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Stephen Nix -> Feast of Welcomegiving! (11/28/2010 1:13:22)

Feast of Welcomegiving!

Location: Welcomegiving War Waves -> Welcomegiving! -> Introduction: Welcome to the Feast!
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: November 24th, 2010

Objective: Oishii wants to cook for the entire town of Falconreach! But she's not the most deadly lunchlady for nothing... her recipes will give you a taste of terror!
Objective completed: To battle! Take a bite out of lunch AND your enemies!

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0


Dr. Voltabolt
Mayor Rayf


Mayor Rayf: We have a special announcement coming from a very lovely troll *(is lovely an appropriate descriptor for trolls? Speechwriter, look it up!)*
Mayor Rayf: Please welcome Oishii, the Most High LunchLady of BattleOn!


Oishii: *cough* Ahem. Thank you, Mayor Rayf. Greetings, people of Falconreach!
Oishii: I'm so happy to be here! And... I've heard the tales of past Thankstakings. That is NOT the way to celebrate!
Oishii: I'd like to try upsetting that tradition of turkey-based terror. I want to offer you...
Oishii: ... a Feast of Welcomegiving!
Oishii: EVERYone is invited to come!
Oishii: (Even YOU, Dr. Voltabolt!)
Dr. Voltabolt: Oh! I am zo happy I could keezz zomeone!
Valencia: ...
Valencia: Don't even think about it.
Dr. Voltabolt: Am ztill happy.
Oishii: ...
Oishii: You're all welcome to bring your own dishes, but I'd like to cook up some of MY favorites for all of you!

*(The crowd cheers)*

Dr. Voltabolt: I cannot stand anozzer holiday uf beingk on ze outside! Not vhen zere are zo many good zmellz uf roastinkg und bakingk!
Dr. Voltabolt: I am unable to do ze cookingk vell, unfortunately. My last attempt at cookingk zoup was used as lubricant for ze Junkyard Driller!
Dr. Voltabolt: But I haf been developingk a line uf celebrity chef cookvare.

<Character>: Here we go...
Dr. Voltabolt: You are mozt velcome, Oishii, to try my Prezzurfied Cookatron 3500 Prezzure Cauldron!
Oishii: Pressurefied Cookatron 3500 Pressure Cauldron? Ooooh, sounds high-tech! I would LOVE to! Thank you, good doctor!
Oishii: Alright, everyone, good talk! Meet in Falconreach's townsquare tomorrow afternoon with your dishes!
Mayor Rayf: Thank you all for coming to this meeting.
Mayor Rayf: Remember, ask not what Mayor Rayf can do for Falconreach, but what YOU can do for Mayor Rayf!

After a long night and many dreams of stuffing their faces with their favorite foods...

*Artix is with Oishii.*

Oishii: Oh! You're early!
Artix: I will not be the only early one, I am sure.
Artix: If I could not wait to start the Feast, it is likely others will come early, too! It is a wonderful idea you had!
Artix: I brought biscuits with holy wasabi gravy as a contribution to the spread.
Artix: I hope you like them!

*Cysero is with Oishii.*

Oishii: Hello, Cysero!
Cysero: Almost forgot! No feast is complete without Grape Jelly Reuben sandwiches! Plus Peanutbutter Sparkle topping! BRB!

*Alina is carrying her silver dish.*

Alina: Blue sourberry smoothies are my contribution! I call them BlueCows. They pack such a punch, BlueCow gives you dings!

*Though you don't see them, others reveal what they brought to Oishii.*

Reens: No Thyme Like the Present Chicken wings are MY contribution! Enjoy!
Galanoth: BBQ Dragon-tails. All the flavor of dravir, twice the fat!
Lim: Er, Mayonnaise cubes. For SCIENCE! And feasting!
Elysia: Lady Celestia and I brought Iced Tie Tea! There's a real tie around the neck of the pitcher!
Ash: I brought Cranberry sauce. I just... can't open the jar. *(blush)*
Oishii: And thank you for the box of Her-Os, <Character>! They'll make a crunchy breading for something, I'm sure!

Oishii: You're all so early, I'm not quite ready yet!
Oishii: But Voltabolt said that his pressurecooker would have my dishes done in no time!

*While preparing for the food to be ready.*

Oishii: *giggle*
Oishii: A jar of Cranberry sauce, bat-wings, turkey, key limes, moose antlers (gotta have those...), chocolate (YUM), Potatoes...
Oishii: And of course - Slime, a box of gelatin and a jar of my Secret Super-spice sauce!

*The cauldron starts to go from Cool to Danger!!*

<Character>: Um...

*As the cauldron shakes, monsters appear and run off.*

<Character>: Really? No cranberry monster?

*The Cauldron shakes again but faster, and a Cranbatty appears.*

Oishii: ......
<Character>: Of course.

*The Cranbatty flies away.*

<Character>: Well, at least I won't be battling on a full stomach. That's a sure way to get cramps.

*You run after the monsters.*

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