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Location: Haven on the Horizon, Caught in a Vise, One Step Forward, Supply and Demand, Trust, Severed Hope, Changing Winds, Fight, Flight, & Fire, A Day for Farewells, An Uncertain Future

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Haven on the Horizon

???: Then... it is true. Our people are saved?

Bajacu': So formal, Kara! Hello, <Character>. You may consider me a... leader of the Clawkin that you saved.
Bajacu': Thank you, <Character>, for saving my people.

Bajacu': But this Rose... Hmmm...
Bajacu': They kidnap and enslave us because of our magic? What has magic done that has offended them so?

Bajacu': Then they are misguided.
Bajacu': Loss and pain is tragic, but they are a part of the natural order of life.
Bajacu': If they believe magic to be the cause of their woes, then they seek the impossible.

Bajacu': If The Rose truly seeks such a ravenous dream, then the Gua'Kia will never be safe.

Bajacu': With ease. The Rose threatens us all.

Bajacu': No, thank you, <Character>. With a strong, worthy fighter like yourself, the Clawkin will be lining up to fight at your side!

Bajacu': Then I must be off. The Gua'Kia shall not stand by–

Bajacu': This talk of dragons makes my fur stand on end.

Bajacu': I shall accompany you. You may need me to convince the Buo'Kia to the truth of your words.

Bajacu': Clawkin of Buo'Kia, it is I, Cujo Bajacu'!

Bajacu': Hearken to my words!

Bajacu': An impending doom is coming that threatens to destroy your village and steal away your lives!
Bajacu': You must hurry. Pack what you absolutely need, and come with us, to safety.

Bajacu': The Gua'Kia suffered greatly at the hands of The Rose. Our village burnt, people enslaved. You must not trust them!
Bajacu': Cujo Lehacu' and her guards have not even returned! Foolish Buo'Kia! Do you not understand?

Bajacu': The Rose will be here before long. Oh, stubborn Buo'Kia, pack faster!

Caught in a Vise

Bajacu': The clawkin who are able will lend their aid.
Bajacu': We have already pledged to The Vind, and as the dravir have given us shelter, no matter how reluctantly, we must repay that debt.

One Step Forward

Bajacu': Niki speaks true!
Bajacu': You are not all-powerful. Not one among us is.
Bajacu': You must have confidence, Kara. We follow because we trust your leadership.

Bajacu': We clawkin tend to avoid them. Mischievous beings, though not malicious. Yet beings nonetheless.

Bajacu': Where are the fairies?

Supply and Demand

Bajacu': And what of the clawkin? Our young have too few safe places to spend their energy.

Bajacu': In all truth, I can only imagine that most would prefer to take their chances in the swamp than to move into the city of humans.
Bajacu': Our traditions and connection to nature is important to us.
Bajacu': Surrounded by dead stone and dead trees would cause great distress to many.


Bajacu': I would be glad to take this responsibility. I shall begin at once.

Severed Hope

Bajacu': I shall provide it.

Bajacu': Ah, I see your thinking. Perhaps we can gain some information from those left behind.

Changing Winds

Bajacu': Excuse me, I hope I'm not interrupting.
Bajacu': The um... guests are ready for you.

Bajacu': Took some time to convince them we weren't going to eat them.

Bajacu': I wish.

Bajacu': Is that so?

Bajacu': For the safety of all, perhaps. But the Clawkin will be hesitant to move from our lands once again.

Bajacu': We're not going to eat you!

Bajacu': Are they insane? They will lose many in Betrubung before they even manage to reach Sulen'eska!

Bajacu': ...The Clawkin will fight. But our people grow weary of conflict. Even for their own lives.
Bajacu': We are a carefree people. Being forced into causes takes its toll.

Fight, Flight, & Fire

Bajacu': As you say.

Bajacu': I had seen the power of dragons before, but combined with the might of DragonLords...
Bajacu': I can only be glad that they are on our side.

A Day for Farewells

Bajacu': Thank you, Kara, for the shelter you provided us.

Bajacu': We are, <Character>. We Clawkin rarely stay in one place for long, and my people grow restless.
Bajacu': But more than that, we tire of conflict. We fought to save the Dravir, and we fought again to secure your home.
Bajacu': Our debt has been repaid, I think.

Bajacu': I do not know. Perhaps we will travel east, across the great seas, or south, beyond the windy plains.
Bajacu': It will not be an easy journey.

Bajacu': And some of us have decided to do so and join your cause. Others still have gone to Falconreach and beyond, left the tribe.
Bajacu': But I can feel the land stir. The time has come for our tribe to migrate once more.
Bajacu': <Character>. Kara. Thank you for saving my people.
Bajacu': I hope we may one day meet again.

An Uncertain Future

Bajacu': Learn something you did not wish to learn?

Bajacu': What you see not what you wanted, yes?

Bajacu': Before, I tell you misunderstandings are had. Misunderstandings still around us. Kara knows, does she not?

Bajacu': I know many thing. World talk, I listen. You can not hear, though elf should. Fairy should. Dragon should. But deaf, all have become.

Bajacu': Hurt chokes her. Soul fights to breathe, but it not easy. Kara can talk to her now.

Bajacu': No, you not listen. She say need to talk in future. You say she always can talk to you. One day, she talk again.

Bajacu': That is Kara way. Taught well to think others better than they think themselves.

Other information
  • Bajacu' previously appeared in the retired quests/zones Freedom Fighters, After the War, The War Room, and Choose; any retired content has been archived on its respective entry.
  • Bajacu' previously offered the retired quest Help Niki; any retired content has been archived on its respective entry.


    Thanks to Jay for image, additional dialogue, and corrections.

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