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Best Day Ever!

Location: Book of Lore -> Intro: Best Day Ever! / To War!,
Location: Mogloween Storybook -> Best Day Ever!,
Location: Night of the Ebil Dread -> To the War! -> Best Day Ever!
Requirements: None Completion of That's THAT!
Release Date: October 15th, 2022

Objective: At last, a peaceful Mogloween! In Falconreach no less!
Objective completed: Oh. Okay then. After that Paladin! (And defend the city too!)

Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0





*Nighttime, in the entrance of Falconreach Guardian Tower, you, your dragon, Cysero, Zorbak, Ash, Artix, and other Falconreach citizens are in line as the Cauldron Sisters offer candy.*

<Character>: Hey there, Sisters! It's great that you decided to visit Falconreach again!
Toil: Aw, no problem! And yes, it HAS been some time since we've been here!
Bubble: I love what you all have done to this town! So festive!
Trouble: And since we have new candies to offer, it's good for the business!
<Character>: New candies, you say? Sugar rush, here we come!
Twilly: It's not healthy to eat a lot of candy at once, <Character>!
<Character>: You can't stop me! I'm an adult, I can do whatever I want! Muahaha!

*As you plan to eat a lot of candy, you realize that Zorbak is missing.*

<Character>: Wait, wasn't Zorbak behind me?
Twilly: Oh, yeah! I'm saving him a place in the line!
Twilly: He said he forgot something and will be right back!

*In the Falconreach Guardian Tower, Zorbak frantically search for his wallet in piles of garbage, throwing a plethora of items behind him during his search.*

Zorbak: No!
Zorbak: No, no, no! Where is it!?
Zorbak: This can't be happening! Where did I put my wallet!?

*Zorbak's eyes is filled with fire as he continues his search.*

Zorbak: Gaaaah!
Zorbak: Those candied skulls must be mine!!
Zorbak: WHERE IS IT?!

*Zorbak, annoyed, continues his search until he find a particular object.*

Zorbak: Wait. What's this?

*Zorbak finds a necromantic grimoire called "The Book of Ebil Dread".*

Zorbak: Hmm. "The Book of Ebil Dread"?
Zorbak: Oh, it's that ominous, mysterious, and totally not evil grimoire that I once found in a Serial Cereals box.

*Zorbak takes a peek reading it before throwing it away.*

Zorbak: Meh.

*"The Book of Ebil Dread" is thrown into the Guardian Tower's window.*

Zorbak: Now, where was I?
Zorbak: Aha! Wallet!

*Zorbak continues his search for his wallet; back outside, "The Book of Ebil Dread" hits Artix's head before knocking it back in the ground.*

Artix: Ow!

*Artix looks at "The Book of Ebil Dread"; he takes a moment about reading it.*

Artix: What do we have here?
Artix: Huh, I guess I could do with some light reading!

*Artix reads the book.*

Artix: Mhm, mhm.
Artix: Ah, yes.
Artix: Oh! Right.

Artix: Aha.
Artix: Yeah, I don't know what language this is!
Artix: But this part sounds funny!
Artix: Lucem claude!

Artix: Noctem aeternam pertimesco!

*"The Book of Ebil Dread" glows; your dragon takes notice.*

<Dragon>: Huh? | *Inquisitive chirp*

*"The Book of Ebil Dread" floats into the air; your dragon tries to call you.*

<Dragon>: Ummm... | *Confused gurgle*
<Dragon>: <Character>? | *Attention seeking growl*
<Character>: Yes, <Dragon>? Sorry, we're almost at the front, I'm trying to remember what we wanted to buy!
<Dragon>: Something weird is happening with the shiny man. | *Matter-of-fact growl*
<Character>: The who man?
Toil: Alrighty, what will it be, <Character>?
<Character>: Ah, so, we would like the salty chocolate cherry cauldrons, and then...

*Realizing that you are distracted with your order from the Cauldron Sisters, your dragon decide to look at Artix again.*

<Dragon>: I guess the shiny man is supposed to be doing that. | *Casual growl*

*"The Book of Ebil Dread" releases undead from the book.*

Artix: U...
Artix: Un...
Artix: Undead!!
<Character>: Huh?

*You, the Cauldron Sisters, and Falconreach citizens take notice at the undead army coming from "The Book of Ebil Dread".*

Twilly: Oh noes!
Ash: The undead are invading! Sound the alarm!
Trouble: Our customers! No, wait, come back!
Toil: Protect the candy!
Bubble: There's so many of them!
Cysero: Speaking line!
<Character>: Artix, what did you do?!
Artix: What do you mean? I just read from this book and undead came a-rushing! Isn't this awesome?
Ash: Oh! The monsters are coming from the book!
<Dragon>: Well, duh! | *Sarcastic bark*
Artix: I have to protect the citizens of this fair town and SLAY THEM ALL!
Cysero: The undead or the citizens?
<Character>: Artix, close the book! That army of undead is coming from inside the book!
Artix: An unending army of undead to slay!
<Character>: ...Artix?
Artix: This... This is...

*Artix's eyes glow green as he gazes at "The Book of Ebil Dread".*

Artix: This is literally the best day ever!
Twilly: I... I think it's done something to Artix!
<Character>: I mean... I don't really see much of a difference.
Twilly: I dont think his eyes usually glow green...
<Character>: Fair enough!
<Character>: Artix, listen to me! That book... it's done... something to you!
<Character>: Snap out of it!
<Dragon>: That's not gonna work! We need to— | *Interrupted roar*

*Artix snaps out of the book, signified by the lack of glowing green eyes.*

Artix: <Character>? <Dragon>? What is... what is happening?
<Dragon>: ... Nevermind. | *Groan*
<Character>: Oh.

<Character>: Yeah, that was easy. Now, just close the book...
Artix: Wha–
Artix: Right! The book!
Artix: The...
Artix: Book...
Artix: ... is the best!
Twilly: Uh oh!
Artix: You can run but you can't hide, Artix is gonna slay ya!

Artix: Battle on!

*Artix leaves with "The Book of Ebil Dread".*

<Character>: Did... did he just—
Bubble: Yeah, he took the book.
<Character>: ...
<Character>: Okay guys, you stay put.
<Character>: Ash, mobilize the Guardians. Tell the people of Falconreach to lock their houses and stay indoors.
Ash: I'm on it!
Twilly: I'll help out!
<Character>: <Dragon>, come on. We have a paladin to stop and monsters to defeat!
<Dragon>: And people to save! | *Happy roar*
<Character>: Look at you! So heroic!
<Dragon>: And then we can have candy! | *Hungry growl*
Cysero: Have fun, kids!

  • Complete Quest

    Other information
  • After first completion, Book of Lore and Mogloween Storybook access points no longer directs you to this quest, but Night of the Ebil Dread instead.

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