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Location: Void Ship, Into the Ynnungaap, Adrift, Void War Intro, Tomix's Saga Epilogue, Can We Yix Him?, Darkness is Coming

Quests given
Crystoidator v.4

Shops owned

Void Ship

Eirn: Greetings <Character>.

  • Quest
    Eirn: If you can, take my Crystoidator v.4, go defeat some void beings and upload their void essence into it, I'm eager to study it!

  • Talk
    Eirn: I'm all ears!

    • Who are you?
      Eirn: Right. Time to properly introduce myself. I'm Eirn, a technomancer and ship's engineer. You've known me as the "mysterious gnome"!
      Eirn: I'll be overseeing the Void Drive, ship's main intelligent power source. My job here is to provide a safe and steady voyage! *laughs*

    • Void Drive
      Eirn: The Void Drive is my greatest creation so far. It is a crystallized mass of pure void energy. You can say it's an artificially created void core.
      Eirn: It is extremely unstable, so I had to design a way to keep it contained and stable...
      Eirn: ... or otherwise it would start expanding and contracting at the same time, leading to... well, we certainly don't want to find out, do we!

      Eirn: Not yet, but I'm working on it. Void is a curious thing and just think of what we could find out about it by asking it!
      Eirn: Kordana was kind enough to lend me part of her "soul", for lack of a better term, and I want to inject it into the Void Drive!

    • Kordana?
      Eirn: Oh yes, I've met her during one of my journeys. Or should I say, what was left of her. She lost her power source and was slowly fading.
      Eirn: I did my best to keep her systems operating, but... I'm not sure if she's still around today. In return for doing my best, she gave me an artifact.
      Eirn: A round disc-like object that apparently has her soul inside.
      Eirn: I didn't think much of it back then, but now, I think it would be a splendid idea to fuse this disc with the Void Drive!

    • Why so mysterious?
      Eirn: Ah... you see <Character>, I had to hide my identity. Here, no one knows me, so I don't have to keep my face hidden. I am a wanted man.

      Eirn: I stole something a long time ago from a prominent gnome family, they took something of mine, I want them pay, they want me dead.
      Eirn: Simple, really.

    Into the Ynnungaap

    Eirn: The Void Drive is successfully connected to every part of the ship, including the sails woven by soulweavers.

    Eirn: Trithril coating is activated, which means the ship should withstand anything threatening the void has to offer.

    Eirn: Hmm.. not quite.

    Eirn: We're not moving. Void Drive is operating, sails are ready, but we're not moving.
    Eirn: I don't understand, the void energy should be fueling the sails.

    Eirn: This... ship doesn't work like this. We don't even have oar-

    Eirn: We have nothing to fear, trithril coating should be able to repel void storms, as well as any damage done to the ship.
    Eirn: We just need to hold on to something!

    Eirn: Ship... the void drive! It- it stopped working!!!


    Eirn: Bad news! The Void Drive is functional again, but someone severed every link that connected it with the ship.
    Eirn: I can't repair it, I don't have the proper tools and materials.

    Eirn: We're... stranded. Adrift. Floating aimlessly.

    Eirn: The hull is damaged, we lost most of the sails, most of the food supplies and some of the people...

    Eirn: That means wood. Great! We might be able to repair some of the damage.

    Void War Intro

    Eirn: I'll stay on the ship with the other gnomes and work on the Void Drive. We are in a very close proximity to the void core.
    Eirn: I can take an advantage of this. If I boost the VD with the real core energy, maybe we can rip through the vortex and go back, against all the odds.
    Eirn: And we will set up catapults and cannons, but that might take a while.

    Eirn: Ah, I made these a few hours ago! Explaining how they work would take me too much time, but in theory..
    Eirn: ... these devices are linked together allowing communication over short distances.

    Eirn: I didn't have much time to test them...

    Tomix's Saga Epilogue

    Eirn: We are reaching the vortex.
    Eirn: The Void Drive is powered up by the Ynnungaap Core energy, we might be able to pierce through... but it will be a rough ride.

    Eirn: So, this... is where we part ways.

    Can We Yix Him?

    Eirn: I got here as fast as I could, cut me some slack!

    Eirn: It's finished!

    Eirn: Oh, hello, <Character>!
    Eirn: It's good to see you again!

    Eirn: SHOULD, Emelia. Not will, should.
    Eirn: I didn't even have the time to test it. I don't even know how I could test it.

    Eirn: Well, I'm down. It has been a while since we've worked together!

    Eirn: Certainly.

    Eirn: It's alright, Emelia.
    Eirn: It's alright.
    Eirn: I'm here, the augment is ready (probably), so... Let's go find Yix!
    Eirn: And then we can help <Character>!

    Eirn: Not anytime soon <Character>, I'm afraid.
    Eirn: This site is compromised. The Rose still patrols it from time to time.
    Eirn: Maybe someday, but... not right now. Not with The Rose around.

    Eirn: Oh, right.

    Eirn: The hair, please.

    Eirn: Thank you. Now...

    Eirn: This... is not good. <Character>?

    Eirn: The augment will guide us!

    Eirn: This is odd.
    Eirn: It's telling me that Yix is precisely... here.

    Eirn: Let me check his-
    Eirn: He's dead.

    Eirn: Hmm? There's something in his hand.

    Eirn: It's wedged up tight... let me just...
    Eirn: Carefully...
    Eirn: There!
    Eirn: It says... "I don't think I'm going to make it. Emelia, if you are reading this, I hope everyone made it out alive. PS: The main pipe is clogged."

    Eirn: Hmm.

    Eirn: After we unclog the main pipe.

    Eirn: Come on, why do you think he'd include that in his dying note? It's a clue!

    Eirn: The access to the pipe should be somewhere under...
    Eirn: This tile!

    Eirn: Hmm, I'm not sure, maybe <Character> can?

    Eirn: Heh, of course not! You're humongous! You wouldn't fit!

    Eirn: Alright, I'm going in.

    Eirn: This was in there.

    Eirn: It has a button.

    Eirn: Aaaah!

    Eirn: Fascinating! Yix, you finished it!

    Eirn: He uploaded his consciousness into an inanimate object!

    Darkness is Coming

    Eirn: Get a room, you two...

    Hooded Image
    Side View Image

    Also See: Mysterious G.

    Thanks to
    -- Occavatra for Hooded image.
    -- Slayer Zach for side view image.

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