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Through the Tangle

Location: Dragesvard's Shore -> Quests! -> Through the Tangle
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Way Forward, Self-Containment Unit v15 (All Versions) shown or equipped
Release Date: April 23rd, 2022

Objective: All across Greenguard, it's time to take the next step forward.
Objective completed: As you get closer to the center of Dragesvard, what will you uncover?

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(2) Aged Hollow Dragonslayer
(3) Aged Hollow Human (1)
(2) Aged Hollow Human (2)
(3) Aged Hollow Mushroom
(1) New-Growth Hollow Dragon - Boss

Captain Lestrad
G. M. Hansa
Kara SuLema

Lost Frozen Cord (I-V)

Access to TtT Loot for DCs.


*In the DragonLords' camp on Dragesvard, the DragonLords and the Dragonslayers are overwhelmed by Hollow monsters as an Ice Dragon breathes fire at them; you and the Alliance are running to help them.*

<Character>: They're getting overwhelmed! Come on, everyone!

*You and the Alliance managed to reach the DragonLords' camp.*

Mritha: Captain Lestrad! What's the plan? Where's Odgne?!
Captain Lestrad: We're retreating! We can't hold the camp!
Galanoth: Retreat where? They're blocking the road out of the city!
Captain Lestrad: We have dragons in the air pulling out the injured. But not enough for the slayers and the Alliance, too!
Ostromir: What about the main stalk? We just cleared the path there!
Captain Lestrad: Deeper into enemy territory?! Are you insane!?
Kord: Well, we certainly can't stay here!

*Odgne enters the camp with a wound on her wing.*

Odgne: Hemlock is seeing the last of the injured and the dragons out. But there's no end to the Hollow! | *Informative growl, anxious grumble*
Captain Lestrad: The DragonLords are safe? Then we'll follow the path of least resistance and regroup when we can.
Mritha: Odgne, your wing...
Odgne: It is nothing. I've flown with worse. | *Reassuring purr.*
Mritha: Right. Captain, Odgne and I will take to the air and keep watch ahead of our retreat.
Captain Lestrad: Do it.
Captain Lestrad: DragonLords, call your dragons for air support, we move, now!

Captain Lestrad: Dragonslayers with me, to the rear!

*Captain Lestrad, Kord and Galanoth are frantically running from the Hollow spikes.*

Kord: Another spike, incoming!
Captain Lestrad: Go! Go, go!

*A Hollow spike appears as Captain Lestrad pushes Kord, wounding Captain Lestrad's arm; Galanoth and Kord witness Captain Lestrad's wound.*

Galanoth: Lestrad, are you okay?

Galanoth: Your arm...

*Captain Lestrad's wounded arm can be seen bleeding.*

Captain Lestrad: I... Thank you, Speaker. It's nothing!
Kord: We have to keep moving!

*Kord uses his arm to help Captain Lestrad, who obliges as he uses his arm to reach Kord's; in the main stalk, the Alliance, the DragonLords and the Dragonslayers regroup.*

<Character>: Looks like there's only one way to go.
Captain Lestrad: What?!
Captain Lestrad: I thought we were regrouping and waiting for evacuation!
Captain Lestrad: Don't tell me you intend toŚ
Galanoth: You're welcome to hop on Hemlock and fly out on your own if you want... Sir.
Mritha: Or you can wait here for the fungus to find you. We all saw how that turned out, didn't we?
Captain Lestrad: ...
Kara SuLema: Hansa, have you been able to discern anything more in the depths?
G. M. Hansa: There are definitely fungal... structures... of Nature and Darkness.
G. M. Hansa: It's like a massive interconnected web, with so many strands that layer over each other and obscure my vision.
Vseslava: Do not strain yourself, Grand Magus. We will need your abilities below, I am sure.
Captain Lestrad: You don't even know what's down there? How is that any safer than up above?
Kara SuLema: Well, <Character> will be there to handle any trouble that comes up.
Ostromir: <Character>'s a hero, you know! Certified by the Magesterium!
Captain Lestrad: I'm well aware of... most of <Character>'s... accomplishments...
Galanoth: Then you should have no problem placing your trust in her/him.
Kord: What should we do about the dragons? They're not going to fit in that gap.
<Character>: They can stay above ground, and ferry any supplies or reinforcements we might need.
<Character>: Does that work for you and Odgne, Mritha?
Mritha: Certainly.
Captain Lestrad: What exactly is the goal of this endeavor, again?
<Character>: Hansa seems to believe the source of the fungal growth is under the city, and here we've found a way below.
<Character>: We're going to find some way to stop whatever's behind Dragesvard's destruction.
Captain Lestrad: ...Just like that?
<Character>: Just like that.
<Dragon>: We've done the impossible many times before! | *Proud roar!*
<Dragon>: We'll always find a way to save the day! | *Confident growl!*
<Character>: We're heroes, after all.

*Captain Lestrad pauses before he hangs his head as he acknowledges your efforts as a hero.*

Captain Lestrad: ...Lead on, then, hero.

*As the Alliance, the DragonLords, and the Dragonslayers travel under Dragesvard, Galanoth and Kord have a private conversation.*

Kord: Galanoth, wait.
Galanoth: Is something the matter, Kord?
Kord: I... We appreciate that you returned and came to our rescue. We're thankful beyond words for that, Galanoth.
Kord: But after all this... What's next for the Dragonslayers?
Galanoth: I don't understand.
Kord: Are you just going to go back to being some dragon's pet? I understand the want to prevent them from being wiped out, but...
Kord: They're proud. They're strong, and ungrateful. Even the DragonLords wouldn't do anything until you convinced them.
Kord: After all this is done... Will we remain slayers? Or will we merely be subservient protectors?
Galanoth: ...
Galanoth: Let's focus on staying alive through whatever mess this is, first.
Kord: As you command, Galanoth.

*You fight your way through the caves below Dragesvard, battling various Aged Hollow creatures before reaching a New-Growth Hollow Dragon; after defeating it, the cohort discuss what they have seen while your dragon appears to have fun moving around the Hollow Dragon.*

Captain Lestrad: I know this dragon. Magden. Fell defending the encampment above.
Kord: It's all fungus. How can you tell?
Captain Lestrad: The shape of the head, the "teeth". It's some sort of... Hollow copy.
<Character>: Could that be what the fungus does? Makes simulacrums of whatever it defeats and consumes?
Mritha: Oh... that's gross.
Mritha: You don't suppose it's making more of these Hollow dragons elsewhere, do you?
Mritha: If they have the ability to fly...
Ostromir: The Dragonslayers mentioned Hollow villagers acting out lives, in some sort of poor mockery of natural life.
Ostromir: How much exactly is copied?
Ostromir: Perhaps these mimicked lingering processes are merely used to lure in prey...
Kara SuLema: Or maybe the fungus has some intelligence behind it...
<Character>: Vseslava, Hansa, have you been able to figure out what we're dealing with?
Vseslava: I think it would be accurate to say that this fungus is the product, no, body of, some sort of Tytan from the Wastes.
G. M. Hansa: Whatever it is only gets denser below. To use a metaphor, we've gotten through the hair, and we're now at the skin.
G. M. Hansa: We can either try to create our own way inside, or perhaps find a natural orifice.
Mritha: Even with dragon fire, it would take far longer to burn through this surface than even the fungal webbing above Dragesvard.
Mritha: I vote for some good old fashioned exploration!
Galanoth: Well, <Character>? What do you think?
<Character>: Let's take a short break here before moving on.
<Character>: It took the fungus a while to focus its attack on the DragonLord encampment...
<Character>: as long as we don't spend too much time in one place, I think we should be safe.
Captain Lestrad: A logical assessment. DragonLords, set up a perimeter. Let us know if the fungus so much as sprouts a mushroom!

*Scene fades to black.*

  • Complete Quest
  • Loot for DCs - opens TtT Loot for DCs shop.

    Other information
  • If the player doesn't have Self-Containment Unit v15 (All Versions) shown or equipped, they will lose 5% of their maximum HP each time they enter a new screen or beat a monster encounter.
  • One section of the caves contains a potion crate, which grants 5 HP and MP potions to players.
  • Pop-up headlines during the quest:

  • Kord: "That's everyone. I was the last one down. Let's go."
  • Captain Lestrad: 'If you're not using that, can I borrow it? These spores are... *cough cough*'
  • Breathing in the spore-dense air irritates your lungs! -5% HP
  • Kara: "Watch your step! The fungus gets slippery."
  • Kord: "I knew there were caves under the city, but not to this extent. Did the fungus carve it out from the ice?"
  • Galanoth: "Further down we go..."
  • Ostromir: "The path splits. I think I hear rushing water that way. Or we could head deeper into the tangle."
  • Galanoth: "That one seems non-aggressive. But there may be something in that crate we could use."
  • You found a crate full of potions! But you can't carry any more.
  • You found a crate full of potions! Better take some!
  • Mritha: "These Hollow seem different than the ones above ground. They're more resilient. Hmm."
  • Captain Lestrad: "You're a DragonLord, Mritha. Whatever the challenge, we face it with honor and courage."
  • Galanoth: "What abomination has this fungus spawned now? Be ready for battle!"

  • Next Up: The Deep Dark

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