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Betrubung Swamp

Access Point: Oaklore Region -> Sulen'Eska -> Travel,
Access Point: Falconreach (Book 3) -> Down -> 2 Down Right -> Right -> 2 Down -> 2 Left -> Up -> Approach fence labeled 'Betrubung Swamp' -> Climb Over!,
Access Point: Timeline (Book 3) -> The End of Magic Sulen'Eska/The Siege of Haven/Petals on the Wind/Espina Rosa/The Gala/A Petal Falls/Plans Entwined/Out of Control -> To Sulen'Eska
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: March 8th, 2013

Quests Available

Halda Sulji


Halda Sulji: Halt. What business do you have in the swamps?

  • Just exploring.
    Halda Sulji: The swamp is not a place to wander, especially for one... like you. Without a guide, you're likely to meet an unfortunate end.
    • I'll find my way! - opens The End.
    • Good point...
    After selecting 'The Vind?' option from Ash in Falconreach (Book 3):
  • I'm a friend of Ash
    Halda Sulji: So you say. I can lead you to our friends, but you'll have to prove your intentions when you get there.
    After turning in 2 Rose Emblems to Lojaali Vero:
    Halda Sulji: Welcome back, friend. Watch your step in the swamp. Where can I lead you to?

  • To Sulen'Eska - enters Sulen'Eska.
  • To Kara - teleports you directly to where Kara SuLema is located.

    Other information
  • Betrubung Swamp has been modified during various Reimagined releases; any retired content has been archived here.
  • This area of the Betrubung Swamp acts as a border region between the Falconreach-Swordhaven Border Path and Sulen'Eska itself.
  • More of the Betrubung Swamp outside of Sulen'Eska can be explored within the following quests:
  • Rose Emblem requirement was lowered from 20 to 2 on January 25th, 2019.
  • After completion of On Broken Wings, and before completion of Starcrossed - The Thorns of the Rose, the 'To Kara' option will teleport you to Mritha instead.
  • Halda Sulji's dialogue was reworked on May 8th, 2020; more information can be found in the May 8th, 2020 Design Notes.

    Thanks to
  • Niki for old The End image.
  • fxmybrute13 for new dialogue requirement and updated 'To Kara' option information.

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