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The Puppet General

Other name: Boss Fight

Location: Friday the 13th - Rift War! -> War Camp! -> Boss Fight
Level/Quest/Items required: 100% War Meter None
Release Date: January 27th, 2012

Objective: Defeat the general of the invading army!
Objective completed: Wargoth used Veyla as a puppet to lead his legion of infernals. You've freed her mind, but will Wargoth eventually enslave all of Lore?

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Veyla - Boss

Fire Imp
Guardian Elgar
Guardian Kain
Guardian Mekiai
Guardian Roagh

Atrea's Sentinel Helm (I-IV)

*Outside of Falconreach, the battle rages on. Fire and Flare Imps abound, but the Guardians quickly exterminated them.*

Guardian Roagh: ... I hope this is the last we see of these dastardly beasts.

*Scene shifts to reveal Guardian Elgar behind Roagh.*

Guardian Elgar: Fear not, brethren. Should they return, we will drive them out as fiercely as before!

*Scene fades to darkness. New Scene: The Ateala have gathered in the forest.*

Alz'ein: The humans...
Alz'ein: They're winning.
Etaos: Hmph.
Etaos: I think--

*Etaos's facial expression changes to dismay.*

Nirios: Something... something powerful is coming through!

*Scene fades to darkness. New Scene: Guardian Kain and Guardian Mekiai atop the wall.*

Guardian Kain: Report, friend.
Guardian Mekiai: Sir! Falconreach is safe, and the few critters that remain are being dealt with swiftly. We have won, sir.
Guardian Kain: Excellent. And what of the Ateala?
Guardian Mekiai: They're alright. Now that--

*Something flashes in the sky.*

Guardian Kain: What the--?!

*The flashing continues.*

Guardian Kain: By the avatars...

*The Scene whites out and returns to the Ateala.*

Alz'ein: Is it him?

*Etaos drops his head and closes his eyes.*

Etaos: No...

*<Character> enter.*

<Character>: What's going on?
Isiri: ...

*Scene zooms in on Isiri.*

Isiri: It's agony.
<Character>: Him? Who is he? Who does he have leading all these imps and goblins?

*Scene zooms out and flashes white as a cry is seen from off-Scene:*


*??? is revealed to be the source of the scream.*


*??? looks up.*

<Character>: But... but it's one of you.
???: D--destroyyyy....
Isiri: He holds her mind. She's nothing more than a puppet.

*??? stands up.*


*The creature speeds toward the group and attacks with fire. Scene shows Alz'ein's profile.*

Alz'ein: Argh..
Alz'ein: Then I'll cut off the puppet master's hand!

*Etaos enters.*

Etaos: No! Dawn is coming. We have to fall back!

*Alz'ein looks up as <Character> enter the Scene.*

<Character>: I'll fight for you. Get to safety.

  • Battle!
  • Extreme Battle!
  • Heal
  • Run Away!

    *Veyla falls to the ground, the flames gone out. The sun shines on her face.*

    Veyla: The.. dawn....

    *Her body begins to smoke as she winces in pain.*

    Veyla: Argh..

    *Scene shows <Character>.*

    <Character>: Use this cloak.

    *Veyla is now dressed in the cloak.*

    Veyla: You fight well.

    *Scene zooms out.*

    <Character>: Are you... are you free now.
    Veyla: As long as Wargoth lives, none of us are.
    <Character>: Is Wargoth... "him"?

    *Veyla nods.*

    Veyla: Our people used to dance through rifts. No world was beyond our reach.
    Veyla: Then he came.
    Veyla: Drawn by the trails left behind by our rifts.

    *Scene zooms in on Veyla.*

    Veyla: The stories say he burned the power right out of us. We were trapped on Somorah. A world with no sun.
    Veyla: Lorded over by the fiery countenance of Wargoth.
    Veyla: Our salvation came from his very own son. We resisted and the son helped us end our enslavement.
    Veyla: We were left behind though. Left in a world of darkness. Now light causes us to... to burn.
    Veyla: We were at peace though. The darkness was beautiful. Cool. Calm.
    Veyla: Then... then he returned.
    Veyla: The stuff of nightmares and our world was filled with light but without a son. We had to escape. Had to try and get away.

    *Scene zooms out.*

    Veyla: We were able to expand its power and we found your world. Somehow he knew, and now... now he's coming.
    Veyla: His legions are only the beginning....

    *Scene shows more rifts opening. A Fire Imp hops out of one, and Xan picks it up.*

    Fire Imp: ...
    Xan: ...

    *Xan opens wide his mouth.*


  • Complete Quest

    Thanks to Stridoom for corrections.

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