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Song of the Ateala

Other name: Song of the Ateala Wave

Location: Book of Lore -> To War! -> To the War,
Location: Sulen'Eska -> Up -> Up Vortex -> Up -> Kara SuLema -> Quests -> Song of the Ateala,
Location: Sulen'Eska -> Up -> Up Vortex -> Mritha -> New Quests -> Visit Kara -> Kara SuLema -> Quests -> Song of the Ateala
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of A Petal Falls, Completion of The Empress
Release Date: May 24th, 2019

Objective: Defend Atrea! Defend The Empress! The rift must be closed.
Objective completed: One wave down, but more and more emerge from the rift.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

War Meter (100%)

Wave 1: (6) Snowbound Elemental
Wave 2: (1) Ice Elemental, (3) Ice Wisp, (2) Snowball
Wave 3: (2) Ice Elemental, (3) Ice Wisp, (1) Snowball
Wave 4: (1) Ice Elemental, (1) Ice Wisp, (3) Snowball, (1) Snowbound Elemental
Wave 5: (2) Ice Elemental, (1) Ice Wisp, (1) Snowball, (2) Snowbound Elemental
Wave 6: (2) Ice Elemental, (1) Ice Wisp, (2) Snowball, (1) Snowbound Elemental
Wave 7: (2) Ice Elemental, (1) Ice Wisp, (2) Snowball, (1) Snowbound Elemental

Added on May 29th, 2019
Rare Wave: (1) Unbound Mana Elemental

The Empress

Defender's Medal

Side Quests
The Empress
Protect the Barrier!
Arrival of the Vind
Thrithril Catapult!

  • Talk - takes you to walk up to and speak with the Atealans.


    <Character>: Hey, Yashta.
    Yashta: Yes, master?
    <Character>: <Character>!
    Yashta: Yes, master <Character>?
    <Character>: ...
    <Character>: Why does your Empress look like a moglin?
    Yashta: What do you mean?
    <Character>: She's a moglin! How is that possible?
    Yashta: The Empress is not a moglin.
    <Character>: Uh, Yashta, we just saw her.
    Yashta: Her appearance depends on the viewer.
    Yashta: You see her as a harmless moglin. We each see otherwise.
    <Character>: What does she look like to you?
    Yashta: To me, she appears as an Ulret.
    <Character>: What's that?
    Yashta: It is a small furred creature with large horns that lived on Somorah.
    Yashta: They populated the many meadows and fields under the light of the stars.
    Yashta: I miss them dearly.
    <Character>: I'm... sorry, Yashta.
    Yashta: There is no time to be sorry. Let us stop this incursion so that we do not lose any more.


    Isiri: Jatiw, <Character>!
    <Character>: You're looking well, Isiri. How are the Ascendants faring?
    Isiri: We're holding, but the enemy forces seem limitless.
    Isiri: I am impressed with you yet again, however!
    Isiri: The Empress recognizes your ability, and with you and the Vind, I am glad that we do not need to flee.
    <Character>: Would Atrea really have vanished if the Vind didn't pledge their aid?
    Isiri: Perhaps. It would have been sad to leave this land so soon. The stars here are ever fascinating.
    Isiri: But we must look forward. Once The Empress closes this rift, we'll have such a celebration!
    <Character>: We will!


    Alz'ein: <Character>.
    <Character>: Hi, Alz'ein. How goes the fight?
    Alz'ein: Well enough, for now. This rift, though. It's really something.
    <Character>: What do you mean?
    Alz'ein: When it first opened, we managed to sneak in a few Riftwalker scouts, since it's our specialty.
    Alz'ein: Turns out it leads to another plane of existence.
    <Character>: Whoa. Do you have any idea where, exactly?
    Alz'ein: It's hard to pin down specifics. We were only able to learn so much before the invasion started.
    Alz'ein: It felt... raw, though. It reminded me of Wargoth, if that makes any sense?
    <Character>: That doesn't sound good.
    Alz'ein: It's not. But The Empress trusts us to defend her, and that is what we will do. Against any threat.
    Alz'ein: Enough chatter, let's get back into the thick of battle!

    Nirios and Etaos

    <Character>: Hello Nirios, Etaos.
    Etaos: Shh, <Character>. Nirios is focusing!
    Nirios: A simple conversation will not be too taxing.
    Etaos: Ah, hush, just listen to that song.
    <Character>: That song? Is that The Empress singing?
    Nirios: It is. It is the Song of the Ateala— the history of our people, from the very beginning, to the present.
    Etaos: We're in it!
    Etaos: Well, towards the end.
    Nirios: Indeed. It is a great honor, and one that reminds us that our actions will be heard by generations to come.
    <Character>: Wow!
    <Character>: Is The Empress the only one who knows all the words?
    Nirios: Perhaps in full. However, it is common for any Ateala to learn the relevant passages related to their family and profession.
    Etaos: There's some really cool bits! Romance, fighting, tragedy, and comedy, history really has it all.
    <Character>: I'll leave you to maintaining the barrier then. Stay strong!
    Nirios: Fight well, <Character>.
    Etaos: Beat 'em all up!

  • To Battle! - The Empress and the Magesterium can be heard singing and warning respectively.

    The Empress

    The Empress: Hearken to us, our Ateala
    The Empress: Children of your one Empress
    The Empress: Look to the stars, our guidance.

    The Empress: Listen well to our song
    The Empress: Of our kin and history
    The Empress: Of Unael and Ascended
    The Empress: Of homes long past

    The Empress: In the tapestry of stars, long ago
    The Empress: A different space, a different time
    The Empress: We lay, alone, looking to the lights.

    The Empress: A flash, a spark, a
    The Empress: comet across the sky
    The Empress: The promise of more
    The Empress: More beyond this veil
    The Empress: More beyond this Void

    The Empress: We would need to see, to learn, to grow
    The Empress: Such emotion that came upon us
    The Empress: And so we shed a tear

    The Empress: The first drop, the first of our Ateala
    The Empress: Followed by many more, overwhelmed
    The Empress: Our children arose, and in wonder and new life,

    The Empress: Hearken to us, our Ateala
    The Empress: Children of your one Empress
    The Empress: Look to the stars, our guidance.

    The Empress: In time the stories came
    The Empress: Of culture and of art
    The Empress: Of conquest and of defeat
    The Empress: Of stars long gone.

    The Empress: In the tapestry of stars, long ago
    The Empress: A different space, another time
    The Empress: You came, back home, bringing us your light

    The Empress: Areina, the first to return, to see the stars
    The Empress: As we do, together, she brought us the sky
    The Empress: A portrait of wonder, seen through our eyes.

    The Empress: We could not escape notice, for as we grew
    The Empress: There were others, not alone, now lost to the Void
    The Empress: A serpent of hunger, devourer of our children it

    The Empress: Slid through our grasp, til it met Anohrin, who
    The Empress: Tore down the stars, and with them protected
    The Empress: As one.

    The Empress: As our inspiration faded, as our tears ceased to fall
    The Empress: Our children returned to us, with new stars in their eyes

    The Empress: And together we sang, and shared in our sight, from which
    The Empress: New children emerged, the same as our tears, but not

    The Empress: Dependent on our own creation they grew together
    The Empress: With us.

    The Empress: Our tears returned, our knowledge branched, our children
    The Empress: In awe, born of song and star, were prosperous, we knew

    The Empress: There were other stars, other skies, other children, and
    The Empress: More to explore, to see, to learn, to grow, to be

    The Empress: Our home we left, the first of many, taking the stars
    The Empress: With us.

    The Empress: ...stars rained from the sky...
    The Empress: ...fled from the invasion...
    The Empress: ...a new home of Somorah...

    The Empress: ...without hope for the stars could not be seen...
    The Empress: ...engineered with deft hands...
    The Empress: ...above the clouds, above the storms, they shone...

    The Empress: ...the fields blossomed in the night...
    The Empress: ...starlight tamed by Nolim...
    The Empress: ...pulled from the tops of mountains...

    The Empress: ...trees and growth, surrounding, a people...
    The Empress: ...taught to us to survive, to paint, to craft...
    The Empress: ...what we already knew and would have to leave behind...

    The Empress: ...the winds howled and our children learned...
    The Empress: ...through the mind we saw, we heard...
    The Empress: ...a bulwark against the hostile...

    The Empress: ...their craft unparalleled, by all...
    The Empress: us returned too soon...
    The Empress: ...knowledge shared but not refined...

    The Empress: ...thought at first to be a spark from the stars...
    The Empress: ...burning, uncontrolled, roiling flames to the sky...
    The Empress: ...loss of many but still we shed no tears...

    The Empress: ...strong of horn and arm, against the swarm of foes...
    The Empress: ...victorious around the walls three times...
    The Empress: ...but would not return, missed for years...

    The Empress: ...water as far as could be seen...
    The Empress: the ends of the world we sailed...
    The Empress: ...mysterious stones from the depths pulled...

    The Empress: ...her eyes like suns, bright...
    The Empress: ..,a hole torn through the Void...
    The Empress: ...a mistake, temporary, unmaintainable...


    Magesterium: It is because of the Rose that you must suffer today.

    Magesterium: Jaania of the Rose continues her interference where it is not welcome.

    Magesterium: Only when Jaania is brought to justice will this cease.

    Magesterium: To support the Rose is to oppose the will of the Shapeless.

    Magesterium: Your sacrifice shall serve as her warning.

    Ateala Soldier Helm

    Other information
  • A full transcription of The Empress' Song of the Ateala (Intro), including unheard verses, was published in the June 3rd, 2019 Design Notes.

    Boss Fight (6,500,000 Waves): Song in Our Hearts

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