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Share and Share Alike

Location: Mogloween 2009 -> click on 'Share and Share Alike' button, Mogloween 2009 -> The Cauldron Sisters -> Quests! -> Quest! (Share and Share Alike)
Level/Quest/Items Required: Completion of Appetite For Destruction
Release Date: October 30th, 2009

Objective: Can you recover candies from each of the sisters?
Objective Completed: The Sisters are working together again! Now it's up to you to share their delicious candy with everyone!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(9) Greedling
(3) Green Moglinster
(2) Purple Moglinster
(2) Red Moglinster
(1) Greed - Boss

Bubble (Cat)
Bubble (Witch)

Reaper's Axe I

Batwing Hatchet (I, II, III)
Dark Batwing Hatchet
FrankenFinger I
Harvest Ripper I
Reaper's Blade I

Batwing Broom (I, II, III)
Dark Batwing Broom
FrankenEyes Staff I
Harvest Staff I
Reaper's Rod I

Batwing Blade (I, II, III)
Dark Batwing Blade
Frankenblade I
Harvest Edge I

Greedy Greedling Helm (I, II, III)
Super Greedy Greedling Helm

Temporary Items
Faerie Floss
Now and Forever

Myx: Sigh.
Myx: I almost wish that fuzzy headed magician would stop by. At least then there'd be something happening...
Myx: I've sat unused for weeks, while my beautiful mistresses have all gone off to use... use... sniffle... other cauldrons!
<Character>: Myx?
Myx: cough Uh, yeah, I'm fine, nothing's wrong!
<Character>: It's ok, Myx. We're here to help get the Sister's back together.
Myx: How? They haven't spoken to each other in weeks!
Tomix: You know all their candy secrets, yes?
Myx: If you think I'm gonna spill their secrets, you got another thing coming. I may be cracked, but my lips are sealed.
Tomix: I'm not asking for their secrets. I want to know if you can make their candy on your own. The one they wanted to make together this year.
Myx: I... I think I can. They never decided on a formula though...
<Character>: You're the only chance we have, Myx. We'll get you the ingredients, then it's all up to you.

After collecting all the candies and heading back to Falconreach's mainscreen

Myx: Do you have all the ingredients?
<Character>: We have everything. Bubble's Faerie Floss, Toil's Bits O' Wax and Trouble's Now and Forever's.
<Character>: I'm not quite sure what they'll make though. Each on it's own is kinda... meh.
<Character>: I'm surprised actually that everyone wanted to keep all of these.
Myx: Hmpf, the Sister's work as a team. That is where their true brilliance comes out.
Myx: Toss all those into the pot and you'll see.

*Ingredients are thrown in*

Bubble, Toil & Trouble: HEY!!!
Toil: No, you stole my candy!
Myx: Um..
Bubble: You took mine!
Myx: You might want to.. uh..
Trouble: Give them ba-- Hey Myx, why are you shaking?

*Myx explodes, knocking everyone back*

Myx: ...
Myx: You guys ok?
Myx: ..?
Trouble: Look at this! The sugar springs in my Now and Forevers, they... they melted into this brown, creamy stuff that's coating your candy!
Bubble: *munch*
Bubble: The Faerie Floss is all mixed with the Bits O' Wax... it's all...
Bubble: Mew.
Bubble: Right! It's all nougat-y!
Toil: It's... it's perfect! Bubble! That was inspired for you add the floss to the mix!
Bubble: Trouble, the melted sugar springs are delicious!
Trouble: We did it! We made the perfect candy! We have to share this!
Greed: NO!
Greed: NO!!!

*Greed suddenly appears, knocking Myx off his feet*

Greed: You can't share this. I worked too hard.
Bubble: MYX! Are you ok?
Trouble: Here, let me get the dirt off of you...
Toil: Ooh, that.. that.. JERK!
Myx: I'm good, I'm good. I'm gonna clobber that guy as soon as there is only one of him.
Trouble: It's our candy to do with as we please.
Trouble: We spent too much time worring about what we were going to get out of our own pieces to realize this is a time of year to celebrate and share.
Toil: Together, we made a better candy then any of us could make on our own.
Bubble: Grr...

*Bubble sticks out her tongue*

Loads Tomix as Guest A

Tomix: It's time for you to go back where you came from, Greed. You have no power over the Sisters anymore.
Greed: I don't need the Sisters anymore. I have an entire town to draw my power from!
<Character>: Oh yeah? Well I have something to share with you.

  • Battle
  • Heal

    After the battle

    Greed: NOoooOoooOooo...
    Greed: I...
    <Character>: It it over.
    Tomix: No..
    Tomix: He still has some power over the town, so I wasn't able to banish him completely...
    Tomix: I can sense his thread moving into darkness...
    <Character>: What do we do now, then? We still have a slight greedling infestation...
    Twilly: We's moglins can helps, <Character>.
    Twilly: If we absorbs the greedlings magic then we can make sure they don't cause troubles.
    Twilly: We're gonna really want candies though from now on though.... I think you'd be better be in disguise if come visit with candies.
    <Character>: What about the townspeople, though, they're all locked inside their houses with their precious candy.
    Trouble: I think we can help there.
    Trouble: If no one in town is willing to share their treats, we'll have to share ours.
    Trouble: Take the candy and deliver it to as many people as you can. The more that we share will, hopefully, put the rest of the town in a giving mood!
    <Character>: So it's time to Trick or Treat!


    Sepulchure: What do you have to report?
    Spy: Something new has come to Falconreach.
    Spy: <Character>, and the SoulWeaver defeated it, but it now it lies down below in Ravenloss.
    Sepulchure: Good, another distraction for our "heroic" friend.
    Sepulchure: It will keep him/her busy for now. You have your orders, be ready to make your move.
    Spy: Yes, master.

    Objective: Completed!

    There's a sign on the door that says "Beware of moglin."
    - Left Door (Directions From Starting Screen)

    Protected by Zorbak and Minions Home and Dungeon Security.
    - Right Door (Directions From Starting Screen)

    The tower doors are locked.
    - North, Door (Directions From Starting Screen)

    Screams echo through the portal. You have no idea where it leads to at the moment.
    - North, Portal (Directions From Starting Screen)

    Manical laughter echoes through the keyhole.
    - East, Door (Directions From Starting Screen)

    It sounds like one of the Grinders is hungry....
    - East, East, Door (Directions From Starting Screen)

    Will trade items for caaaaaandy.
    - South, Left Door (Directions From Starting Screen)

    A sign says "No, you can not has candy".
    - South, Right Door (Directions From Starting Screen)

    For some reason hair is sprinkled over the doorstep...
    - South, East, Left Door (Directions From Starting Screen)

    Looking for apprentice, must be plump and well-seasoned.
    - South, East, Right Door (Directions From Starting Screen)

    The door is locked.
    - West, Left Door (Directions From Starting Screen)

    Ominious bubbling can be heard from inside.
    - West, Right Door (Directions From Starting Screen)

    Thanks to
    -- Stephen Nix for formatting and link corrections.
    -- AztecArcher for corrections.
    -- Voodoo Master for correction.

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