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Severed Hope

Location: Sulen'Eska -> Up -> Up Vortex -> Up -> Kara SuLema -> Quests -> Severed Hope -> Quest!,
Location: Sulen'Eska -> Up -> Up Vortex -> Mritha -> Past Quests -> Kara SuLema -> Quests -> Severed Hope -> Quest!
Requirements: Completion of Lost and Found
Release Date: January 28th, 2022

Objective: The offer of parley has been accepted by The Rose, but will the Vind find what they seek from the negotiations?
Objective completed: General Akanthus' machinations found purchase, and you have been found wanting. With any hope of friendly peace in shambles, what's next for the Vind?

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(2) Energizer
(5) ManaHunter (1)
(3) ManaHunter (2)
(3) Manahuntress
(1) General Akanthus - Boss

Halda Sulji
Kara SuLema
Rose Soldier
Taivas Hyle

Rose Guardspear


*In the Sulen'Eska meeting area, Kara is preparing to address the Vind.*

Kara SuLema: ...
Kara SuLema: Thank you, everyone, for being here.
Kara SuLema: Today, we may finally see the fruits of our labor.
Kara SuLema: Today, we have a chance at peace. At freedom!
Kara SuLema: Today, we begin negotiations with The Rose for a cease to the senseless conflict between our peoples.
Kara SuLema: ...
Kara SuLema: But it is not guaranteed.
Kara SuLema: And yet, even as I dare hope...
Kara SuLema: Peace will not bring back those we've lost, nor repair the suffering inflicted by the actions of The Rose.
Kara SuLema: We must do our best to let this be the start of the process of healing.
Kara SuLema: Whatever may happen, I want to keep you all safe. Everyone in Sulen'Eska.
Melissa: And if they're not interested in peace? What if this is all just a trap?
Kara SuLema: ...Then it cannot be said that we haven't done all in our power to strive for a peaceful resolution.
Kara SuLema: But I'm not so naive as to rule out any potential treachery.
Kara SuLema: Melissa, Mritha, Niki, I'd like you to attend as security.
Kara SuLema: And of course, <Character> and <Dragon>, if you would be so kind.
Kara SuLema: If things were to take a turn for the worse, I would feel much safer with you at my side.
<Character>: Of course. We'd be happy to attend.
Kara SuLema: As for everyone else... Bajacu', your insight into the conditions of your people and others of the swamps and forests would be most valuable.
Bajacu': I shall provide it.
Kara SuLema: Taivas, I would like to request your presence as well.
Kara SuLema: I think it would be fair to say that we would not fare well without your well-honed skills of negotiation.
Taivas Hyle: Very well.
Kara SuLema: Thank you.
Kara SuLema: Lojaali, Halda, I leave Sulen'Eska in your care.
Halda Sulji: Kara...
Halda Sulji: Be careful, okay?
Kara SuLema: Always.
Kara SuLema: The meeting is supposed to take place on the road to Falconreach, in neutral territory.
Kara SuLema: Let's get going, everyone. For a brighter future for all!

*Somewhere along the path between the Betrubung Swamp and Swordhaven, the Vind and The Rose prepare to parley; Akanthus approaches from The Rose's side and addresses Kara directly.*

Akanthus: So.

Akanthus: This is the leadership of the Vind. Kara SuLema.
Kara SuLema: General Akanthus? Where is Jaania?
Akanthus: Lady Jaania declined to attend. I believe she has more pressing matters keeping her attention.
Kara SuLema: More important than an end to the conflict between The Rose and the Vind!?
Taivas Hyle: Steady, Kara.
Akanthus: You believe yourself more important than you are, elf.
Akanthus: Subjugation of the Vind and control of the swamp is only a step on the way to preventing magic from causing harm to the innocents of Lore.
Kara SuLema: Your tone gives me the impression that you are disinclined to offer peace.
Akanthus: Peace takes many forms. There is the sparking powder keg of a tense peace. And then there is the absolute peace of control.
Akanthus: You seem to want the former. To bide your time and grow stronger, unable to be stomped out until too late.
Akanthus: Already you've found more allies.
Akanthus: Fugitives.
Akanthus: Criminals.
Akanthus: Heroes.
Akanthus: Unstable, uncontrollable, magic entities.
Akanthus: And we're to simply let you... be free?
Akanthus: Free to spread across Greenguard, across Lore?
Akanthus: Are we to see another rampage of elves?
Akanthus: Another rebellion of so-called peaceful... creatures?
Kara SuLema: That was not the people of Sulen'Eska!
Akanthus: And how do you know?
Kara SuLema: We take in those with the spirit to live on no matter what hardships The Rose has borne against them.
Kara SuLema: We take in the innocent and weak, and those who cannot defend themselves!
Akanthus: Along with those who can, I'd say, judging by your well-armed cohort.
Akanthus: And vicious dravir, and wild clawkin, as well as other... myriad species, if my information is correct.
Akanthus: Do you truly know every soul you've welcomed into your swamp?
Akanthus: You've made... no mistakes?
Melissa: None of us are without flaws. And Kara does her best!
Akanthus: Ah. A fairy. And here I thought we drove all of your kind out from the swamp.
Melissa: You...
Akanthus: They fled in such a hurry when they realized they stood no chance.
Melissa: I ought to—
Mritha: Melissa. Control yourself.
Melissa: I—
Akanthus: And a DragonLord! Does your little order know you're out here tarnishing their name?
Niki: He's clearly trying to goad us into rash action. What for, I do not—
Akanthus: And what on Lore are you supposed to be? A green skinned human? Yet another tragedy of unchecked magical influence, no doubt.

*Niki glares at Akanthus.*

Akanthus: But what of you, hero? You who has earned glory and infamy from warfare and combat?
Akanthus: What drives you to strive for... peace?

*You appear to begin responding to Akanthus when Kara abruptly prevents you from doing so.*

Kara SuLema: You don't have to answer him, <Character>.
Akanthus: And I wasn't talking to you, elf.
<Character>: Kara, I—
Taivas Hyle: What is the purpose of this farce of a parley?
Taivas Hyle: You've done nothing but antagonize us with every word.
Taivas Hyle: Are you expecting us to lash out like the savages you think we are?
Taivas Hyle: Or was this all simply a waste of time and wind?

*Akanthus reaches for his weapon, unsheathing it slightly.*

Akanthus: I did not address you!
Kara SuLema: Taivas, step back. We're leaving.
Kara SuLema: I see now that I expected too much to hope for The Rose to be civil.
Akanthus: ...
Akanthus: Or maybe, this was all a distraction to draw away the Vind's best while we put your little camp to the torch.
Rose Soldier: Sir-?
Kara SuLema: You—
Akanthus: Yes, that's right. While you're out here, wasting your time and energy on empty words, we are simply doing our duty.
Akanthus: ...While you forsake yours.
Mritha: Wait, Odgne hasn't—
Melissa: You... utter... monster!
<Character>: Melissa hold on—

*Out of rage, Melissa throws a rock at Akanthus; it rebounds off his armor, failing to harm him whatsoever.*

Akanthus: And that looks like an act of aggression against an ambassador of The Rose.

  • Niki joins you as Guest A.
  • Mritha joins you as Guest B.

    Akanthus: Soldiers, arrest them all! This betrayal of our generous trust cannot go unpunished.

  • Battle! - begins gauntlet.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • Run Away! - returns to Sulen'Eska.

    *After defeating a gauntlet of Rose Soldiers, and losing both of your allies, you face Akanthus alone.*

    Akanthus: At last, we meet, <Character>. Do not disappoint me.

  • Battle! - begins battle with General Akanthus.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • Run Away! - returns to Sulen'Eska.

    *After your failure in battle, Akanthus appears disappointed.*

    Akanthus: *Sigh*
    Akanthus: Then there truly is nothing worthwhile to be gained from the magic of Lore.
    Akanthus: Rose, we're leaving.
    Melissa: Don't you dare just walk away!
    Kara SuLema: Melissa, let him go.
    <Character>: Maybe I could use my Dragon Amulet and grow <Dragon> and give chase— | How did... nothing work? There has to be something else we can try, I could—
    Kara SuLema: <Character>- don't! Please. We need to hurry back to Sulen'Eska! We don't know what they've done in our absence...
    Mritha: About that... Odgne hasn't reported anything unusual. No Rose attacks, no disturbances.
    <Character>: Then... it was just another bluff?
    Melissa: One that I...

    Melissa: One that I fell for.
    Melissa: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Kara. Everyone... I don't... Again... I...
    Kara SuLema: No, Melissa, you mustn't blame yourself. I fell for his words as well.
    Kara SuLema: He was looking to provoke an incident, and he succeeded.
    Kara SuLema: This is all my fault... I was... too hopeful.

    Kara SuLema: I... I expected Jaania...
    Taivas Hyle: Is it all clear?
    Mritha: It is, Taivas. Are you unharmed?
    Taivas Hyle: Slightly wounded, but still in one piece.
    Taivas Hyle: Let's return to Sulen'Eska. This is no place for discussion.
    <Character>: <Dragon> and I could still go after them. They can't have gone far!
    Kara SuLema: No. No. The stories about Akanthus... if you weren't able to even to put a scratch on him...
    Mritha: With me, Melissa. Let's get everyone back home.

    *Mritha and Melissa turn to face each other.*

    Melissa: ...Yeah.

    Melissa: Okay.
    Niki: Bajacu', I need your help. Those cowards left their wounded without a second thought.
    Bajacu': Ah, I see your thinking. Perhaps we can gain some information from those left behind.
    Niki: Indeed. Let's find a likely candidate and bring them back with us.

    *Now only you, your dragon, and Kara remain on the battleground.*

    <Character>: Let's get back to Sulen'Eska, Kara. Everyone's going to be waiting.

    *Kara seems to be struggling to accept the events that have unfolded.*

    Kara SuLema: This... this isn't right. None of this is right. Jaania wouldn't stand for any of this...
    Kara SuLema: Not the Jaania I know...

    *Scene fades to black.*

  • Complete Quest

    Other information
  • Pop-up headlines during the quest:

  • Mritha: 'Seems like we have no choice. Maybe we can put a stop to this if we take down Akanthus!'
  • Niki: 'I'm falling back, Taivas and Bajacu' need help. Press on!'
  • Kara: 'Hold on! I'll send some healing magic your way!' Full heal!
  • Mritha: 'Our backline is getting overwhelmed! You must reach Akanthus!'
  • Akanthus: 'Come at me, then. Give me your best, hero.'
  • Akanthus: 'You've accomplished many things. Even Lady Jaania believes you are a threat.'
  • Akanthus: 'But it seems it has all been exaggeration.'
  • Akanthus: 'Like all else... you are a product of this world. Bound to its limitations. To its magic.'
  • Akanthus: 'Like all else, utterly worthless.'
  • Akanthus: 'I've seen enough. The answer I seek does not lie within you.'

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