity: Welcome, <Character>! Can I interest you in a room, or perhaps some fresh bread?

  • Talk
    Serenity: Thank goodness you have come. We have a bit of a ghost problem in the tavern!

  • Ghosts
    Serenity: It figures that I would buy an Inn that is already haunted. I can't make a single gold at this rate! I knew it was too good to be true!
    Serenity: Please, would you investigate and see what you can find out, maybe you can put a stop to them.

  • Doom Items
    Serenity: The Doom Weapons? I was just going to throw them out but then they just dissapeared! I heard there was a stranger in town talking about them.

  • Player Suggestion Shop
    Serenity: Some of the local heroes have crafted weapons and items of their own, and I'm happy to sell them here!

    Opens the Player Suggestion Shop.

  • Shop - Opens The Inn Shop.

  • Fresh bread! - Gives you Serene Bread.

  • Rest for the night
    Serenity: *(Knock-knock-knock)* Wake up, lazybones, it's time to save the world!

    Serenity: Come on, I made you a hero's breakfast!

  • Rest until evening - Exactly as the option above, except it also switches the time of day from day to night and vice versa.

  • Set Hometown
    Serenity: For a hero like you, I'll rent you a room for free! Are you sure you want your hometown to be here in Falconreach?

    Falconreach Books 1 and 2 (Wanderland Quest Chain)

    Serenity: Aria went wandering to look for rare pets and I haven't heard from her in weeks!

    Xan Bossfight

    Serenity: Don't worry <Character>, we're all fine.

    Serenity: Yeah!

    To Have Famous Friends!

    Serenity: Oh, hi Ash. What can I do for you?
    Serenity: Sure, it's right over here. I've been keeping it in the attic... We're starting to run out of room.
    Serenity: <Character>'s friends sure are popular these days!
    Serenity: No, wait wa--!!!
    Serenity: Oh, hi <Character>!!
    Serenity: Umm, would you ask your friends if they could start having their fanmail sent to their OWN homes?
    Serenity: If I don't clear these out soon, my guests will have no place to sleep tonight!

    To Have All the Gold In Lore!

    Serenity: I would like to put another wing onto my inn so that I can feed more patrons... could you help out?


    Serenity: You could help me patch up my floor, if you wanted to.
    Serenity: Actually, a movies does sound good. What do you want to go see?


    Falconreach Inn

    Serenity: Hello, Ash!

  • Set Home Town
    Serenity: Are you sure you want to set Falconreach as your home town?


    Serenity: What's going on?

    Back to the Past

    Serenity: And then, out of nowhere Ash came running in and started asking about princesses...
    Serenity: I know, right? So anyways..
    Serenity: ...

    Critical Failure!

    Serenity: I’m always here! We’re open for business all day, every day.
    Serenity: I heard a loud siren coming from Cysero’s store. You might want to check it out.

    Falconreach Idle!

    Serenity: I think it was wonderful! Your togs are adorable, and so are you!
    Serenity: It's amazing how someone so young can have such a way with animals!
    Serenity: Can't you imagine all those darling toggies running about his shop?
    Serenity: I can definitely see you winning a place as Lim's assistant.

    We now return to your show!

    Serenity: You were amazing! Oh, it was marvelous to watch you battle! Such power, such finesse! It's amazing how SPECIAL a Hero you are! I can't get over you!
    Serenity: I can definitely see you winning a place as Lim's assistant! Can't you, George?

    Serenity: You could have KILLED us! SO irresponsible! How- why- what- GAH! There's no way I'm voting for you to be Lim's assistant!
    Serenity: I thought WE were the judges of that.
    Serenity: But your shop's right next to my INN!


    Serenity: The Turducken is in the oven and thank the Avatars it didn't come to life!

    Serenity: *Giggle* But there were a lot of leftovers!

    Saving Private Practice

    Serenity: We were just remembering the previous years and how you have been a part of ThanksTaking for so long now!

    Serenity: Then let us not wait any longer! DIG IN!

    Something Wicked

    Serenity: ...

    Serenity: Hmm?
    Serenity: Did one of you say something?

    Serenity: Oh. I thought I heard someone call.
    Serenity: If you all are alright here I need to go lay down. I'm not feeling very well.

    Serenity: ...who's there?

    Serenity: I must be losing my mind. I keep hearing someone whispering my name.
    Serenity: ...
    Serenity: I did hear someone just now. It sounds like it was coming from the attic. How could someone whisper from that far away though.

    Serenity: Hello?

    Serenity: The box?

    Serenity: Hold on! I'll get you out!


    Serenity: Oh, I finally fell asleep! It feels like I haven't been able to rest since I found that unlucky axe....

    Serenity: Huh? Wha... what's going on? <Character>?


    Serenity: I knew you could do it.

    Serenity: Please, listen to me, before I go...
    Serenity: No matter how difficult things may seem, no matter the hardships life will put you through...
    Serenity: No matter how many people depend on you... You will come through.
    Serenity: Failing is a part of life. Your mistakes shape you, but they don't define who you will become in the future.
    Serenity: Because you... are you. You are the hero.
    Serenity: So don't mourn. Move on, and learn from them.
    Serenity: And...

    Serenity: Thank you... <Character>.

    Serenity: Goodbye... and please... ... don't try bringing me back.

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  • February 24, 2015 Design Note
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  • Note: She used to be in Falconreach Inn (Book 3) but has now been replaced by Spruce.

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