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Race: Moglin
Group/Affiliation: Unity

  • Granemor

  • The Devourer Saga
    **(1) Epic Quest 5
    **(2) Strange Whispers
    **(3) The Beginning of the End
    **(4) Attack on Granemor!
    **(5) The Fall of Augerthorne!

  • General Herous' Tower Quests
    **(1) The Mutant King 2
    **(2) Visia War
    **(3) Absolix Attacks
    **(4) Warlord Kragoth Attacks!
    **(5) Transient Immortality

  • Dracopyre Legacy
    **(1) 4-way Darkovian War!
    **(2) Search for a Cure!
    **(3) NightReign and GraceFang!
    **(4) NightReign VS. GraceFang!
    **(5) The Hall of Memories

  • Other Quests/Events
    **(1) 2008 Preview!
    **(2) 2009 Preview!
    **(3) Fading Warlic
    **(4) Morningstar Set
    **(5) Bun Rangers Nitro

    Bio: Dewlok is a darkness Moglin of Granemor. He sits near the Cemetary sign. He has some healing powers and some knowledge of an earth Moglin called Cudgel.

    He was formerly WolfWing's and NightBane's guards. He continues this by guarding NightBane's daughter, Cenara, and preventing her from becoming Forsaken.

    Function: Fully healing you, guiding you to the Drakel vs. Elves quest. He helps defend Granemor by fighting mutants with you.

    Old Image

    New image from UZ The Ebil and Carandor. Update from icydarkstary. Old image thanks to Elryn.

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