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The Dreamers' Abyss

Location: Ancient Abyss -> To War! -> The Dreamer's Abyss
Requirements: Completion of Recreation!, 100% War Meter
Release Date: January 26th, 2023

Objective: After a long journey, you've finally reached the depths of the abyss...
Objective completed: No time to rest.

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(1) Shade of Kathool - Boss

Shade of Kathool

Shard of the Abyss


*After defeating various corrupted Abyssal Elves, you and your companions have reached one of the Abyssal Tribe's sacred sites, which seems to be an old water temple, in the depths of the abyss; as they reached the area, one of Notha's arms creates a moving wisp from her fingers.*

Aquella: ...This looks like the place.

*Aquella contemplates Kathool's presence of the area.*

Aquella: Yes. The Ancient One's presence here is not as strong as the surrounding depths.
Aquella: This will do.
<Character>: How can we help, Aquella?
Aquella: You've done so much already, clearing the way here. But...
Aquella: It will take me some time to draw upon my magic and purify the area.
Aquella: And while The Ancient One's grasp over this place is weaker, it is still powerful.
Aquella: He will not relinquish his hold so easily.
Uaanta: Guess we're going to have to fight a bit more, then. No complaints here.
Aquella: Hopefully it won't come to that. The Ancient One still slumbers, and I'll do my best not to disturb that rest.
Myalos: We shall stand ready, regardless.
<Character>: Right. We'll keep you safe, Aquella.
Aquella: Thank you. Now, I'll begin preparations—
Uaanta: Hold on!
Uaanta: Notha! Aren't you going to help?

*Notha ignores Uaanta's words of help, but appears to be struggling by the water pressure.*

Uaanta: <Character> and I have been fighting our way through all those corrupted Adepts, Myalos did... whatever that was...
Uaanta: Come on, you'll have time to research later!
Notha: I'm... a little busy...!
<Character>: Is everything okay, Notha?
Notha: Turns out... while we can technically breathe...
Notha: The weight of the water... is rather... crushing.
Notha: I'm just... I've just been... holding it up, you know! With magic.
Aquella: Oh. Oh!
Aquella: Oh no. Oh my goodness. I'm so sorry! I completely forgot about the water pressure!
Aquella: My people, the Water Elves, we're adapted to the underwater depths.
Aquella: We don't have to worry about such things and it completely slipped my mind!
Aquella: Maybe we should turn back. This was a bad idea. Oh no.
Aquella: If I got you hurt, or worse, <Character>, after everything you've done for me and my people—
Notha: ...Just... get it over with. Quickly please!
<Character>: Thank you, Notha. And... I'm sure we would have noticed the danger at some point, Aquella.
Aquella: Yes. Yes, you're right. Just... Oh, be careful on our way up. Don't surface too fast, um...
Notha: ...
Aquella: Right. I apologize! I shall begin.

  • Uaanta Fayt joins you as Guest A.
  • Myalos joins you as Guest B.

    *Using her trident as a catalyst, Aquella cast an purifying ritual surrounding her companions; while Aquella is concentrating on her ritual, Uaanta apologizes to Notha for her earlier outburst.*

    Uaanta: Hey. Notha.
    Notha: ...
    Uaanta: Notha!
    Notha: ...I'm busy.
    Uaanta: I know. I just... I wanted to apologize.
    Uaanta: You've been doing your part, and I just assumed you were hanging back and being lazy.
    Uaanta: So... I'm sorry for assuming.
    Notha: Doesn't bother me. Really.
    Uaanta: ...Thanks, Notha.
    Aquella: Okay! I've got a connection!

    Aquella: Hold on...!
    Aquella: Yes, it's definitely fighting back. The corruption won't let go so easily!

    *Tentacles surround you and your companions, signifying that Kathool's corruption is nearby.*

    <Character>: Get ready, everyone!
    ???: ...To awaken...
    Aquella: Begone! Begone from this place!
    ???: ...Again and again...

    *A shade of Kathool appears to you and your companions.*

    ???: Your time will pass.
    ???: You cannot resist forever.
    ???: Your power...
    ???: It will be mine.
    Aquella: Disperse the shade!
    <Character>: Uaanta, Myalos! It's our turn now!
    ???: You will be mine...

  • Battle! - begins battle with Shade of Kathool.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • Run Away! - returns to Ancient Abyss.

    *After defeating the Shade of Kathool, Aquella completes her ritual, signified by the glowing blue lights throughout the Abyssal temple.*

    Aquella: It... It is done.
    Aquella: The Ancient One no longer holds sway over this place.
    Uaanta: Impressive!
    <Character>: How long will this last? Will Kathool be able to reclaim this area?
    Aquella: He can try. But my people will defend it. I didn't choose this location at random.
    Aquella: This is the entrance to an ancient temple. From among the oldest of our stories, it's said a... creature of massive size once made this its home.

    *Your dragon listen to Aquella's story of the temple.*

    Aquella: The Abyssal Tribe received its blessings, and together, they kept the depths in balance.
    Aquella: We'll make sure it's secure, and we'll see if there's anything we can uncover that can aid us in our battle against the Ancient One.
    <Character>: We were happy to help.

    *Myalos ask a question for fighting against Kathool to Aquella.*

    Myalos: You would risk everything against such a powerful foe?
    Aquella: What a curious question.
    Aquella: I would. I will, and I do.
    Aquella: If not me and my kind, then who else?
    Aquella: I have the power to fight back against The Ancient One.

    Aquella: I will not squander it.

    *Myalos accepts the answer of Aquella's resolve.*

    Myalos: ...I see.
    Aquella: We should get you back to the surface safely before Notha tires out.
    Notha: Don't... don't mind me! ...Just doing my thing!
    Uaanta: Hold on. There's one last thing I'd like to bring up while we're here.
    Notha: ...Really, Uaanta?!
    Uaanta: It's important.
    Uaanta: Remthalas' body. His remains.
    Uaanta: Would this be an appropriate place to lay them to rest?
    Notha: No. No way.
    Uaanta: I do not mean to assume about elven rites, so I apologize if I've caused offense.
    Uaanta: But this seems as good as we're going to get.
    Notha: I still... have to study them...!
    Uaanta: And what are you going to learn, really?!
    Uaanta: What are you going to learn that's worth more than his dignity?
    Notha: ...I don't know. And that's why... we can't just throw him away!
    Aquella: I can't say I'm all too familiar with the exact methods of the Abyssal Tribe's funerary customs, but I can try.
    Aquella: Um. Would we have to go back to get the body?
    <Character>: We have it here. Inside Lock and Key.
    Lock: The remains are secure.
    Key: The remains are in stasis.

    *Aquella's eyes blinks rapidly as she is surprised that Remthalas' remains are inside Lock and Key.*

    Aquella: Inside. Yes. Of course.
    Uaanta: Notha...
    Notha: ...
    <Character>: There's another problem. We don't know how corrupted his remains are.
    <Character>: Aquella just cleansed this place. If we bring Remthalas out and Kathool... I don't know, possesses him... That would be a problem.
    Aquella:How about this? If you bring the remains out, I'll examine them.
    Aquella: If there is any risk of him becoming a conduit for The Ancient One, I'll return him to your care.
    Aquella: If, on the other hand, I sense nothing amiss, then I'll see what I can do about a proper Water Elf send off.
    <Character>: It's worth a try, at the very least.
    Myalos: This is your sacrifice to make, Notha, but I believe it is a worthy one.
    Notha: ...
    Notha: Fine. Do it.

    *Notha reluctantly sacrifices her plans to research Remthalas' remains; scene fades to black.*

  • To Be Continued... - completes quest.

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