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DragonGuard -> Zorbak's Back! (10/31/2007 20:53:28)

Zorbak's Back!

Location: Mogloween 2007 -> The Cauldron Sisters -> Boss Fight!
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Tricks and Treats
Release Date: October 31st, 2007

Objective: You nearly had all the Cauldron Sister's candy gathered when Zorbak showed up and began to cause his usual mischief. Will Mogloween end before it has begun?
Objective completed: Well done Hero! You defeated the moglinster Zorbak and thanks to you and your fellow heroes, Doomwood, Falconreach and all of Lore has been saved from candy crazed moglins...until next year!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Zorbak Moglinster - Boss
(1) Titan Zorbak - Titan Boss

Bubble (Cat)
Bubble (Witch)

Hallow'd Edge
Potent Hallow'd Edge
High Hallow'd Edge

Hallow'd Staff
Potent Hallow'd Staff
High Hallow'd Staff

Hallow'd Dagger
Potent Hallow'd Dagger
High Hallow'd Dagger

Bubble: Wow, <Character>! You've gathered a LOT of the candy that we made!
Trouble: If you keep gathering it at this pace, you should should have every piece that we sent out very soon!
Toil: Now, we just need to think of a safe, moglin-free way to dispose of it.
Zorbak: Oh, I wouldn't worry about that. Meh heh heh!
Toil: Zorbak!
Zorbak: The one and only. *sniff* Yumm. This stuff doesn't smell half as terrible as it looks!
Trouble: ...Thanks?
Zorbak: I'm glad that I added all that Mognip! If I had left it to you four witches, you would have ruined it!
Bubble: You're the one who added the Mognip?
Toil: You're the one who caused this whole mess!? The one who almost ruined our family business AND our family's name?!
Trouble: Zorbak, thanks to you we can't sell a single piece of this candy. Since you ruined it, you owe us 200,000,000 gold.
Zorbak: That price tag seems a little high to me.
Trouble: I'm adding the cost of employing <Character> as our part-time candy consultant and recovery specialist...
Trouble: ... As well as wasted ingredients, damage fees from the damage caused by the moglinsters,
Trouble: travel expenses for walking around doomwood and recovering the candy, cleaning fees for Myx...
Zorbak: Ok, I get it, I GET IT! I don't see what the big deal is. It's just candy.
Zorbak: .... sweet, delicious, amazing...

*Zorbak takes a piece of candy*

Toil: ZORBAK.... NO!


Trouble: Why would you do that, you blue moron!?
Zorbak: I'm... not sure. The smell was just too heavenly to pass up! The good news is that I don't think it had any effect on me...

*Zorbak rumbles*

Bubble: Did you just... rumble?
Zorbak: Why, yes. I think I did.
Trouble: Uh Oh. Bad news.
Toil: *sigh* It always is, from you. What is it Trouble?
Trouble: That kind of gastrointestinal reaction belies a very high susceptibility to the transmoglofication...
Bubble: Smaller words please...
Trouble: I think Zorbak has a weakness to the candy. He's about to explode into a kind of super-moglinster.
Zorbak: ... Figures.

*Zorbak transforms into Zorbak Moglinster*

Zorbak: CANDY!

  • Battle Zorbak!
  • Battle Zorbak! Extreme Mode
  • Heal
  • leave

    After the battle

    Zorbak: Where did I go just now? All that I remember is an incredible assault on my tastebuds, the taste of pure happiness in candy form, then...
    Zorbak: ...then I was here.
    <Character>: Zorbak, you ate a piece of that candy and transformed into a huge moglinster.
    Zorbak: Oh yeah, the candy! That stuff is GREAT!!! I think I'll eat a little more. Meh heh heh!
    <Character>: Ooooh no you won't. You have caused enough trouble already.
    <Character>: You'll have to take my place as the Cauldron Sister's help until you've paid them off. You know that they won't let up until you've paid them back.
    Zorbak: Yeah I know.
    Zorbak: Oh No! I have to work full time for cute witches with their own Doom Cauldron... could there be a worse fate?
    Zorbak: The 'Oh No' was in massive sarcasm quotes.
    <Character>: Yeah, I got that. Come help us think of a way to get rid of all this candy.
    Zorbak: Ok. Hey, why don't we just toss the stuff into that huge wormhole that just appeared right behind you?
    <Character>: What? what wormhole?
    <Character>: Am I just not seeing this thing?
    Zorbak: *Nom nom nom nom nom nom*
    <Character>: Where, Zorbak? I can't see any wor...ZORBAK?
    Zorbak: *moan*
    Zorbak: Ohhhh my tummy feels funny. Uh oh.

    *Zorbak rumbles a little*

    Zorbak: Ok, it's OK. I think I'm going to be fine...

    *Zorbak rumbles some more*


    *Zorbak transforms into Titan Zorbak*

    <Character>: Well, that's ONE way to get rid of all the candy, I guess. Mogloween is mostly saved. Only one problem left...
    Zorbak: CANDY!
    <Character>: ... That would be it. How do I break it to him that he ate the last of it? This will require the power of a DragonLord!

  • Summon Dragon and Battle Zorbak!
  • Let a DragonLord handle Zorbak!

    If you let a DragonLord handle Zorbak:

    You Sit Out The
    Titan Battle

    "I think I'll sit this one out," you say to yourself. You lean your back up against a
    rather large pumpkin as a hero on dragonback flies in to meet the challange. The dragon's wings are
    backlit against the full moon, and watch from a safe distance as the hero engages the titanic Zorbak.
    Even from there you can feel the dragon's breath, and your ears pop every time the monster Zorbak
    lands a massive punch on the mighty dragon.

    The battle rages for a long time, but eventually the dragon roars victoriously and the giant moglinster
    shrinks back to his original size and snarky attitude. The Cauldron Sisters force Zorbak to sign
    several very official looking magical contracts, stating that he will work part-time for them until they have
    been fully repaid.

  • Return to the Cauldron Sisters!

    After summoning dragon

    Dragon Summoned!
  • Titan Battle: Battle Zorbak!
  • Heal
  • Leave

    After titan battle

    Zorbak: Man, I feel terrible. I'm never eating candy again. I signed your contract Toil, can I go now?
    Toil: No, but at this rate you'll be done working for us in no time, Zorbak!
    Trouble: At Part-time rates, you should have us paid off by Mogloween night, one hundred and forty seven years from tonight.
    Bubble: *mew*
    Bubble: Bubble is right! Zorbak, since you'll be with us a while... maybe you can clean up Bubble's litter box for a few extra gold!
    Zorbak: *sigh*
    Toil: <Character>, How can we thank you enough for helping us turn this mess around?
    Trouble: In honor of this new holiday we've prepared a grab bag of powerful weapons for you. Just reach in Myx and grab one!
    Myx: I won't bite... this time. Any friend of the Cauldron Sisters is a friend of mine.
    Bubble: All things considered, this has been really fun <Character>!
    Trouble: Yes, lets do it again next year!
    Bubble, Toil & Trouble: Happy Mogloween <Character>!
    Bubble: *mew*

    Happy Mogloween!
  • Complete Quest

    Thanks to
    -- Resolute for dialogue.
    -- Victor XIII, PaperClip of Doom, and Summon7 for weapon links.
    -- Stephen Nix for the rewrite.
    -- AztecArcher for corrections.
    -- rapoel, eclipse4227, SoulShatter, and Ldboccalon for small corrections.
    -- Voodoo Master for correction.
    -- Peachii for correction.

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